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Chapter Thirty

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I turned up at Weston’s apartment later that evening, but being on top of him whilst he fucked me definitely was on the list. Not being able to physically turn him down, I wanted the sex more than anything but I wanted everything else too.

Weston kisses me deeply, his hips moving up inside me. Moaning into his mouth as he hits my prostate with every thrust, leaving me desperate for more.

Wrapping his arms around my body and pulling me into him, grunting as he pounds in and out of me aggressively. “Fuck,” I curse out into his ear, clenching my eyes shut as my orgasm builds up inside me.

“Ughh,” Weston groans as he holds the back of my neck tightly. “That’s it, come for me.”

My dick squirts out my cum, shooting it across Weston’s chest as he pumps in and out of me. Rocking between us as our sweaty bodies grind against each other.

Weston speeds up and comes inside me, slowing down as he holds my hips in place. He presses one last kiss to my lips before he slips out of me, panting as I push myself up from the bed and look down at him.

His eyes looked tired and his chest glistening with sweat. Climbing off his body and pulling on my boxers as Weston takes off his condom and throws it into the bin. I instant grab some tissue and attempt to wipe off my cum from his stomach. He laughs and tells me not to worry before he pulls on his own boxers and wipes his stomach himself.

Weston walks around to his kitchen island, washes his hands and then begins to clean up our plates from earlier, I attempt to help but he tells me to sit instead.

As I watch him I had a million things I wanted to say, deep down I was afraid but I knew if I wanted our relationship to grow, things needed to change. So I suck all the courage I have into my lungs and hold my breath for a second before breathing out sharply.

My throat clears and Weston glances up at me. “So,” I start, my hands beginning to shake. “I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner or something, sometime... maybe.”

Weston fills the dishwasher without saying another word, my face heating up from the lack of response. I wanted to push whatever we had further, going out for dinner or attempting some kind of date. Desperate to get out of the office or his apartment.

My stomach growls in nausea, the room far too silent for my liking and I wanted to eject myself out of his apartment and never look back.

Then after a few moments Weston sighs and picks up his phone from the side, his eyes wandering over the messages. “Micah I’m sorry, I’m so busy at the moment. I don’t have time for much.” His voice sounded stressed and I didn’t want to argue my case. “Work is stupidly crazy right now and I’ve been cancelling plans all round recently.”

“So is that why you bailed on breakfast this morning?” I say sourly, catching his eyes.

His expression for a second was almost unreadable as he lowers his phone to look at me. “I’m sorry Micah,” he shakes his head. “Something came up and I felt bad waking you so early.”

“Then why didn’t you just drop me a text?”

His shoulders release for a moment in a silent sigh. “I should have, I’m sorry. I get so distracted with work, I didn’t mean for it come come across like that.” He tells me as his eyes wander back down to his phone.

My heart sinks and my whole body burns in embarrassment. “Right,” I say feeling stupid. “Don’t worry about it.”

Weston doesn’t say anything more but tap away at his phone watching his brows pull down into a deep frown. I pick up my own and stare back at my empty lock screen and no notifications. Sighing silently and looking back up at Weston who was still typing away at his phone.

“Hey,” I say catching his attention. “I’ve got something to do tomorrow super early, I totally forgot.” I lie, Weston glances over at me. “I’m gonna make a move.”

Weston’s eyebrow moves for a split second before he nods. “Oh really?” His voice dips ever so slightly. “Okay, if you’re sure?” He responds, I move from the stool and pull on my clothes and grab my bag.

Approaching the door and turning to him slightly. “Thanks for the food,” I say politely.

“See you Monday Micah,” he waves me off and I stare back at him.

“Yes, right. See you Monday.”

. . .

Valentina was surprised when I come home early instead of staying the night, she notices how my demeanour had changed and she pulls me to the sofas so we can chat.

“What happened?” She questions as she drags her legs into her chest, eagerly waiting for me to explain.

“Well we did what I expected, had some food, had sex and then I asked if he wanted to actually go out for dinner at some point. He said he was too busy whilst he looked at his phone.” I explain as I rub my temples, desperately needing a good nights sleep.

“So you left?”

I nod and fall into the back of the sofa, groaning slightly. “I have no idea what is going on between us, I think he thinks we’re just fuck buddies but I don’t want that. I want so much more.”

“Micah,” Valentina reaches out and grabs onto my shoulders. “If this keeps on happening you’re going to end up heartbroken. I get you want to sleep with him but if that’s all he’s after and you’re seeking more, then you’ll end up crushed. The more time you spend with him, the more you’re gonna end up liking him.”

Her words struck a nerve because I already liked him more than I could imagine, I didn’t want to distance myself from him but I knew she was right. I could already imagine my heart getting broken and scolding myself for not turning my back on the situation earlier. But I liked his company, was that too much to admit?

“You either sit him down and ask what’s going on or you stop with all the secret shagging sessions and attempt to move on from it.” Valentina says with a supportive smile, I knew she wanted the best for me and maybe I needed to take her advice.

“But don’t you think if he can make time for me to come to his apartment and stay late at the office, he has time to go out for dinner with me?” I ask my voice dropping in enthusiasm.

Valentina chews on the inside of her cheek for a second. “Yeah that doesn’t really add up to me,” he says as she repositions herself on the sofa. “Maybe he’s not out yet?”

The thought doesn’t even come to mind, she was right. Public appearances with another guy might be too much for him, especially being the boss of a large company.

“I think you should talk to him Micah,” Vee says honestly. “You guys are close enough to be having sex, I’m sure you guys can talk about what’s happening between you two.”

“Talk about it?”

“Okay, why don’t you just express how you feel?” She suggests instead. “Tell him what you’re thinking and if he doesn’t replicate the feelings then you should take a step away before you get in too deep.”

My head nods towards her. “Yeah Vee, you’re right.”

“I just don’t want to see you get hurt,” her lips slant slight as she leans her head onto her hand. “I know how much you like him but sometimes you have to be strong enough to walk away before the damage is done.”

“You always have such great advice,” I say as I nudge her side.

“Gives great advice but can’t take her own.” She chuckles to herself.

My lips curve up into a smile. “That sounds about right.”

“Let’s do something fun this weekend,” she chirps up as she sits on her knees. “Let’s go Bunga Bunga or something.”

“Yeah,” I agree. “I think I’m in need of something fun to do.”

“Stan and Kelly text me earlier in the week, said we should go out and do something fun. Shall we organise something with them?”

Stan and Kelly were our university friends, we barely get to see them anymore considering we all have jobs and are constantly working. But the thought of going out and being distracted from what was going on in my mind would be a good idea.

“Yeah, lets do it.”

Valentina points her finger at me. “I’m confiscating your phone though so you don’t end up ringing Weston when you’re completely smashed and chatting shit.”

A laugh slips past my lips, cringing at the thought of that phone conversation. “Trust me, it is never going to happen again. I cannot live down that morning embarrassment ever again.”

“Good,” she smiles as she settles back into the sofa comfortable. “I’ll book something tonight.”

“I can’t wait.”

. . .

The weekend went by far too quickly and I had such a laugh, I enjoyed going out with Stan and Kelly. It really made a change from sitting in every weekend and doing work. I didn’t get totally drunk but I had a few cocktails, Valentina making sure I wasn’t contacting Weston in anyway but I was on my best behaviour.

I didn’t even want to text him, I just wanted to see how the next week at work would be between us. If Weston had anything to say to me that wasn’t to do with work or getting me into bed, maybe I needed to save my breath and turn away from this completely. It felt far too complicated in my head already and I hated it, shouldn’t these things be simple?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday flew by and to my surprise Weston and his directors weren’t in either of these days, having a private conference in Bristol. I didn’t even want to ask Theo what it was about because I didn’t really care.

These couple days gave me the perfect opportunity to focus on work that I had neglected whilst I spent so much time on the pitch, it felt like a weight off my shoulders knowing that I got so much work done.

On Thursday Weston came back into the office, receiving an email from him asking to speak to me after work. I was concerned what this was about, either another event or work opportunity.

Weston wasn’t out of his meeting until six and by then the office was empty, I completed work in the mean time, occasionally going on my phone to kill time.

He approaches my desk, his hands tucked into his trouser pockets, strolling over to me casually. “Shall we?” He raises an eyebrow, motioning towards his office.

I nod and collect my belongings, following him into his office. Weston holds the door open for me and shuts it behind me, I drop my belongings onto the floor and turn to face him.

“So what’s this ab—”

His lips find mine and he kisses me slowly, clutching either sides of my face as he pushes me backwards. The bottom of my spine hitting his wooden desk, I didn’t want to enjoy it but I did, I loved it. My body caving into his touch, physically melting into him as he devoured my senses.

I loved the way his lips felt soft and his hands held me like I could slip through his fingers any second. His hands moving to undo my buttons, leaving me breathless, what the fuck was I doing?

Was I really going to end up back here again?

My hands raise to his shoulders and I push him away slightly, breaking the kiss. Weston pants into my ear. “What’s wrong?” He questions as he kisses below my earlobe.

I shake my head. “Nothing I just,” my voice gets stuck in my throat.

“Did I hurt you?” Weston’s cautious eyes find mine as he pulls my head towards him.

Stepping away from his hold, watching his hands drop to his side. “No West,” I breathe out as I avoid his gaze at all costs. “I’m sorry, I’ve got to go.”

His eyebrows furrow towards me as I collect my belongings from the floor. “Micah?” He calls out for me sounding confused.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this right now.” I mumble again before opening his office door and exiting quickly, before he has the chance to try and catch up with me.

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