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Chapter Twenty Four

Weston’s bathroom made my own feel like a sewer, he had no leaky taps or rotting grouting. The whole bathroom was perfect, a beautiful rainfall showerhead, a selection of luxurious shampoos and body washes.

There wasn’t an item out of place, which was making me feel severely paranoid, so after my shower I spent five minutes wiping down the shower doors. Trying my hardest to look like no one had been in here, I had manners and getting on my hands and knees to scrub water droplets was a part of that.

By the time I pick up the courage to exit the bathroom, fully dressed and absolutely starving. Weston was stood by the kitchen counter, cooking something that smelt delicious. He still hadn’t managed to put a t-shirt on and I felt my face begin to heat up again.

He smiles at me the second that he notices me approach him, my eyes settling on the chicken and onions frying in a pan. A pot of pasta cooking on the other side of the hob. “You okay?” He questions, his hand shaking the handle of the pan.

I nod and slide onto the stool in front of him. “Yeah,” I say as I watch him.

“Food is just about done,” he says as he begins to plate up. “It’s nothing special but I couldn’t have you go hungry.”

“I wasn’t expecting anything,” I tell him truthfully.

Weston’s eyes peek up at me as he smiles. “Well whenever you’re around me, know that food is a big part of my life and I’d never let you starve.”

My lips curve up into his smile, the fact he wasn’t afraid to admit he loved food so that meant we would always eat well. Weston’s phone buzzes on the side of the counter, I didn’t mean to look but my eyes take a quick glance. Notifications popping up every minute, his phone completely blowing up.

Weston groans and picks up his phone, quickly looking through the notifications. “Work never stops,” he says with a light laugh, locking it and placing it back down again.

Sometimes I forget he’s the boss, considering how close we have become over the last month. Abi was right from the first time I went out with them, he doesn’t feel like the boss. He feels like someone who you can confide in, cares about your opinions and wants everyone to have a say into the company.

But then when I see his phone go off continuously, I remember how serious his job really is. He doesn’t work nine to five, he works twenty four hours a day.

Weston hands me a plate and I gratefully take it. “Thank you, it smells amazing.” I say as I grab a fork and begin to eat.

“I’d like to think I’m a decent cook,” Weston nods as he takes his own plate and sits down onto the stool next to me.

The sauce on the pasta tasted divine, the chicken cooked to perfection, even the parmesan cheese on top was heavenly. “It tastes so good to me,” I hum in approval, shovelling in more food into my mouth.

Weston laughs softly. “Thanks,” he says before taking a mouth full. “I kept telling myself I had to stop getting takeaways and going out to dinner continuously. It’s nice to cook, I like the time to myself.”

“Yeah cooking is nice when you know what to cook,” I say as I wipe my mouth quickly.

“You cook much?”

I shrug. “Sure I cook but I don’t cook proper nice food, I don’t really know that many recipes. Vee is good at cooking, her mum taught her before she came to uni. She can make a mean carbonara.”

“I could tell you some great recipes you could try,” Weston says as he leans onto the counter with his elbow.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah,” he says as he chews, then swallows. “Then you’ll have to cook them for me.”

His eyes stare back at me as he finishes his words, my own blinking back at him. Attempting to clear my throat as I nod. “Yeah,” I say. “Yeah definitely.”

“I’m expecting big things,” he tells me with a grin.

I instantly shake my head. “Don’t expect much, I’m reall—”

Weston’s phone begins to ring and it cuts my sentence short, he picks it up with his hand and sighs. “Sorry Micah,” he mumbles as he steps away from the stool, his eyes fixated onto his phone. “I need to take this.”

“Okay,” I nod as I watch him answer the call and proceed down the hall. Turning back to my bowl of food and finishing the contents, it was more than delicious. I wished I could eat it all again, my greedy eyes focusing on Weston’s half finished plate.

Sighing and turning back to my own, time ticking by and Weston still nowhere to be seen. Picking myself up from the stool and walking to the sink, beginning to wash up the pans and pots. Might as well make myself useful whilst there is nothing else to do.

Twenty minutes later, maybe it was my time to leave, not wanting to outstay my welcome. Just as I collect my belongings, Weston walks back through into the room, his hand running through his hair. “I’m sorry Micah,” he sighs, his eyes finding me instantly.

“It’s okay,” I shake my head. “I thought it probably would be best if I went.”

Weston approaches me quickly checking the time on his watch. “It’s late and Darryl isn’t around.”

“I could get an Uber,” I shrug simply, not wanting to get in the way.

“Or you could stay? I mean it would make things a thousand times easier for you.”

His words startle me, surely he didn’t want me to stay in his bed? My heart leaping out of my chest as his eyes stare down at me, waiting for me to respond.

“Okay,” I finally breathe out. “I mean, if that’s okay?”

Weston smiles in my direction and nods. “I’m sure,” he says as he guides us back over to the counter. He stops for a moment and looks over the work top. “Did you wash up?”

I stand rocking on my feet, hands clenched together. “Yeah I just thought I’d do something,” I say timidly.

He shakes his head as he walks to the other side of the island. “I have a dishwasher you know?” He raises an eyebrow, his lips twitched up slightly.

“Well I just wanted to make sure they were extra clean,” I say quickly as I sit back down onto the stool. “Your food is probably cold now.”

Weston shrugs and sits beside me. “I’m used to it.” He says before digging his fork back into his pasta.

When it hits midnight, I felt shattered. “Do you want to go to bed?” Weston asks as he begins to rub his eyes.

Considering the amount of wine we had drunk and the dinner he made, sending me off into a food coma. “I’m tired,” I nod.

“Let’s go to bed then,” Weston nods, leading us over to his massive bed.

My hand presses down onto the mattress, my hand almost sinking into the material. It was soft, velvetlike against my hand, I wanted to dive into it and snuggle up.

Weston removes his pants and slides into the left hand side, quickly looking at his phone. My hands take off my own and join him in his bed, the sheets felt like beyond luxury. And even better, they smelt like fresh raspberries and flowers.

“Goodnight Micah,” Weston whispers as he touches a button on his phone, turning off all the lights in his apartment.

“Goodnight,” I whisper back, closing my eyes and burying my head into his fluffy pillow.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t sleep. Trying not to toss and turn too much, not wanting to wake up Weston but I just couldn’t. His phone lighting up every so often, vibrating quietly on the stand.

Weston stayed firmly on his side, neither of us touching at all. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t want a little bit of physical connection but maybe Weston wasn’t like that.

My mind hurt, my brain not being able to shut off for more than a second. Turning my head to the large window, overlooking London. Realising that the sun had started to rise and yet I still hadn’t managed to sleep.

Silently removing myself from his bed and walking up to the window, my eyes wandering over the line of buildings and the sun slowly rising in the sky. It really was stunning, the light blue sky slowly building up over the buildings. The orange swirls amongst the clouds, aeroplanes throughout the sky, blinking against the world.

Grabbing my phone from the side and checking the time, six in the morning wasn’t the time to be alive right now. Rubbing my face aggressively and turning back to Weston fast asleep in his bed. I don’t know what part of me felt like I needed to leave but I felt knackered, just being in Weston’s presence made me feel wheezy.

Collecting my belongings and quietly putting on my clothes, walking to his front door and shutting it behind me. Rushing to find the Uber app and requesting a ride as soon as possible, hoping that I hadn’t disrupted Weston at all.

. . .

“Oh my God, Micah!” Valentina shouts down the phone. “You slept with him?!”

I sigh and fall back onto my bed, I knew this was coming. “Yeah,” I chew on my lip as I look up at the ceiling.

“Tell me all!” She says excitedly.

“You know I hate telling all the details,” I say as I cringe internally.

“Okay, fine. But was it good? Was it hot? Did he make you come?” Her voice rushes, needing to know all the answers.

“Yes, yes and yes.” I say before slapping my lips together, waiting for how Vee responds.

In fact she screams, not what I was expecting. “This is so exciting! Did you stay the night?”

My lips hum at her question. “Kind of,” I mumble.

“Kind of?”

“Well he said that I could stay at his but at six I left,” I say as I readjust my glasses on my face.

“Why did you leave?” Valentina’s voice full of confusion.

“I don’t know. I left whilst he was still asleep, I feel kind of bad but I just couldn’t sleep. Everything was all a bit too much for me.” My hand itches the side of my head.

“You didn’t text him or anything?”

“And say what?” I ask as I sit up instantly. “Thanks for the shag but I had to dash?”

Valentina laughs at my response. “Obviously not but he might have been wondering where you went. I mean you literally had sex with him and then left without a word. What’s he gonna think?”

“He’ll probably think nothing of it,” I mumble. “Or maybe he doesn’t care, maybe he’s just looking for casual sex.”

“But you’re not looking for casual sex Micah, you like him. This is different.”

“I guess I’ll have to see what happens at work on Monday. I mean we’ve still got this pitch in two weeks time so we are going to be spending a decent amount of time together between now and then.” I tell her as I stand from my bed and proceed to the kitchen.

“Oooh, hot work sex.” She says and I instantly narrow my eyes.


“Does he have his own office?”


“Holy shit, you’re definitely going to be fucking on his desk at some point. Gosh, that’s like some movie shit right there.”

“Vee, have you lost your mind?” I breathe out as I reach for a glass from the cupboard. “I bet this was a one time thing, once the pitch is over and I don’t have to spend nearly as much time with him. Then things will just go back to normal, he’ll forget who I am and all will be forgotten.”

“Shut up Micah,” she groans, I can sense that she rolled her eyes. “Did you forget when he came to our flat the day after you told him you liked him. He turned up with McDonald’s and an energy drink! That means something and you know it.”

“Maybe he’s just really into making sure people don’t die when they’re hungover,” I say light heartedly.

Valentina laughs again. “Whatever, talking to you about this is impossible.”

“When are you coming home?”

“Wednesday I believe,” she says firmly.

“Good, I’ve missed you.” I tell her honestly.

“Aw Micah, I’ve missed you too. Lets do something in the week, we definitely deserve it and we need a massive catch up that’s for sure!”

“Agreed,” I nod. “Okay well I’m going to go now. See you Wednesday.”

“See you later smelly,” Valentina sings before disconnecting the call.

Knowing that I had to get myself together for work, face Weston head on. Praying that nothing is mentioned from this weekend, I mean he’s pretty good at that already.

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