Love At The 50 Yard Line

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Chapter 5: The Vets

Colin’s POV

"WOW! You're Colin Scholtz!" a little squeaky voice calls out and gets my attention.
I turn my head towards the door and see a little girl running at me with a glowing adorable smile on her face. But my eyes drift past her and my breath catches as I watch the most beautiful woman I've ever seen walk through the door.
Brooke Waters has made my chest ache the second I saw her walk into the exam room. Her long sun-kissed blonde hair tosses as she walks. Her skin-tight leggings that she wears every time I see her simply drive me wild. Those damn leggings accentuate every perfect curve of her body, her well-toned legs, her perfectly round ass that I just want to take a bite out of.
Then there's her upper body. Normally she walks around the rehab center in her workout gear; which most days just consist of a sports bra, or on occasion a long sleeve workout top, still skin-tight, still showing off her perfectly toned stomach and breasts. She's so stunning in a naturally beautiful way. She could stand out in a crowd of models, even wearing no makeup which I know she doesn't; she rubs her face so much that she'd smear it all over the place. And the best part about her is she doesn't even realize how gorgeous she is. She's so modest and completely oblivious to the effect she has on me and everyone else who gawks at her. Thank god she came in the vets wearing a zip-up sweatshirt that covered her in public. But still, my stomach tightened and my jaw clenched as I looked around the room noticing every other man sitting in here was practically undressing her with their eyes; which I'll admit, I do every week and it's pretty easy considering what she has on is tight and sparse, not leaving much left to the imagination.
There's no doubt I want her. Even though she came in with guns blazing the first time we met and seems to hate me for some reason, I'm infatuated by her. I can't get her out of my mind. Something draws me to her and I'd do anything to get her attention. I'm hoping I make an impression on her today when she finds out I paid for her dog's medical expenses.
Damn, I'm staring at her again as she heads to the receptionist desk. Would it be weird to just reach out and touch her? To just graze my finger along the bare skin of her stomach up across her luscious tits? To run my hands over her ass, wrap my arms around her hips and bury my head in her neck, taking in her lavender scent?
"You're Colin Scholtz!" the little girl said standing right in front of me, spooking me out of my dirty thoughts.
"That's me kid. You must be Sydney?"
She nodded. "Everyone just calls me Syd. I saw you get hurt on tv," she said as she took a seat right next to me.
"You watch football too?" I was surprised.
"I LOVE football! My Mom and I do! Is she going to make your foot better so you can play again?" she said looking down at my boot.
"Well, I hope she can make my foot better." I look up at Brooke who is speaking to the receptionist. I couldn't help but feel discouraged thinking about the conversation from earlier and how she brought up finding something else to do besides playing football. "She doesn't think I'll be able to play football again though,” I admit with a heavy sigh to the kid.
"Yeah! My Dad got hurt like you did so that's probably why she thinks that way.”
Dad? I thought to myself as I felt a pit in my stomach growing. Brooke talked about her past football relationships and I just assumed she was single. Then I was completely surprised in the parking lot when she said she had a daughter. I looked her up after my first meeting with her because she looked familiar and I found her business website that gave away she was thirty-five. I would've never guessed she was even thirty she looked so young and I never would've imagined she had a kid either. And what a dumb ass I am, to never even think to ask in the parking lot about a father. Was she married? Or with someone? My stomach sank at the thought.
"Your Dad?" I finally said out loud.
"Yeah! John Moore!" she said. Wait! What! Did I hear that right?
"Your Dad is John Moore!" My stomach sank deeper but in a completely different way now. I knew she looked familiar and now I remember. I'd seen her in tabloids years ago always wrapped in Moore’s arms when he was at his all-time high playing in the NFL.
"Yeah! Why?" Syd says. It all makes sense now why I felt she hated me the minute I walked through her doors. She did. Just like Moore despises me, she probably blames me for taking his position on the team.
"N-no reason," I said trying to think of a way to not have to explain things to a little girl but she had already moved onto something new as she pulled out her notebook from her backpack.
"Can I have your autograph?"
"AWESOME!" her eyes lit up like Christmas morning.
"So you love football, huh Syd?" I signed my name and handed her back the paper.
"YEAH! I want to play but my Mom says it's too dangerous. Plus, there's no girls teams around here. It's not fair," she said it with a pouty face.
"Well, your Mom's right! Look at my foot!"
"Yeah but you still want to go back to playing so it can't hurt that much!" I couldn't help but burst out laughing at her adorable innocence but then I thought of an idea. "Hmmm," I looked down at Sydney smiling. "Maybe you and I can convince your Mom I can play again, huh? If you help me I can try to convince her to let you play some football?"
"REALLY!" her eyes lit up again, all giddy. "But there's no league for girls football anywhere.”
"Hmm, I'll have to think about that one. Leave it to me kid, I'll figure something out.”
"So we have a deal?"
"Shake on it!" I stuck my hand out and we made a pact, shaking hands just before Brooke came over sitting next to Syd.
"Is Luna going to be ok Mom?" Syd asked, looking concerned.
"Yes sweetie." Rubbing her back and stroking her hair, Brooke answered her. "She just needs to go in for surgery so they can remove what's in her tummy.” She looks up at me and catches me staring at her. She's such a great Mom I can already see how much she loves Sydney. I smile at Brooke and she smiles back.
"Thank you So much for bringing Luna in," Brooke says but gets distracted again by Sydney pulling on her sweatshirt.
"Mom, I'm hungry.”
"Do you have any snacks leftover from school?" She goes to reach for her backpack.
"No," Syd says.
"I have a granola bar," I chimed in pulling one out from my pocket and handed it to Syd.
Brooke looks over and looks at Syd as she watches her take it from me and begin to open it. The look on Brooke’s face makes me think I may have overstepped.
"SYD!" she said, shocked with wide eyes.
"Wha-" Syd says looking up and then looks at me. "Thank you." and looking back at her Mom for approval.
"No, that's not it! Did you read the ingredients?" Brooke says firmly.
Syd looks down at the granola bar again and lets out a frustrated huff and hands it back to me. "I can't eat this, thanks anyway." She gets up walking to the kid's corner of the waiting room looking at storybooks.
I was so confused. I wasn't sure if I overstepped or if Sydney had done something wrong. "Sorry," Brooke says and scoots over taking Syd's empty seat next to me. "She's allergic to peanuts. Severely allergic!" she adds and starts rubbing her face looking stressed.
Now I understand. Another element added to Brooke’s life that must cause her stress. I've seen her rub her face occasionally; I think she does it so often she doesn't realize when she does it anymore. It's not that I want to see her stressed but when she rubs her face, Jesus Christ! It makes my dick twitch. Her face gets slightly puffy, her lips get plumper and turn a slightly darker shade of pink. She rubs so rough it makes my dick wonder if she likes to get fucked rough.
Jesus Colin! Not here! I punch myself. But I don't want her to feel stressed. I feel for her and want to carry the weight somehow so she doesn't have to.
"I'm usually not this crazy." She catches me staring at her again.
"Everyone has their days," I say, not sure how to make her feel better. But she laughs to herself probably thinking every day has some sort of stressful event. "I'm sure it's not easy raising Syd all on your own.” Brooke looked up at Sydney who was across the room reading a kid's book and smiled to herself. "She's a great kid," I add, staring at her again; admiring Brooke lost in her thoughts looking at her daughter.
"And you're a great Mom." My comment brought Brooke out of her trance and she looked at me in a way she hasn't looked at me before.
Her face slighting blushed and her eyes glossy like she could cry. She's so damn beautiful it makes my heart hurt. I would kiss her right now if I could. "Thanks," she manages to say in a slight whisper.

It's more than just an attraction that draws me to her. I have so much respect for this woman already, especially after today learning more about her. She's smart and driven, running her own successful business, putting herself through school since I'm sure her Dad being a mechanic didn't have the means to pay. She's a freakin' doctor for Christ's sake! And now knowing she achieved this all herself, no family, no Mother loving her or supporting her, and now she's also a single Mother. Syd seems like an amazing kid but it's hard for anyone not having any help. I can't imagine how she does this all and still walks around with her face beaming her beautiful, radiant smile every damn day.
"Excuse me?" someone says forcing me to break my gaze from Brooke which already has me pissed off. We both look up to a shy nurse standing over me holding out a notepad and pen. "Would you?" as she holds out her arms further.
Now I'm fully pissed! As if this doesn't happen all the damn time I’m in public that pisses me off enough, this woman had to interrupt Brooke and I, for a fucking scribbled signature! What is it with people’s autographs that are so special, I never understood. I take the pad and pen from her signing my name quickly to get this over with and hope it doesn't draw attention for others to do the same. I saw Brooke's eyes on me studying my face which made my jaw tense even more. I hand the lady back her things and scan the room. There's a few men looking at me studying my face like Brooke is still doing. It's only a matter of time before everyone figures out who I am. I don't want to leave Brooke, I want to spend every fucking waking second around her but I don't want her to see me get upset when everyone starts coming over to me like I'm at a goddamn book signing!
I needed to get the fuck out of here! "I should get going." I stand, putting on my sunglasses and keeping my head down low.
"Yea, thank you again," she says standing up with me. "For everything, really!"
"No problem." I see a man across the room stand and I start to get nervous. I can't spend any more time lingering no matter how much I want to. I turn away from Brooke and head towards the door. I feel a painful thumping in my heart leaving. I turn back to her when I reach the doors and I catch her still standing with her eyes still on me. She gives an embarrassing wave which makes me laugh to myself as my stomach tightens again.
I learned about her unfortunate perspective of who she assumes I am today. It pains me to think she's been hurt so many times by people in her life, John Moore being the worst. Who could ever walk out on a woman this spectacular is beyond me. I hope by telling her some things about who I really am made her rethink things a little bit. That there's still kindness and love to be given to her but I felt I had a long road ahead of me of proving that to her. However, the knot in my stomach was more about the thought of Moore. Would I even have a chance with her given my history with John and how he feels about me?
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