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Chapter FIVE

Brittney sniffled as Nino held her close to his chest. Sasha paced back and forth periodically glancing at Nadia’s best friend who was putting on a less than impressive show. Octavius gripped her and pulled her against his firm chest, when he found his wife scowling at Brittney. Carissa chewed her nails while her wife Tina kissed her temple, and Kingston...

He shook violently as he sobbed.

They had been at the hospital for six hours and no word had come yet of Nadia’s condition. When the ambulance got to the penthouse, she was already unconscious. Kingston had never been so helpless in his life; the only thing he could do was apply pressure to the wounds and make sure she stayed awake, while simultaneously holding a gun to keep the trigger-happy nanny from trying to run. He failed at keeping her awake but he never stopped applying pressure. He never took his eyes off the bitch who shot the love of his life.

The nanny was in the hospital also. Kingston didn’t know why she had a gun in his house or why she felt the need to shoot someone who obviously had a code, but once the ambulance and police got to Nadia, he didn’t waste time on questions. Instead, he knocked the old woman out with a left hook, and a brutal uppercut that shattered the structure of her face. The cops understood his frustration therefore they didn’t arrest him. As for the twins, Kingston’s mother had come to the hospital to grab them, asking briefly if they thought that Nadia would survive. It was an odd question but no one dwelled on it too long.

“Mr. Moore?”

“Yes?” Kingston, Octavius, and Nino answered in unison. The doctor gave them all a weird look before Kingston stepped forward.

“Yes, I’m Kingston Moore, Nadia’s boyfriend. How is she?”

“I’d like to talk to you in private Mr. Moore, if that’s alright?” Kingston turned around and looked at everyone in the room. Each one of his brothers had loved Nadia from the first day each of them had met her. They also knew how much Nadia meant to Kingston, even though he was complete shit at showing it.

None of them had ever heard Nadia speak of her family. Making him realize in that moment, Kingston understood one thing; that this was her family.

The Moores.

“You can discuss it in front of everyone. We are her family,” Kingston said with a deep sigh. The female doctor nodded once before opening her file.

“Miss Summers is in critical condition. One bullet penetrated her left lung. We were able to seal the entrance and exit wound to her thoracic cavity, now we are venting the blood and gas pressure from it.”

Kingston didn’t know what that meant but he knew it was good.

“As for the second bullet, it tore through her uterus.” Loud gasps resonated through the entire room. Brittney did an odd and dramatic gasp, causing the doctor to look up at her. They shared a lingering eye contact that all of the Moore brothers noticed, but let it go. The doctor then looked at Kingston with sad eyes.

“What does that mean?” his voice croaked, afraid of the answer.

“We were able to save her uterus, but her chances of becoming pregnant and carrying to term is now less than ten percent. She’ll be in a medically induced coma and on a breathing machine until we feel she can breathe on her own.” With that the doctor closed the file and turned to leave.

“Can we see her?” Kingston rushed out.

“Yes, but only two people at a time. Just until we move her out of intensive care. She’s in room two-fifty-six.” The doctor then walked out of the room leaving everyone to remain in silence.

Kingston stood in shock staring at the spot where the doctor had stood; his mind reeled over what he’d been through in the last year. He could feel the tears pricking his eyes, the lump in his throat, and before he could stop himself, he fell to his knees, burying his head in his hands and sobbed.

When he felt an arm around his shoulder, he shrugged it off, not wanting to be touched. Not wanting to be as weak as he felt, but fuck, Kingston couldn’t help it.

“Let us hold you brother,” Nino’s voice was soft and sympathetic. Kingston looked up to find him and everyone else gathering around him. They all bent down and shared a family hug as tears streamed down Kingston’s face like a flood.

He cried for Nadia. He cried for her situation. He cried for her pain, but most of all Kingston cried for their loss. A loss that Nadia wasn’t even aware of…yet.


The first week was the hardest. Between work, the twins and Nadia, Kingston was exhausted. One week turned into two and two into three. During this time Kingston and his brothers worked their hardest to find any traces of Nadia’s family. Brittney was of no help. Stating that she was under the impression that Nadia was in a group home during the duration of their high school career. Kingston didn’t believe her but moved on quickly in hopes that he’d find out something, and soon enough, he did.


Sitting beside Nadia’s bed, Kingston went through the shipments that were received at the business in his two-month absence. He was due back at the office, the weekend after the club grand opening, but that was pushed back for obvious reasons. Everything seemed to be in order with shipments and Kingston was proud of Pierre. It was when he investigated his accounting files, that he found something suspicious. Forty dollars was taken out of the company account every day, up to three times a day since he was gone. Whoever it was, took small amounts more frequently in hopes of not being noticed. But the Moores were a group of smart men. Their father made sure of that, knowing that people would attempt to fuck them over.

“Merda,” Kingston mumbled causing Octavius to look up from his tablet at the sound of his brother cursing in his native language. Most people didn’t know the Moores were from Italy but they were.

“Problem?” Octavius said as he looked down at his computer.

“Sasha didn’t take off, did she? She’s been in the office every day?”

“Actually, we were gone until the day before your party. Sasha left Denise in charge.”

Denise. Young, vibrant, and extremely greedy Denise. Kingston frowned at the sound of her name. If it weren’t for the small brunette woman kissing him unexpectedly in the club then they probably wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. But it was his fault too. When Denise kissed him, Kingston kissed her back. He’d been starved of a woman’s touch. Still if he had thought with the head on his shoulders, and not with the apex between his thighs, Nadia wouldn’t have gotten hurt in the events that followed after that kiss.

“What’s going on Kingston?” Octavius said, placing his tablet down beside him. “Is something wrong with the accounts?”

“Yeah. Someone has been taking forty dollars out of the account, three times a day, sometimes more. It doesn’t sound like much but that equals over three thousand six hundred dollars this month. That’s the equivalent of me importing German Continental tires for one of my clients. But that’s not the point. The point is that someone is stealing from us.”

“Don’t get worked up brother. Just give me the files, I’ll go home and show Sasha. We can call you tomorrow alright.” Kingston looked at his brother before handing him the file. He let out a deep breath as Octavius patted his shoulder before leaving the room. He decided to put the matter into his older brother’s hands. Nadia was scheduled to have her medicine reduced after today. She has been scheduled to wake tomorrow afternoon. No one was more elated than Kingston and he didn’t want to ruin the happiness with a problem that would be solved immediately.


Kingston rubbed his forehead once he was alone as he went to hold Nadia’s hand. He stared at her sunken face. She was being fed nothing but chicken broth through a tube every day. Her already thin body was slimmer, he made a mental note to make sure she was fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, with hefty shakes in-between those large meals.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met,” Kingston hummed as he leaned forward and kissed Nadia’s forehead. Her heart rate picked up for a slight moment before going back to normal.

“Look at you, still reacting to my touch. I love that, but you want to know what I love more?” Kingston said softly as he rubbed his thumb over the back of Nadia’s hand. “You.”

“You know, after Nessa died, I thought I had lost everything. I had the twins, but I was still a broken shell of the man I used to be. Then my mother hired you. A tall, bi-racial, extremely stunning, yet young woman to take care of two infant babies. I laughed at the idea of you doing a good job but look at what you have done. My babies, our babies, can say words well beyond their years. They can almost form a small sentence, Nadia, they’re amazing and they are amazing because of you. You stepped in when I failed. I’m forever in your debt, and when you wake up, I promise to give you the world. Along with all of me. I love you so much Nadia.”

Kingston’s heart jumped into his throat and tears spilled from his eyes when he felt Nadia squeeze his hand.

“Oh, baby girl you can hear me,” he sobbed as he stood up to kiss her forehead before letting his forehead rest against it. Nadia squeezed his hand again causing Kingston to chuckle in relief. He stood like that and said sorry until a feminine voice pulled him out of his trance.


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