A new beginning

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Alpha Deborah sits at her desk, her long locks tied with a simple band. Her elbows rest on her desk, her fingers intertwined in front of her stomach, her slightly rounded stomach.

Graham, who nervously sits on the other side of the desk, frowns a little, wondering if his Alpha is-

Alpha Debora smiles when their gazes meet. “I am.” Her smile widens when she sees the blush on his face.

“But your mate- your mate isn’t here.” His frown deepens.

Deborah’s gaze glower kindly and she shrugs. “So? I’ve been without a mate for years. Nothing has changed.”

“How can you-” he looks down at his fidgeting fingers in his lap. “Sorry, it’s none of my business, Alpha.”

“Ask away, speak your mind Graham. No one’s going to judge you.” She reaches out her hands over her desk.

Without thinking he mirrors her gesture and a moment later, his hands lay in hers, feeling a comforting warmth spread across his body. He looks at her confusedly and she smiles again. “Alpha’s aura, Graham. You should know that.” She leans back a little, letting go of his hands. “So, what did you want to ask about me and my mate?”

“How can you be without your mate for so long? How does your relationship work? A wolf can’t really live without it’s mate as soon as they’re mated, right?”

Deborah nods and sighs. “Things between me and Alpha Roy ain’t simple, sadly. He is busy building his pack. He is looking for a successor, but his packmembers are having a hard time trusting anyone. On top of that, his successor must have certain qualities or skills such as strength; both physical and emotional, leadership, strategic insight, negotiating skills and so on. It’s not easy to find someone who fits the picture perfectly.

Roy has promised to move here as soon as possible, but we both don’t know how long it will take.” Deborah sighs and looks at him with a sad look on her face. “I’ll admit that it’s hard, but it is what has to be done. I can’t leave my pack; he can’t leave his. It is what it is I guess.”

A thought enters Graham’s mind and before he knows it, he throws it out. “The pup in you could be able to fix everything, as he is the heir of not one, but two Alpha’s. He’ll be the bridge between the two packs.”

Deborah smiles, though it’s a sad smile. “I wish it were that easy, Graham. I truly do.” She claps her hands together. “Now that I’ve shared something personal with you, are you ready to share something with me too?”

Graham sighs and looks at his fingers. “Do I really have to?” he mutters under his breath. “No you don’t have to,” Deborah smiles, “but I’d like to know what’s going on, what is making you leave in the pit of night.”

Graham knows it’s the wisest thing to do, to talk. He knows in his head that he has to, but there’s still that little voice in his head that says not to trust anyone..

He averts his gaze to a painting hanging on the wall to his side. But the painting doesn’t give him the courage to say anything, so he sighs again. “My father he- he loves his Vodka with Wolfsbane. He drinks a lot of it in his free time. Too much actually.”

There, he said it. Can he go now? He shuffles in his seat uncomfortably.

“And does he take his drunken moods out on you?” Deborah asks, her face filled with concern.

Graham nods, unable to speak.

“What does he do when he is drunk?” Deborah asks quietly.

Graham shrugs. “He is always angry. For the littlest mistake, but also for nothing. Just for being born he punishes me.” It starts to get easier, words just seem to roll off his tongue. “He hates me, I don’t know why. I am not allowed to use the warm water when I shower, sometimes I am not allowed to eat.”

Deborah reaches out her hand again over the desk. Graham takes it without thinking and she squeezes lightly. Her voice is soft when she speaks. “Then you must have enjoyed the shower and your comfortable bed last night. I promise you that I will see to your father, he won’t get away with this. You can stay here as long as you need.” Deborah sighs and wipes a few stray hairs from her face with her free hand. “I’m sorry that I never noticed, boy. I feel like I have failed you. I knew your father liked his Vodka a little too much, but I never realised he was in this deep. I never thought it would affect you this much. I’m sorry Graham, I truly am.”

Graham shakes his head, trying to fight the tears he feels that are trying to make their way to the surface. “It’s okay,” he says with an unsteady voice. “It’s not like you are the one to blame, Alpha.”

“But I am responsible for all my packmembers, so I am responsible for you too.” Deborah smiles, though it doesn’t reach her eyes. “I have to make sure all my pack members are alright, feel safe, have everything they need, you know. But I need to see that my members are behaving as well. I have to deal with the ones that misbehave, and your father obviously did. I should have investigated when I noticed your father was drinking too much. I am terribly sorry; I have failed you.”

Graham shrugs. “It means a lot, but it’s alright. It’s not that my father or I ever talked about it. We kept it hidden, it must have been hard to see the signs.”

“Are you still going to leave?”

Graham nods, “I want to, yes.”

“Do you truly want to become a rogue? Do you truly want to be on your own, without money, food, drinks, without any comfort? You’ll be at the mercy of nature, you’ll be on your own, if anything should happen, a wild animal, a fellow rogue, you’ll be on your own. You’re not the strongest wolf either. Honestly, I fear for your life, boy.” Deborah didn’t mince her words.

“I still feel like leaving, Alpha. I need to create some distance, I need to find myself, my own independency, my own path. And I need to find a way to connect with my wolf.”

“Can I offer some kind of middle ground?” Deborah asks, still persistent to keep the boy safe.

“What are you suggesting?” Graham is willing to listen.

“My mate will be visiting soon. He has a sister who is learning about being a werewolf too, she’s about your age. I can ask him if you can come with him to his pack. You’ll be getting to know your wolf with people who know everything about it, and you’ll be away from here. You’ll be surrounded with people that don’t know you, you can start with a clean sleight. But most and foremost, you’ll be safe. You’ll be protected while discovering your other half. Please let me do this for you.”

“But I won’t be independent. I won’t be able to take care of myself.”

Deborah smiles, “Oh but you will. Ever heard of Alpha Fredric Anderson?”

Graham shakes his head.

“He has a territory four times the size of ours, maybe even bigger. A lot of werewolves live there in little settlements between humans. They have their own businesses, their own homes and make their own money, but they live under the protection of the pack. Most of the werewolves live in or close by the packhouse, but there’s the lone wolves who are still independent and live their own lives.”

Graham looks at her with wide eyes and an open mouth, “Seriously?”

Deborah nods with a smile.

“But your mate has his own pack, right? How does that work?”

“Alpha Fredric is helping Roy out. They work together very closely.”

“Hmm,” Graham looks thoughtfully, debating what he should do.

“Please, stay here for a while, you’ll be protected, I will keep your father away from you and think about my suggestion. Please?” Deborah simply begs him to stay.

Graham sighs defeatedly. “Alright, I’ll think about it.”

“Thank you,” Deborah’s face turns into a big smile. “You’ve just made my day, and it has hardly begun.”

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