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Nadia was finding it increasingly hard to see. She was strapped to a chair with the woman she considered to be her best friend for well over a decade, beating her in the face. Honestly, that was the least of her worries. All she could think about was the life growing inside of her, and how she could protect it if Brittney decided to hit her in the stomach.

“Even when you had nothing, you had everything,” Brittany seethed as she punched a fading Nadia again. “You were living out of your car when you applied for the nanny job, and just like that, you were on top of the world. A multi-millionaire taking care of you, giving you the finer things in life.”

Nadia couldn’t understand why Brittney cared. When Nadia was homeless and looking for work, Brittney was going home to an apartment every day. It wasn’t until that moment that Nadia realized how fucked up their friendship had been. Brittney was always happy as long as she was the successful one. As long as Nadia depended on her.

“Then you put on your whorish charm and made a grieving man fall in love with you. You stopped hanging with me, being around me, DEPENDING ON ME!” And there it was. The truth beneath Brittney’s hate.

“F-fuck y-y-you,” Nadia struggled to spit out before she heard Brittney scoff and laugh.

“That’s enough baby. Leave her alone,” Brice said as he walked back into the dim room. Nadia looked up and tried to see what he was doing. Her eyes struggled to focus, but she was able to tune in on the sound of a very sloppy kiss. Within seconds Brice had Brittany laying on the hard ground. When Naida heard Brittney moan, she gagged.

Nasty bitch. At least make him take you to a bed.

“Oh, is this disgusting you?” Brice’s voice was gruff. She could hear their skin connecting, and that made her feel even sicker. It was the nastiest thing she had heard before. If she had been listening on her free will, she’d probably be turned-on, it was the freak in her, but this...this was disgusting. Nadia’s eyes swelled to the point she couldn’t see and for that she was grateful. Before she knew it, her consciousness was fading and the darkness was taking over.


“I’m not calling the fucking police!” Kingston yelled. “If I call the police, I’ll be required to play nice, and I have no intention of doing that shit!” he screamed at his annoying mother. Why was she even in his house? She’d been missing in action for fucking weeks, but all of a sudden, she’s at his home demanding he does shit.

“God! What is it about my sons and these fucking black women? Don’t you see they’re nothing but trouble!”

“Oh, shut it mama. You’re just saying that because dad left you for a black woman,” Carissa said with a roll of the eyes. She’d gotten the call about her brother’s fiancée missing and wanted to be there to support him.

“How dare you!?” Ms. Moore said in horror as she stared down her only daughter and youngest child. Octavius and Nino shook their heads at the two women who stood toe to toe. Ignoring them, they turned back to Kingston.

“I have the gang out front ready to roll. Brittney’s place is about twenty miles outside of town, and she has a basement in the bottom of it. I know that’s where Nadia is,” Nino stated as he crossed his arms over his chest and looked at his brother.

“How?” Kingston asked as he strapped his third and final gun to his calve.

“When I left the crazy bitch, she made a comment about tying Nadia up and making you watch as she is raped and killed her. Thought the hoe was just being bitter but fuck if she wasn’t being for real.”

“And why are you just now telling us this?” Octavius chimed in.

“She said the shit yesterday bro, and today is my first time seeing ya’ll. Bitch is working quick as fuck.”

“But she’s a stupid piece of shit,” Kingston said as he walked toward the front door. When he got outside, he saw Nino’s men struggling with someone. Nino rushed past Kingston screaming.

“Hey! What the fuck is going on out here Kellen?!” A blond man with long hair came forth dragging a bloody man with him.

“What the fuck are you doing here Pierre?” Kingston asked as he helped his badly beaten friend up to his feet.

“Your mother,” he rasped as he stood up and leaned against Nino who apologized for his men’s barbaric behavior. They only sought to protect the Moores; it was what they were called to do.

“He’s lying,” Ms. Moore yelled, running out of the front door. She ran straight to Kingston and began beating him on the back.

“Get off of him! Get off!” Kingston swung around abruptly, so abruptly that his mother stumbled backward. He clenched her wrist in his hands and shook her.

“What the fuck are you talking about woman?! You’re acting bat shit crazy right now!”

“I love him!” she sobbed loudly and everyone gasped. Pierre groaned as he slowly stood on his own two feet. He stumbled forward but Nino caught him before he fell to his knees.

“I don’t fucking love you, you senile fucking bitch. Your lies are done. Your corruption is done,” Pierre said in a gruff voice.

“What the fuck are you going on about Pierre?” Octavius said stepping forward. Always being the most intimidating of the Moore children, Pierre felt inclined to speak then, his eyes downcast.

“Your mother is a lying piece of shit. She’s behind so much of this,” Pierre said as Nino continued to hold him upright. Kingston let go of his mother so that he could help hold his best friend up. “I pretended to love her. Spent many nights listening to her go on and on about how worthless black women were. How they,” he groaned. “Were put here to take care of the high class. But then her children began to fall in love with them. She hired Nadia to do what she expected of her because she was a black woman, and when you fell in love with her Kingston, she lost her shit. She’s a danger to you and your family my friend.”

Kingston turned to his mother. Her eyes big and wide and before he could register what he was doing, he backhanded her so hard that she fell to the ground.

“You fucking bitch!”

“You would hit your mother!?” the pathetic woman screamed. “Over some black bi—”

She didn’t get to finish. Carissa was on top of her clawing at her face before she could even get the insult out, and no one stopped her. Kingston turned back to Pierre and helped him into his SUV.

“Where is she Pierre? Where is my wife?”

“Brittney’s. A-and, you need to hurry. Brice and that bitch are crazy. Drunk on the idea of killing Nadia and then fleeing the country.”

Kingston buckled his friend in before rushing around the SUV and hopping in. Nino whistled for his men to start up their bikes. Octavius walked up to his truck and hopped in, leaving Carissa to beat their mother until she grew tired. Sasha rushed out of the house with her hands held up in confusion.

“You’re not going. Someone needs to be here to call the ambulance once Carissa is done, and you need to watch the twins,” Octavius shouted from the truck. Sasha stomped her foot like a child but smiled, nonetheless. She knew her place and she preferred being the protector of their children.

“Bring my girl home and keep Brittney alive! I have a few things I want to do to that bitch!” Kingston smirked as Octavius answered.

“Shut up woman!” They all then pulled out of the driveway hell bent on bringing Nadia home.

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