Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Twenty Eight

By the time it hit nine o’clock I was knackered, completely underestimating how many people actually wanted to discuss my part of the presentation and getting to know their companies in return.

Approaching the bar to get another drink and a minute to myself, not knowing where this night was going to take us considering that there were still so many people here enjoying themselves. The bartender smiles at me as he leans over the bar. “Gin and elderflower please,” I ask politely.


I instantly shake my head, knowing I had far too many already. “Thanks.” I say as I watch him walk away to prepare my drink.

The smell of a smart and fresh aftershave wafts into my nose, someone settling onto the bar beside me. Glancing up at Weston, leaning down onto his forearms a slight smile on his lips.

“Hi,” I exhale as he turns to me eventually.

“Hi,” he responds, rotating his attention to me fully.

The bartender waltzes back over to me and hands me my drink, Weston raising his fingers to catch his attention. “Yeah can I have a Hennessy please with no ice,” he says deeply. “Thanks.”

Instantly raising my drink to my lips coating them in gin, attempting to hydrate my dried out mouth. Watching as Weston reaches into his blazer pocket and plucks out his leather wallet, his fingers gingerly it flicking open and pulling out a white card. He instantly presses it down to the bar top and slides it over to me with two fingers.

Keeping my eyes on his actions, the card stopping directly in front of me. A gentle smirk still on his lips as he looks right into my eyes. “Room 103,” he exhales, leaning up from the bar and standing over me.

My eyes blink back at him as I pull the card to me, holding it between my fingers. He looks down to the card, indicating for me to put it away before anyone saw.

“You did good today,” he comments as the bartender places his drink down onto a black napkin.

Weston smiles in his direction and picks up the bronzed liquid and takes a sip, his dark eyes studying me as I chew on my lip. “I think so too,” I agree. “It was the best run I did.”

“You should be proud,” he nods towards me. “I know lots of people have been waiting to talk to you after what you presented.”

“Yeah,” I breathe out as I lean onto the bar slightly. “I just needed a few minutes to myself, gather my thoughts.”

“Understandable,” Weston tells me, taking another gulp of his drink. “You deserve this recognition, you really added something different today. I’m glad we worked together on this.”

My lips purse as I nod towards him. “Yeah, it’s going to be strange not spending evenings at the office and working late.”

“There will be lots more projects you’ll be involved in Micah, I promise you that.” He smiles towards me, his hand rubbing at the stubble on his chin quickly.

A feeling of acceptance pangs in my heart, my eyes widening at his words, already feeling excited for future events within the company. “I’m looking forward to it already,” I express lightly, leaving Weston smiling down to me.

“Excuse me?” A soft voice directs my attention from Weston to a guy in front of me. “You’re Micah, right?”

I nod towards him. “Hi, nice to meet you.” My hand shoots out in which he takes.

“I’m Edison,” he responds as he shakes my hand firmly. His eyes switching to Weston, shocked that he was also standing here. “Oh Weston hi, so pleased to meet you.”

Weston nods once and shakes his hand in front of me. “You too Edison.”

Edison turns back to me instantly. “I was just wondering if we could discuss the production and distribution of the Huddle, I’m from Tech Institute and we are so keen to use your software in our facilities. Do you have time to discuss this with me?”

My eyes flick to Weston for a split second, a subtle smile plastered across his face. “Yeah sure,” I agree, my eyes darting to an empty set of seats across the room. “I’d be delighted to discuss this with you.”

“Brilliant,” Edison shares a grin with me, turning to Weston. “This event has been lovely Weston, grateful to have been invited.”

“My pleasure,” Weston raises his glass slightly before pressing it to his lips.

Guiding Edison over to the empty set of chairs, glancing over my shoulder at Weston as he watches us walk away. My stomach twisting in knots knowing that he had given me a hotel room key, it could only mean one thing and I was counting down the seconds.

Edison seemed keen into knowing more the software and the impact it will have on his institution, I enjoyed the conversation completely. I thrived when I knew what I was talking about, especially when it was something I was interested in.

By the time it hit half ten, most people begun to leave. Edison gave me his work number to discuss this further when we go back to the office which I was excited about, networking was thrilling.

I couldn’t spot Weston anywhere so I decided to go to our holding room and grab my bags, not expecting Theo to already be in there doing the same. “Hey man,” he calls out from across the room.

“Hey,” I smile at him but my eyes felt incredibly heavy from this evening.

“You off home?”

I hum almost too quickly. “Yeah I’m exhausted,” I say as I grab my jacket and bag. “See you tomorrow Theo.”

“Bye,” he holds up his hand as he loosens his tie in the mirror.

Shutting the door behind me and looking towards the wall signs, anywhere to find where room 103 was. Digging through my pockets to make sure that I hadn’t misplaced it, that would be a disaster. By the time I find room 103 the hall was silent, relieved that no one was around to see me enter a strange room. I presume that’s why Weston gave the card to me on the sly.

Swiping the card through the door holder and waiting for the light to flash green, pressing my hand down onto the handle and walking through the door. There was a lamp on in the corner of the room, the only light available. But I liked it, the view looked across Hyde Park.

Shutting the door behind me as I inch closer into the room, Weston sat in the corner on one of the plush chairs. He looks up at me, his blazer now off and laid across the back of another chair. His arms leaning over onto his knees, rubbing his hands together in the process.

The light just catching the features of his face, his jawline sharp enough to cut through glass, his skin illuminating. Just looking at the way his arms and shoulders fill out his shirt so perfectly was making me scream inside, even if I did see him in a shirt most days.

Dropping my bag and jacket down onto the floor, Weston pushes up from the chair and takes two steps closer to me. His dark eyes captivating me, sending my heart into my stomach with just one look. He raises my chin with the edge of his finger, forcing me to look him directly in the eye.

My lips part, forcing a breath out of me. Shaking from how intense this felt, how Weston could have me quivering without even touching me. Not properly.

He inches closer to me, closing the gap between us. His soft lips pressing against mine, enough to take my breath away. Continuing to hold my chin between his fingers, the kiss sweet and innocent. Shutting my eyes, feeling this moment with every speck of my body.

Eventually Weston pulls back slowly, our lips merely centimetres from each other. He looks at me, his eyes dark but enough to notice they were currently dilated, even in this dim light. Our eyes flick between each others until we press our lips together again with force, Weston cupping the side of my face as he claims my bottom lip possessively.

Sliding his hands down my neck to my blazer and pulling it off the back of my arms, letting it drop to the floor with ease. Attempting to do the same with his waistcoat, fumbling with the buttons pathetically. Too impatient to wait, I wanted it off now. I wanted his skin on mine now.

Our shirts go flying, then our shoes and trousers. Leaving us both in nothing but our boxers, Weston’s black briefs clung to his dick beautifully. Enough to see the outline, enough to make my mouth water.

Flicking my eyes up to Weston as he pulls away from me slightly, giving myself a chance to admire his heavenly body, toned and muscly all in the right places. Shuffling down onto all fours and tugging at his boxers, eyelevel with his thick cock.

Wasting no time in placing it in my mouth, Weston cursing as he grips onto the back of my head and begins to guide me up and down. His hand slides down the curve of my spine, pinching onto my sides as I bop my head along his cock.

“Fuck Micah,” he rasps out, pushing my head down to the base of his dick. My lips reaching his skin, his member pulsating in the back of my throat as I clench my mouth around him.

Pulling back and wrapping my hand around him, taking his tip into my mouth and sucking lightly. Weston’s hand runs through my hair, gripping tightly as I stare him directly in the eye and swirl my tongue around his head.

Weston watches me before sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, growling at the sensations. Not realising that my own dick was rock hard in my boxers, aching at being touched. My hole desperate to be fucked.

He yanks my mouth away from his member, pinching his fingers in between my cheeks, a strong hold on my jaw. Raising my head to meet his, looking down his nose at me carefully. Our lips almost touching, my chest panting out soft breaths.

“I’ve wanted to put my cock inside you the second you stepped on that stage,” he mumbles with a deep voice, not once losing eye-contact.

My throat lets out a pathetic whimper, the need for the ache between my legs to go away. “Then put your cock in me.” I say back, my voice quiet.

Weston’s eyes narrow towards me slightly as he throws me back to the bed, pulling off my boxers swiftly. Forcing me onto all fours, his hands exploring the back of my legs as he kisses the small of my back, my eyes tensing in attempt to grasp what was happening.

He brushes his thumb over my entrance, gripping onto the bedsheets for dear life. Pressing his finger into me, my mouth gaping open at the feeling. Weston spitting down onto my hole, making it wetter.

Moving to press two fingers inside of me instead, my body shakes at his touch. Resting my head down onto the bed, my ass high in the air as I control my breathing whilst Weston pumps his fingers in and out of me.

After a few moments he rips his fingers from me and opens a condom, rolling it onto himself. Then he lines his waist up with mine, teasing me with his cock. Attempting to press back into him but Weston has none of it, this was all on his own terms.

“West,” I pant out, my increasing need to feel him inside of me.

His hand eases up the edge of my back, gripping at the back of my neck. Slowly pushing his way into me, my mouth gaping open at the instant pleasure, my body relaxing at the feeling of his thickness inside me.

He takes his time thrusting into me, leaving me in agony for more. Pressing himself all the way into me, our skin touching as his cock twitches inside me. “West,” I mumble as my knuckles turn white, holding onto the sheets tightly.

Weston grunts as he slams into me, whining with pure ecstasy as he begins to pound into me from behind. His soft grunts turning my stomach to mush, then his hands dancing over my skin as he grips at my sides, holding me in place.

“Oh God,” I moan out as Weston picks up his pace, stretching me to my full capacity as his cock reaches my prostate. Gagging for another orgasm from my ass, only have I been dreaming of it since.

Weston roughly grabs the back of my head and pulls it back, my eyes meeting the full length mirror in front of us. “Look at me,” he demands as he slams himself into my hole.

Moving my eyes from myself to his, his broad shoulders tense and his abs glistening as he rams himself into me quickly. I whimper and continue to stare back at him, his hand raking round to the front of my neck. Squeezing between my windpipe, watching me pant for air.

Pleasure building in the tips of my toes and growing through my body gradually. Weston presses down on my throat again, his member entering me at an alarming speed. Nothing forming in my mouth other than pathetic whimpers.

Weston slows down but remains deep inside me, shifting between my knees desperate for him to ruin me. He leans over me and pulls my neck back even more, our lips touching slightly. “Are you going to take my fucking cock?” He growls out, nipping on my bottom lip.

“Yes,” I whine out, my eyes rimming with tears.

“You want me to fuck you hard?”


Weston releases a smile, watching me struggle as his cock pulsates inside me. “How hard?” He challenges me.

“Hard.” I rasp out, shifting back to receive the tiniest bit of pleasure. “Fuck West, just fucking rail me.” My mouth mumbles out, too horny to even care what I was saying or how I would feel after this.

His chest heaves at my response, clutching my throat with his hand forcing me to look up at him. He pulls out and slams into me, over and over until I’m a moaning mess. His cock filling me every time, inch by inch as I’m left shaking in his hold.

Then his hips fall into a continuous pace, smashing against me like nothing he’s done before. Clenching my eyes shut, tears escaping my eyes rapidly. “Come,” he demands in my ear. “Fucking come for me.”

The laces of his voice sent me off to another planet, panting like I couldn’t breathe. His warm hand wrapped around my neck, slamming into me as he holds me tight. I was so close, so close that I thought I was going to burst.

“Ugh,” I huff out as Weston wraps his other hand around my hardened cock. Running up and down me in rhythm to his thrusts. “Fuck West, I’m gonna come.”

He hums in my ear, sounding satisfied with my response. Taking my cartilage between his teeth and he sucks harshly, my cock rumbling with pleasure before I shoot out my hot cum onto the bedsheets. Groaning with every pump that Weston makes on me.

“Fuck,” I curse out as Weston destroys my ass, my hole throbbing erratically.

“That’s it,” he breathes out as his hand is coated in my cum. “Fucking take it.”

My mouth is left wide open, nothing leaving but endless moans as my orgasm overrides my body and takes full control. Shaking violently as Weston eventually lets go of my dick and presses his hands into the small of my back, forcing me down to the bed.

Weston grunts loudly, my eyes peeking up at the mirror and watching as he loses all sense of himself and fills me with his cum. His whole body tensing with every thrust, his gorgeous shoulders and veiny arms completely destroying me. The visuals enough to make me want to come again.

“Oh God Micah,” Weston swipes a hand through his hair as he begins to jitter inside of me. His head releases to the ceiling as he lets out the sexiest moan, sending shivers down my spine as he unfolds.

Slowly calming down but remaining inside me as he relaxes from his own climax. He stares back at me in the mirror, both of us struggling for breath.

He runs a hand down the middle of my spine gently, a thin coat of sweat between our bodies. Then he smiles back at me and leans forward to kiss the back of my neck, so delicate I barely felt his presence. But it made my heart swell and I didn’t want this night to end.

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