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Chapter Eight


The journey home was mundane, longer than when I worked at Cafe Cosmo but I guess that's what I have to accept for a well paid job. Getting the tube at rush hour was something out of the hunger games, people will die over getting a seat on the way home. It's carnage and I wonder if I will soon be losing the plot too.

By the time I got out from the underground it started raining, not that it was an unusual thing in London but it matched my mood. I shouldn't be feeling down having started a job I'm really interested in and already feel valued in, maybe it was Weston. Maybe it was knowing I'd have to see him everyday and I once spilt wine over his shirt and the same day he tipped me one thousand pounds.

Every inch of me knew I was being pessimistic for no reason, and I needed to shake these feelings because currently I was self sabotaging everything. By the time I reach the third floor of our apartment building, my coat was soaked through and my neck was cold.

I could hear Valentina on the phone before I even reached our front door, when I step in she raises a finger to her lips.

My head nods towards her as I close the door quietly behind me. Listening out to her rambling on about her skills, she knew how to chat the most shit.

Noticing how my stomach grumbles aggressively, wanting to eat everything in sight. Valentina eventually ends her call and instantly groans loudly, extending her neck to look up at the ceiling.

"Job stuff?" I ask as I grab a pack of grapes from the fridge.

"Yeah," she curtly nods once. "Job applications are the fucking worst. Honestly who has time to spend two hours on one application? Tell me right now, who?!"

My eyes shoot wide at her clear anger. "You'll get there eventually Vee, I know it's tough right now but stick it out."

Valentina buries her head in her hands. "There's only so much more of working at Topshop I can take, my manager is about five seconds away from firing me."


"Because she caught me in the toilet playing games when the shop floor was empty,"

"Wow," I breathe out.

"Yeah," she snaps instantly. "She's a bloody bitch."

"Just keep going, don't give up now."

"I'm trying," I watch as she rubs her hands against her tracksuit bottoms. "Anyway enough about my shitty drama, how was your first day?"

"You will never guess what happened," I say as I slump down on one of the dining chairs.

"Tell me!" She shoots up from the sofa and charges over to me. "My days been so boring, I need gossip."

I watch as she sits down opposite me and leans forward on her elbows, looking at me with curiously. "Remember that guy who tipped me all that money?"


"Well he's my boss,"

Valentina eyes shoot up and her mouth opens but realistically she's smiling, she wants to laugh but somehow stops herself. "No way!"

"Yup," I shake my head in my own disbelief.

"This is a sign!" She yells before slapping her palms down onto the table. "You fancied him, he wanted a little action by giving you all that money. This is fate."

"Pffft, Vee don't make me laugh. This is nothing but a complete disaster."

"Oh Micah," she rolls her eyes dramatically at me. "It's not the end of the world, I doubt you'll even really see him if he's the boss boss. You should see it as a good thing, he seems like a really nice guy. The company probably is such a nice place to work and you should be happy you've found an ethical place, you say that all the time."

I sigh knowing that she is completely right, what was I being so suck ass about?

"Maybe you're just intimidated by him because you fancy him?" She shrugs innocently.

My eyes fall upon hers but I refuse to give a comment. Instead I push myself up from the table. "What should we cook for dinner?"

Changing the subject because I didn't want to accept her accusations.

. . .

"So, what did you think of Weston's proposal?" Theo beams at me over his computer screen.

"I told him I'd think about it," I say as I tap away at my keyboard.

I don't miss the way Theo's face falls. "Oh," he sounded disappointed. "Not what you're interested in?"

"No, no," I shake my head at him quickly. "It's the presenting and talking statistics out loud that got me, I don't want to be put forward if someone else can do a better job you know."

"Don't put yourself down Micah," Abi says from beside me. "Sure everyone gets worried about talking in front of people but you've got to step out of your comfort zone every now and then."

"I wish I had your mentality Abi," I sigh. "I really do."

"And besides, I wouldn't have put you forward for it if I didn't think you'd be able to do it." Theo shrugs effortlessly.

"But all you've seen me is at the interview and my CV,"

"Exactly that," he tells me. "Your determination in the interview. You acted so confident and sure of what you were saying, you could have sold anything to me and I would have believed it."

My cheeks began to become hot, I hated being praised like this. "Thanks Theo,"

"You should definitely have a think about it, you wouldn't let anyone down,"

"The other guys seemed really up for it, Weston probably thinks I'm not interested." I explain. "Honestly I'd love to settle down first and make sure I'm doing things right for you, showing you my best potential before Weston."

Theo smiles towards me. "That's fair Micah, I understand."

By the time it gets to Friday I hadn't seen Weston all week, he must be extremely busy all the time. Theo and Abi invite me out for work drinks which I take within a second, I needed something alcoholic in my system.

Abi suggested we went to Soho which I didn't protest against, the energy and vibe was always great there. They take me to their usual hang out spot and I felt humbled that they had invited me.

"So," Abi directs at me as she sips on her pornstar martini. "How has your first week at Neptune & Co been Micah?"

I nod vigorously. "It's been good," I smile at her. "I feel like I've learnt so much already and I'm so grateful to have you guys in my team. We work well together."

Theo pays me on my back, causing a hollow sound. "We do work well together, you're right," he says. "Next week I want to challenge you though, you've done everything I asked for with breeze and now I want to go that extra bit further."

Shrugging as I take a sip of my own drink. "Throw whatever you want at me,"

"Theo told me you went to Imperial?" Abi asks.

"Yeah," I say. "I'm not missing it at all though."

Abi gasps loudly. "You don't miss uni?"

"Nope," my head shakes towards her. The thought of going back to university made me want to throw up, the extended stress of studying and shifts. Absolutely not.

"I'd do anything to go back," she says dreamily. "I miss rocking up to lectures still pissed and eating pesto pasta for breakfast."

Theo and I laugh in unison. "No offence Abi but you went to Southampton, not Imperial. No wonder you were stumbling home after being out for four days when Micah was getting firsts."

Abi's face turns sour. "At least I went to university," she rolls her eyes.

"You didn't go to uni?" I question towards Theo and he instantly shook his head.

"No, I started off in some accountancy firm. Then I met Weston in London but he was working over in America. Had the business over there."

My eyes widen. "I didn't know that," I admit.

"Yeah so he asked if I wanted to work for him, I moved to Nevada and so I did," Theo fixes the watch on his wrist.

"So you really just dropped everything here and moved out to America?" I ask in disbelief, something I could never do due to my internal anxiety.

Theo gives me a firm nod. "I never really had much going for me here anyway, my parents moved back to Jamaica to be with my grandparents so I thought why not, you know. Was the best decision I ever made."

"How come Weston moved the company to London?"

"As much as he loved America, he's always had a soft spot for London. It's his home town and besides it's turning shit over there." He shrugs with a half smile.

"I barely saw him this week after Monday," I find myself saying before I shut my mouth and mentally curse myself in my head.

"Yeah he's always so busy," Abi says as she twirls her dark hair around her finger. "Honestly sometimes if you even want to have a meeting with him you have to book like three months in advance."

"She's being dramatic," Theo says with a slight laugh. "He's always out doing pitches, he's really into charity as well. Donates a lot of our software to good causes, he knows how to do business."

"He's the boss but he's not really the boss," Abi waves her hand around. "Sure he can be a bit scary at times when you fuck up but he feels like one of us. I feel like I could go to his office and blabber about my feelings and even though he couldn't give a single shit, he'd still listen."

"Abi," Theo groans as he digs his fingers into his eyes. "I told you to stop doing that, you're right he actually doesn't give a single shit."

"You know why I go in there," she batts him dreamy eyes before sighing like she was in love.

"I know," he mumbles. "You tell me every damn day."

"You guys wouldn't get it," Abi defends herself before downing the rest of her drink. "Boys can't accept other boys attactiveness, not like how girls can for each other."

Oh trust me, I get it.

Theo shrugs. "Doesn't mean you need to stalk him every minute of the day,"

Abi cackles loudly as she slams one of her hands down onto the table. "I wish I bloody stalked him,"

"O-Kay," Theo announces harshly. "Lets stop talking about work and Weston, Micah probably thinks that's all we care about."

In all honesty, I enjoyed listening to others talk. I found it was the easiest way to understand them and how they felt about things and life in general. Hating feeling like I'm the centre of attention or being asked loads of questions, so in fact I liked hearing them talk about Abi following Weston around.

"Whereabouts do you live?" Abi shoots at me curiously.

"Just a little flat in West Kensington, isn't anything special,"

"How's the commute?"

"It's like twenty minutes on the district line, super easy," I tell them before finishing my drink.

Abi eyes up my actions as her eyes light up. "Shall I get more drinks in?"

"Sure," Theo agrees as he looks at the rest of his glass. "Man I wish Lauren was here,"

"Is she coming back to work Monday?" I ask as I watch Abi jump off her seat and run over to the bar.

"Yeah," he nods. "She's fucking nuts so if you think we're bad, you're in for a treat."

A small laugh rumbles from my chest. "I can't wait," I say.

"I'm so glad you've enjoyed your first week with us," Theo tells me, his voice full of honesty.

I smile back at him before pushing my glasses further up my nose. "Thanks for helping me settle in so easy,"

"Just so you know, Friday nights with us will end up with you either stumbling home at four in the morning or you'll be passed out in the curb."

"Brilliant," I laugh.
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