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Chapter FOUR

Nadia sat on the edge of her bed in her nice little apartment. Her eyes trained on her phone screen, heart beating slowly in her chest. She stared at her babies for a long moment before shutting off the device and looking out at the beautiful view in front of her. The city was lit up and it made her mind travel back to Kingston’s penthouse downtown. It always had the most amazing view, while everyone was asleep, she’d find herself sitting in front of her window looking out over the city for hours on end.

Another tear slid down her cheek as she angrily wiped it from her face. It had been a whole thirty days still she hadn’t so much as spoken to Kingston. He tried calling but she found it easier to detach herself from the situation. After all he made it perfectly clear he didn’t want her. Standing up, Nadia went over to her full-length mirror trying to fix her makeup that had been smeared by tears. Once she was satisfied, she walked out of her apartment and headed to Britt’s house.

“Hey bitch!” her best friend screamed when she pulled up in front of her parents’ house. Brittany was dressed in a romper that showed off her thick thighs and her ass cheeks hung out of the bottom of them. She was ready to get laid and Nadia knew that she had her eyes set on Nino.

“I can’t believe you are going to a party hosted by the Moores. You know Kingston is going to be at the club, right?”

“Why else do you think I’m dressed like a fucking whore? I’m going to let his dumb ass see what he let go. Fucker,” Nadia said the last word harshly but it held her true feelings. She knew Kingston missed her, the voicemails verified that much and she knew she would take him back. For a month she’d had herself fooled into thinking she could be without the man, but he was and is the love of her life. Nadia knew that much. The twins were hers and she had raised them. She wanted her family back because that’s exactly what they were. Her only family. But as for Kingston, he’d beg. On his hands and knees.

When they pulled up to the club Nadia could feel her heart in her throat. Brittany smacked her ass hard as they walked to the packed club. The bouncer at the front of the club checked their IDs and Nadia didn’t miss the way his eyes lingered on her face. He was quite handsome. Tall, very, very muscular and he looked like he was Hispanic. Yeah, she’d ride him into the sunset.

Once inside the club, Nadia felt an odd pressure. She was panicking and she was sure it was written all over her face.

“Come on, let’s get you buzzed so you’ll relax,” Britt said over the music as she pulled Nadia toward the bar. Sasha and Octavius spotted them immediately and greeted them with large hugs and smiles.

“Girl, we haven’t seen you in a month. We heard what dumb fuck did,” Sasha said in a raised voice so she could be heard over the booming of the speakers. The techno music was loud and Nadia knew once she was drunk, she’d be its puppet.

“It’s fine. Good thing I saved all my money. I was able to get an apartment on the east side,” Nadia said as she nursed a strong drink.

“You have a job yet?” Octavius asked as he handed all the women shots before taking one himself. Nadia took the shot before answering, enjoying the burn in her throat.

“No, I’m enrolled in school for next semester.”

“That’s fantastic Nadia. That’s something to be proud of,” The large man said with a smile. Everyone continued to talk as Nadia’s eyes roamed. She hadn’t seen Kingston and they had been there for over an hour.

Brittney, after a small conversation with Nino, told Nadia that he wasn’t her type. But that didn’t stop her from basically dry humping him on the dance floor. Octavius and Sasha were basically doing the same beside them, as Nadia sat at the bar with Carissa and her wife.

“Where’s Kingston?” Nadia finally found the nerve to ask.

“Dunno, he was in VIP earlier with Pierre and some women but—” Carissa’s wife Tina began only to be nudged harshly by Carissa. The sister gave her a sad look before shrugging her shoulders pulling her wife away leaving Nadia alone with strangers. Her eyes continued to skim the club only to be stopped when she spotted Brittney waving her over to the dance floor. Nadia held up one finger before turning and ordering three shots. She downed them all back-to-back so she could feel free enough to dance like no one was watching.

Finally, Nadia found herself in the middle of the dance floor. Sasha was right beside her and Octavius stood behind his wife, holding her hips, following her every movement. Brittney was basically fucking Nino so Nadia found herself dancing alone. She didn’t care until she saw him. It was the first time all night and the bastard was kissing a beautiful woman while holding a glass of water in the hand that wasn’t gripping her chin.

Kingston was sober.

Nadia gasped and almost sobbed at the thought that he had gotten sober for another woman. Brittany and Sasha noticed Nadia’s distress and broke away from their partners. Octavius and Nino followed her gaze and they immediately grew frustrated.

“Hey. Hey. Hey. Look at me,” Sasha said as she gripped Nadia’s chin and yelled over the music. “Let’s go outside and get some air, yeah?”

“Yeah, you don’t need to see that!” Brittney yelled as they began to pull her away. Nadia looked back one last time only to see Kingston looking at her with wide eyes that gave away his shock. She didn’t care at that moment. She didn’t care at all. The only thing she wanted was to see her babies. Kingston could go fuck himself.

When they stepped out into the cool air, Nadia sighed in relief.

“Son of a bitch,” Brittney seethed as she pulled out a joint.

“Whoa, not out here! Shit is illegal,” Nadia hissed as she looked at her best friend who just shrugged her shoulders. Sasha raised an eyebrow and pulled out her phone. She dialed a number and walked off. When Nadia heard her talking about Pharaoh and the twins, she knew she was checking on the kids. Brittney didn’t say a word to Nadia, and for that, the woman was grateful.

Nadia wasn’t the type to ramble about her feelings. She only talked when necessary and right then she just needed to breathe and clear her head. So, caught up in her thoughts Nadia didn’t see the man in front of her until a shadow was cast over the moonlight that illuminated the ground in front of her. When she looked up Nadia was surprised to see the bouncer.

He stood a few inches taller than her. His smile showed his dimples and Nadia fought the urge to reach out and squeeze his buff arms.

“Hi, I’m Alfonzo,” the sexy man said in an accent that made Nadia want to drop her panties. She looked to the side to see Sasha and Brittany giving her a thumbs-up.

“Nadia,” she said as she offered him her hand. The man shook it and bit his bottom lip while running a hand through his thick hair. Nadia followed the movements with a lustful gaze. She had never been so horny in her life but she knew it wasn’t fully because of the bouncer. It was from seeing Kingston and it angered her. One look at the man and she was ready.

“Nadia, what the fuck are you doing?”

Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Nadia turned and came face to face with Kingston. He wasn’t looking at her; he was looking over her head at the bouncer she had just met.

“Alfonzo, I didn’t hire you to flirt with my woman. I hired you to watch the fucking door. Now go watch the fucking door!” Kingston roared. Alfonzo glared at him but backed away returning to his post.

“You had no right,” Nadia spat. As she pointed a menacing finger in Kingston’s face. How the fuck dare he!?

“Sasha, Brittney,” the sound of Octavius’ voice rang out into the night air but Nadia didn’t move her glare from Kingston. She listened as their heels clicked against the concrete, then the sound of music getting louder and fading away with the opening and closing of the club doors.

The beeping sound of Kingston’s SUV chimed in Nadia’s ear and she scoffed.

“If you think I’m going anywhere with—” Her sentence was cut off and she squealed when Kingston picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. Nadia began hitting his back and kicking her legs as she screamed for him to let her go, but of course he didn’t listen. Throwing her into the passenger seat, she reached up and started to slap him violently. Kingston’s nostril flared as he took every hit; when he was finally able to close the fucking door, he walked over to the driver side and was met with a hard fist to the face. He stumbled backward but quickly gained his composure.

“For fuck sake Nadia, stop!” he yelled in Nadia’s face once he was in the car. Tears immediately started streaming down her face as her lips quivered.

She loved Kingston so much that she hated him.

Her heart was hammering hard against her chest as she sat back and pulled her seatbelt on. Minutes later they were pulling up to Kingston’s penthouse and Nadia’s breathing caught. In a rush, she jumped out the car, leaving Kingston in the dust. She ran to the elevator, put in the familiar code, and traveled up to the penthouse. It had been too long since she saw the two little bundles of love.

Nadia rushed out of the elevator when it finally stopped on Kingston’s floor; she sighed in content when she found that her code still worked. She burst into the penthouse only to be met with a loud bang sound. Nadia’s eyebrows furrowed as her eyes traveled to an elderly woman standing before her a smirk plastered on her face. Abruptly the repetition of the same piercing noise left Nadia gasping at what was in front of her. A black object was in the woman’s hand leaving fear to course through Nadia like lava. Everything was on fire, and she couldn’t wrap her head around what was going on. She just knew everything was burning, and the nanny was holding a gun.

“NADIA!” she heard her name being called but everything was becoming muffled while her vision was slowly fading. Suddenly Kingston was standing in front of her and before she opened her mouth to ask what was going on, blood poured from her like someone placed a facet inside of her. Nadia looked down at her stomach and saw one hole in the middle of her stomach, another in her lower abdomen. That’s when the realization of what happened smacked her dead in the face.

She’d been shot.

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