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Love in Paradise

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"Desolated his heart He was left alone He had no one; Not even himself to call his tonight; He was left alone in that stormy night His mother was iced in the snow; That had turned its color from white to red; He shouted out for help but there was barely anyone who could hear his voice. Not even he himself could hear his own voice. That had become sour ********** Read the story to know what had happened....? All rights reserved©

Romance / Thriller
The dimpled gurl
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Characters Description

Here is the characters description for my the story.

Zara Malik- is a 23year old beautiful, and independent woman. She works as a reporter and writer in a big media company. She is an extrovert and everyone's favourite person. Her moon shaped face had a dimpled smile that could melt anyone's heart. Her eyes were rapturous shades of brown that held a coruscate gleam that enhanced their beauty. She had a charming and eye catching personality. It was inevitable and certain that once you look at her, you couldn't look away.


Maera Ali is a 23 year old beautiful woman. And her innocence adds more charm to her looks. She wore her pain like an undesirable cloak you will never see it expect for her eyes. They were blue with salty eye lashes. And the endless ocean. And long wavy blonde hair so smooth and silky almost as if it was tailored from gold fabric. After she had completed her graduation she was doing her course in interior designing. She had Russian roots and after the death of her father she stayed with her typical Indian mother. Her beauty will keep you still and hold your beating heart with one gaze feeding off you.


Zoya khan who is a 24yr old woman, bold and confidence that adds dimension to her beauty. Her Five foot seven, tall framed and slender body, willowy and kind of understated beauty. Her almond shaped eyes were simply spell binding that radiated the powerful enigma of confidence. She was interested in modeling and had got many offers but she didn't pursue her dream for some reason unknown. She was a fun loving and intelligent lady. You won't get tired looking at her.


Emaan Firdous is a 22 year old woman, silent natured and an artist. She had a slender body. Her structured jaw bone, porcelain skin and strong brows gave her prefect features. She wasn't just flawless in her bone structure, but her skin was like silk over glass and she radiated an intelligent beauty. Her beauty radiated like that of a sun. You know you shouldn't stare, but sometimes you can't turn away...


Jazeeb Mir was a 27 year old guy. He was charming and had alarming allure. He had brown hair with hints of gold in it. His high cheekbones perfectly accentuated his face. On the either side of his nose were two beautiful mesmerizing eyes framed by pink lips. He was smart and intelligent. He had a personality that could stop you in your tracks. His identity is not disclosed so if you read the story you'll come to know about him.


Abeer Malik is a 27 year old son of a Kashmiri business man and had recently joined his dads business. He was intelligent, tall and muscular. His face was strong and defined with thin beard, honey brown eyes with a high bridged nose and short brown hair. Like all the kashmiri men he was also beautiful. And at the end a brown eyed guy falls in love with a blue eyed girl.


Rehan Abdullah was a 28 year old up coming model from Delhi. He was 6feet tall slim and muscular with an almost perfect structured face. He had dark brown eyes and his tight jaw was angular shaped, filled with stubbled. He was so modest that it can make anyone fall for him. He was not only good by looks but also had a good heart.


Zaid Malik was a 26 year young kashmiri guy. His identity is a secret too. But I'll describe his personality, he was 6feet tall and had raven black hair which were thick and lustrous. It seemed his features were molded of granite. He had dark brows which sloped downwards in a serious expression always. Eyes full of intensity and strong arched eyelashes with full beard. And muscles rippled across every part of his body.


All characters are main.. But Zara Azeem, Jazeeb Mir and Zaid Malik are important..


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