Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Twenty


Nothing felt real anymore, especially anything involving Weston. What on Earth did this mean?

I couldn't even think straight or try to gather any thoughts inside my head. Everything felt so surreal, like I was living a dream. A fucking good dream at that.

A smile is plastered across my face as I make my way up to my flat, a spring in my step even after a week of work. My mood pleasantly increased, a lot for a Friday night. Glad that I wasn't getting drunk with Abel and ringing Weston at stupid o'clock in the morning.

As I approach my door I could hear muffled sounds of talking, if not yelling inside. I furrow my brows instantly and quickly dig my key into the lock and swing it wide open.

I didn't want to believe what I was seeing but it was right in front of me and it made me rise with bile.

"I'm sorry," Valentina begs, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry. I promise I won't do it again."

Arran's hands were around her knitted jumper, holding her up against the wall like she was a ragdoll. "You better fucking not," he yells into the side of her face, spit flying everywhere. "Because we know what will happen if you do."

Valentina whimpers in fear, her body shaking against his hold. Her mascara down her face, bloodshot eyes and trembling lips.

"Get the fuck out Arran!" I shout as I slam the door behind my loudly. "Let go of her!"

Arran cranks his head towards me as I charge over to them, laying his hands on Valentina set something off inside me. I knew he was a piece of shit.

He drops her from the wall, her body slumping against the floor from the force. She pants out towards the ground and slaps her chest in attempt to catch her breath.

I stupidly square up to him, even though he was a couple inches taller than me. He raises his hands to push my shoulders, I stumble back slightly. "Don't fucking tell me what to do with my girlfriend," he roars, his eyes red and irritated.

"Well I'm telling you to get the fuck out!" I yell at him, my eyes balancing out with his.

He grits his teeth before turning back to Valentina and grabbing her by the hair, yanking at her roots aggressively. She screams out in pain and attempts to push him off but he was stronger than her. "You're coming with me then," he grumbles as he attempts to pull her from the floor.

She thrashes and screams and before I knew it, I stepped forward and swung my fist directly onto his nose. For a second he's startled and drops Valentina's hair, his face up in flames. My hand pulsating painfully.

He raises his fist quicker than I thought, clipping me round my jaw. My glasses fly from my face as I take a small step back. Barely having time to recover before he hits me again and again, pushing me to the floor with his foot in my gut.

I knew I didn't stand a chance against him, he was muscular and lean. But I couldn't stand there and watch him hurt her and do nothing, even if that meant I was now the punching bag.

Trying my hardest to push myself off the floor, ignoring the pain in my stomach and the burning sensation in my face. "You think you can tell me what to do?" He shouts before throwing another punch, my teeth knocking into my lips.

The taste of my blood seeping into my mouth. "You fucking faggot," he snarls, swinging for me again.

"Arran stop!" Valentina shouts from behind him.

My whole face turned numb as he hit me over and over until I was dribbling blood out of my mouth, choking out coughs attempting to catch my breath. Arran kicks me in the ribs leaving me winded, bruised and fucking angry I couldn't do more.

"Stop it!" Valentina screams out in distress, at this point I couldn't see her. My eyes swollen and vision completely blurry. Surprised I was still conscious. "Arran, fucking stop it!"

Eventually Arran removes himself from me and grunts out, treading on my thigh to get over my body. Wincing at the pain that covered every inch of me, blood smeared across my face and on the wooden floor.

Rolling to my side, trying my hardest to move my body and watch what he was doing next. Desperate not to fall into unconsciousness, scared of what he would do to Vee.

A large bang on the door alerts everyone. "You better get the fuck out of there whoever you are! We've called the police and they're on their way!" I recognised the voice, our neighbour. Their voice stern and angry.

Arran curses before pacing back and forth, Valentina still bawling her eyes out in the corner of the room. After a few seconds he storms over to the front door and opens it, slamming it behind him, leaving our wall ornaments to shake.

I finally close my eyes and swallow harshly as I collapse onto the floor completely. "Oh my God, Micah." She rushes to my side and holds my face between her hands. "Micah, please open your eyes."

Forcing my eyes open, struggling to look up at the light. Vee covers her mouth with her shaky hands. "Fuck," she cries as she clenches her eyes shut, a fresh batch of tears down her cheeks. "Micah I'm so sorry."

"D-Do—n't," I heave out, my chest too tight to speak.

"What have I done?" She sobs out harshly before lowering her head to my stomach.

My head shakes slowly at her but she continues to cry. "Fuck," she curses again. "I need to take you to A&E, right now. He might have given you concussion or something and I—" she holds her hand to her forehead and takes a deep breath.

I wanted to say so many things in this moment of time but I couldn't, my body physically not able to do anything.

She scurries for her phone and raises it to her ear, trying to keep composure as she rings for an ambulance. I hated the attention, I didn't want or need an ambulance but right now, I didn't have a say in the matter.

"Micah," she shouts. "Please just stay with me. Don't fall asleep."

My head jitters in attempt to respond but my neck hurt beyond anything I've ever felt. "O—kay," I breathe out slowly.

Valentina wipes her tears quickly and strokes my forehead. "They'll be here soon okay, hang in there." She nods down to my vigorously.

Closing my eyes because I physically couldn't keep them open any longer, just praying I got help soon, incase anything was wrong inside my head or my body.

. . .

Turns out calling for an ambulance is a thousand times quicker than waiting in A&E and I'm glad Valentina called for help. The doctors checked me over, scans and all sorts. I needed a couple stitches in my eyebrow, my lip was split and my eyes heavily bruised. Lucky I didn't have any brain damage or broken ribs, I held in there a lot better than I thought I would have.

I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror I looked so bad but the doctors tell me the bruises will get worse before they get better. All I could think about was having to go into work on Monday looking like this.

Valentina didn't stop crying as she held my hand tightly in the hospital room, I could tell she felt guilty but she didn't have anything to feel guilty for. It's not her fault Arran is a complete psychopath, and it's hard to turn away from a relationship when you've clearly been manipulated into believing it's love.

The doctor leaves to get some paperwork to be able to discharge me, Valentina hadn't said a single word since we got here. "Hey," I croak out towards her. Her dark bloodshot eyes look up to me, her face still covered with smeared makeup. "What happened wasn't your fault."

"It is," she nods instantly, her nose sniffling slightly.

"No Vee," I say softly. "It's not. If anything I feel like the worst friend in the world not realising sooner what was going on. I know how hard it is to explain to someone your relationship but we live together, I should have seen it."

Valentina's watery eyes flick between mine. "I was the one who kept it to myself," she sighs suddenly. "I have no one to blame but myself."

"Vee, this has to stop." I say straight and she nods at me.

"I know," she breathes out before averting her gaze to the hospital floor.

"I know it's going to take a lot of time to come to terms with what happened but you do not deserve that."

Her eyes float around the room. "I'm scared Micah," she turns to me as she picks at the sink on her fingers, anxiety setting into her body. "What if he just turns up in the night?"

"We should tell the police what happened," I say.

Valentina's dark eyes show me a look of fear. "No, Micah," she chokes out. "He's going to find out and he's going to fucking kill us. He's lost the plot."

"We have to Vee," I grab onto her knee. "For our safety and for our sanity."

She chews the inside of her mouth, I realised this was a big ask. To turn in her long term boyfriend and explain what has been going on these last few months, but realistically it isn't as simple as that.

"We can say that he just assaulted me, not mention anything to do with you. Just so we have made some form of complaint against him."

"Really?" She says with open eyes.

I nod in her direction. "Anything to keep him away from us for a little while."

"I just don't think I can give evidence explaining what happened whilst people ask me why I didn't leave the relationship sooner and that it was my fault." Her eyes fill with tears again. "I'm not strong enough to go through that shit, I can't do it."

My heart hurt because I understood where she was coming from, being shot down and told your actions were wrong by the police or in court must be hard. Especially for anyone experiencing domestic violence, in any spectrum.

"With time you will," I say as I rub her back. "I know right now it's hard to come to terms with but maybe in a few months time you might have a change of heart. If you don't then that's fine, I'll support whatever you want to do."

"Thanks Micah," she forces a smile, her eyes roaming over my wounded face. She sighs and looks away again, a permanent reminder of what happened.

"Let's change the locks this weekend and install an alarm or something," I tell her strongly. "Incase he's got a key cut and the alarm for our own peace of mind."

Valentina nods at me. "Yeah, we should do that."

The doctor pulls back the clinical curtain and stands with a clip board to his chest. "Alright then," he smiles towards us both. "I've just got a couple of things for you to fill out, your name and address and other details. I've attached a prescription for some painkillers, there is a pharmacy outside where you can collect it. If you experience anymore severe pain to your head in the next two weeks, then make sure you come straight back here so we can check you out again."

"Thanks," I say as I reach for the clip board and fill in the information.

Vee and I take a slow walk out of the hospital, my ribs not allowing me to move any quicker than a snail. She assists me, linking my arm through hers but her tiny frame could barely support me. "Are you hungry?" She asks as we walk towards the pharmacy.

"I dunno," I grumble, my ribs rubbing against my skin. "I feel like I've lost my appetite."

Her lips fall slightly at my answer but it was expected, I just wanted to sleep and watch shitty TV. "I'm not either but I was thinking of getting a takeaway of some kind," she says hopefully. "If we don't eat it we can always just save it for tomorrow."

"Okay," I nod towards her. "But I'm going to make a statement at the police station before we go home. So I know what happened tonight is in their books, if he does anything again then he's done for."

"I'm worried it's going to put us into more danger Micah," Valentina continuously shakes her head.

"Then what do you suggest we do?" I exhale.

"I-I don't know," she mumbles quickly. "I'm just scared. I'm so fucking scared. I don't know what to do."

My arms wrap around her, pulling her little body into mine. Trying not to squeeze too hard into my ribs. "Maybe you should go home for a couple weeks," I suggest. "Be surrounded by your family."

"But I don't want to leave you," she shakes her head, pulling away from me.

"I'll be okay," I say.

Her eyes widen at my words. "Will you? Look what he's done to you tonight."

"I'll do what I said about the locks and the alarm," I say as my hands rub down her arms. "If you don't want me to go to the police then fine but if he harasses us again, I'm going down there. And I won't mention anything about you, I'll just say it's about me."

She hesitantly agrees, taking a deep breath. "Okay," she says.

"I just want to make sure that you're okay," I sigh as I look down to her. "What he did to you fucking scared me and I don't think I could even understand what's going on in your mind right now."

Valentina's eyes fall slightly as she wraps her arms around herself. "I'll be okay," she mumbles quietly.

"Please talk to me or to your sister or your mum, please don't keep this bottled up." I beg as I reach out to her. "I'm worried about you."

"I'm just trying to wrap my head around what happened that's all," she shrugs avoiding eye contact with me. "When I can, I'll talk."

"Okay, good." I say. "I just want the best for you."
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