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Chapter Twenty Nine

We lay beneath the silky white bedsheets, neither of us wearing clothes. This was the first time I experienced some kind of affection after having sex with Weston, to be quite honest I was expecting him to up and leave once we were done but he surprised me. Slipping under the bedsheets and laying with me in a comfortable silence.

His hand was around my neck, his large hand interlinked with mine as I ran my finger up and down his tanned skin. My heart settling into my chest at this wholesome moment, the feeling of his heart beating against my back. Knowing that I could feel him through our quiet breaths.

I shuffle around so that I am now facing him, his eyes flick down to me, his eyelashes almost grazing his cheek as he does so. “Are you okay?” He asks, his deep voice sending me off into a frenzy.

My lips purse and hum, I was far from okay. “Yeah, I’m great.” I breathe out quietly with a little smile.

“Good,” Weston tells me as he squeezes my hand for a brief moment.

“Are you?” I whisper.

Weston’s eyes glisten ever so slightly as he nods. “Yeah. I’ve enjoyed everything about today.”

“Did the event go as well as you planned?” I question as I tilt my head back to admire his beauty.

He smiles, his eyes staring wide back at me. “Yeah, it went better than planned. It’s always stressful organising these things but it is worth it in the end. It really helps the company with future clients, it shows how much we value them.” He explains as his hand gently grips onto my wrist.

“You do loads for charity anyway, of course they know how much you value each of your clients and customers. You’re a very noble man Weston.” I tell him honestly.

Weston looks away for a brief moment before looking back at me. “I just want to help as many people I can as well as running a business, the first step of being a good business man is having people like you.”

I can’t help but grin. “Well you’ve already got that down,” I say enthusiastically. “Everyone here loves you, you treat everyone well. I don’t think anyone wants to leave your company, they wouldn’t find it better elsewhere.”

A sharp breath leaves Weston’s nose as he smiles. “I’d like to think so, I wanted to make sure we had a safe work environment for everyone.”

“Well you’ve done that perfectly,” I gush, remembering how much I looked up to him.

“Thanks,” he responds before closing his eyes, a look of content washing over him.

“Can I tell you something?” I whisper, watching his eyes flutter open again. He hums for me to continue. “I didn’t mean to just leave the other day, I couldn’t sleep for the life of me and being in your presence was making me nervous. I wanted to stay but I just felt out of my depth.”

Weston cracks a lazy smile. “I was asleep and you still felt nervous?” He says in defence.

“I know,” I shake my head, hating that I wasn’t making any sense.

“It’s okay,” Weston tells me, his finger still gently flicking against my arm. “I’m not holding any grudges.”

“Are you going straight to work from here tomorrow?” I question as my hand raises to press against his toned chest, loving the feeling of our skin on each other.

“Yeah,” Weston nods as he watches my eye movement.

“Do you wanna go grab some breakfast before we leave tomorrow?” I question before sucking my bottom lip into my mouth, my confidence getting the better of me.

Weston’s lips part for a second then he nods. “Yeah, sounds good to me.”

A bright grin stretches out onto my face, I feel like this was a huge step from just talking about work and shagging. “We should sleep,” I comment as my eyes gravitate to the wall. “We’ll be up early.”

He nods as he rolls over onto his back and stretches his arm out to the lamp, flicking his thumb over the switch. The room surrounding us in darkness, then Weston’s hand cups the side of my neck and I physically melt into his touch. Sleeping with the fattest smile on my face, my body feeling content after todays events.

. . .

The sunlight shines across my eyes, the curtains not completely shut and slipping through that golden sun. I grunt and rub my eyes, twisting in the bedsheets. My arms not finding Weston, sitting up straight and looking around the room frantically, taking my glasses off the side and sliding them onto my face

Grabbing my phone to see what the time was, twenty past eight. Noticing that I didn’t have any texts or calls from Weston. “Shit,” I yell as I throw the covers off me and run over to my belongings, throwing on yesterdays work suit and shoving all my clothes into my bags.

Did Weston really leave without me?

Confusion spreads throughout my body. How I had slept in so late was beyond me but now thinking that I would be late to work was scaring the shit out of me. I was never late and bile was currently rising up in my throat at the thought.

Barely having a chance to slide on my blazer before I grab the keycard and bolt through the door, down the hall and to the lifts. Panting out like I had just ran a marathon, sweating beneath my collar.

Running to the receptionist to give them my key before darting through the lobby and out into the taxi rank, jumping in the back of a black cab and not even caring how much it was going to cost. I just didn’t want to be late, that was all I cared about.

The cab driver said it should take no longer than eight minutes, but considering the traffic this time in the morning, I took his word with a pinch of salt. My leg begins to bounce as my anxiety crawls into my brain, staring out the window at the big wide world to try and distract myself but it wasn’t working.

Then I remembered that Weston and I agreed to go to breakfast together and he just left without saying a word, my heart sunk. Maybe this is how he felt when I left his randomly, maybe he was busy and needed to get into work early. But surely he would have woken me so I wouldn’t be late?

Stupid, stupid. I should have set a bloody alarm to resolve all of this. I am the only one to blame here.

When the cab driver pulls up outside my work building I was so relieved, only a couple of minutes until we were meant to be in. Racing my way up the stairs and not bothering to wait for the lift to go to the second floor, I didn’t want it to seem like I was in a rush so just before I reached the top set of doors I stop. Breathing in deeply and trying to act calm as I waltz through the office.

Desperate to not catch anyones attention, I just wanted to make it to my desk in peace. Theo instantly turns towards me and smiles, then Abi pops her head up and watches me crash into my desk chair. “Look what the cat dragged in,” Abi teases as she clicks on her pen.

I ignore her comment and remove my jacket, severely sweating underneath but I needed to cool down before I practically exploded. “Hey man,” Theo says across from me, he looked fresh and clean. I didn’t even have time to have a shower this morning, I wanted this day to end already.

“Hey,” I smile as I drag my mouse across the desk and quickly log onto my computer.

“Didn’t you wear those clothes yesterday?” Abi questions as she stares at my pants and shirt.

“No,” I say quickly. “I just own more than one of the same item.”

“Leave him alone Abi,” Theo grumbles, already sick of her shit. I was too, it was Friday and all I could think about was the weekend. She rolls her eyes and begins tapping away at her keyboard. “Oh just so you know Micah, we are having a company meeting about the pitch last night. Just to update everyone.”


“Okay, cool.” I force a smile, hating the thought of having to look at Weston.

Maybe I’m overreacting, feeling down that he left when we planned to get breakfast. But he’s the boss, he’s busy, he has a hectic life and I’m getting upset over breakfast?

I shake my head to get rid of these thoughts, I just need to get over it and pretend like it doesn’t bother me. Weston and I can’t go for breakfast but he can fuck the shit out of me, yeah, cool, sounds about right.

Work drags because every ten minutes I go back to thinking about Weston and it drives me insane, having to pull my glasses from my face and rub my eyes. Not being able to concentrate properly, all the work that I completed felt sloppy and halfhearted. I needed a week off after last night and my rollercoaster of emotions.

At two o’clock Weston takes us up to the top floor of the building where the largest boardroom sits, available for all the companies that use the building. Forcing myself to the back as everyone settles in, wanting to go unnoticed.

Weston strolls in wearing a completely different suit from yesterday, he looked well dressed and tidy, his complexion fresh. Unlike me who looked like I had just been in the middle of an apocalypse.

He discusses what happened and how well it went, our future projects and what he is expecting from us for the company to move forward with our new clients. My brain started to drift off not wanting to listen to what he was saying, I couldn’t even look at him, scared that he would look directly at him.

Feeling like the worlds biggest mug, I put my heart on my sleeve and I wish I knew what was going on in his mind. By the time the group meeting ended, he told everyone they could have the rest of the afternoon off due to everyones great efforts. Best believe I cheered so loudly in my mind, I needed to get the fuck out of here and jump straight in the shower.

Managing to escape without contact from anyone, reaching my desk and watching as everyone leaves the office. A quiet murmur of heading down to Josie’s Wine Bar across the street but I couldn’t think of anything worse. Theo asks if I’m coming but I shake my head and Abi tells me it’s my loss, Lauren tags along with them but tells me to have a good weekend. And within a second they had all left, leaving me to collect my belongings and leave.

“Hey,” a voice catches me by surprise as I walk past Weston’s office. My feet come to a halt as I take in a deep breath, bracing myself for this conversation. Turning to face Weston as he leans on the arch of his door, hands folded into his trouser pockets.

“Hi,” I respond shortly.

“Are you going with them?” He questions, his eyes capturing mine like I couldn’t look away.

I instantly shake my head. “No I’m going home,” I say before clearing my throat.

“Do you want to come to my apartment later?”

My mouth opens only for me to shut it again, my brain turning to mush.

You’re so confusing! I wanted to scream, but I refrain and stay quiet for a few moments.

This could potentially be him trying to make up for leaving this morning without mentioning anything about it, but I wouldn’t hold onto that. “To do what?” I respond with a small head tilt.

Weston’s eyebrows furrow, a twitch of a smile on his lips. “Eat some food, chill.”

Chill, yeah I’ve heard that one before.

“We could watch a movie, wind down from yesterday.” He continues, pulling his hand from his pocket and running it along the edge of his lip. “Drink some wine if you’re feeling up to it.”

My lips swish from side to side as he stares back at me, waiting for my answer. “Maybe,” I mumble out.

“Maybe?” He replies with a playful smile. “Just a maybe?”

I wanted to be petty and say no with a sharp turn but I physically couldn’t. “Okay,” I say in defeat, feeling so fucking weak but as much as I was annoyed about what happened earlier, I wanted to spend time with him, maybe understand what happened earlier today.

“Great,” he says with a soft smile. “Come to mine for about seven?”

I nod at him and take a little step backwards. “Okay, see you then.” My voice strings out confidently as I turn my back to him and stroll out of the office.

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