Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Thirty Two

As my eyes lay on Weston, waiting for him to explain what he believes has been going on between us. I begin to pinch my fingers in attempt to distract me from the painful silence.

He collects his hands in front of him and leans down onto his forearms, pursing his lips as he takes a moment. “I’m sorry Micah,” he starts catching my attention. “I thought about what has happened between us and I’ve realise how it must have come across.”

My eyes float from his to the table, his intense stare making me feel nauseous. “I never meant to upset you. It was never my intention to come across like I didn’t want to spend time with you and now I understand how bad it looks and I’m sorry.”

Keeping my lips closed so that he said as much as he was thinking, I needed his raw emotions badly. “I realise how rude it must seem when we’re together and I am constantly on my phone, sorting through work shit. Telling you that I don’t have time for us. I didn’t mean for it to sound rude, that was never my intention.”

“Then what was your intention?” I question back, my curiosity getting the better of me.

Weston’s eyes remain firmly on mine, not once cowering away from the conversation. “Honestly Micah, I’ve never been with a guy before. You’re the first guy I’ve ever slept with, kissed. Done anything with.”

My eyebrows shoot wide at his response. “Right...” I trail off, my heartbeat increasing realising that he’s never done anything with another guy. “So are you unsure if you like guys or something?”

“I don’t know what I am,” he shakes his head, pulling back in the chair slightly. “But I know that I like you. I can admit that.”

My breathing hitches at his words. “Maybe you’re pansexual,” I blurt out.

His eyebrows crease towards me. “What’s that?”

“When you like the person for them, not for their gender or their sex.”

Weston listens to me talk and he nods. “Maybe, who knows but it could be a possibility.”

“I understand if you’re worried about people seeing us in public together,” I quickly clear my throat. “Coming out as anything that isn’t straight is hard and I get that. It’s easy to worry what others would think of you, especially knowing that you run a company.”

“I’m not worried about that,” he begins to shake his head. “I would never be embarrassed to be out with you Micah, I wouldn’t care what people think. This is my life, who has the right to tell me what I can and can’t do?”

My lips begin to purse at his words. “It’s a lot easier said than done,” I breathe out. “But you do worry about what people might say to you when you’re out and about.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about anything when you’re with me.” He offers me a soul melting smile that made me want to smother my face into his neck.

“Then if it’s not that, then what is it?” I ask.

Weston takes a deep breath. “I’ve never been in a serious relationship before and I feel like I’m somewhat out of my depth.”

“Neither have I,” I admit. “So we can both fail at it together.”

Weston’s lips curve up into a smile. “I want to make time for you Micah,” his voice sounded like silk, especially when he says the words I’ve wanted to hear. “But what I said about being busy is true, dating might be a bit complicated for us because sometimes I can’t even keep up with myself and my schedule. The morning after the pitch, something urgent came up and I felt so guilty leaving you.”

“Could have at least woke me up to let me know you were leaving.” I tell him as his eyes looked down to the table.

“I’m sorry Micah, that was an idiotic thing for me to do and I understand how it must have made you feel.” He sighs out, his shoulders shrugging for a second.

“I’m not asking you to dedicate your life to me West,” I express genuinely. “All those times we spent late at the office not doing work, or those times I came over to your apartment. Those times were perfect for me, I get you’re busy. You own a company, of course I know you’re not going to be around all the time.”

“I just don’t want to let you down,” Weston exhales, our eyes catching for a moment. “I don’t want to promise you something and disappoint you.”

“It’s worth a try isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he nods instantly. “I want to spend time with you.”

“Maybe an actual date this time?” I suggest quietly, watching Weston’s response.

He smiles and agrees. “I feel selfish, I was acting selfish. You felt like my escape, every time I saw you things just felt better, no matter how stressed I was with work. I love spending time with you.”

“I like being with you too,” I say. “I just needed more.”

“The sex was shit then?” He jokes with a smile and my mouth falls open at his words.

“Shut up,” I mumble as my head shakes. “You know the sex wasn’t shit.”

“I know,” he smirks in my direction, his eyes remaining on me. That stare that would have me ripping off my clothes in a second and begging him to fuck me. But I refrain, there would be plenty of time for that after our dates.

“We gonna eat this pizza or what?” I say in response as I flick open the box, the beautiful smell of full fat cheese and pepperoni swarms my nose.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Weston grins my way, pulling apart a piece and raising it to his lips.

“Mmm,” I hum as the greasy cheese hits my lips, not realising how hungry I was until now. “Good call buying this.”

Weston nods and chews. “So good,” he exhales.

“Do you wanna stay and watch a movie with Valentina and I?” I ask as I swallow. “I mean, if you’re not busy or got something to do.”

“Micah, I’ve come here to spend the evening with you. I’m not going anywhere.” He expresses, sending pleasure bursting through my chest.

“Okay,” I smile back to him.

. . .

Spending the evening with Weston and Valentina was nice, we watched a couple movies and hung out. Although Vee chewed Weston’s ear off with a load of rubbish but he didn’t seem to mind.

I think Valentina was excited for me, considering this was the first person I have really brought home to hangout rather than for a one night stand, even those were extremely rare.

When the final movie ends, Vee yawns loudly declaring that she’s going to bed. I nod towards her and tell her good night, she winks at me on the way out and I knew exactly what she meant but it wasn’t happening, especially not tonight.

“Are you staying?” I question towards Weston as I lean off the back of the sofa.

His lips twitch. “Depends, is your bed comfy?”

“It’s from IKEA, I guess you’ll just have to try it out.” I smile towards him. “My room isn’t a bomb site like you saw it before, I’ve managed to actually tidy it.”

Weston shrugs as he pushes himself up from the sofa. “I don’t care,” he tells me as I guide us into my room. He takes one glance around and nods. “You’re right, it’s a lot tidier.”

“I know,” I say as I begin to take off my trousers, then my t-shirt leaving me in my boxers. “I don’t have a spare toothbrush but I’ve got mouthwash?”

Weston follows my lead, pulling his t-shirt up and over his head, flashing off his toned muscles. My mouth shamelessly watered, surprised I still felt like this considering I’ve seen him topless a fair few times now. “I’ll take whatever,” he says as he follows me to the bathroom.

My eyes felt tired, exhausted from all the emotions that I experienced today. I couldn’t wait to get into bed and even better, it’s with Weston.

Pulling back my duvet and slipping into my usual side. Weston lays down on my pillow and allows me to turn off my lamp before pulling me into him. His strong arms wrapped around my torso, my ass pushed into his crotch. I close my eyes feeling content, safe and severely happy. Needing to pinch myself so I knew this was real.

“Goodnight Micah,” Weston whispers from behind me.

My hands grip onto his arms and I squeeze. “Goodnight West.”

. . .

Waking up in the arms of someone you were fond with felt unreal, a smile plastered across my face as Weston’s arms held me tightly. Like he didn’t want to let me go. The light from my crappy blinds seeped into the room, stirring me from my sleep.

I shuffle slightly, waking Weston in the process. He grunts and I run my hand along his skin gently, he squeezes me harder than before and raises his hand to cup the side of my cheek. “Hello,” he grumbles out, I could tell his eyes were still shut.

“Good morning,” I say, my heart soaring into the sky.

Switching positions between his arms, turning so that I was now facing him. Weston’s sleepy face was extremely cute, hair poking out in all different directions. His lips plump and slightly parted.

His dark eyes eventually crack open to look at me, he inhales a satisfying breath and exhales sharply. Moving his hand to rake through my hair.

“You look cute without glasses,” his deep voice rumbles through the room.

“Too bad I can’t see without them,” I joke as I stare back at him, even though he was blurry.

“Well good thing I fell for you whilst you wore them,” he cracks a gentle smile.

His words make me flush with heat, I hated flattery but I loved it from Weston.

“Do you want some coffee?” I ask softly, attempting to change the subject.

“I get the full treatment, huh?” He asks with an impressed expression. My lip moves between my teeth as I nod towards him. “Sure, thank you Micah.”

I nod once and reluctantly pull away from his hold, pick my glasses up from my bedside table and sliding them onto my face. Opening my bedroom door and making a cup of coffee. It wasn’t anything special considering I didn’t have a coffee machine but I guess Nescafe will have to do for now.

As I walk back into my room with a hot mug in my hands, Weston sits up in my bed and smiles at me. “Thank you,” he says as he reaches forward to the cup.

“Careful,” I tell him as he takes the other side of the handle. “It’s boiling.”

Weston’s lips stretch into a full blown grin, his white teeth shining back at me. “I got that Micah.”

Shutting my mouth instantly and perching on the side of the bed, watching as he brings the mug up to his lips to take a little sip. “What are your plans for today?” I question curiously.

Weston swallows and glances up at me. “I’ve got an order to pick up later, I need to ring Fred to discuss some things for work. Nothing exciting.”

“Working weekends,” I comment.

“It’s all part of the job,” Weston raises the mug like he was cheersing to himself. “What are you doing?”

I shake my head. “Nothing really. Maybe see what Vee is up to, we usually binge horror movies and raid the fridge. That’s about as exciting as our weekends get.”

A laugh passes Weston’s lips. “I wish I could do that,” he says as he takes a few big gulps of his drink and placing it down onto the side. “I’ve got something I need to sign for at ten and I don’t want to be late for it.”

I shake my head. “That’s okay,” I say as I stand from the bed and begin to throw on some clothes.

Weston pulls the covers off and dresses himself in front of me. Watching as he pulls his t-shirt down over his abs, his arms filling out the material so perfectly.

He follows me out of my bedroom and picks up his wallet, keys and phone from my kitchen side. Turning to me and glancing at the notifications on his screen, he sighs and pushes it into his pocket.

“Tomorrow,” he starts as he looks down to me. “Let’s go for dinner.”

“Okay,” I grin. “Where were you thinking?”

“I was thinking The Ivy maybe o—”

“Lets dine at an independent business rather than an overpriced chained restaurant,” I suggest as I cut him off, Weston stops talking and listens to me. “I know you like dining at Michelin Star restaurants but I want to support local businesses, you know the food is made with passion and tradition.”

Weston folds his arms across his chest and nods towards me. “Okay,” he agrees. “Let’s go independent.”

“Want me to tell you some good places?” I suggest.

He shakes his head and steps closer to me. “Nope,” he says instantly. “I’ll find somewhere and book it.”

“Okay then,” I say admiring his dominance in taking over our first date. No one had really gone to the effort to book something for me.

“I’ll text you all the details,” his hand moves to cup the side of my cheek, pressing his lips to mine in a sweet kiss. Melting into his soft skin, his wholesome affection. When I flutter my eyes open I felt like I was in a trance. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He breathes out.

My lips curve up into a smile. “See you tomorrow.”

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