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Her type or preference is being with a man of colour, a black man but she still ended up with one of light brown complexion. An African American, decorated with tattoos, few Piercings, money, family man, amazing body and light brown eyes. What she didn't know was the man she fancies feels the same about her. Malik couldn't take his eyes off a light skinned, curvy, friendly, educated and rastafarian girl that shouldn't graduated high school a year or two late. He saw her, liked her, wanted her, got her and never leaving. She was his, sold or not. Whether she knows it or doesn't like the idea of it.

Romance / Drama
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Just like any other girl from the paradise of the Caribbean, Diamond's life is like one special fruit from a bunch on a coconut tree.

As it grew being a young plant, it bears fresh water that is surrounded by soft crystal like flesh inside the nuts but the older it grows into a tall tree, the water gets sweeter, flesh thickens and the yellow or green nut turns brown, becoming a jelly. What it does when a particular bunch isn't being shook by a nature force like the winds, is when it is being picked and drinked like water or juice. If it doesn't, it falls off the tree in a few days becoming spoiled and smelling awful, but that particular spoiled nut can stay and grew in its own. Becoming a tree as long as it isn't being opened.

Diamond Sparks, also known as Zara was being loved and always will be but everyone has a past. All it took was a man like Malik David Stone to make her tree special so the bunch won't be shaken. But who can she trust after he protects her tree that turns out shaking it in the end. What is life if their isn't a rocky road at the beginning and the end?

Diamond was being wrapped in Malik's life like insect in a web even when she has being warned more than once of who he is and what he can do. As a half black, half white female with a billionaire mother and hustler as a father, she grew up loving the black community more and fell in love with an African American from East harlem. He has all the qualities of a being a good man and father but secretly a darn good Gangster. The only problem she has is living with him being OCD, but he does a lot to have her for himself, to keep her occupied and satisfied.

Diamond isn't stupid, she found out what he has been hiding for too long but can she get out of the relationship so easily? Where can she hide after he knows her every move before she even makes them and more secrets being revealed of a deal her mother made. Living with regret as she sells her daughter out for billions. A male heir and a wife.
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