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Chapter Twenty Six

The build up to the pitch gave me an excuse to hang around after work without seeming like I was loitering with no purpose. And a better excuse to spend time with Weston.

I have to say, I’ve had a lot of time to admire Weston’s office this week. We practiced parts of the pitch to each other in the comfort of his own work space. Which I preferred over the boardroom, including talking in front of Fred and Adam, knowing I needed to get over that.

But quite honestly, I knew why we had spent so much time in his office.

Currently Weston’s cock was buried deep inside of me as he clasps me at the base of my throat and levels our faces together. My back firmly against his sturdy desk, the legs shaking as his pens and belongings begin to rattle to the edges with every thrust.

My mouth gapes open and Weston kisses my jaw gently, running my hands down his back. Nails digging into his perfect skin as he pounds me.

Weston pushes my throat back to his desk, staring me directly in the eye. “Did you get yourself off thinking about me?” He grunts out.

Whining as he slams himself into me, a deep moan escaping my lips as I clench my eyes together at the intensity.

His fingers press further into my neck, enough to let my dick burst with cum. “Fucking tell me,” he yells, the veins in his arms poking out. “Did you think about me?”

“Yes,” I pant out, looking up into his dark captivating eyes.

Weston pushes the back of my kneecap down to his desk, spreading my legs wide. Hitting my prostate in the right spot, close without him even touching my dick.

My eyes rim with tears of pleasure, never have I felt this close to coming hands free. No matter how hard I’ve tried to just come from my ass. Oh I’ve dreamed of it.

“Did you think about me fucking you until you scream?” He whispers darkly across the edge of my jaw.

I purse my lips together and clench my abdomen. “West,” I gasp out as he fucks me harder than before, his desk rattling against the floor like there was an earthquake.

“Did you think about me pounding you so hard that you couldn’t help but come?”

My lips quiver in a shaky breath, the feeling of pressure building up in my dick.

“Look at me,” he demands, his voice thick and husky.

Snapping my eyes open to his, our noses almost touching. Gripping onto the back of his neck with my hands, looking down to Weston’s cock entering into me rapidly.

Throwing my head back to the desk, knowing that I couldn’t put this off any longer. His eyes find mine again, dipping his head lower to me as his lips touch mine softly. “Tell. Me.” His strong voice commands me.

“Yes, fuck West,” I cry out, tears rolling from my eyes. My toes curling as he holds onto my neck, his cock pulsating inside of me with every stroke. “I thought about you fucking me unti—” I pause for a second to let out a throaty groan. “—fuck I’m gonna come.”

Weston’s hips pound down into my ass, my hole clenching around him tightly. “Come for me,” he grunts into my ear.

The sensation felt weird but so beautiful, climaxing but not having your dick touched. Being fucked so hard that you come from your ass, I scream out in pure ecstasy. Louder than I’ve ever orgasmed before in my life, my body jittering against Weston uncontrollably.

My cum shooting out onto my stomach, hitting me with force as Weston looks down at me, admiring me fall apart in his hands.

“West,” I breathe out harshly, clinging onto him tightly.

He leans down to kiss my shoulder, his breath becoming jagged and irregular. “Fuck Micah,” he curses out into my skin as he dumps his load into the condom.

His deep voice whistling out grunts with every strong thrust. My body lay back against his desk, numb and completely satisfied. Still feeling in a daze from the sensations.

Weston pulls himself from me and throws his condom into the bin. Quickly closing my legs but still shaking from the pleasure. I would never be able to forget about this night, not ever.

“Micah I’m sorry but I’ve got to go,” Weston says as he begins to search for his clothes. Completely catching me off guard considering he was balls deep about five seconds ago.

“Right,” I nod once before attempting to find my own. Taking a quick look at the clock on the wall, realising that it was super late.

By the time he’s picked up his pen pot and a couple things from the floor onto his desk, he turns to me and smiles. “See you tomorrow.”

“Yep,” I sigh silently. “See you tomorrow.”

. . .

The journey home felt bland, considering I just had the best sex of my life. I still felt down. Maybe it’s because I had no clue what Weston was thinking or what was going on between us.

Or maybe I was completely jumping the gun, remembering that he’s a busy guy and he’s not going to have all the time in the world for me.

Just as I press my keys into my front door, scattering the other side alerted me. Swinging it open to reveal Valentina standing there, she throws herself at me. Her arms wrapping around my neck, barely giving me a chance to step into the room.

“Oh my God,” she breathes out a strained breath. “I’m so glad to see you.”

My arms wrap around her body and pull her into me. “You too Vee, I’m so glad you’re finally home.”

Eventually she releases me and we settle down onto the sofas. “How are you?” She asks as she inspects my face quickly. “You’ve healed really quickly.”

I nod and smile, letting her cold fingers roam my skin. “Yeah I know. I’m good but I wanna know how you are. How you’re feeling about everything?”

Valentina nods at me as she runs a hand through the ends of her hair. “Yeah I’m glad I had a chance with my mum, she really spoke some sense into me. I’m still wrapping my head around what actually happened that night, sometimes I just don’t want to admit that it happened. That I was so weak.”

“Don’t say that,” I shake my head instantly. “You are not weak, anyone in your position would feel the same. It must be petrifying, loving someone and not understanding why they’re treating you the way they are.”

She begins to chew on the inside of her mouth as she listens to me talk. “Well yeah, I’ve realised now that he doesn’t deserve me. I did absolutely everything for him and he trampled all over me.”

My elbow rests on the back of the sofa as I watch her speak, not wanting to interrupt her flow. “And I’ve realised that I should really focus on being single, enjoying my own company and finding myself again.” She inhales deeply. “I feel like when I was with Arran I lost a piece of myself, he moulded me into someone I didn’t want to be. I want to be free and be able to do what I want to do.”

A genuine smile spreads across my face, Valentina’s eyes looking refreshed. “I’m so proud of you Vee,” my hand reaches out to grip onto hers. “Things might still be hard for you and you have every right to have a moment every now and then but just know you deserve the world and nothing less.”

“I know, I’ve deleted his number and blocked him on everything. Now I’m just hoping that he stays away.” Her voice shakes slightly and I could tell this worries her, the idea of him popping up out of nowhere.

“Well lets just pray that he doesn’t bother you again, now we’ve got the alarm. Asked our landlord about changing the locks, he’s keen and to let him know when’s best to get someone round to do it.” I tell her, hoping to give her a sense of hope that we are safe here.

“They actually agreed to it?”

I hum. “Surprisingly yeah, but least we are doing something about it.”

“Definitely, thanks Micah.” She grins at me before falling back onto the pillows. “So what’s been going on with you and Mr.Millionaire?”

My eyes roll painfully at the nickname. “Please don’t call him that.”

“Fine,” she grumbles. “Good old sugar daddy Weston.”


“I’m joking, I’m joking.” She holds her hands up in defence. “How is everything after you bailed at his house?”

My throat clenches before swallowing harshly. “Well we may or may not have been spending a bit of time together in his office.”

Valentina’s mouth falls open before into a cheeky grin. “I bloody knew it!” She yells proudly. I rest my head down onto my hand and watch as she gets excited over my dirty activities. “Tell me more, I want to know everything!”

My shoulders shrug in her direction. “Honestly? I don’t have a clue what is going on but I’m enjoying it. He’s like super good, too good. It keeps me up at night thinking about it and now I’m cringing.” I say as clench my eyes shut as an unsettling feeling washes over my body, this felt so unusual for me.

“So have you spoken about things between you or anything?”

I shake my head instantly. “No,” I mumble sadly. “All we talk about is work or we talk about things two friends would chat about when they catch up after a long time.”

“Well see how things go, the pitch is next week isn’t it?” Valentina questions, reaching for her water bottle and popping the lid open with her thumb.

“Yeah which is actually as this fancy hotel in the city, it’s gonna be big for sure.”

“That’s fun,” she nods towards me. “Look at you, got a big boy job in London.” Her hands reach forward to clench my cheek slightly.

“Shut up,” I grumble before swatting her hand away from me.

“I’m proud of you though,” she says genuinely, settling back onto her ankles. “You’ve done amazing these last couple months, you’ve really achieved what you wanted to.”

“Thanks Vee,” I smile towards her. “That means a lot.”

“Have you spoke to your mum lately?”

I nod. “Yeah, the other day.”

“How is she?” Valentina begins to twirl a piece of hair between her fingers as she watches me.

“So-so I guess,” I say. “I mean I never really know because I’m not there but she keeps telling me she’s fine. I’ve been sending more money than I would usually to her, I know it’s getting colder now and I don’t want her to freeze.”

“The carer is there though, I’m sure they’ll be making sure the house is always warm.” She says enthusiastically.

“Yeah I know but I know she doesn’t like me worrying.” I tut to myself, hugging onto the pillow beside me. “I think after the pitch I’m going to take some time off work and go see her. Spend some quality time with her, I know she misses me and the thought of her being alone is so hard to accept.”

“I know Micah,” Valentina’s lips fall slightly as she reaches out to grip onto my wrist. “But you’re helping her tremendously by doing what you’re doing. I know she’s proud of you, anyone would be.”

My throat clenches slightly as I attempt to swallow. “Yeah, I just wish I could be with her more often.”

“You have to live your life as well Micah,” she says as she shuffles closer to me. “She would rather you be out here living your best life whilst you can rather than being back home at Basingstoke working in some bakery or something.”

“A bakery?” I say in amusement.

Vee rolls her eyes at me. “You know I’m not great at examples but you know what I mean. Living and working in London allows you to have so many opportunities you wouldn’t elsewhere. You’re doing the best for her by being here, don’t forget that.”

“You’re right Vee,” my lips break out into a small grin. “I just want wait to see her.”

“The first thing you’re doing when you get to work tomorrow is booking some time off!” She exclaims loudly. “There are no excuses.”

“Okay,” I nod towards her instantly. “It will be the first thing I do.”

“Good,” she claps her hands together once. “Right, what have we got in the freezer because I’m bloody starving.”

“Not a lot,” I laugh quietly as I push myself up from the sofa. “But I’m sure we can smash something together.”

Valentina cheers from behind me and follows my lead. “Woohoo, fish finger central!”

Turning to look over my shoulder at her, a big grin on her face. Everyone deserves a friend like Vee, I am so lucky to have her in my life.

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