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Chapter SIX

Kingston wasn’t the most religious man in the world. He didn’t believe in ghosts or spirits, yet Vanessa Moore stood in Nadia’s hospital room with a warm smile on her face. Her hands resting by her side, eyes on Kingston. He stared in horror, confusion, and slight awe.

“Surprised to see me?”

“You’re dead,” Kingston immediately countered, as the confused man stood up straight and looked at Nessa. He couldn’t believe she was standing before him and better yet he didn’t understand how she was standing in front of him. As if reading his mind, she answered.

“I’m still very much gone, Kingston. I’ve just come to let you know that I love you and I approve. It’s time for you to let me go.” Nessa’s words stunned him. It felt as if they had broken down the walls of his heart, making it beat rapidly and freely in the confines of his chest. He stared as Nessa moved closer when she placed a hand on his shoulder, he shuddered, eyes screwed shut. When he opened them, she was gone? Her beautiful eyes and long hair had vanished, the wounds were fresh again, but he knew that wasn’t her intention. Nessa wanted to let him know that it was okay to be happy. It was okay to love and be loved again. Nessa was proud of the decision he made.


Kingston sat back down and laid his head on the side of her bed and before he knew it, he was asleep.


She stared at him. He stared at her. She looked away as her leg tapped nervously.

“Denise, do you know why you are here today?” Kingston said as he paced behind his desk. He was anxiously livid. Livid because he had received verification that Denise was a fucking thief and well anxious because Sasha could call at any moment telling him Nadia had woken up. She had been taken off the medication last night and today was the day she’d open her eyes for the first time in weeks.

“Yeah, you heard I was stealing,” Denise said with a yawn.

“You’re wrong. I didn’t hear that you were stealing. I know that you were and probably still are.”

“Ha! I don’t have to steal from you Kingston. You already gave me everything I want,” she said the last part in a sultry tone. Kingston watched as she stood and walked up to stand in front of him. Denise straddled the man, her eyes determined and focused.

“You gave me this job. You’ve been spending money on me and you’ve been fucking me.”

“Huh, I fucked you once, when you tried the last two months, and got a constant no from me, I thought you’d get the hint. That’s beside the point, I want you out of your office by the end of the day. You’re fired. Get out of my sight,” Kingston said in a nonchalant tone. He gently pushed Denise back and watched as she struggled to gain her footing.

“You can’t do this to me Kingston Moore. I love you.” Kingston fought the urge to burst into laughter. Love him? Denise thought she loved him.

He knew better.

“You love my money, my power, and my dick. As for me? You don’t know me well enough to love me.” He watched as Denise screwed her face up into a scowl that didn’t compliment her features. She then grabbed her purse storming away.

“I can’t wait for Nadia to find out that you had me in your bed after you kicked her out. You even got sober for me.”

Okay, the bitch was delusional.

“No Denise, I got sober for myself, my woman, and more than anything, my children. I love them, and I love her. Now get the fuck out before I open a window and throw you out of it,” Kingston said with malice.

Once he was alone, Kingston had time to process Denise’s words. What would Nadia think when she found out that he’d slept with another woman after he sent her away? It meant nothing. Kingston did it to fill a void left by her, but he could have filled it by bringing her back home where she belonged. At the time it didn’t seem like an option; he had convinced himself she didn’t love him anymore.

The ringing of his phone brought Kingston out of his dark thoughts and back into reality. When he looked down, he saw Sasha’s name, leaving his heart pounding against his chest.


Kingston watched from the end of the bed as the nurse made Nadia participate in a breathing test. She was still struggling with blowing into the little contraption, but the new doctor was pleased with her progress declaring she could go home in seventy-two hours. Nadia’s point of focus remained on Kingston as she followed directions. He stared right back into her eyes and when the nurse congratulated her on a job well done, he smiled.

“Now Miss Summers, can you please say something for me? Anything.” Nadia’s eyes bore into Kingston’s before she said something that made the whole room uncomfortable.

“I hate you.” The nurse followed Nadia’s gaze and when it landed on Kingston, she gave him a sad expression. No one said a word, although Brittney, Sasha, and Octavius stood beside him. Kingston closed his eyes and exhaled his frustration only to snap them open when he heard Brittney snicker.

“Care to tell me what the fuck is so funny,” Sasha challenged. Brittney’s face paled as she cleared her throat shaking her head.

“Alright, well now we know you can speak. I’ll let you rest and be back in two hours to check on you again. If everything keeps running smoothly, then you’ll be released in a few days.”

“Thank you,” Kingston said to the nurse as she walked out of the room. Octavius ushered Sasha and Brittney out, allowing his brother and his woman to have some alone time. When the room was quiet, Nadia smiled.

“Y-Your face,” she said, her voice raspy and hoarse. Kingston walked to her side while Nadia made room for him to get on the bed.

“You don’t have to talk, Nadia,” Kingston said as he held her. He laid his head gently on her chest, craving to hear her heartbeat. Finally hearing the beautiful thud against his ear, he almost cried but held it in.

“I love you Nadia. So much. I’ll do anything for you.” Nadia hummed in response. She tugged at his hair waiting for Kingston to look at her. When he did, she smiled leaning in to kiss his lips. Kingston kissed her back gently and pulled away quickly. He knew she was having trouble gaining her breath. When Nadia whimpered, he laughed and kissed her forehead.

“Question,” Nadia croaked and Kingston raised a single eyebrow encouraging her to go on.

“When do you think I’ll be cleared for sex?” Kingston threw his head back and barked out a genuine laugh. His laughing was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Come in,” he said loudly and when the door opened, two little bodies came wobbling in.

“Dada and Mama,” the twins squealed in unison as they made their way over to their father. Kingston lit up at the sight of his babies that had been with his mother for a little while. Picking them up. He placed them on the bed with a crying Nadia.

“No Mama. No Mama,” Levi said as he gave Nadia the meanest face he could muster. Nadia laughed at this, clearing the tears from her face, knowing that’s what the sweet toddler wanted. She kissed them both on the head before leaning back; her eyes were growing heavy from the pain medication.

When she finally dozed off, Kingston’s mother took the twins and stepped out of the room.

“Well, she looks to be doing well,” Mrs. Moore said with her nose scrunched up.

“Yeah, is that a problem mother?” Kingston questioned as he narrowed his eyes on her.

“Not at all,” she said with an unconvincing smile, before holding the twins’ tiny hands, ushering them away.

Kingston went back into the room and sat on the edge of the bed to watch Nadia sleep. He was dreading the moment that he had to tell the love of his life that, although she lives, she will never be able to bear life.

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