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Chapter SEVEN

“Where are we going?” Nadia had asked the question for what felt like the hundredth time but she didn’t care. She had just gotten released from the hospital and Kingston told her that he was taking her home. When he said that, she thought he meant her apartment or his penthouse, but he was driving in the opposite direction. Instead, they were heading outside of the city, and that worried her.


“Patience Nadia. I promise we are almost there.” Nadia narrowed her eyes at the man as she watched a smirk spread across his face. If she were in good health, she’d challenge him, but she was already feeling faint. The oxygen machine beside her pumped fresh air into her lungs. Nadia was so excited to see the twins, but sad that she wouldn’t be able to play with them until her energy came back to her.

The city slowly turned into trees, and finally Kingston was traveling down a dirt road. Nadia’s heart pounded in her chest as a grand house slowly came into view.

“What is this?” she asked as Kingston parked. He didn’t answer; he just got out of the truck and ran over to open her door. With ease, he lifted her out of the SUV placing her feet slowly on the ground. Nadia looked up just in time to see their whole family walk out onto the porch. They all smiled at her and she wanted to run to them but she knew better. She settled for a fast walk.

“Oh my god guys, what’s going on?”

“We came to welcome you home!” Brittney said with a smile that didn’t quite reach her ears. The twins held on to each of her hands as she walked over to Nadia.

“Mama!” they both squealed making Nadia lose it. Tears streamed down her face faster than she could stop them. She opened her arms and hugged them both as if they would disappear right in front of her.

“My babies. I have missed you!” she sobbed. Nadia stood up smiling at everyone else as she tried to compose herself. She felt someone grab her hand and squeeze it. When she looked, she found Kingston staring down at her with a sparkle in his eyes.

“W-whose house is this?” Nadia asked as she scanned the porch and acres of land around her, which seemed to go on for miles.

“It’s ours,” Kingston hummed as he bent down to kiss her cheek. Nadia’s eyes grew wide as she looked at Kingston.

What did he mean by ours?

“I don’t—”

“I got this home for us Nadia. Octavius bought the land, and this will be the Moore Estate. You, the twins, and I will live here, and the cleared patch that we saw driving down the driveway will be Octavius and Sasha’s home,” Kingston informed Nadia as he turned to look at her. “The penthouse wasn’t our home. It belonged to Nessa and me. Now that she is gone, there was no reason for me to stay there. I’m ready to start over. I’m ready to live again, and I want to do that with you.”

Everyone on the porch stood quiet, except for Sasha who was a blubbering mess. Nadia smiled so wide that it hurt her cheeks before flinging herself into Kingston’s arms. This was what she always wanted. Kingston and the twins, nothing more, nothing less. Her dream was finally coming true.


The rest of the afternoon was spent with everyone conversing and catching up on lost time. Brittney and Nino were the first to leave, followed by Sasha, Octavius, and their twins. Kingston had put the twins to bed and was now sitting on the couch with a content Nadia. A fire dying down in the fireplace. Kingston wanted them to stay in their current state. Happy, content, blissful, but he knew he needed to tell her.

“Nadia, baby.”

“Yeah,” Nadia answered as she looked away from the T.V. and met Kingston’s gaze. When she did her heart sank into her stomach. Kingston could never hide his emotions. He wore everything on his damn face and right now, his face held sorrow.

“What is it?” she asked in a soft voice. The thought Nadia had was He’s about to leave me.

Why would he want to stay? She’d lost so much weight, she resembled a toothpick, and she was walking around with an oxygen machine like an old lady.

“I want you to listen to me Nadia and understand that despite what I’m about to tell you, I still love you and want you in mine and the twins’ life.”

“You’re scaring me Kingston,” Nadia said her voice barely above a whisper. Kingston grabbed her hands and pulled her into his lap. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her shoulder.

“Your injuries,” the sad man stopped for a moment to gather himself. Kingston needed to be strong for Nadia; he knew that. However, he wanted to weep for what he was about to say.

“Your injuries were severe.” He took a deep breath. “Although they were able to save your life, they weren’t able to save everything.” Nadia jerked in Kingston’s arms, but he only held her tighter. He could hear her breathing speed up and her heart hammering in her chest. It was about to break.

“One of the bullets pierced your womb.”

“No,” Nadia choked out.

“They were able to save your uterus, but the possibility of you becoming pregnant and carrying to term is less than ten percent.”

Nadia snapped.

With all of strength she could muster, she began to violently thrash in Kingston’s arms. Her sobs tore through the house, threatening to crack the foundation. Kingston heard the twins on the baby monitor begin to wail and he himself had tears streaming down his face. But he didn’t let Nadia go. He couldn’t let her go. He wouldn’t let her go. She needed him.

They stayed like that for hours. The twins finally cried themself back to sleep, while Kingston held a still crying Nadia in his arms.

“You can leave me now,” Nadia finally croaked. “I’m a useless woman. I can’t give you anything. You can let me go now,” the woman said. Oh, how she wished that the news had been he was leaving her and not telling her she was a waste of a woman.

Kingston wanted to be mad at Nadia’s word, but thought better of it.

Instead, he sat her up and made her look him in the eyes. Her beautiful irises were vibrant against her red eyes. Even in her sorrow the woman he loved was still stunning.

“Listen to me Nadia, and understand every word I say,” Kingston began. “You are an amazing woman who has given me something not even Nessa was able to. You have gifted me with stability, overwhelming compassion, understanding, and the purest love. Nessa and I argued more than anyone knew. She always wanted more, nothing I ever gave her was good enough, but that’s not the case with you Nadia. You have never once opened your mouth to ask me for a thing. You always took what I gave you and thanked me for it. I am so happy that my mother brought you into my life. I am so happy you stayed even though I was impossible to deal with. I love you Nadia. I want you. Nadia, I promise you we will try until we are both old and gray to have a kid of our own, if that is what you want.”

Nadia didn’t say a word. Instead, she removed the clear cord from her oxygen tank to straddle Kingston. Her sorrow was still there but she knew she needed him. She needed to feel his lips; she needed to feel his skin.

I need to feel his love.

With that on her mind, she leaned down and kissed him. Their lips moved in beautiful harmony with gracious desire. They both laid their emotions bare to one another and when the kiss was over, they both felt like they had reached yet another milestone in their relationship.

“What do you want me to do Nadia? Name it and I will make it happen.What do you want in this life that you don’t already have, that I can provide?” Nadia pecked Kingston’s lips with a smile. She attached the oxygen back to her face and her expression went cold.

“I want you to find out why the nanny was in your house with a gun. Not only that, but I want to know why she shot me not once, but twice.”

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