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We have met 17 years ago.. "I guess I know back then that the pretty little girl with black dress that straddle Jason's tombstone and hug it until night is my mate" Zeus said and i realize something. "Oh my god! You were the boy who there all the time, sat leaning on the tree trunk at the cemetery and gave me piggy back ride home!" He chuckle. "You remember that? yes that was me. I sat there because I worried about that girl, she was there all alone crying when everyone already leaves the cemetery. I decided to bring you home because it was already too late" "Even back then you already took care of me. You know, whenever any boy try to get close to me, I never have interested, because I remember that boy, that handsome boy, and in my mind he is the most beautiful boy and I will wait for him to come again, but you never show up, too bad I don't even knows your name" _______ Ester Nollan is now 30 years old, a married woman and already have son and live a happy family. What will happen when she found her true mate? He is an alpha who willing to sacrifice his feeling as long as he allowed to be near Ester. Is she strong enough to deny the mate pull and reject him to stay true to her marriage Or will she leave her family to be together with her destined mate? Started December 3, 2020 On Going

Romance / Erotica
Hexa Liem
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Chapter 1. Family

My Name is Ester, Ester Grace Nollan. I am 30 years old, married, a mother to beautiful 3 years toddler boy, Fabian Nollan Andrews, we call him Fab or Fabby.

My husband, Dave Andrews, is 35 years old. He is a handsome man, he has tall and wide built toned body which still made me glare every girl who unconsciously eye-rape him whenever we going, either in public area nor our own shop, few times I catch some new customers that didn't know he already married constantly flirting with him, both girl or guy. Heck, even some who knows he is a married man is still trying.

We live our ordinary life. We own a small shop, Miracle Pet Station. It is a pet shop, which run another side business, pet hotel, pet grooming saloon, and pet delivery service. Our shop is small but known for because it has good reputation.

That do the bill, and daily needs too. Our life is fine, we didn't have too much but not less either. We are pretty happy. To be happy you should be grateful on what you have, some people who always wanting more will never reach their happiness. Improvement always needed, tought, we have to always develop our quality.

We were dating for five years before married, pretty much unseparable since first met. made me grateful never been in a relationship before so he is my first and my last, or I thought it will. While i know he have few girl to play with before we met but ended up being friend long time ago, He was and still the popular boy since he in the kindergarten, with clear blue eyes and thick blonde hair and natural tanned skin, girls throw them self to him right, left, and center.

Don't get me wrong, never been in a relationship until im 20 doesn't mean i'm ugly, there's numerous boys who try to woo me, i just don't interested to any of them and tell them i don't meant to be with them.

We waited a year to be pregnant, not delay it, we try, you know? We always wants kid, one year waiting feels so long. So we are very happy when I finally get pregnant, and I have magical and easy pregnancy and labor.

Looking at Fabian now make my heart swell, he is a very cute boy, smart and happy, he has straigth and thick black hair and blue eyes, My hair is black and wavy, and I have Copper brown eye. Fabby inherited the best appearance from each of us two. Everywhere we go people will tell us that we have a really handsome baby.

That is our normal life. But live's had more secret sometimes. And mine is quite not normal. When I just a teenager and become a curious girl, well, blame all the detective movies and tv shows I watch with my cousins! I have so many cousins, iI come from a big family, ok focus, it happened when i'm Fourteen years old and get bored.

I decided to makes some research about my family background. It just seems odd that I come from a really big family, but we all looks good. No, Im not bragging, not the time, duh! I often watch our family photo album and just then the tought occure, why does we all has very nice skin, sharp nose, high cheek bones, soft hair, big eyes, nice built, and fit. There's nothing heard that one of our family member getting a serius illness even when they getting old, my great great grandma for example, she died at 103 years, and guest what? She still looked beautiful, just few wrinkles occured in her pretty face. She doesn't even lost single tooth.

Our team have eight members at first, but when everyone get bored, one by one quited so just two remain, me and Anna. Anna is two years older than me.

We works after school, rummage through our family tree lines, bith certivicate, interviewing older family members at weekdays, they see our works as a joke, they could really tell us back then about the reality but no, ho one mention it until now. We visiting all building our family had or ever lives in on weekend, and many more.

We work on the research for quite long time, its takes two whole years, we couldn't do the research alltime, we have school, courses, and stuffs.

The last building we must visit is our great great grandpa's abandoned cabin in the middle of the woods near our home. Inside the cabin there is several room, inside the biggest room, there is one huge wooden table with many chair around it, the one you seen on kingdom movies that used when the king and his ministries hold a meeting.

In another room, like a storage room we found several chests in different size, they are not locked. Inside few of it we found stacks after stacks money in old currencies that no longer you can use now adays. In other we found some gold coins, i dont take one of those, assumed it was fake back then, there are chests filled with stack of letters, and many knick-knacks.

Another room is old library that held some old journals, about werewolves training, Packs economy flows, health record, Packs hierarchy, etc, one journal content is the list of pack members names for generations and ended at almost a Century ago. My grand father and his sibling's names are in there too, that is what makes us knows that we are not came from ordinary family.

That is where me and Anna found out that we are not ordinary human. But since after what we found, Anna is too shocked and refuse to talk about it. We never told anybody else.

I grew up as a normal human girl. Goes to public school. Have ups and Downs in my childhood and teenager time too. And completely forgotten about what I have discover. About that my family is somehow are supernatural being.

We live in the shopping district area, East side of the city, or East district. Pretty crowded and busy environment, but you can easily found anything you need nearby, without bothering to travel with any vehicle. There is a huge parking lot lined as long as the district, fit to big truck even buses. The road in the middle, and across the road is where the shops lined.

Most of the shop's owner live here, so almost building in this district is a shop house, so does our home sweet home. Our home is small but cozy, It is one story building that have three bedrooms that each has it own bathroom joined, although the biggest bathroom is in the master bedroom, me and Dave's. The shop and the house connected by an adjacent glass door that goes to our living room. The living room connected to the tv room that connected to the kitchen area. The tv room has 3 doors connected to the bedrooms.

Right to our shop was a barber shop that closed long time ago. The owner still live there, middle aged man called Charlie, but we rarely seen him, i guest he loved being alone than socializing. I have nightmare one day that he is actually a psychopath and hide all his victim's body inside his house for a stock, and ate them Without cooking the flesh. That was and still is scary.

Our left neighbour is a cafe that opened two years ago, before they here, it is an antique shop. The antique shop's owner move somewhere and the building is abandoned in almost a year, before finally the boys is here with contractor team and hange the building into the lovely cafe we now knows.

It is Dolittle cafe, the silly name success o draw customers, it is
runed by three college students, the famous ones i guest, i mean they all handsome and well built. Not that i flirt with them, omg, im way too old for that, i mean they are at my baby sister age, on early twenty.

I have suspicions that they are also werewolves, but I don't bother to asked, why if they are not? They will think that Im crazy.

Now you wonder about how I know much about werewolves when I just have a basic information that I come from family of one. Back then in college, I live in a dorm for two. My room mate, Eve, surprisingly also a she-wolf. When we first met, she squealing happily has me as her room mate.

Apparently now a days when werewolf blend well with human, it is difficult to have friend that know who you really are and still okay with that, human usually looks at us as a weird creature. They like to judge us and even bully us. Even we are superior than them, we like to lay low and not drawing attention. So our kind almost always let it go. That just make bullying case to werewolf kind increased.

Eve tell me everything about our world, including the deity, moon goddess, she is so patient answering tons of my question. She is a beta daughter of a pack five hour drive from here, I forgot the pack's name.

After we graduated, I lost contact with her, later I know she is run away from her family with her Rogue mate. Her family have a bad experience about rouge, she felt that her family won't accept her if she chose to be together with him, so she chose to run away and live with that man wolf. She come to our shop one day explain about that and until now, I didn't hear any news about her.

The cafe's boys are Lucien, Bob, and Ray.

Lucien is 6'3" tall with wavy brown hair and silver eyes, he is so cute and have dimples in either side of his cheek. He is a caring and romantic person, he loves to sing while play his guitar.

Bob or Robert Sinclaire is the quite one, he not talk too much and mostly has a dead pan serious face, but has a gentle personality that makes him easy to makes friend with. He is 6'2" with black undercut hair and green eyes. He has fair skin.

Ray or Rayden Smith is the bubbly one, he is extremely friendly. The boy looks like he won't be able to get sad. He always bring good mood to the group. His appearance support his personality, he has brown and soft afro hair that bouncing everytime he moves, he has brown skin and black eyes.

These boys got my attention, they are good kids, hard working, and polite. My hubby and I get along with them, they are just like brothers to us.

This is another boring day, buyer just come and go, a lot of them.

Today my little Fabby being a good boy, eat a lot, sleep a lot too, making him cheerful all the day. tonight the sky is clear and so pretty, showing stars and moon on their own glory. so i let my baby play outside for a bit so he become exhausted and has a good night sleep.

when there's not many customer they will come to hangout with us, they often kidnap my son, it's actually not that bad, but one time i search and called Fabby for about half an hour, getting nervous an panicked my baby disappear, until i found him playing inside the cafe, in Lucien's lap, singing, laughing, and happy. I mean, they can tell me first before bring him there right?

They all love children, they often help us babysit when we are very busy with work and the cafe not crowded, and I often cook for them and have meal together just as family does.

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