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Chapter Two

“What kind of kiss was it?” Nadia blushed as she fed Levi and Payton another piece of banana. They sat on the patio of her favorite coffee shop with her best friend Brittany drilling her about her interaction with Mr. Moore last night.

“It was a peck, and as soon as he pulled away from it, I could almost taste the regret,” she said as she shook her head. Last night, she was kissed by the man she had been crushing on since last year when she was hired to become his nanny. His wife had just died during childbirth leaving the man a wreck. It wasn’t like he was any better now, but at least he didn’t leave Nadia with the kids for weeks at a time. Kingston was good about coming home after work. He’d always give the twins a kiss but that was it.

“Mama.” Nadia looked down at Levi and then over to her best friend who was smiling so big that she was sure the corner of her mouth was touching her ears.

“Y’all just need to suck it up and be together,” Brittany said as she took a bite of her donut.

“Ha! I don’t think a thirty-year-old man would want a twenty-one-year-old who has never been to college. I mean I have nothing going for myself. Mr. Moore could have any woman he wants, look at him.”

“Girl you don’t have to go to fucking college. He pays you a thousand dollars a week to watch these fucking babies. While you live in the most prodigious penthouse in the city. Not to mention the fact that the man hasn’t dated since his wife, and I don’t think all of it has to do with his grieving.” Nadia knew Brittney was right, but that didn’t mean she was what he wanted.

“Maybe he’s just taking his time,” Nadia said as she handed the baby’s their sippy cups.

“Or maybe the woman he wants is already living in his home. Think about it. You cook, clean, and take care of his kids. He doesn’t treat you like a maid, and he buys you expensive clothes and shoes. Face it Nadia, you’re his girlfriend, have been for a while; the sooner you two realize it, the happier you’ll both be.” Before Nadia could respond to her ridiculous friend, her cell phone rang. When she looked down, she saw it was Mr. Moore. Nadia didn’t see him that morning since he had passed out on the living room couch after their brief kiss the night before. She didn’t want to wake him, so Nadia quietly gathered the twins and went out to get some fresh air. She glanced up at Brittney who was playing with the twins who giggled at the goofy woman.

Standing up, Nadia walked away from the table before picking up the phone.

“Hi Mr. Moore,” she said as she chewed on her bottom lip.

“Hi Nadia, uh-can you come back home please. We need to talk,” Kingston said into the receiver. Nadia looked back at Brittany and the twins sighing.

“Yeah sure. Be there in fifteen.” She hung up the phone and walked back over to the table. “Hey got to go. Mr. Moore needs me.”

“Oh, I bet he does boo,” Brittney retorted while standing up to her staggering 6’2 height. Her caramel skin shining from a thin layer of sweat from the humidity outside, her afro huge and picked out. Nadia envied her friend sometimes. With her mother being white, she never had any hope of having the afro she always longed for. The friends parted ways with a hug, before Nadia loaded the twins up into the SUV that was waiting at the curb for them.

The whole ride to the penthouse, Nadia felt her heart hammering violently against her chest, and her breathing felt super shallow. She was nervous, but it wasn’t a foreign feeling when it came to Kingston. Soon the SUV was pulling up to the building and the driver was opening the door for her.

“Thanks Kip,” Nadia said to the old man who had been driving her around for the last year. The sweet man gave her a smile helping put the sleeping babies into their stroller before going about his day. Three minutes later Nadia was walking into the penthouse, where she found herself fighting the urge to scream, “Honey, I’m home.”

With quiet feet she rolled the babies to their room and put them in their cribs. When she turned around to walk out, she had to cover her mouth to keep in the scream that threatened to escape as she stared up at Kingston who was standing dangerously close to her. So close she could smell his cologne. He didn’t have a shirt on, and Nadia wanted nothing more than to rub her hands down his defined chest and abs. God, the man was sex on legs, with beautiful blues eyes, dark brunette hair, and that sexy ass close-shaven beard... he was the man of her wet dreams.

“Nadia.” The way he said her name made Nadia’s stomach fill with butterflies. Kingston took Nadia’s hand and pulled her out of the babies’ room slowly, eyes leaving hers briefly. Once in the hallway, they both stared into each other’s eyes, their labored breaths mingling. A gasp left Nadia’s lips when Kingston placed both his palms on her cheeks, and then he leaned down to kiss her.

Everything stopped.

Nadia pulled away and placed her hand on Kingston’s chest, hoping to ground herself as her body became as light as a feather.

“Mr. Moore.” She breathed out as she placed her forehead on his chest.

“Kingston, call me Kingston, Nadia,” the man said as he grabbed her hand again and pulled her toward the living room. Once there, Nadia gasped when she was pushed down on the couch.

“Kingston, what are you doing?” Nadia asked. Her question was answered when the man she had been working for, bent down, and kissed her again. His lips felt warm tasting of mint, not a hint of alcohol, which meant Kingston was completely sober. Nadia didn’t know what that did to her, but her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed him back.

And just like that, they were in trouble.

Nadia licked Kingston’s bottom lip and he groaned as he opened his mouth for her.

“I’ve wanted you for so long,” Nadia professed as she broke the kiss. Things seemed to be on the table now and she wanted Kingston to know the truth about how she felt. What was the point in holding back when he wasn’t? There was a brief silence between them before Kingston said something that both relieved and excited Nadia.

“And I’ve wanted you.”

He then ripped the cute sundress he had bought Nadia off her body, only to find her bare except for a pair of lace underwear. Nadia bit her bottom lip as she spread herself for Kingston, feeling bolder by the second. He pulled the material away from the treasure he wanted to get a view of, and boy was it a view. Fuck it was freshly waxed glinting like diamonds. Kingston watched as Nadia reached down and rubbed her fingers over her slit before two fingers settled on her bundle of sensitive nerves.

“You like what you see Kingston?” Nadia hummed as she watched Kingston fall to his knees and stare at her sex like it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Licking his pink pouty lips, Kingston’s hands found Nadia’s knees as he watched her toy with her clit. When Kingston couldn’t take it anymore, he leaned down, pushed her fingers away and sucked her clit into his mouth.

“Oh God!” Nadia moaned as her hand combed through Kingston’s hair. He made her arch and her legs clench around his head as he took what he wanted. What he craved for six long months.

A loud moan left Nadia when she looked down while her boss looked up at her. His eyes hungry, demanding her to watch him as he leisurely licked up her core.

Their eyes never left each other’s as Kingston continued to lick up her body, putting his hands underneath her knees and pushing her legs up until they rested against the couch by her head. Nadia was wide open for the man and she had to be real with herself; she loved it. Having always been a wild lover, Nadia never found a man to take her the way she wanted, yet something told her Kingston was going to be the one.

Nadia’s eyes followed the single hand that moved from under her knee to the front of the gym shorts that Kingston wore. When he pulled them down and his dick sprung free, she smiled wildly.

“What?” Kingston asked as he looked down at her.

“You’re big,” Nadia said as she looked up at him. “And so pretty. Didn’t know one could be so pretty.”

“Ditto baby,” Kingston said as he bit his bottom lip and looked down at her pink pussy. “So beautiful, just like you.”

“Fuck me.” Was the only thing Nadia said before Kingston grabbed the condom from his pocket and covered his manhood. He knew he didn’t want another baby right now and he knew Nadia sure as hell did want any of her own at twenty-one.

Kingston gave Nadia a lopsided smile and plunged into her with no warning. He placed his free hand back under her knee and planked over the beautiful woman before he began to pump into her vigorously. There was no making love between them, only primal sex. Pinned up aggression, sexual frustration.

Nadia’s hands went to his waist as she held on for what felt like dear life. She could feel his muscles contracting with each one of his movements and fuck if it weren’t everything she had ever wanted and something she didn’t realize she needed until that moment. Her eyes traveled up to meet Kingston who was moaning louder than any man she had ever been with. His mouth was slacked, his head thrown back while his eyes were screwed shut.

“Yes Kingston!” Nadia cried, gripping him hard, her nails digging into his flesh. Kingston only moaned at her words before picking the woman up, her legs resting over his elbows, as he began to pump into her while standing.

Like she weighed nothing; even at around 5’11 she felt light in his arms.

Nadia’s hands went around Kingston’s neck and her mouth latched onto his as he pushed his ten-inch dick in and out of her. When he grazed her cervix, Nadia bit down on Kingston’s bottom lip; the taste of iron filled her mouth, but she didn’t let go. When she finally released him, Kingston kissed her with fever, loving how wild the woman was.

“God, you are fucking perfect. So, fucking perfect,” Kingston said as he sat down on the couch. Nadia got on her feet and began bouncing like a madwoman. Her hands on Kingston’s shoulders, her head thrown back as she chased the high that had been building.

Kingston moaned with each erotic connection of her ass, to his thighs. His hand gripped Nadia’s backside aiding her in her efforts. He had never had a woman so wild, a woman to take him and still be a vice around him. She was fucking amazing in his eyes.

“Fuck, you’re fucking squeezing me,” the sexy man below her moaned and Nadia bounced harder. When she got to the top of ecstasy mountain, she stood up abruptly, shuffled upward on the couch and sat down on Kingston’s face.

With two hands on her ass, Kingston gladly accepted her wild actions. He ate her up and when she gifted him with her creamy nectar, he lapped at it like a stray dog that had just been given a steak. Once Nadia had settled slightly from her high, she moved to her knees and removed the condom from Kingston.

Nadia then wrapped her plump lips around his thick pulsing head and sucked harshly. Pulling back, she looked him in the eyes and pumped his dick. She leaned forward again, allowing herself to drool onto Kingston’s dick before pumping him harder.

“Come for me sir,” she demanded as she angled Kingston’s shaft to her large and natural double D breasts.

“O fuck, baby!” Kingston roared before he shot his load all over the sexy woman’s chest. As he came down from his high, he watched as Nadia stuck a finger in his cum and brought it to her mouth. She hummed as she sucked the salty substance from her finger.

“Mmmm, my favorite flavor.”

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