Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Nineteen


My body felt heavy as I dragged myself back up to my apartment, my mind completely blown from today's antics. Not being able to wrap my head around why Weston wanted to spend the afternoon with me.

He turned up at my door with McDonald's for gods sake, that must mean something. No one does that just because they want to be 'nice'. It just doesn't make sense to me, increasing the headache I had earlier.

As I push open my flat door, Valentina jumps off the sofa like she was stung on the ass. Her eyes shot wide with a broad grin, I know she wanted the down low. Cringing internally if she heard what went on in my bedroom between us earlier.

"Tell me, tell me, tell me," she chants, clapping her hands in a perfect rhythm to her voice. "Spill everything!"

I don't even time to close the door as she rushes over to me. "Give me a second," I say before grabbing the lucozade off the side and washing my dry mouth with the liquid.

Valentina watches me with curious eyes, her excitement shining through her face. "You might want to sit down for this." I instruct as I point over to the sofas.

Her eyes widen at me before she runs directly to the sofas and catapults herself down onto them. I can't help but laugh at her reaction, she loved gossip.

Screwing the lid back onto the bottle and following her to the living space, I explain everything. From the McDonald's to the walk to the dirty. The words didn't fall naturally from my mouth, making myself squirm when Vee asked for more details. I was never one to kiss and tell but currently, I needed someone to shout this at. Just to solidify that this actually happened.

"Holy fucking shit," she shakes her head as she settles back into the sofa. "He fucking touched your dick Micah! Do you know what this means?" Her hands lean forward quickly to grab onto my shoulders.

My eyes blink back at her forwardness and I shrug. "This means he likes you too!" She shouts loudly, shimmying her own shoulders in some form of celebration.

"Does it?" I ask as I scratch my head. "I mean none of last night was mentioned, what I said to him. Or why he came over to do that."

Valentina's face falls like I was being stupid. "Micah, come on. I'm sure he didn't say anything about last night because it would have been a bit awkward, he probably knows what you're like and talking about that would have made you worse."

She wasn't wrong. Throughout the whole walk I was petrified he would just randomly bring up last night, like it was something easy to discuss.

"I guess," I mutter quietly.

"I'm so excited for you to go to work," she wiggles her eyebrows in my direction, a look of desire in her eyes.

My mouth groans. "Oh god, I've got to face him." I say as I bury my head into my hands. "Why am I so bloody nervous?"

"Because you like him and now you've got this little secret between you and no one else is gonna know," Valentina says confidently, a slight smirk on her face.

I couldn't ignore how my stomach churned with butterflies. This situation was exciting but at the same time, absolutely terrifying.

"I'll be sure to keep you in the loop," I tell Vee who cheers to herself. "Have you heard from Arran since your phone call?"

At the mention of Arran, Valentina's shoulders sink almost instantly. "No," she trails off, avoiding all eye contact.

Since their phone call last week, I asked what happened and what was said. Vee was restrictive on what she said, saying that it was positive. But I couldn't believe her, there was a look in her eye that just screamed she was lying.

The same look she just gave me now. I could bet money on the fact she has messaged Arran or at least attempted to ring him. But now she just gives me the cold shoulder, like everything is fine and gone back to normal. I could see past this, something must have happened and she's holding onto the last threads of the relationship.

"Not at all?" I press which earns a sigh from Vee.

"Nope, haven't contacted him." She says quickly which confirms in fact she's lying.

"Fair enough," I nod to her once. "Right, I'm go to bed early, it's been a long and eventful day."

"Okay," she smiles at me. "See you tomorrow."

"Night Vee," I say as I push myself up from the sofa and proceed to my bedroom.

. . .

I purposely didn't go into the office early on Monday morning, afraid that I would be alone with Weston. Not being able to force myself to step out of my comfort zone and own it, I wanted to cower away. Hating feeling like this but I wanted to be nonexistent today, especially to Weston.

Still not over what I said to him or how heartfelt I meant it, my memories slowly coming back to me from Friday night. I wanted to vomit, trying to block out any thoughts I had.

Finding my way to my desk without being distracted or pulled over, avoiding all contact with Weston's office even though I noticed his door wide open.

I can feel Theo's eyes on me as I walk round our desks and sit down. "Never thought I'd see the day that I beat you to work," he says lightheartedly.

Forcing a smile at him as I quickly log onto my computer. "Yeah my alarm didn't go off," I lie.

"Rough weekend?"

"Hmm?" My head turns to Abi, chewing on the edge of her pen.

"Did you have a rough weekend?" She repeats as she swings in her chair.

"No," I say instantly as I grab my mouse. "Not been doing a lot."

Abi looks me up and down before shrugging. "Thought you said you had a big outing on Friday?" She replies.

"Oh yeah," my voice croaks out. "Yeah was tame, just dinner and a couple cocktails. Nothing crazy."

She nods at me and turns back to her computer, I swallow eventually and focus on my unread emails as my computer loads up.

I had a lot to catch up on that wasn't to do with the pitch, a few emails from Weston but they were directed to everyone. My stomach drops just at the sight of his name, having to scold myself for such feelings.

The day goes by quickly, trying my best to move through the office tactically. Going down the back stairs at lunch and hoping Weston doesn't call me in for a meeting. I couldn't even imagine how I would feel when I see him again, not being able to contain my emotions now.

With an hour left of the day, my throat becomes dry from the lack of water I've drunk today. Realising that I need to keep hydrated to help me focus, I just forget when I'm sat at my desk.

Grabbing my water bottle and walking to the water dispenser, holding it out to catch the liquid as it fills up. Dripping out agonisingly slow.

"Are you avoiding me today?" Weston's deep voice makes me jump, my hand slipping and the water splashing against my crotch.

I didn't want to look up but I had to, my grey trousers now damp. Peeking my eyes up to Weston as he stands with his arms folded over his chest, an amused look on his face.

"No," I say quietly, tightening the lid onto my bottle. Watching as his eyes drop down to my crotch slightly, the water spreading across the fabric.

"Really?" He raises an eyebrow at me like he wasn't taking my shit.

My hand tries to rub out the patch on my pants that were now darker than the rest. "Really," I say in reply. "I've just been busy. Doing things not for the pitch, I don't want to drown in other work."

Weston nods at me once. "Fair enough," he says before licking his bottom lip slowly.

"Are there things that need doing for the pitch or anything?" I ask as I adjust my glasses on my nose.

He studies me for a moment before humming. "Yeah," he breathes out. "The pitch will be in three weeks on Thursday. We've got the outline of the presentation, we just need your charts and statistics."

"Okay, I'll send them over to you."

"Or you could help me with it?"

My heart beats in my throat, loud enough for him to hear I'm sure. His eyes study me and my actions, squirming under his words. "Sure," I let out eventually.

"We'll have a few more meetings this week during lunch to plan everything else. Give you a chance to tell Fred and Adam about your ideas," he pauses to dig into his pocket for his phone. "But Friday, would that work for you?"

"Well I wouldn't be anywhere else," I smile at him before looking away quickly.

"Perfect," he tells me before taking a few steps backwards and towards his office.

. . .

I couldn't believe it was already Friday, the week going quicker than any working week I've ever had. Currently spending the afternoon in one of the boardrooms with Weston, sharing my charts and diagrams with him.

"Fred and Adam were incredibly interested in your ideas," he comments as he scrolls through my laptop with two fingers.

My ears prick up at his voice as I lower a piece of paper in my hands. "They seemed interested," I agree as I bite down on my lip at the praise. "Do you think they're keen to use them?"

"Of course they are," Weston's facial expressions change like I was talking crazy. "Micah you really need to appreciate how hard you've worked on this. All of your ideas are amazing and work so well with our pitch."

"I know I've worked hard," I nod my head. "But not everyone is going to like what I show. I don't want to go stomping around the place like I know everything."

"Well what you should know is that I am constantly blown away by what you have brought to this company," Weston leans back in his chair and raises his finger to his bottom lip. "If I'm this impressed, be sure that everyone else is too."

I felt completely speechless, Weston never failed to make me feel worthy and important here. Something I never thought would happen so soon.

"Can I ask you something?" I find myself saying.

Weston hums in my direction, encouraging me to continue. My throat attempts to clear itself as I blink back at him. "How old were you when you started this company?"

He ponders for a split second. "Twenty five," he tells me.

"You did all this in a couple of years," I say quietly to myself in awe. If I had a role model, it would be Weston. In fact, he is my role model, there is no one else I really look up to.

I could only aspire to be as humble and successful as him, including his troubled background and that didn't stop him. He took charge of his life and turned everything around. Now he's on top of the world.

"Yeah three years it's taken for the company to get to this stage," he sits up straighter in his chair.

My eyes find his and I smile. "You should be so proud. To be so young and create something so successful. It's amazing."

Weston leans forward slightly, resting his arms onto his legs. "Persistence and hard work." He rubs his hands together, those hands that work wonders. "You have so much determination Micah. You could soar in this industry and there is so much progression you could have within this company."

"I think that was my biggest worry," I say as I drop my paper down onto the table.

"What worry?"

"That I'd be stuck in a job where I wasn't valued, my voice wasn't heard and I couldn't progress past my current position. Getting a job is hard enough but being stuck in one that you hated could be worse." My voice explains as I stretch my arms out in front of me.

"Do you like it here?" Weston asks as he moves his ankle to the tip of his knee.

"I love it here," I breathe out honestly.

The corners of Weston's mouth twitches upwards. "I'm glad," he says, a smile still clear on his face.

We work into the evening, I order food for us this time and we get an awful lot of work done. Almost too much, my brain hurt. By the time we pack up to leave, I realise it was dark.

Valentina will probably give me an earful for doing overtime again but it didn't feel like overtime if I was with Weston. I'd spend all night here with him if I could.

"Darryl is around, do you want a lift back to yours?" Weston questions as he slides his navy blazer onto his arms.

Peeking my head up at him, packing away my belongings into my bag. "Okay, sure," I nod towards him.

We are the last ones to leave the office, no shock there. Weston's chauffeur waiting at the edge of the building, Darryl nods at me and opens the back door for me. Climbing into the car, Weston following behind me.

"West Kensington again sir?" Darryl calls out looking back in the mirror.

"Yes please," I say politely.

"Thanks Darryl," Weston calls out as the car begins to move. "I've never tried food from that pasta place we ordered. It was so delicious, it will definitely be on my list to order again."

"Independent businesses are the best," I say as I adjust my seatbelt. "They are so passionate about what they do, the food is amazing."

"I can agree with that," he says before glancing out of the window again.

The journey was light, both of us knackered from the evening and the week. I was so glad it was Friday and I could climb into bed and sleep.

When Darryl pulls up outside my apartment, I instantly thank him and turn to Weston. "Thank you for the ride back," I say as I pop open the car door.

"Pleasure was mine," he says softly, watching my movements as I step out of the car.

"See you on Monday," I nod once.

"Bye," he waves before I shut the door and turn to walk up the stairs.

Attempting to find my keys somewhere in my pocket, always having to rummage for them because I had no idea where they went. Standing on the top step as my hands explore every pocket that I owned

"Micah," Weston's voice from behind me startles me. "Wait."

Turning back to him as he approaches the bottom step, meeting him there. "Yeah?" I question, glancing over his face as he stops directly in front of me.

His dark eyes looking down to me with warmth, he raises his hand to touch my cheek. My lips parting slightly as he inches his face closer to mine, sucking in a silent breath. My chest tight and my head dizzy.

Moving forward he presses his lips to mine, the most delicate lingering kiss I've ever felt. It's sweet and innocent, his lips warm and full. He stops for a second before kissing me again.

Finding myself pressing my lips to his in return, the kiss gentle and nothing more. When he pulls away I felt like I was about to faint but Weston smiles at me which send my heart into my stomach.

"Goodnight Micah," he whispers against me before taking a large step back and opening the car door.

I stand for a few moments, no clue what to do with myself as I watch the car drive away. My heart racing like there was no tomorrow. My fingers tingling with sensations I've never felt before.

Raising my hands up to my lips, taking in the moment for a couple more seconds before I smile. "Goodnight," I whisper to myself a little too late, stunned by what just happened.
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