Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Eighteen


I don't know how long I paced behind my bedroom door for, more time than I'd like to admit. For some reason, the thought of going out there and looking Weston in the eye seemed impossible. How could I do that without completely crumbling to the floor after what just happened?

It has been far too long, he will probably think that I've fallen asleep or had a heart attack. Sucking in a breath and adjusting my glasses before taking ahold of the door handle and swinging it open slowly.

Weston was stood by the kitchen counter, where the bag of McDonald's was happily sitting. He doesn't look up, he scrolls through his phone as he leans onto his hand. Closing the door behind me to tell him I was in fact alive, he quickly tucks his phone into his jean pocket and smiles.

I've never seen him look so casual, fitted black t-shirt clung to his biceps, denim jeans and white trainers. I hated that he made my heart race and my skin raise in goosebumps.

"You must be starving," Weston comments as I stroll over to the counter.

"I could eat," I nod towards him before grabbing the lucozade off the side, cracking the neck and taking a big gulp. The liquid tasted amazing, it reminded me of when I was younger, my mum would always buy me a glucose boosted drink when I was ill. "Lucozade is a life saver."

Weston smiles towards me and pushes over the bag of McDonald's. "I don't know what you'd normally get from McDonald's so I just went safe and got a chicken mayo and chips."

His voice sounded somewhat unsure but I liked his choices. "Thank you," I say gratefully as I take the bag and rummage for the food. Gripping onto the bag of chips and taking a handful, shifting it over to Weston as he stares down at them. "Oh right, you probably don't eat McDonald's."

He looks shocked and almost offended, so I settle the chips down and reach for the burger. Taking off the wrapper and taking a quick bite, my stomach growling aggressively. Surprised that I could even stomach anything right now.

"I do," he says before taking the burger out of my hands and taking a large bite. "Who doesn't like McDonald's?"

I shrug. "Vegans."

Weston stiffles a laugh and shakes his head down to the counter at my awful joke. "True," he agrees before handing me back the burger.

Taking another bite and avoiding eye contact at all costs, not wanting my face to heat up at his intimidating gaze. "Do you want to go for a walk?" He suggests as he folds his arms over his chest.

Slowly trailing my eyes up to him, attempting not to speak with my mouth open. Weston takes a quick look down to my lips as I lick off a splash of mayo that rested on them, then he looks me directly in the eye. Swallowing harshly and screwing up the wrapper, then placing it into the bag.

"Might do you some good to get out of the house," he continues and I nod towards him. "Get some air if you're still hanging."

"Yeah," I agree with a harsh swallow. "Sure."

My body was in shock, he wanted to spend time with me on the weekend? I was going to burst, not in a good way. In a I'm hungover and embarrassed, he just wanked me off now wants to hangout way.

How was I going to keep composure without stumbling over my words and increasingly red neck and face? I could already feel myself begin to heat up, we needed to get out of here now before I practically exploded.

"I've never been to West Kensington before," he tells me as I make my way over to the front door. "Never been this far out of central Kensington."

"It's nothing special and nothing like Kensington," I say as I turn the lock and open the door. "Pretty sure someone got stabbed down the road the other day."

Weston looks down to me, sharing a horrified stare. Nice way to try and lighten the conversation. "Sounds lovely," he says eventually, cracking a small smile.

I stuff my hands into my jacket pocket as we make our way down to the ground floor, turning left out of the building and towards a small park down the road. "It has it's ups and it's downs," I say as I look down to the concrete floor. "Every town does I suppose."

Then I realised that Weston probably lived in some secure place in London, Chelsea or even twenty minutes up the road at Knightsbridge. Or some exclusive penthouse in Westminster.

"I remember when I lived in this tiny one bedroom flat in Brixton," Weston says, his eyebrow flexing ever so slightly. "The water never heated up and we had power cuts all the time. Turns out it was just our landlord cutting off our electrics supply."

I wanted to laugh but I don't, that just sums up the living standard in London. Nothing is ever as it seems. "I could relate," I smile to the ground.

"Go on," he urges me.

"Well when I first moved to London, I didn't want to go into halls. Call me boring but I knew I would enjoy living in a house better. I really just came to uni to study, I wasn't that interested in getting wasted. But when I moved into my first shared house, we had rats which took about a week to get rid of." I explain and watch as Weston shakes his head in disappointment. "Then our house started getting covered in mould because the heating was completely fucked, when I explained this to our landlord he said we should stop breathing on the walls?"

Weston's head turns to me in utter shock. "He actually said that?"

"Yeah," I say sharply. "Such a joke right?"

"Unbelievable," he shakes his head. "I hate the authority landlords have over their tenants. Some of the living conditions are completely disgusting and they treat them like shit. I hate to see it."

"Tell me about it," I agree as we turn into the gates of the park. "Our new landlord since I've moved in with Valentina is so much nicer, I mean they did increase our rent but I suppose the standard of living is going up in London."

Weston hums in my direction and I slap my lips together. "Right," I say suddenly. "You already knew that." I mumble to myself, realising thats why he gave me that large tip.

"Your roommate Valentina is nice," he comments and I instantly nod.

"Yeah," I agree. "She's an angel."

"You guys meet at uni?" He quizzes.

"Yeah, we met at this karaoke night. She came over to speak to me to make sure that I wasn't about to kill myself, the night was that bad." I state out, my mind not even wanting to remember.

He lets out a soft laugh that sent shivers down my spine. "Karaoke is the worst," he tells me. "I would never imagine you going somewhere like that."

My eyes look up to him, lids hooded over. "I was practically dragged there, it wasn't by choice."

"Bet you're glad you did though," he turns to me slightly, flashing me a gorgeous smile. "I mean since you met Valentina there."

I have to tear my eyes away from his face before I start blushing, chewing on my lip and nodding. "Yeah, definitely." I say in agreement. "So Theo told me that you used to have the business out in America?"

"Yeah," Weston says as he runs his hand through his dark tousled hair. "It was a bit of a gamble but was one of the best decisions of my life."

"Why did you?"

"I just needed to get away from London." Weston's voice sighs, like he hated London with a passion. "This place just held so many bad memories for me, so much time being homeless and being failed by the system when I was just a kid."

"I get that, it's a tough world that we live in." I say honestly, earning a look from Weston. "So how come you moved back if you didn't like it here?"

Weston and I stop by a bench and we sit down, earning enough space between us so that I had room to look away from him if I needed to. "I don't hate London as a place, I just hated what I experienced here. Once the company picked up and I no longer was enjoying my time in Nevada, I asked if anyone would happily relocate."

He swings his foot to rest on the edge of his knee, leaning onto the wooden bench as he rests his arm on the back. "A few were happy to relocate, like Theo. He moved back here with me, the process was a lot more complicated than expected but we got there eventually."

My eyes watch him carefully as he talks, drinking in his concentration face as he tells stories. I wish I could imprint that image into my mind forever. He sure was a sight to look at and more. "Are you happy with your decision?"

"The happiest," he exhales before flashing me a bright smile. "I've missed London in a strange way, America can be a weird place that's for sure. I've met some amazing people here and it feels good to be back and experiencing happier memories."

"Well I'm glad you're happy here," I tell him truthfully. "I think that's one of the best things to feel in life, is happy and secure. Everything else is just a bonus."

"What's your home life like?" Weston edges closer to me, his head resting down onto his fist.

"My home life?" I repeat, shocked that he even cared about what happened in my upbringing.

"Yeah," he says genuinely, tilting his head back ever so slightly. "With your parents or where you grew up?"

I clear my throat, preparing myself to not over speak and say everything that has ever happened to me. Knowing that is an annoying trait to have, I needed to reel it in a few notches. "Well I was raised in Basingstoke by my mum, I never knew my father and I'm not sure my mum did either. To say I was an accident wouldn't be a lie." I say as I collect my hands in my lap and twist my body into the bench. "But here I am."

"What does your mum do?"

Pursing my lips as I look out at the green patch of grass in front of us. "My mum doesn't work, she was diagnosed with MS a few years ago but before that she was a legal secretary."

"Oh," Weston's mouth stops short. "How is she?"

"She's alright," I say as I play with the hem of my jacket. "She has a full time carer since I can't be there, sometimes I feel bad for moving to London for university but she always told me to chase my dreams."

Weston's eyes flick down to my lips then back up to my eyes as he watches me talk. "But I knew if I went to Imperial and came out with a good grade I'd be able to get a decent paid job to help out. The government barely give her any help and I worry that she lets the house get cold or she's not eating a proper meal."

"That's tough," his mouth slants slightly. "I'm sorry you have to go through that. It must have been hard not knowing what to do."

I nod my head instantly at his words. "I felt awful, for days. I'd be up in the night worried sick that something would happen to her and I had no way of getting to her quick enough. It's become easier as the years have gone on but I feel like I should be with her more often. It's just the time."

Weston flattens his hands down his jeans and offers me a smile. "You should see her more often Micah, you are always welcome to take leave at work."

"I just haven't been there for very long, I didn't want you to think I was taking the piss."

His mouth opens slightly. "No, no not at all. Your annual leave is there for you to take whenever you need it. I can approve it for you even if you book it the day before."

My lips curve up into a smile. "Thanks Weston," I say gratefully.

His phone beeps in his pocket and he checks it instantly, his eyes scanning over the screen. "I've got to head back," he says as he taps away. "Shall we?"

Standing up from the bench and following his lead, our walk falling into a slow pace, the air silent.

"Thanks for the food and everything earlier," I blurt out. "I feel a lot better than I did."

Praying in my head that Weston doesn't bring up what I was chatting about on the phone last night, the idea making me want to throw up. I think I'd save us both the embarrassment and avoid the conversation at all costs.

"I'm glad," his deep voice wrapped around my head. "I don't even wanna know what you were drinking."

I force myself to laugh this off otherwise I'll cry. Just as we reach the stairs up to my flat Weston turns to look down at me. Adjusting my glasses to distract myself from his intense stare. "Well I'll see you on Monday Micah," he says before wetting his bottom lip.

"Y-Yes," I stutter. "Monday. I'll see you on Monday."

Weston looks down to the floor for a split second and cracks a smile at my awkwardness. "Bye," he holds up his large hand before taking a few steps backwards and walking down the street.

Standing for a moment as I watch him walk away, my eyes fixating on his body. My hands were still shaking and my heart ready to explode, I couldn't even imagine seeing him at work on Monday. Being around everyone after knowing what we did... what did you do this weekend Micah?

Oh nothing, the boss just made me cum.

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