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Chapter One

“I hate to tell you I told you sooooo...” Octavius said as he walked his brother out to his SUV. Kingston gave him a pointed look before getting into the passenger side of the vehicle and slamming the door. He was livid. The Court appointed judge in his eyes had been unfair, but to everyone else it was a slap on the wrist.

“Thirty shitty days!” Kingston shouted as he punched the dashboard.

“Yeah, that’s the worst thing that could have happened with you drinking and driving. God Kingston you should know when you’ve got it good.”

“Got it good. Ha! You’re the one who has it fucking made. You have your own set of twins that were born three months ago and guess what? Sasha’s still fucking alive.”

The car was silent the rest of the way to Kingston’s penthouse. Neither brother knew what to say.

Once they were outside of his building, Kingston could feel Octavius’ eyes on him. He knew his brother wanted to say something so he turned and raised an eyebrow.

“How’s Nadia? Heard her twenty-first birthday was yesterday. How did you guys celebrate that?” Why was he asking about Nadia? She was his nanny, nothing more.

Kingston shrugged his shoulders. He didn’t know what the woman did for her birthday; she left the penthouse around seven and did not show back up till around four in the morning. It pissed him off to no end that he had to get up in the middle of the night and get Levi something to drink. I mean what one-year-old wants juice at two a.m.?

“I don’t know what she did. She left and then came back early this morning. Why?” Kingston gritted out as he looked over at his brother. Octavius smirked and explained that he had just asked for no reason. The brothers exchanged their goodbyes and Kingston made his way up to the top floor of his penthouse.

“A is for apple.”


“No, No Payton, A is for apple.”


“Oh, you little stinker.”

Kingston stood in the foyer of his place as he watched Nadia sit crossed legged in the middle of the living room floor. She had Payton and Levi in small little chairs holding up flashcards. Levi giggled uncontrollably, while his twin sister Payton reached out and smacked the cards out of Nadia’s hand. Big green eyes widened in fake surprise as Nadia poked Payton in the stomach.

“You’re going to be a fighter, aren’t you?”

“Mama,” Payton replied, reaching her chubby hands out toward Nadia who gladly picked her up.

“Mama,” Levi said and did the same. Kingston watched with a small smile as Nadia picked both twins up and stood. She walked them over to their highchairs and he followed her every movement. Her long tone legs uncovered by her small shorts and a camisole that hugged her tone stomach and perky breast made his mouth water. The warm complexion of her skin, due to her mixed heritage, was so delicious to him. Damn, Kingston hadn’t paid much attention to how amazing her body was until that moment.

“Oh Mr. Moore, I didn’t see you standing there,” Nadia said as she turned and shifted her weight onto one foot to lean against the counter, as she broke up pieces of chicken nuggets for the twins. Kingston snapped out of his stupor and unbuttoned his dress blazer. He hung it on the coat hanger and walked into the kitchen undoing his cufflinks.

Nadia followed his movements as her foot tapped against the floor. God, the man was sex on a fucking stick and she wanted a lick of it. She continued to watch him as he peeled off his white shirt baring his naked, defined, god-like torso. She’d seen it a million times and it seemed that with each look, it got more and more defined and sexy. Probably had a lot to do with him staying in the room that he turned into a gym for at least three hours every night after work. Her only wish was for him to come home and spend time with the twins. They knew who he was but he didn’t know them at all.

“Nadia? Did you hear me?” Nadia blinked rapidly as she looked away and continued breaking up the chicken nuggets. She cleared her throat before speaking.

“Uh-no. What did you say?”

“I said I got thirty days house arrest,” Kingston said. Voice laced with irritation.

“Oh wow, that’s amazing. Could have been so much worse.”

“God you sound like Octavius.” At the sound of Sasha’s husband’s name, Nadia smiled.

“How are the new parents?” Nadia asked as she turned to go to the fridge and get the kids apple juice.

“Over. The. Moon,” Kingston said as he poured himself a glass of scotch. He downed it in a second, immediately pouring himself another one. Downing that one in record time also, he went to pour another, only to have Nadia wrap a hand around his wrist.

“Mr. Moore.” Was all Nadia said as she investigated his blue orbs? They were in their usual state of blankness and when Kingston ripped his hand from Nadia’s grasp, the woman sighed and turned to tend to the babies who were babbling at each other.


His fingers traced her photo as tears flowed from his eyes. It had been over a year, but everything was so fresh. So real.

“Nessa,” he said her name softly as a tear fell onto the photo. Why did this have to happen to him? Why his Nessa?

“Fuck!” Kingston cried out as he began to throw things from his desk into the walls. That wasn’t enough though. He proceeded to rip down paintings, destroy lamps, and before Kingston knew it, he was on his back sobbing. He didn’t hear his office door open, and he didn’t see Nadia until she was sitting behind his head. Kingston then felt her lift his head up and place it on her lap. He calmed down when he felt her hand run through his thick hair. Nadia was always too good to him. No matter how harsh his words were or how brutal the task he demanded of her, she would always do them to the best of her ability with no complaints.

Kingston sat up suddenly causing Nadia to yelp. He turned around and looked into her beautiful green eyes. At thirty, he had never seen a woman so beautiful, so perfect. Not even his...

“Mr. Moore are you okay?” Nadia asked. Kingston didn’t answer. He crawled forward on his knees while staring at the young woman in front of him. When he got close enough, he reached out and cupped her cheek. He’d expected her to flinch away, but instead she leaned into his palm, sighing as if the young woman were relieved. Kingston watched as her eyes fluttered open and they stared at each other.

Energy seemed to flow between them. An unspoken energy.

Be happy Kingston.

For the first time in months, he heard his wife’s voice. It caused him to break out in tears and before he had time to register what he was doing, he was kissing a pair of thick, full, pink lips.

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