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Chapter Nine


Theo wasn't lying when he said that Friday nights were crazy, I only worried how different it would be when Lauren also joined us. Man, it was out of control. I spent most of my Saturday with my head over the toilet, projectile vomiting. Jagerbombs are never a good idea when you mix with gin and vodka.

Even the thought on the commute to work today made me want to be sick, was a three day hangover a thing?

Taking the lift up to the second floor, the motion was not feeling me today. I needed water and ten paracetamol. As I walked through the office floor I purposely avoid eye contact with anyone, I knew that I looked like a dead corpse. The sound of tapping keyboards and clicking on mouses already irritated me, God knows how I am going to get through this day.

Just as I think I've made a lucky escape as I approach my desk, Theo's voice booms through the office. "There he is, the man of the hour," my eyes peak up at him and instantly want the floor to swallow me whole when I notice Weston standing next to his desk.

Abi laughs as I scurry past her and crash into my desk chair, wanting to be away from everyone's eyes. "How you feeling?" Theo raises an eyebrow at me but he knew how I was feeling, he just wanted me to say it.

So I don't. "I'm fine," I lie as I quickly log onto my computer.

"Rough night?" Weston quizzes, he almost sounds unimpressed.

Slowly I drag my eyes up to his, his expression cold. This was not needed for a Monday morning. "Not last night," I say quickly.

"This was Friday," Theo adds in.

Now I sound even more pathetic.

Turning my head towards Abi who is gazing up at Weston like he was the last man on earth. "You should have seen him," she flutters her eyes in his direction, like what happened to me was her gossip to tell him. "A maths degree never stops you from having fun."

Weston folds his arms over his chest as he narrows his eyes down at Abi. "Thanks but I really don't care," he says dismissively.

You can tell by the look in her eye that this cut her slightly but she covers it up. "Just because you're boring and never go out,"

"I go out Abi but I don't go to grotty pubs,"

"Ouch," Theo laughs instantly.

I couldn't tell if they were flirting or Weston actively didn't like her, any attempt to shut her down with her irrelevant comments. In a way I felt for her because she obviously had a massive crush on him and has no idea what to do with it.

"Anyway," Weston sighs as he turns back to Theo. "Blanc rung me this morning asking if we have a pitch for their fundraiser. It's late notice but do you think we could sort something in a week? I'll email all the information over but it'll mostly be about the distribution of Huddle 2.0."

My eyes take a quick glance at Theo as he nods vigorously. "Yeah sure, I reckon we could do that."

"Sweet man," Weston pats Theo's back once before turning sharply and walking towards his office.

"Micah, this is Lauren," his voice directed towards me. Taking a look at the girl sat beside him, she had tight brown curls on top of her head, her dark eyes smiling at me.

"Hey Micah," she greets me cheerfully.

"Hi," I force out. "Nice to meet you."

"Can't wait for round two this Friday," her eyes glisten at me, almost like she was no longer labelled as the crazy one and I in fact took her crown.

My stomach almost gargles at her words. "Give me a few more days to recover before I can commit to such thing,"

All three of them laugh, a laugh to say that I wasn't getting out of this.

. . .

Theo and I spent all week working on the pitch for Blanc that Weston asked him to help with. Theo well and truly threw a workload at me and challenged every aspect of my brain. I enjoyed working on a project instead of other work he had set me, it was fun collating information and putting it together in a presentation. Especially when I realised I was a lot more creative than I thought I was.

Blanc was a multimillion pound company that helps to sell the best technology and software, collating the best businesses in the UK and inviting thousands of clients to come to their fundraiser. Raising awareness for different causes and charities as well as boosting Neptune & Co's revenue. Clients from councils, schools, universities would attend to help build a better understanding of what kind of technology can enhance their institution. A great place to network and be submerged into the company.

The fundraiser was on Saturday and Theo assured me that the pitch wasn't to a group of people, instead it was a stall where people would approach us and we talk to them directly. Weston told us that he wouldn't be able to make it and if we could take on the stall ourselves. Theo seemed convinced we would be fine but in my mind, I was having a meltdown.

I was happy to help out on the weekend, meaning that we couldn't have our wild Friday night which I was relieved about. Waking up and not feeling like dog shit is probably one of the finer things in life.

Having done the research myself on the latest software Neptune & Co has to offer, Huddle 2.0. I gathered all the possible information and statistics I could, placing them in understandable and creative charts. The only thing now was to explain them.

Theo continuously told me that I would do great no matter what and this is my first networking event, so he understands my nerves. At first I knew I was being tense, stumbling across some of my words but I tried to not let this effect me.

Instead I threw my shoulders back and told myself each pitch would be better than the last. If only I knew more than one hundred people would came up to our stall.

"Micah," Theo's hand rests on my shoulder as I begin to pack away our stuff. My head turns to look up at him, a genuine smile plastered across his lips. "You were absolutely amazing."

My heart finally settles when he finishes his sentence. "You think?" I ask. "I felt a bit rusty, not sure if it was amazing."

"You need to give yourself more credit, that was fantastic for your first pitch. And you say that you can't speak to more than a couple of people. You've completely blown me away!"

Praise was something I found hard to accept, knowing in the back of my mind I could have always been better. "Thanks Theo, I tried my hardest to be confident."

"Could have fooled me," he elbows me lightly in the side.

I went home that night feeling warm from the sprout of happiness inside my stomach, not even caring that I had to work a Saturday. Being recognised for your hard work is an unreal feeling and I knew I'd hold onto this day for a while.

. . .

Coming into work on a Monday without a weekend hangover felt like a walk in the park. Just as I reach my desk Lauren twists her chair and points at me, I stop directly to the spot and furrow my eyebrows at her.

"Theo wants you in Weston's office," she tells me.

"Weston's office?" I question.

"Yeah," she says before turning back in her chair.

I walk round our desks and dump my stuff on the floor, shrugging off my jacket and placing it on the back of my chair. "Thanks Lauren," I smile at her before walking past her and down the office floor.

My eyes could spot Weston's office, the door was wide open and Theo was stood talking away, rambling more like. As I approach I just about catch the consensus of their conversation.

"Honestly West he has impressed me tremendously," Theo comments. "Since Saturday we've already had an influx of downloads for the new Huddle, more than I anticipated."

Raising my knuckles to hit Weston's door to show my attendance, not to be stood listening in. Theo's eyes meet mine and he ushers me in the door, Weston was sat at his desk. His blazer off, white shirt rolled up to his sleeves. This thumb slightly grazing his stubble.

"Good morning," I say politely.

"Micah, I was telling Weston about how much of a success Saturday was,"

I nod firmly once. "Yeah it went down well,"

"Well?" He says in disbelief before he turns to Weston. "He's just being polite."

Weston looks at me, a slight flick of his eye down my work attire. I look to Theo because looking at him made me feel slightly uncomfortable, his gaze felt intimidating.

"He understood the task, he created original and initiative presentations in simple but informative structure. Even those who struggle with numbers would have found this like a piece of cake."

"And you came up with this yourself?" Weston asks as he leans forward on his forearms.

"Yes," I clear my throat. "Sir."

He snorts a puff of air from his nose, it was almost invisible but I caught it. "I know Micah said he would think about your proposal but I really think he'd benefit standing in on the pitches. He has an eye for things that you and I don't see." Theo continues.

Weston raises his eyebrows at Theo's assumption. "Well if you think he's that good for us, I'll take you on for one presentation." His eyes then turn to mine, dark and confusing.

"I'm really not that great at public speaking," I rush as my hands begin to fumble in front of me.

"You'll learn Micah," Theo tells me strongly.

"You either want to help or you don't?" Weston says sharply, it was like he didn't have the patience for this.

"Okay I'll do it," I nod, knowing I needed to be seen being proactive.

"Great," Weston presses his hands against his desk and stands up. Rolling the sleeves of his shirt down and sliding on his navy blazer effortlessly. "Bring all your notes and presentation ideas to my office tomorrow at 8AM."

I watch as he straightens out his blazer and flicks the buttons into the tiny slits so effortlessly. Tearing my gaze away from his actions and back up to his eyes. "I'll be here,"

"If you guys would excuse me, I've got a meeting in the boardroom to attend to." He holds a hand out to his door.

Theo and I walk out quickly as he turns back to me. "See, how great did that go?" He grins widely at me.

"I wasn't quite expecting to be doing the presentations with him," I scratch the back of my head feeling slightly out of my depth.

"Don't sweat it man," he reassures me. "What you did was good and I know Weston respects my opinion. I'm never wrong."

A small laugh passes my lips. "I hope not,"
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