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They weren’t discreet about it. The same way the Moore's rolled up resembled the same day when Octavius and Sasha lost Pharaoh. Kingston was the first at the front door, and with no effort at all, he kicked it in.

Someone had to tip the motherfuckers off because when the broken door fell to the ground, Kingston came face to face with his badly beaten wife being fucked by Brice.

Every demon that Kingston had inside of him came surging forward. His fiancée was blind due to the swelling of her eyes, but her screams were loud, her tears thick mixing with the blood on her face. The fucker then had the nerve to turn his head and laugh. That’s when Kingston felt the cool metal of a gun barrel against his skull.

“Watch you fucking asshole,” Brittany said with a shaky tone. Kingston could practically taste her fear, but he played along. “Watch as my man fucks your wife’s pussy. The head of his dick nudging against your child.”

Kingston felt the bile rise in his throat as he stared at Nadia. She was obviously losing consciousness as her screams died down, and her thrashing stopped. When he stepped forward wanting to save her, to let his beautiful woman know that everything would be alright, Brittney cocked the gun.

“If you move, you die.”

“Not today bitch,” Octavius said as he aimed his gun at her temple. He didn’t wait; there was no point; he pulled the trigger and watched with no emotion as Brittney went limp. Brice immediately stopped his assault on Nadia and stood. His small dick moved as he ran over to a lifeless Brittany.

“Fuck! What have you done!?” he sobbed. The motherfucker really was crazy.

“Don’t worry, you’re about to meet her at the gates of hell,” Nino said as he joined the party. He grabbed Brice by the shoulders and hauled him outside. Throwing him to the ground, he watched his men run up beating the fucker to a pulp. It was like watching wild wolves attack a fresh piece of meat.

Yeah, they could have just shot him, but he deserved so much worse for the way he had violated Nadia. Kingston didn’t care to watch the young man being beat to death, not with his fiancée bleeding on the ground in front of him. With quick movements, he had Nadia in his arms and out the door.


Kingston sobbed without an ounce of restraint. He never thought he’d be in this hospital again, with the love of his life. Nadia was alive; the life she held inside of her was alive. But he couldn’t stop the tears. The vision of what Brice had done to her, played in Kingston’s head on repeat. He begged it to stop. Pleaded with the heavens to make it go away, but it didn’t, so he just dealt with it.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you,” Kingston said to Nadia when she woke up a day later. She couldn’t open her eyes due to the swelling, but she rasped her responses the best she could.

“I love you too.”


It had been six weeks since the kidnapping and Kingston smiled as he sat on the couch watching Nadia play with the twins. Her belly was round and swollen with their triplets and Kingston couldn’t be any happier.

Brittney and Brice were found by the police, which Nino quickly took care of. He used his money and the power of his gang to do what needed to be done. As for Kingston’s bitch of a mother, she was still in the hospital recovering from what the Moore men were told, and none of them cared. They were done with the senile woman. Kingston had been spending a lot of time at home. With Nadia growing at a rapid pace, it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to do simple household chores.

“Love you,” Nadia said as she stood slowly and walked over to kiss Kingston’s forehead. The happy man hummed in response before standing to kiss his fiancée properly.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door making the couple pull away. Kingston walked over to answer it, slightly irritated since he wasn’t expecting company.

“I think I’m in love,” Nino said as soon as the door opened. He sidestepped into the house while running a hand through his hair.

“Nice to see you too,” Kingston mumbled as he closed the door.

“We don’t see you for three weeks and that’s what you show up saying?” Nadia joked as she walked into the foyer with a huge grin on her face. She hugged her brother-in-law and smiled when he rubbed her belly.

“God, the Moore sperm is potent. We can’t seem to make just one damn baby. Always gotta be double or in this case, triple.” Nino beamed as he stared at Nadia’s impressive belly. Kingston kissed Nadia’s cheek and pulled her close.

“I’ll have sixty kids with this amazing woman if I could. She loved me and saved my life; I owe her everything.” Nadia blushed and kissed his lips tenderly.

“And you saved me baby.”

Nino ended up staying for dinner where they talked about his new lover. It was not surprising that she was black but she was a professional woman, a lawyer to be exact, who had her head on straight.

“She doesn’t want a man like me. An ex-drug addict, who kills for fun,” Nino said in defeat.

“Uh, she may have a kink for that,” Nadia countered. “Don’t judge her off the fact that she’s being stubborn in showing you affection. She’s just protecting herself, trying to fill you out. Not rushing into anything.”

The three of them talked until the twins started to whine. Nadia excused herself to put them to bed while the men continued to talk.

“So, tell me what else you know,” Kingston said changing the subject immediately. Nino gave him a knowing smirk. They had been secretly working together to find out everything that had to do with Nadia. From the reason she was shot the first time, to what Pierre had told them about their mother. They also looked into the doctor and nurse who had dealt with them when Nadia was in the hospital. The both of them had lied about Nadia’s file, which meant they were in on it too. It had been weeks since they started the research, and they had finally gotten a lead.

“Well, as you know, the nanny was hired by Mom, but from an unknown source.”

“Yeah?” Kingston said as he chugged the rest of his whisky.

“I found out who that person was, and you’re not going to believe who.”

Nino said as he blew out a breath.

“Tell me.”

“It was Kissa.” The room fell into silence as Kingston stared at Nino liked he’d grown a second head.

“Wait. I thought that Kissa and that crazy woman Lyza were locked up?”

“Oh, they were, but money can buy anything, including freedom, and it seems as though our dear mother got the two bitter bitches out of prison.”

Kingston sat back in his chair eyes wide mouth pursed.

“Oh fuck,” he mumbled out. Nino leaned back and folded his arms over his chest as he thought about the woman that he loved. He sighed, knowing that he was going to have to protect her.

“Oh fuck, indeed.”


To My Readers,

Thank you for continuing on with the Moore Series. I’ve been working hard, along with my editor, to make these books perfect. I hope you continue on with Nathaniel’s story, and then the final book, Retribution. Once again, thank you for reading.

Love and Light!


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