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“What if I hold it sideways. Does it make me look more gangster?” Nadia said as she bit her lip and held the pistol sideways like she was in some type of gang movie. Kingston ran his hand down his face letting out a sigh. When he heard Octavius laughing beside him, he couldn’t help but laugh himself. They were at the gun range with Nadia. It was her turn to shoot and she was making it very difficult. Every time Kingston would stand behind her to help, Nadia would rub herself against him, making his hands shake.

“I don’t think anything you do will make you look gangster,” Octavius chimed as he smiled at his sister-in-law.

“Okay first of all, no one asked your giant ass. Secondly, shut up before you end up being the first person I shoot when I learn how to hold this thing.”

“No need for violence Nana,” Octavius said as he lifted his hands in surrender.

“Okay Nadia, it’s time to focus. Turn and look at your target,” Kingston said as he held onto Nadia’s shoulders. “Alright, good. Now aim at the red spot on the bullseye and shoot. It’s okay if you don’t get it your—” The sound of the gun going off shut Kingston up immediately. He flinched slightly, but a huge grin made an appearance on his face when he saw that Nadia had hit the target spot on.

“Holy shit babe you’re a natural,” he said as he kissed Nadia’s cheek hard making her giggle.

“And you’re in trouble,” Octavius countered with a grin.

They stayed at the gun range for most of the day, and when it was time to leave, they met Sasha at Kingston’s house. Kingston was on high alert and so were his brothers, so they had agreed to all stay in one spot until Brice was caught and killed. There was no other way. He had proven that he couldn’t be trusted and would stop at nothing to hurt the people Kingston loved.

“Ciao miei bellissimi bambini,” Nadia said sweetly as she walked into the house and right to her twins. They both reached for their mother with toothy grins on their innocent faces.

“Since when the fuck are you bilingual?” Sasha said as she rounded the corner with her twins. She walked over to Octavius and stood on her tiptoes. Nadia watched as they kissed, drawing a hum from Sasha as she pulled away giving Octavius a sultry wink. Sasha then jutted her head toward the stares and Kingston let out a loud and dramatic groan.

“If she screams daddy like she did last night, I’m kicking you both out,” Kingston sighed as he grabbed his nieces from Sasha. Octavius slapped Sasha’s ass hard making her giggle, as they walked toward the stairs.

“I’ll gag her this time,” he said with a wink before picking Sasha up and carrying her up the stairs bridal style.

“They’re gonna have like fifty kids.” Nadia laughed as she took Sasha’s twins and put them in the playpen with their cousins. She then sat down and turned on the T.V.

“I don’t think either of them mind, to be honest,” Kingston said as he plopped down beside Nadia. “How did you feel about the gun range today?”

“I loved it. I love shooting a gun.”

“Well don’t go crazy. You only need to use a gun when necessary.”

“Like blowing Brice’s fucking scalp back?” They both burst into laughter as Nadia laid her head on Kingston’s shoulder with a sigh. The rest of the afternoon was spent with the two lovers watching some T.V., snacking, and playing with the kids. After a few hours into their relaxing afternoon Brittany called Nadia and asked her to meet up for dinner. When Nadia agreed Kingston was hesitant but decided to let her go.


There was a bad feeling brewing in the pit of Nadia’s belly as she got out of her new candy apple red Mercedes Benz, gifted to her by her amazing fiancé. She could see Brittney standing in front of the restaurant, her face was full of an emotion Nadia couldn’t pinpoint, but the closer she got the more Brittney smiled. It wasn’t a pleasant smile; it was off. Dangerous.

“Hey girl hey,” Brittney beamed as she hugged Nadia. “How are you and the babe?” she asked as they walked inside. Red flags flew up for Nadia when she walked inside and found no one was there. When she turned to walk back out Brittney was standing in front of the door. Her tall physique towering over Nadia slightly, her arms folded over her chest and a look of disgust on her face.

“Brittney what’s going on?” Nadia asked. Her voice strong, her mind hellbent on protecting her growing baby if need be.

“You know Nino broke up with me. Said I was too clingy.”

Wait…what? When had they even become an item?

“I’m sorry Brittney. I didn’t even know you two were together.”

“Yeah, no one knew. He wanted to keep it on the low because he wanted to protect me from rival gangs. It was a lie to keep me from pushing for more. For a title, but I slowly figured that out. But it seems that the Moore brothers should have been worried about someone who was right underneath their self-righteous noses,” Brittney spat.

“What are you talking about Brittany?”

“She’s talking about a woman who has access to everything that is the Moore men,” the sound of Brice’s voice sent Nadia’s mind into fight or flight mode and she was set on fighting. In fluid motion she had the gun Kingston had bought for her, drawn, and aimed right at his head. Without a thought, she pulled the trigger, but her aim was off by a fraction. The bullet flew past his head and hit the wall behind him. Brittney immediately tackled Nadia to the ground and Brice made quick work of disarming her.

Brittany was throwing punch after punch, but Nadia didn’t care as she thrashed and punched at the woman who she thought was her best friend. A few hard hits connected with Nadia’s face had dazed her but when the fighting woman found her opportunity, she flipped them over and began to beat her face in. That was until she was pulled backward by her hair. With a scream she scrambled to her feet and came face to face with Brice.

“You’re just full of fucking surprises,” he gritted. “Now I’m going to torcher and kill you bitch,” the angry man grunted as his grip tightened on Nadia’s hair.

“We could have made you happy, as a fucking family but you want that piece of shit Kingston. To fucking bad, little bitch, now you’re my toy. You and that little baby are going to die.”

“I’ve never done anything to you,” Nadia grunted as she struggled to get her hair loose.

“No, you didn’t but someone wants you gone real bad baby, and they paid me a lot of money to do so.”

“Tell me who? I can pay more, I promise. I have money, millions. Just let me and my baby go and you can have it all.”

“As tempting as that sounds,” Brittney said as she walked into Nadia’s line of vision, blood dripping from her nose. “We’d rather have you dead.”

“What have I ever—” Those were the only words Nadia could get out before she was knocked unconscious by Brice’s fist.

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