Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Twenty Five

When Monday morning whizzed round, I found myself struggling to leave the house. Neither Weston or I had spoken since Friday night, not that I was expecting him to drop me a text or anything. But quite honestly, I was petrified to go into work today and see him.

His cock was inside me merely three days ago and now I have to act normal? Knowing that I was already preparing for a red face and shuttering my words.

Luckily when I get into the office, Weston isn’t in. Theo greets me at my desk and I quickly get on with some work. “Hey man,” he says chirpily. “Your face is looking a lot better.”

“Hey,” I smile at him. “Yeah I know, thank God. I couldn’t hack the stares anymore.”

“How was your weekend?”

My eyes look back at him wide. “Yeah, yeah fine. Quiet, my roommate Valentina went back home so wasn’t up to much.” I say as I lightly swing in my chair. “What about you?”

Theo pulls off his jacket and slides down onto his chair. “Not much really, was a quiet one for a change.”

“Sometimes it’s needed,” I agree with him before tapping away at my keyboard.

“So are you ready for the pitch next week?” Theo wiggles his eyebrows at me, the thought of the pitch making me shake with fear.

“No,” I say shortly. “I’m really not.”

“Oh Micah you’ll be fine! Everyone else will be there to help out.” He smiles at me over our desks.

“Are you going?”

He nods in my direction and I instantly relax at his answer. “You have no idea how glad I am.”

Theo cracks a smile. “I’ll be there to support you, don’t worry about that.”

“Thanks Theo,” I say appreciatively. “I think we’re having a run through this week but I’ve been practicing loads at home. I’m just terrified that I’m going to mess up and look like an idiot.”

“We all make mistakes Micah,” he says with a firm smile. “I’ve messed up some huge presentations with Weston but you just continue and act like nothing’s wrong. The second the clients know that you’ve screwed up, then it’s endgame. Fake it until you make it, if you go wrong then just style it out. They don’t know what you’re planning on saying.”

“Yeah,” I agree, pushing my glasses up my nose. “It’s just this is my first proper presentation in front of more than like twenty people, I don’t want to let anyone down.”

“You won’t let anyone down,” Theo shakes his head instantly and readjusts himself in his chair. “We all know that it’s like to be up there, don’t worry. Nerves are a good thing.”

I smile at Theo, grateful for his positive words. He really knew how to make me feel better, even if I was a thriving mess inside.

The day goes by slowly, strange for a Monday because usually when I’m so busy the day flies by. But today, it hits lunch and I already wanted to go home. Maybe it’s because I’ve been anticipating seeing Weston yet I haven’t seen him once.

“Is Weston in today?” I question to Theo as I watch him throw on his jacket, leaving for lunch.

Theo shakes his head. “No, he’s out at a client meeting all day.”

“Oh,” I say instantly. “Cool.”

Well that’s one day down, only the rest of the week to go.

. . .

Tuesday morning I was in the office bright and early, having to complete something that I left over night. Now wishing I hadn’t because I hated feeling like I didn’t complete something on time, even though it wasn’t really important.

Just as I circle round a group of desks, past Weston’s office, I hear his voice. “The early bird catches the worm, huh?” He calls out to me and I instantly stop in my tracks.

Slowly turning around to him, he approaches the door hinge of his office and he leans onto it. The tip of his toe over his right foot, his signature light blue shirt rolled up at the sleeves. Tucked into a pair of trousers and his belt latched onto his hips.

“Is it a thing that you get up and leave before half six in the morning?” He quirks an eyebrow at me, knowing full well we weren’t talking about today.

So I gulp silently and nod my head. “I’m just a morning person,” I exhale. “And busy... sometimes.”

“Right, of course.” Weston tilts his head up slightly. “Fred and Adam are out of office this afternoon but have asked that we have a trial run of the pitch at five. Would you be around?”

“Yes,” I nod. “Definitely.”

“Great,” he says as he pushes himself up from the door. “See you then.”

My eyes blink back at him as he turns sharply and walks back into his office, my legs quickly carry me to my own desk before I flustered something stupid out of my mouth. Realising that my pulse was erratic against my neck, my hands heating up painfully.

“Get yourself together,” I mumble to myself, my hand clicking on my computer mouse and paying attention to yesterdays task.

Theo asked me to do about twenty different things today which I didn’t mind but it’s nice being able to complete your own work. I felt behind and I knew with the pitch coming up, I would be drowning in work.

When five o’clock hits Weston, Fred and Adam all congregate in the boardroom. Fred and Adam natter away about a rival company that did something extravagant for one of their events, Weston telling them continuously that we are not changing anything. Not this close anyway.

All I can say is, thank God for the trial run. There were a few blank spaces and awkward pass-overs that we managed to sort out, in a way it eased me because I knew when I would be speaking and what I would be saying.

Weston swings in his chair beside me, both of us listening to Fred talk about his section of the pitch. He was waffling at this point and I could tell Weston was getting restless but he wasn’t going to say anything, I wished that he did.

Then Adam starts to share what he thinks sounds better to Fred, a quiet sigh escapes my lips but I wasn’t expecting anyone to hear.

Weston’s hand drops from the table and he squeezes my leg just above the knee. My attention is instantly turned towards him, staring in shock as he cups the inside of my thigh and swipes his thumb across the fabric of my trousers.

Having to shield my face from Adam and Fred, the feeling of hotness surrounding my body aggressively. Trying to ignore the fact his hand felt so close to my dick, not wanting to get hard whilst in a board meeting. Christ, do not ask me to stand up. That’s for sure.

Raising his hand further and further up my leg, having to clench my abdomen so I didn’t squeal out. My mouth watering at the sight of his large hand clutching onto my leg firmly, those hands made of magic.

To say that I haven’t thought about this past weekend over and over in my head would be the fattest lie I’ve ever told. The sex left me dreaming of more but I know how awkward I am, I never know how to initiate stuff. And now I need a chance to show Weston I am interested, even if I did stupidly leave his the other day.

“Ah,” Fred shakes his head as he digs his fingers into my eyes. “It’s been a long day. I’m going to sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow. This section just doesn’t feel right.”

Weston slowly removes his hand from my leg and rests it down onto the table in front of us. “Yeah, good idea.” He agrees before checking the watch on his wrist. “It’s late anyway.”

Adam agrees and instantly stands up, beginning to collect his things. “Yeah, let’s call it a night.” He says as he begins to collect his belongings. “See you tomorrow guys.”

“Bye,” Fred waves as they both leave the boardroom.

Reaching down to pack my own things into my bag, my stomach growling at the lack of food I had eaten today. “I was wondering when they were going to leave,” Weston says with a smile before shaking his head.

We both grab out stuff and on the way out Weston stops by his office, cracking the handle of the door open. “Right well,” I clear my throat to grab his attention. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

My eyes flick between his, unsure what the look on his face was trying to tell me. I didn’t want to leave but I had no clue what to say, how to take control of this situation. Anything better than ‘I’ll see you tomorrow.’

“Give me your hand,” he says after a few moments.

Parting my lips at his bizarre question. “Wh—” I stop myself from shutting off the conversation bluntly. “—okay.”

Placing my palm out to him, facing the ceiling. His large hand wrapping around my tiny wrist, he pulls me into him instantly, our chests flush against each other. He looks down to me, his big brown eyes looking deep into my soul. The look pure and captivating, like I could feel his emotions.

At the same time we press our lips together desperately, Weston pushes off my backpack along with my jacket and pulls me into his office. His lips devouring every inch of mine, his tongue slipping into my mouth causing me to groan.

Weston slams his office door shut, throwing me up against the wood. My hands trying my hardest to keep up with his, taking his clothes off at the same pace mine were flying off. Fumbling with my shirt buttons, Weston has my top open within a second. His lips moving to my jaw, panting like I’d never taken a breath before.

“Is anyone going to come in?” I say breathlessly, the feeling of his soft, warm lips on my skin.

Clamping my eyes shut as his hand holds the side of my face, leaving trails down the other side of my neck. “No,” he mumbles against me.

Pushing him away from me slightly, removing his shirt, hating that there was still so many pieces of clothing between us. Weston looks down to my working hands on his buttons and smirks, then my hands move to his belt, undoing it rapidly.

“Micah,” Weston breathes out as I begin to pull down his trousers, sinking down onto my knees.

His black boxers clung to his legs, cupping his dick through the material. I watch as Weston bites down on his lip and admires me on the floor, wasting no time in removing his boxers and watching as his thick member releases in front of me.

My mouth opens instantly, taking his cock deep in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around the sides as much as I could but realistically he took up all the space inside my mouth, bobbing my head at a gentle pace.

“Fuck,” Weston curses, his hands gripping the back of my neck. Eventually he controls the pace and pushes me down to the base of his cock, he groans loudly in the process.

My watery eyes look up to him as I clutch onto the backs of his thighs to stabilise myself. Weston catches a glance at me and grunts, fucking my face roughly. The back of my throat crying out but I loved it, I wanted to taste him so bad. I wanted him to watch me swallow his cum.

He releases my head for a brief moment and I take a deep breath, my spit covering the sides of my mouth. Weston grabs me by the chin, noticing how dark his eyes had turned. Lust overpowering his emotions. My lips feeling swollen as I pant up to him, watching him carefully.

“Do you want me to fuck you or do you want me to come in your mouth?” He asks gruffly, his fingers pinching into the skin of my cheeks.

I blink up at him, my cock pulsating painfully. “Do you have a condom?”

“No,” he shakes his head.

“Then come in my mouth.”

Weston’s cock twitches in front of me, taking it into my mouth again. Sucking as hard as I could as Weston continued to slam himself into the back of my throat. “Holy shit,” he shakes his head, holding onto my neck tightly.

A throaty groan escapes my lips at the sight of Weston enjoying himself, my dick aching inside my pants at the want for having him deep inside of me but this would do.

His cock makes me gag a couple times but I loved that Weston’s member fit so perfectly in my mouth, his tip pressing to the back of my throat. His hips become rigid, his lips parting as he moans huskily.

“Fuck, I’m gonna come.” He says, gripping onto my hair tighter than before. Slamming my mouth down onto his cock harshly.

Weston grunts over and over, his cum shooting out and slipping down my throat. It was thick and salty but I ate it up like this was my last meal on Earth, Weston slows down and as he removes himself from my mouth I suck off his juices before swallowing.

“Oh my God,” he breathes out staggered. “Fuck Micah.”

I wipe the corner of my mouth and stand up, noticing as Weston leans back onto his desk like he was in shock.

He then leans down to pull up his pants as I grab my shirt and slide it back on my body. “What about you?” He questions breathlessly, eyes narrowing at my actions.

I shrug and smile, buttoning up my top and grabbing my jacket and bag. “Guess I’ll just think of you tonight.” I say bravely, my horniness overpowering me.

“You’re really going to do that to me?” He says in disbelief but his lips quirk up slightly.

“Lets just say I owe you one.” I nod before opening his office door. “Goodnight West.”

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