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Chapter Twelve


When Monday morning came around, my body forced me out of bed at an ungodly hour. Sat in my desk chair at work for seven in the morning, the office was quiet. Only a few other people around, I loved it like this. Peaceful, giving myself time to think about what was racing around my mind. No distractions whatsoever.

Don't get me wrong, I love sitting with Theo, Abi and Lauren but boy does their focus get diverted. Then other teams come over to our desks and they chat, they gossip and then occasionally try to get onto each other's computers. It's harmless and in a way I realise that it's boredom, it's their way to procrastinate because sitting at a desk can be extremely taxing on you.

But sometimes I find myself going off track and I lose my train of thought, taking me a few moments to concentrate back on my work. And ever since Weston has been interested in my work, I didn't want to fuck up.

I had brought along all my research with me, newspaper cut outs and my diagrams. Just like Weston had asked me, unsure if he would forget like last time but I refused to go charging into his office like I knew everything. Maybe he changed his mind over the weekend and didn't like my ideas.

Fuck, there I go again with the overthinking. I wish I could just turn it all off, make it stop. That was my toxic trait, feeling like anything I do isn't good enough.

My heart almost stops when I see Weston's name pop up in an email in the corner of my screen. Dragging my curser over to the link and opening up the email.

Are you online in the office or at home?

My fingers hesitate over the keyboard. Was I in trouble? Did I do something wrong?

I curse to myself and my never resting mind. "Stop overthinking Micah," I mumble to myself.

At the office, why?

Quickly minimising my emails and focusing on the excel spreadsheet behind, like he could somehow see me waiting for his response.

Did you bring along your research?

Yes, I have it with me

Bring it over to my office



I don't even realise that I've sucked my bottom lip into my mouth as we exchange these blunt emails. The thought of being alone with Weston again plummeted my stomach into the ground, hating how he made me feel so nervous and flustered. Unsure if I come across this way but praying I don't.

Gathering my folder and swiping my phone off my desk, I slowly make my way over to Weston's office. The door is already open and he's sat behind his desk, MacBook in front of him as he swipes along the trackpad.

My finger raises to the door as I softly tap my knuckle against it. Weston's dark eyes meet mine and he raises his two fingers, ushering me to enter his office. "Shut the door," he demands and I quickly obey.

Just as I shut the door m with my hand, I force myself to take a breath. Everything about this felt intense but realistically he was just my boss and I needed to get over that. "You're in early," he comments.

My feet carry me to the closest chair to his desk and I eventually sit down. "Yeah, I woke up early and just thought I better come in. I like a quiet office."

"I know," Weston nods once before reaching for his mug, taking a big sip. My eyes watch as his lips press against the cup, his throat clenching as he swallows the liquid. "You told me."

"Yes," I breathe out. "I remember."

"So," Weston pulls back in his chair. "Let's see what you brought in."

My hand instantly raises to pass over the folder, Weston's large hand takes it and he pops open the button. He quickly skims through the papers as I just sit there and watch.

"I want to go over these with my directors," he nods but he doesn't glance up at me.

"Oh, well you keep them and let me know how you get on." I say as I push up from the chair.

"No Micah wait," Weston holds up his palm to stop me. "I'm not just going to take your work and not let you help us with the pitch. These are your ideas and I want you to present them."


"Really," he ensures me. "If you find research and propose them, best believe you've earned your right to help out on these things. I would never take advantage of that, I want everyone to feel appreciated here."

My eyes flick between his for a brief moment, letting his works sink in. "I feel appreciated," I tell him.

Weston smiles back at me as he rolls one of his sleeves. "I'm glad," he says before picking up the papers again. "You will help on the pitch, I just want to discuss all of our ideas with my directors. See what other research and information that can input before we call a team meeting."

"Sounds good," I smile as I clasp my hands together in front of me.

"Have a good day Micah," he tells me and I quickly dismiss myself.

. . .

The journey home was awful, delays on the tube and the platforms severely overflowing. I just wanted to get home and eat, preferably something unhealthy. It was only Monday and I needed to get a grip.

As I push my keys into the door I can hear the soft cries of Valentina, she was sat on the sofa with her head in her hands. Sobbing, she sounded like she was in pain.

"Vee?" I call out as I slam the door shut behind me.

She doesn't look up but instead quickly wipes her eyes. Rubbing her wet hands onto her black leggings, she tries her best to look anywhere but me. My legs carry me quickly as I perch down beside her. "What's going on?" I question quietly.

Valentina doesn't say anything so I wrap my arm around her shoulder and pull her into my side. "It's okay," I tell her. "Whatever it is, it's okay."

She cries into my chest and I let her, for however long she needed, I wanted to be a good friend. My hand gently rubs up and down her arm, attempting to comfort her.

Eventually she pushes away from me and rubs her red burning eyes. She leans forward and taps her screen on her phone and lets out a distressed sigh when she doesn't have any notifications. "Vee, please talk to me. I'm worried." I tell her desperately.

Her dry lips part slightly and she exhales a shaky breath. "Arran," she chokes out.

"What has he done?" I say instantly.

"What hasn't he done?" She laughs to herself. "That's the question you should be asking."

I don't let my anger get the better of me, I've always known Vee was too good for Arran. I never connected with him like you should with your best friends boyfriend.

"Explain to me what's happened,"

Valentina looks up to the ceiling and clenches her eyes shut, tears still sprouting out of them. "All I did was comment on Rhys' Instagram photo, you know the guy from university. The guy that every bloody person knew?"

"You mean naked streaker Rhys?" I say and Vee laughs.

"Yeah, him," she pauses to wipe her nose. "He posted a photo of his new dog and I commented how cute it was and I wanted to see it. Somehow Arran found it and kicked off at me that I was cheating on him."


"He started sending me these horrible texts and he just wouldn't let me explain myself. He doesn't understand that it was just a friendly comment. Then when I got upset he told me I have so much baggage and I always ruin his day, that if he sees me doing it again that he'll break up with me. Now he's not even replying to me."

"Vee that is not okay, that is emotional manipulation," my voice drops as I hug her close to my side again. "You don't deserve that at all."

She turns to me, her eyes bloodshot and smudged with black makeup. "But I love him Micah," she cries to me. "Why can I never do anything right?"

My arms wrap around her tightly and I press a kiss to the top of her head gently. "You did nothing wrong Vee, he's just insecure because you're living here and he's living in Manchester. It doesn't give him any right to speak to you like that though."

"But now he won't speak to me for days, he's done this before and it kills me. It is torture. I hate being left in the dark." She sobs, her bottom lip quivering against my shirt.

"Oh my god Vee, you do not deserve this. Anyone who threatens you with your relationship when you've done nothing wrong, deserves to be dropped at sea alone. That is not okay and it is emotional abuse, please understand that you're not the one in the wrong." My heart breaks at her distress, I wanted her to know how amazing I thought she was. How in my eyes she's the best person to grace this earth, but she never believes me when I tell her.

"Then why do I feel so shit?" She says quietly, pulling back from out hold and rubbing her eyes continuously. Her mascara now on her forehead and chin.

"Because he's treating you like a sack of shit, he's shifting the blame because he can't stand to be the one in the wrong." My hand moves her hair that is clung to her cheek.

I watch as Valentina puffs out her cheeks, trying to catch her breath from the crying. "Why don't you take a shower, we order Chinese and sit and watch some shitty films together. You need a friend and I refuse to let you sit here, letting it eat you up."

The corners of Valentina's lips curve ever so slightly. "Why are you such a good friend to me?"

"Because I love you Vee, we've been through hell together. We've always come out the other side, struggling with money, food, getting so drunk we end up in A&E. I couldn't wish for a better friend than you. You'd do this for me in a heartbeat." I find myself brushing my hand against her back, feeling supportive.

"Love you too," she nods and smiles at me, even though I know she felt like an empty soul. She wanted to try to feel better and that was enough for me.

"I'll even let you pick the films," I tell her as she stands up from the sofa and stretches out her arms.

"Now that's a first," she comments, her voice sounding slightly more upbeat.

"What do you want from the Chinese?" I call out to her as she walks in the direction of her room.

"My usual," she says and I nod towards her.

"So everything then?" I tease.

"Shut up, you've got a fatter ass than me."

We both laugh but all I wanted is for her to be happy, all the time. So I was going to distract her in every way I can. Even if that meant we had to watch Christmas movies in September.
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