Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Twenty Two

“Hey Vee, is everything okay?” I ask as I click onto the speaker option on my phone, setting it down on the side. Buttoning up my shirt for work, not wanting to arrive too late.

“Hey,” she mumbles, her voice groggy. “I knew I had to ring you early to catch you before work. I’m good, I just wanted to make sure everything was okay your end?”

I hum as I grab onto my shoes and quickly put them on. “Yeah everything is good, just getting ready. How’s your mum and family?”

“Mums good, everyone’s good. I’m glad I went home, it’s really made me realise a lot.” She exhales through the phone.

“I’m glad Vee, did you speak to them about what happened?”

“Yeah,” she says. “I bawled my eyes out telling them but I felt so much better knowing that they are aware.”

“That’s good, I’m pleased you’ve told them. I’m always here too.”

“I know Micah,” she tells me. “You seen Arran or anything happened at all?”

“No, I’ve been spending most of my evenings at work.” I say honestly, sliding my jacket onto my body. “Have you?”

“No I blocked his number,” she says with a soft sigh.

“That’s good. Hopefully this is the end of it all, he goes away and you never have to see him again. He’s not been worth any of your time and never will be.” I say strongly. “But nothing been happening this end.”

“Yeah I know Micah. I’m gonna come home some point next week,” her voice crackles slightly. “But I’ll see you then.”

“Bye Vee.”

“Bye. Love you.” She says before cutting off the call.

I continue getting ready, glad that it was the weekend. Spending far too much time on work and at work, I needed a break. Thinking about seeing Abel this weekend to break my time up.

The office was busier than usual at seven thirty, I wasn’t complaining. Sometimes when the office was too quiet it really made me go into my own thoughts, at least I had some white noise to focus on.

Knowing that the pitch was ridiculously soon, I felt so unbelievably worried that I would somehow mess it up and embarrass Weston. That is the last thing I needed right now, everything was going so well between us.

I knew I didn’t have a massive role to play in the pitch as Weston and his directors had most of it covered, but Weston wanted me to explain my findings with my diagrams. He keeps telling me that I articulate myself well and I will keep the clients engaged because I know what I’m talking about.

Not wanting to argue with him, I agree and pray that it all goes to plan. Two weeks away yet I’m already shaking like a leaf. It wouldn’t be anything like what Theo and I did or the dinner conference Weston took me to.

It was booked at a fancy hotel in Knightsbridge, one with an auditorium and foyer for networking after the pitch. I didn’t even want to think about how much it had cost the company, especially knowing they are catering for five hundred people. The number frightening me.

These are the thoughts that are drawn out of my head as I photocopy an A3 piece of paper with different diagram designs. The screen flashing an error code, not understanding why this silly machine refused to work.

“For goodness sake,” I mumble under my breath.

Taking the piece of paper out from the copier and attempting to replace it, closing the lid to be met with the same error code. Tapping away to try and clear the fault, yet it didn’t want to cooperate with me whatsoever. “Fuck me,” I curse as I rub my fingers into my eyes, knocking my glasses slightly.

Someone approaches my side and I instantly crank my head towards them, Weston stood in the most beautiful navy three piece suit with a white shirt. He has an amused expression written all over my face and I quickly take a breath I didn’t realise I was holding.

“Good morning,” he says deeply.

“Morning,” I nod before pulling the copier up again.

“Troubles with the copier?” He asks as he takes a step closer to me.

“Yeah,” I sigh. “It’s just refusing to work.” My hand raises to scratch the back of my head.

“Here,” Weston says as he motions his head towards the stupid machine. “Let me try.”

I stand out of the way for him to work his magic, his large hands tapping away at the machine and changing some of the settings. “Sometimes this thing resets and it doesn’t move from default. I need to get an engineer in really to have a look at it.” He shakes his head as his eyes continue to look at the screen.

Standing at the side, my fingers lacing together in front of me as I watch. Eventually he pulls away and smiles. “It should work now,” he taps the lid and takes the paper from my hand.

He places it under the copier and presses go, making a quiet noise before alerting us that it had completed the action. “Thanks,” I smile towards him as I remove the paper.

“What are you doing tonight?”

His words catch me by surprise, peeking at him through my glasses. Crossing his broad arms over his chest, stretching the fabric showing the size of his biceps. My eyes shamefully looking but I physically couldn’t help it, he was a sight to look at.

“What am I doing?” I repeat, making sure I heard him right.

Weston purses his lips and hums. “Yes,” he clarifies.

“Not a lot, you?”

“Do you like red wine?”

“I-I,” finding myself stumbling over my own words, his eyes focusing on me deeply. Already feeling my face heat up. “Yeah I do.”

Weston’s eyebrows raise at my answer slightly, adjusting the cuffs of his blazer. “Well I bought a bottle of Château Lynch-Bages and I’m gonna need someone to share it with.”

“Oh,” is what I say, not knowing how forward to be. If only I could understand why this bottle of red wine was something to desire.

“We can do it whilst looking over some work of course,” he says before clearing his throat. My eyes admire how neat his beard was, the way his jawline looked perfect. “Go over parts of the pitch to prepare.”

“Right, yes,” I say, my voice dropping slightly. “Over work.”

It’s always over work. I think in my head.

“Are you up for it?”

“Sure,” I nod towards him, my lips turning up into a soft smile.

“Great,” he says before dragging his phone out of his pocket. “Darryl can take us to mine after work.”

“To yours?” My voice comes out in shock.

He glances up at me from his phone and nods. “Yes, to mine,” he says with a small grin. “I’ll see you then.”

“O-Kay,” I say as he turns to walk away. “Bye Weston.” Exhaling quietly as I watch him stroll back to his office.

My eyes blinking in his direction, he really just invited me to his house. Maybe this was a step forward finally, out of the office and more personal. But he said it was about work, my face slumps as I continue to think about it. Quickly dashing back to my office so it doesn’t look like I’m just standing at the photo copier like an idiot.

Looking down at the time on my computer screen. 7:50AM. God, this day needed to hurry up.

. . .

When everyone filtered out of the office at five, Theo invites me out with the others but I politely decline and tell them some blunt lie. I’d rather spend the evening with Weston than these guys any day, I had nothing against Theo and Lauren. In fact I really enjoyed their company, but wherever Abi goes, I know it’s going to be centred around her.

Theo and I would get on really well alone and maybe I realised that I should make more of an effort outside of work, for just the both of us. It would be nicer to get to know him on a personal level, he’s always so bubbly and kind and definitely someone I’d want in my life.

Work is never boring with him around, that’s for sure.

When it his six o’clock, Weston waltzes over to my desk and smiles at me. Loosening his tie as he does so. “You ready to go?” He asks.

I nod and log off my computer. “Yeah,” I breathe out. “I’m ready.”

“Great,” he smiles, undoing his top button and then his next. Moving my eyes away from his hands and up to his face, he grins widely at me. “Darryl is outside. Let’s make a move.”

Collecting my belongings and following him out of the building, wishing that I wore something other than this washed out shirt and beaten up jacket. Maybe I needed to put more effort into my work attire like Weston did, he always looked immaculate. A proper business man, I should take a leaf out of his book and be proud of my appearance. Not look like I was dragged out of the bushes.

When we reach the street, Weston holds the door open for me as per usual. I smile at his kind gesture. “Thanks,” I say as I step closer to the door and remain eye contact with him.

The drive to Weston’s was short, so short that I was certain we could have walked there but I guess Weston only travels in style. Presumably more for his image than his morals but if I had the amount of money that he had, I’d probably be doing the same.

“Here you are Mr Locke,” Darryl calls as he pulls up outside a large building. My eyes looking out the window and up towards the sky.

“Thanks Darryl,” Weston says before exiting the car.

I slide out from the other side and shut the door behind me, still looking at the gorgeous building in front of me. It looked like something out of Harrods, it was perfect and clean, unbelievably modern.

“Come on,” Weston tells me as he walks towards the entrance, using a key pad and a card to even get into the front doors.

“This is where you live?” I ask in shock.

He cracks a smile at me as we approach the lifts on the ground floor. Leaning over to press on the button with his long fingers before pulling back and shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Not the whole building,” he shakes his head at me, the lift dinging to alert us it was here.

When we enter Weston presses on the 14th floor. Right, so he owned the penthouse. Of course he did.

The journey up took about three seconds the speed almost scaring me, but when we reached the top floor Weston enters another code and uses his master key to get into his apartment.

“Welcome to my home,” Weston says as he swings the door open, allowing me to go first.

Taking a first step through his door, my eyes widening as the lights turn on automatically, lightening up his apartment. My jaw falls slightly, amazed by how big and plush the whole thing was.

“Wow,” is what I breathe out when my eyes start to look around.

The first thing that caught my eye was the massive window around the edge of the room, looking out at the skyline of London, the most beautiful orange sunset currently sitting in the sky.

My skin raises in goosebumps just at the sight, this is what dreams are made of.

His white and marble kitchen to the left, a large kitchen island sitting in the middle with a fresh fruit bowl. Past that and directly in front of the windows were two black leather sofas, with a clear coffee table sitting in the middle on a cream rug.

In the right hand corner was his king sized bed facing the window, a brown soft blanket covering his white bedsheets. Huge pillows that looked plump, the kind you’d get at a five star hotel.

Everywhere I looked I was amazed, this place was beyond beautiful. I had no words, no words that could explain what his apartment was like other than ‘wow’.

Weston walks towards his kitchen and takes off his jacket, laying it over one of the cream stools. He takes a large step over to his large wine rack and plucks a bottle of red out of the mix. Reading the label before placing it down onto the island, grabbing two large wine glasses.

“Come here,” he tells me, cracking the neck of the bottle and pouring the wine into the glass. “Make yourself at home.”

I drop my bag down by the door, trying my hardest not to make any mess considering there wasn’t an item out of place. Taking my jacket off and placing it onto the same stool Weston had laid his.

He hands me the glass so effortlessly, my delicate hands clutching onto the cup, making sure that I didn’t drop or spill it anywhere. “Thank you,” I tell him gratefully.

“What do you think?” He asks, his eyes darting down to the wine.

“Oh right,” I say before raising it up to my lips and taking a soft sip. A lot more fruiter than I was expecting but it was delicious. The kind of taste I was expecting from Weston. “Yeah it’s amazing.”

“Good,” he smiles at me. “I thought you would like it.”

“I don’t even want to know how much it costs,” I joke lightly but this doesn’t bother Weston.

“Shall we?” He says softly, his head rotating to the sofa’s in front of the incredible view.

I nod and follow his lead, sitting down beside him. “The view is amazing,” I say, my eyes glued to the skyline and the clouds above the buildings.

“It’s so nice isn’t it,” Weston agrees as he takes one look around. “I never get bored of it.”

“Your apartment is beautiful,” my head turns to him. “This place is just unreal.”

Weston’s dark eyes smile at me, raising his glass up to his lips and taking a sip. “I know,” he nods towards me. “I’m always so grateful for what I have, I know people would die to live somewhere like this.”

“Well it’s rightfully deserved,” my lips curve before taking my own drink and gulping down a large amount.

There is a look in Weston’s eye that plummets my stomach into my ass, that look that made me questioning my entire life. He asked for me to come here, into his personal space and I tried to ignore the nausea that was currently settling in my body.

Attempting to calm down and take in this experience, I mean this might never happen again and I wanted it to be something to remember.

I just didn’t want to talk about work, I wanted to do things that my mind was screaming at me to do. The unspeakable things in the back of my secretive dirty mind.

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