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Chapter Three

Kingston sat in his recliner, his legs lifted in front of him on the coffee table, a beer in his hand and the football game playing. It was the super bowl and he had always thrown a huge party that included all his friends and family, but not this year. Nessa was gone and he didn’t want to celebrate anything anymore.

“Mr. Moore.” At the sound of his nanny’s soft voice, the distraught and intoxicated man turned to look at her. He hated to look at the young woman. She was too perfect, too beautiful and it made him feel things he had only felt for his Nessa. Guilt coursed through him like it always did, but he pushed it back with a sigh.

“What?” Kingston grunted as he took another swig of his beer not bothering to spare Nadia another glance.

“The family is here.”

“Tell them to leave; there is no party,” he mumbled only to hear his sister-in-law’s voice cutting over the sound of the T.V.

“Oh hush,” Sasha said as she walked over to him.She bent to kiss his cheek and Kingston couldn’t help but give her a small smile. He may have not shown it, but he was more than happy that the family had welcomed a new set of twins.

“How are you Sasha?” Kingston asked as he stood. He swayed slightly as he turned to the rest of the family who rolled their eyes at his drunken state. Choosing to ignore them, he welcomed them all in with hugs.

An hour later, the women were sitting on one side of the living room, not caring about the game while the men were screaming at the Cowboys to put their heads in the game. The sun had gone down and Kingston found himself content with his family surrounding him. His gaze traveled to Nadia who was rocking Payton to sleep. She had already put Levi down, and was struggling a little with his stubborn baby girl. He stared at her content face as she whispered soothing words to his baby girl, before allowing his eyes to travel up to her face. Wrinkles formed on her features as she smiled widely at Sasha and Carissa who were saying something to her. Kingston watched Nadia’s features morph into a sight so beautiful that he wanted to take a picture of her and frame it.

“So, are you going to make your move or not?” Nino, Kingston’s younger, troubled little brother said as he took a drink from his beer can.

“What are you talking about?” Kingston asked as he glared at him. He watched as Octavius smiled at him like a fucking fool and he wondered what the hell the two were thinking.

“Why are you two looking at me like that?”

“Because you’re in love with your nanny and you’re too pussy to do anything about it,” Octavius chimed in with a sly grin on his face. Kingston didn’t know what to say to that. He looked back over at Nadia and found her already looking at him. She blushed and smiled before looking down at Payton. Realizing the baby was asleep, she stood and headed toward the twins’ room. Kingston didn’t know why but he stood up and followed her. He knew Nadia didn’t notice so he didn’t say anything; instead he leaned on the doorframe and watched as she laid the twin down in her crib. His heart fluttered when she bent and kissed his little girl’s head before walking over and doing the same with his little boy. She then sighed and stared down into the crib.

“I’m so happy to be a nanny to you two,” Nadia said quietly. “I may not have birthed you, but you two are mine. I will love you both forever, and I promise to never leave you,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Kingston listened to Nadia’s confession and let his feelings for her solidify. He was in love with the young woman and he wanted to let her know, but not before he had grieved and overcome the grief of losing his wife. If and when he got to that point and Nadia was still around, he would pour himself open to her in hopes that she would accept him and his love.


“Hey, can you come talk to me?” Kingston said as he walked into his twins’ room and found Nadia playing with them. Her green eyes looked up at him and then went back to the babies. She picked Levi up and put him on her hip. Kingston swiftly stepped in and picked up Payton. He didn’t miss the way Nadia looked at him when he did so. It had been so long since he’d carried one of them and he hated himself for it. They just looked so much like Nessa; it hurt to even be in the same room as them sometimes.

It had been a few hours since the pair fucked, and they both felt awkward about it. Once they had finished, both went to separate rooms to shower, then avoided each other. They both walked into the living room before sitting in the center on the floor.

“So, about this morning,” Kingston began as he sat down on the floor with his little girl. He placed her beside him so she could crawl around. A smile graced his lips as he watched her stand and take a few small steps before plopping down on her butt.

“O MY GOD PAYTON!” Nadia yelped as she clapped frantically. “THOSE WERE YOUR FIRST STEPS!”

Kingston was shocked by that revelation. After spending minimal time with his kids, he didn’t know how far they had progressed. He was over the moon to have witnessed such a beautiful milestone for his baby girl. It brought tears to Kingston’s eyes, but he fought them off with a smile on his face. He let Nadia finish her praise and began to talk again.

“Like I was saying, this morning was great. I mean, I didn’t know my quiet nanny was a freak.” Nadia turned the color of a ripe apple as she looked down at her hands. She didn’t know how to respond to that; all she knew was that Kingston hadn’t seen anything yet.

Just wait until we take our time, she thought to herself.

“I like you. A lot Nadia,” Kingston said, waiting for Nadia’s reaction. When he saw her big green eyes looking at him with an unreadable emotion, Kingston decided against telling her that he was in love with her.

Seconds ticked by and Kingston watched with wary eyes as Nadia moved the twins from in-between them and crawled over to him. Nadia’s eyes locked on him as she straddled him wrapping her arms around his neck. She pecked his lips and then pulled back.

“I like you too,” Nadia said sincerely with a smile. Kingston grinned like a schoolboy as he examined her face. She was beautiful. Her skin was flawless, her lips in a perfect sweetheart shape and she had the cutest mole on her nose giving it the illusion of being pierced. Kingston knew he was lucky.

“Can we date?” he blurted out.

God, he sounded so stupid.

Nadia’s head went back as she barked out a genuine laugh. Kingston immediately felt like a fool and gently moved Nadia off him so he could stand.

“You can just say no, you don’t have to laugh at me,” he seethed as he glared down at his nanny before running his fingers through his unruly hair. Nadia stopped laughing and sighed. What she said next held so much truth that it rocked his world.

“Kingston, you’ve been mine for a while now. I’ve raised your kids, cleaned after you, cooked for you, and after a year of waiting, I’ve fucked you. You are mine. You have been mine, and you will continue to be.” With that she pecked his lips tenderly before walking into the kitchen to prepare dinner.

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