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Chapter Four

Three days.

It had been three days since Kingston had touched Nadia, other than a small peck on the lips. It’s not that he hadn’t tried because he had…adamantly.

Randomly walking up behind Nadia and gripping her perky ass. Wrapping his arms around her waist as she cooked him breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Leaving light kisses on the nape of her neck making her shudder. Kingston had done everything and the only thing he got in return was a small peck on the lips before she went to bed. He couldn’t even get the woman to sleep in the bed with him and he didn’t understand why. Nadia had professed that he had been hers but then she pulled away from him. Something was up, but Kingston was too frustrated and drunk to find out what it was. He moved to pour another glass of scotch only to find the bottle empty.

Staggering to the living room where Nadia sat with the twins napping on small mats in the middle of the floor, he dropped the scotch bottle on the coffee table with a loud thud.

“Need more liquor. Go get it,” he slurred. Nadia gave him a disgusted look before looking back at the twins and then at him.

“Go get it yourself,” she replied with a sarcastic smile. Kingston’s nose flared at the comment as he looked down at his ankle bracelet.

“You’re a fucking cunt,” Kingston spat with venom. He was drunk but he immediately regretted the words. That was until he heard Nadia’s come back.

“And you’re a shitty dad and a drunk.” What she had said was true and having her be the one to tell him triggered him to no end. Suddenly his mind went to Nessa. She’d never talk to him like this. Her words were always pure toward him, except for the day she was in labor. Nadia wasn’t Vanessa, and she never would be.

Kingston didn’t know how to take the insult, so he did the only thing he knew would hurt her in that moment.

“Get out.”

“What?” Nadia asked as she slowly stood.

Kingston took two long strides toward Nadia and she took two back. Her face held horror and that made him smirk.

“I said get the fuck out of my house. You’re fired.”


“You what, huh?” Kingston taunted as he got in Nadia’s face. “I can’t fire you. Is that what you were about to say? Well guess the fuck what...I am. Now get out of my house before I call the fucking police.” When Nadia looked down at the twins a sob racked through her so loud that it shook Kingston’s skeletons. Taking a staggering step back, he watched as she stormed over to the kitchen counter, grabbed her cell phone, and then walked to grab the car keys that she hadn’t used in months. He watched as Nadia headed for the door causing him to feel panicked. He knew he was wrong. He knew what the twins meant to the women, and because she wouldn’t fuck him or even sleep in his bed, Kingston was throwing her out. Taking away her everything, ruining her life.


“You know what?” the sad woman interrupted as she glared at him. “I was trying to take things slow. Trying to let you get to know me and me get to know the sober you, because the whole time I have worked here, you have been drunk,” Nadia screamed at him. “I just wanted us to do it right. Be functional adults together, and then play mommy and daddy. But you didn’t get that. Now you’re taking everything away from me! I fucking hate you Kingston! Keep your shit! I’ve saved every dime I have made here! I can and will start over!” She opened the door but before walking out, Nadia turned to Kingston. Tears streaming down her face, she looked down at the twins and another sob tore through her.

“Tell my babies I love them,” Nadia cried before she walked out and slammed the door behind her. Kingston wanted to go after her but he knew it would be of no use. He had gotten drunk ruining the little life he was starting to have, and he couldn’t blame anyone but himself.


It took a week for Kingston’s mother to send over another nanny and the woman had really outdone herself. This nanny was sixty, completely gray, and looked like she was a burger away from breaking through the fucking floor. Although she was really good with the twins, it was obvious, they hated her. Day in and day out Kingston would listen to them wail. He would often come and comfort them, which sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. His drinking had gotten worse and he rarely left his office. For three weeks he did this and never once did he hear from Nadia.

God did Kingston miss the beautiful woman. He missed her humming up and down the hallway as she tried to put Payton, who loved to fight her sleep, down for a nap or bed. He missed how loudly she sang in the shower. He missed the smell of her citrus body wash and her long tightly curled hair.

He missed his woman.

“Stop fucking sulking mate. You did this to yourself.” Kingston stared at his best friend Pierre for a long moment before looking away. The British man had been over every day to see him, knowing that he was drinking himself into a coffin. Pierre was Kingston’s best friend and his business’ CCO. Pierre had been running the company for him during his absence for the past month. With short blond hair, killer blue eyes and a smile that made every woman drop their panties. Pierre was the ideal candidate to handle negotiations, since their corporation was the biggest import/export supplier of international auto parts to every big corporation in America.

Due to his travels outside of the country, Pierre never had the chance to meet Nadia until recently. He’d only known the woman for two months, but that was long enough for him to see how great she was with the twins. Also, for him to see how madly in love Kingston was with her.

“Shut up,” Kingston groaned as he stood from his office chair. He could hear the twins crying and for reasons he didn’t understand, he began to cry as well. “God! I am a fucking idiot! Why the hell would I kick her out?” he sobbed.

“Because you are a fucking idiot,” Pierre replied as he stood consoling his friend.

“I need her. Fuck! I need her so damn bad. She’s been my anchor since I lost Vanessa. She’s been the glue and I just threw her away.”

“Well, your only option now is to get her back. Sober up this week, then when you are free you need to try to make amends. But be prepared for her to reject anything you say because you honestly stripped everything from her. The babies, her home, everything.”

Kingston didn’t reply. He just looked down at the scotch bottle in his hand. The fucking devil in liquid form. With a roar, he threw the glass across the room successfully smashing it against the wall.

The house fell silent in that moment.

The babies stop screaming, his demons shut up and for the first time everything was silent. It was in that moment of silence that Kingston knew that his mind had been set free. Now all that was left was finding Nadia and telling her how sorry he truly was.

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