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Chapter Fourteen


Walking through my front door just past nine, I had no idea it was so late. After Weston and I finished our food we worked on the pitch for a little while longer, chatting here and there. My mind felt blank from our conversation earlier, having prejudged him because of my naive ways.

Valentina was sprawled out across the sofa, all the lights off and only the TV on. Not flicking on the light switch to blind her. She stirs from across the room and rubs her tired eyes, grumbling something I couldn't understand.

"Hey," I say quietly, watching as she pushes her little body up from the sofa.

"Hey," she nods back. "Why you home so late?"

Doing what I usually do when I get home, throwing all my belongings down onto the floor and shredding off my jacket. I collapse down onto the sofa beside Valentina, tilting my head towards her. "Just been working on something for work, didn't realise it was so late."

"Christ Micah," she shakes her head at me. "That's like three hours over when you're meant to finish, I hope you're getting overtime for all your hard work."

I can't help but smile at her support. "You're right, I should but I want to make a good impression."

"Don't let them take advantage of you, that's for sure," she says as she narrows her eyes at me slightly.

"I won't," I tell her. "I just want them to know I'm keen for the job and willing to work hard."

Valentina eventually starts to nod. "Okay," she sighs. "I guess you can always make a good impression on the boss, if you know what I mean." Her eye drops down into a light wink but it didn't look good nor sexy. In fact she looked like she had terrible hay-fever and her eye was weeping.

"Enough about Weston," I say as I slide my hand across my forehead.

She rolls her eyes dramatically at me and throws off the blanket on her lap. "Fine," she says, her voice whining like a school kid.

"Vee," I pause to catch her attention, her dark eyes hold on mine as she waits for me to continue. "Do you think I'm judgemental?"

She blinks at me once, then twice. Her facial expression completely in shock or dismay. "What do you mean?" She asks, trying her hardest to understand.

"Am I a judgemental person, yes or no?" I rephrase.

Valentina continues to stare back at me blankly. My throat closes slightly as I try to swallow, realising that my question was true. She just didn't know how to answer it.

"No Micah, why?" Vee's eyebrows frown deeply at me, concern struck across her face.

"I know you're my friend but you can tell me the truth. That is what friends are for right? To be honest with each other." I say as I lean back against the sofa and watch as she thinks.

She begins to chew on her lip, eyes tilting up to the ceiling before furrowing her eyebrows at me again. "Honestly Micah, I really couldn't think of a time you've been judgemental. Sure, everyone has pre-judgement ideas about people before they fully meet them but doesn't everybody? Even if they are thoughts of praise."

"But have I ever made unfair judgements on people?" I ask suddenly, the desperation in my heart wanting to know.

Her shoulders raise slightly. "I mean the only time I can think of is when you worked at that restaurant that I cannot seem to remember the name of," she says, rubbing the side of her head as she ponders.

I groan, loudly. Feeling like a tonne of bricks had landed on my back. This is exactly what I was expecting.

"But like I get it, those people treated you like shit on their shoe. I understand why you said those things you did. They were assholes." Vee says as she taps my forearm slightly.

"They might not all have been assholes though," I say with a struggled sigh.

Valentina wraps her arms around her legs and draws them into her chest. "What do you mean?"

"I prejudged Weston completely, he wasn't even horrible to me. He was nice to me, treated me like any normal person. And I made up these horrible assumptions in my head just because he's wealthy." My eyes fall low, from tiredness and a terrible case of over-thinking.

"Did something happen tonight?" Vee asks sounding suspicious.

My head nods slowly, my hand grinding into the knots in the back of my neck. "We spoke about what happened that night he gave me that tip, then he told me how he got to building his own company and I felt like such an idiot. He probably thinks I'm the most stuck-up, self-centred person who has no regard for others!"

"I'm sure he doesn't Micah," Valentina attempts to calm me.

"I feel awful about the things I said, how blunt I was to him. He probably thought I was some ratty student trying to con the customers." I say as I roll my eyes into the back of my head at my own stupidness.

Her lips fall slightly at my words, an unsettling look covers her face. "Maybe you were a little salty when you worked for Marco but honestly, I think anyone would be. Hospitality is one of the hardest realms to work in, just as bad as retail and trust me I know. I hated some of the customers."

"But you're such a good person Micah, you've done some incredible things in your life. You've helped a lot of people, you've supported your mum endlessly. You've kept true to yourself and most of all, you've been there for me whenever I needed you." She says softly, her eyes smiling at me.

My knee nudges hers slightly and she nudges me back. "Why are we so soppy?" I mumble but Vee laughs.

"I don't know, guess we are going insane," she states confidently.

"Guess I can agree with that," I crack a small smile. "Maybe I just need to change my mindset sometimes."

"Everyone can actively make the decision to better themselves, we learn new things everyday," her hand grasps my knee.

"You're right, Vee," I say gratefully towards her. "Thanks for this."

"That's okay," she squeezes my skin before letting go. "But I really need to go to sleep, I've got that interview in the morning that I told you about."

"Oh yeah!" I exclaim suddenly. "You're totally going to smash it, good luck."

She pushes her body up from the sofa and stretches out her body, arms above her head. "Thanks Micah, I hope I do."

"I have no doubts in the world."

She grins back at me before yawning loudly. "I'll take your word for it."

. . .

I find myself back at the office early again, not being able to sleep and hating tossing and turning in bed endlessly. Feeling slightly better about the Weston situation from my conversation with Vee last night.

On the way to my desk, I purposely look into Weston's office to see if he was there. Without a second thought, my knuckle raises to knock at his open door. My confidence completely taking advantage of this situation.

"Micah," Weston says in surprise, his head turning away from his MacBook. His usual attire, shirt at the elbows and top button undone. Every male should wear this uniform, everyday for the rest of their lives.

"Did you need something?" He questions, snapping me back into reality. My eyes quickly trying to find his.

"No," I breathe out as I hover by the door. "I just wanted to say thank you for the food last night."

Weston leans forward on his desk, veins poking out of his forearms. "No problem," he smiles. "Maybe it'll be your turn next time to get in the food."

His eyes completely capture mine and it felt incredibly intense but it wasn't a comment you say to sound polite, he sounded like he genuinely meant it. "Most definitely," I say before licking my dry lips.

He leans back in his chair and adjusts his shirt down to his wrists. "I've got an out of office meeting in about an hour so I won't be around to go over anything for the pitch."

For some strange reason my heart pangs in disappointment that I wouldn't see him for the rest of the day, resulting in not seeing him until Monday. Why did I suddenly care so much? I've never cared about when I would see him or next go over work with him.

My head felt like a jungle, not sure what was genuine and what was desire. A crush on your boss is nothing but problematic and troubling, unprofessional for that matter. It was a boundary that could never be crossed, dangerous territory. And I needed to remember that.

"Okay," I force a smile at him. "Have a good weekend Weston."

"You too," he nods before clicking away at his laptop again.

Turning my back on his office and walking to my own desk, knowing that I had a few hours to go over a few things before the rest of my team turned up. It was Friday and I wanted to get all my work done so I didn't have to worry about it over the weekend.

. . .

Theo, Abi and Lauren all invite me out for Friday drinks, I was sceptical because of what happened last time but they assured me it wouldn't be a messy one. But realistically, we all knew what that meant. I just had to be the sensible one and call it a night after two drinks.

Lauren takes us to this sex shop which has a cool, unknown bar downstairs. The theme ran throughout, harnesses and dildos in frames on the walls. Red lights and black interior. It was edgy and fun, not my first choice but it was different.

"So," Abi directs at me as she sips on her iced strawberry daiquiri. "You and Weston have been spending a lot of time together lately."

Theo groans and Lauren looks uninterested. But to Abi, this was pure, hot gossip and she needed to know the deal right now. "For five minutes could we just not talk about Weston," Theo rubs his eyes.

Abi shrugs and looks back to me. "Just asking what you guys could possibly be talking about to spend that much time together."

"Honestly Abi, your jealousy is showing and it's not a good look," Lauren snorts as she pats her on the shoulder.

"Why would I be jealous?" She demands. "It's not like he's gay or anything."

"You don't know that," I say suddenly, completely shocking myself. "I mean, you can't just assume people's sexuality."

The table settles in silence and I wanted the ground to swallow me at what I had said. "Yeah Abi," Lauren says, sounding offended. "We are in the 21st century. We need to be more inclusive, this isn't the stone ages. He might be pan, or bi, or demi, or asexual. You have no idea."

Theo nods approvingly. "She's not wrong," he comments which earns a deep grumble from Abi.

"So are you gay?" Abi directs at me and Lauren gasps at her sudden bluntness.

"And so what if I am?" I reply matching her energy.

Her eyes shoot wide for a moment. "I don't mean any disrespect or anything," she says before shaking her head. "I was just asking."

"Can we just get one thing straight," I demand as their attention all turns to me. "Weston has just taken me on for the pitch, he doesn't want to just take my ideas and not give me credit. He wants me to be involved as much as possible and this pitch means a lot to him and his company."

Abi settles into her seat, my answer relaxing her slightly. "He just never seems to give me the time of day."

"Let it go Abi, please," Theo says as he takes a big swig of his beer. "Download Tinder or something and get laid because I really cannot take this anymore."

Lauren laughs loudly and Abi mimics Theo's suggestion. "Maybe we should just create one for you," Lauren says.

Abi shakes her head. "I don't want to use Tinder, there might be some utterly crazy people on there." She whines.

"Oh, it would be like a match made in heaven!" Theo gushes sarcastically, even I laugh at this. "Be quiet Abi, you are the original psycho." He deadpans.

Occasionally I'd find Abi staring at me across the table but I brushed this off, her crush must be worse than mine. At least I knew how to deal with it and I'd rather be in my position than hers.

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