Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Thirty Three

“Are you joking me?” I laugh as my fork pierces into a piece of pasta in my bowl.

Weston shakes his head, laughing with me as he raises his hand to cover his mouth. “Honestly,” he mumbles as he chews his food. “I’ve seen some strange things in the office late at night, especially in America. They’re crazy out there.”

“I can’t believe they tried to steal your equipment and forgot you had cameras in the building,” my head shakes in disbelief as I shovel in more pasta.

“His face when I brought him into the office with the evidence, it replays in my mind on loop.” Weston smiles down towards the table.

“Christ, did you fire him?” I question, my hand picking up the glass of wine that was beside me.

Weston watches as I bring it up to my lips and take a little sip. “Yeah we had to fire him, called the police and everything. It was rather dramatic for what it was, considering we got back the equipment anyway.”

“Well people can’t expect to steal from you and get away from it,” I explain. “He probably thought he was stealing from the company and not you specifically but really that does impact you because to replace it, it would come out of the company funds.”

“Exactly,” Weston agrees as he places his knife and fork into the middle of his plate and then leans back in his chair. “Some people don’t realise that it’s going to impact someone somewhere. It’s just shitty when you someone you trust betrays you.”

My lips fall at his words slightly. “Has that happened a lot?” I ask, Weston’s eyes lay on mine.

“What do you mean?”

“People expect things of you because you have money,” I respond.

Weston takes in a short breath and nods. “People have tried to take advantage of me for my money, definitely. I know what to look for now, some people think they’re sneaky and think they can trick you into believing that they actually care but I’ve sussed it all out now.”

My eyes blink back at him as my fingers run around the stand of my wine glass. “That’s shit,” I comment. “Sorry that people have done that to you.”

He shrugs like it’s nothing. “Doesn’t matter,” he says. “I’m surrounded by lots of people that I trust now, all of my work colleagues I believe wouldn’t try anything with me. I value them, they value me.”

My head begins to nod towards him. “I’m glad you feel that way,” I say with a small smile.

Weston clears his throat and leans forward. “Are you going to see your mum?” He questions, changing the subject.

“Yeah, I booked next Friday off to go.” I say as I latch onto my red wine again. “It’s annoying because once I get to Overton and then it’s like an hour bus to my house. It’s so long.”

“Let me take you,” Weston says whilst my mouth parts slightly.


The corners of his mouth twitches up at my response. “Let me take you to your mums, I’ve got a car and I reckon it’s going to be a lot more comfortable than the train or bus.”

“B-but what about work?” I say as I sit up further in my seat.

Weston’s hand raises to swipe across the bottom of his lip casually. “We’ll go after work,” he says simply.

“I am staying there for two days, you know that right?” I raise an eyebrow at him but West doesn’t seem phased in the slightest.

“I presumed,” he nods. “I’d be happy to spend a weekend with you and your mum.”

Both my eyebrows shoot up at his words. “Really?” I say as a smile spreads across my face.

Weston hums and reaches out for my hand across the table, his finger flicking over the skin on the back of my hand. “I’ve got a free weekend for once.” He breathes out. “I might have a few calls here and there but I’d love to take you and spend time with you.”

My head nods back at him as I beam brightly. “That sounds great.”

“As long as your mum would be okay with it?”

“My mum will be ecstatic,” I say with a big grin before adjusting my glasses on my face. “She doesn’t get to see many people now that her mobility is restricted, she’ll love it.”

“I’m glad,” Weston smiles towards me, his eyes turning soft. The waiter comes over to take our plates and we both move back from the table, Weston removing his hand from mine.

“Everything okay with the meal?” The waiter asks.

“Delicious, thank you.” Weston nods once. “Could we get the bill please?”

The waiter smiles and collects our bowls onto his arm. “Of course,” he says before walking away briskly.

“You want to stay at mine tonight?” His deep voice asks me as he clutches his hands together in front of him.

“I’ll need to get some clothes for work tomorrow,” I say as I clear my throat.

“That’s okay,” he says as he pokes his hand into his jacket pocket, plucking out his wallet. “We can pass by after this.”

“Okay,” I agree just as the waiter rests the metal plate with our receipt onto our table.

Weston grabs it before I even have a chance to look at it, my eyes finding his. “Can I pay?” I offer but he already starts shaking his head before I finished speaking. “Or we go Dutch?”

The corners of his lips twitch at my words as he pulls out his card and places it down onto the plate. “No,” he says simply and I instantly feel guilty.

“Can I pay next time?” I say as I rest my elbows down onto the table.

He slowly drags his eyes up to mine as he places his wallet onto his phone. “Maybe,” he says with a shrug.

“Well I will,” I stand my ground and Weston continues to smile at me. “No matter what you say.”

The waiter takes Weston’s card and he pays with ease, then thanks them for his great service and food. “Let’s go,” Weston says as he pulls his chair out from underneath him and motions for me to follow him.

Thanking the staff on the way out, falling into a slow walk beside him. “Thank you,” I say gratefully. “For paying, for booking this place. It was lovely.”

Weston’s hands dig into his pockets, the crisp air brushing against my face as I turn to him slightly. “That’s okay,” he says. “I hope I lived up to expectations with the independent business.”

“You excelled,” I admit, my cheeks beginning to hurt from smiling so much. “I loved it.”

He removes his hand from his pocket and brushes it against the back of my head gently, his fingers sliding through my hair. The gesture soft but made my heart rate increase like no other, sucking my bottom lip in-between my teeth as I watch him. Dropping his hand and tucking it away again.

My stomach begins to twist in knots and I couldn’t wait to get back to his apartment, the need to spread my hands over every inch of his body. Feel him close after our first official date, nausea creeping up inside my throat. Even just looking at him made me catch my breath and now I was going to have him alone all night and neither of us would be going anywhere.

. . .

As we make our way through his front door, his apartment smelt like perfection, clean and sleek. Not an object out of place, my skin raising in goosebumps at the sight of it again.

Weston’s hand presses to the small of my back, allowing me to take a few steps inside. “Make yourself comfortable,” he murmurs in my ear from behind and I smile.

Pulling off my jacket and lowering my overnight bag to the floor but out of the way. Weston waltzes over to his fridge smoothly. “You want some more wine?” He questions and I shake my head even though he can’t see me.

“No thank you,” I respond. “Anymore and I’ll be groggy for work tomorrow.”

He turns to me and stretches out a grin. “I won’t tell,” he says deeply.

My lips follow his lead and smile back. “Honestly I’m okay, I’m happy to just chill and watch a movie.”

Weston opens the fridge and pours us some ice cold water from a filtered container. “Sure,” he agrees. “Go pick something to watch.”

My feet carry me over to his set of black sofas, facing his rather large flats screen TV. My eyes glancing over the windows in the process, the sun had now set and the lights from the buildings catching my eyesight.

Settling down onto the sofa and grabbing the remote sitting on the coffee table, his smart TV popping up with all sorts of options to choose from.

Weston soon joins me and we agree on an action movie that neither of us had seen. To my surprise he wraps his arms around me and pulls my body into him, our legs slightly entwined and his hand gripping onto the side of my arm.

My body relaxes into him as the film begins to start. The warmth from his body radiating into mine, not even missing the way his lips press to the back of my head in a gentle kiss.

I was about to burst, scream even. Having to bite down onto my bottom lip to stop myself from squealing, butterflies climbing up through my stomach into my throat. This was all too much but I couldn’t ask for anything better.

When the movie ended I was more than relieved, I wanted Weston to kiss me like it was our last kiss on earth. Being here felt different this time and I was not going to take that for granted.

Taking myself to the bathroom, getting ready for bed. Staring back at myself in the mirror and taking deep breaths, looking into my own eyes and shaking my shoulders. Stood in nothing but my boxers, now was time to take action.

Switching off the light and walking out of his bathroom and towards his bed, Weston was sat with his forearms on his knees, phone in hand as he taps away. His broad shoulders making me want to collapse onto the floor.

He doesn’t look up to me or realise I’m even stood in front of him so I huff out a silent breath and take a step forward. My fingers gripping onto his phone and chucking it across the bed, my eyes shooting wide at my own actions.

Weston’s eyes look up to me slightly confused, so I grip onto his shoulders and push him down to the bed whilst I mount his body. His surprised eyes watch me as I lower my head to his lips, pressing them together softly. He wastes no time in wrapping his arms around my back, his hands firmly against my skin.

My mouth opens wider to take his bottom lip between my teeth, gripping onto the side of his neck as our bare chests are pushed together. A deep grunt erupts from Weston’s throat as my hands hold his neck firmly, grinding my cock down onto his. Only the fabric of our boxers between each other and I was already panting.

Within a second Weston had me on my back, holding me in his strong arms. Already feeling pre-cum leak out of my cock at his strength and dominance, desperate for him to fuck me whilst his bed shakes.

Weston kneels up for a second, looking down to me as he links his fingers through my boxers and pulls them off instantly. His hand latching onto my hardened cock, teasing me slowly as he pumps me. My lips part as I watch his hands make magic on me, his thumb massaging into my tip, leaving me gasping for more.

“Fuck,” I whimper out, Weston’s eyes catch mine as he smirks down to me. My stomach clenching tightly as he continues to move his hand against me.

He lowers his head towards me, our lips just about brushing. “You like that?” He asks deeply, staring back into his big brown eyes.

My lips purse as I hum in his direction. “Yeah,” I moan out, watching as he places his other fingers inside his mouth and sucking, covering them in his saliva. Dropping his fingers to my hole and swirling them around the entrance. “Fuck.”

Weston continues to smirk, jittering at every touch. He presses into me before removing his fingers, whimpering pathetically, desperate for him to press his fingers inside me quickly. “Tell me you want it.” He states simply, guiding his finger around my rim.

My eyes clench at his words, my legs naturally opening wider at the sound of his voice. “I want it,” I pant out.

“Want what?”

I groan in frustration, attempting to move my hips closer to his fingers for a release. “Fuck,” my mouth splutters out. “West, I want you inside me.”

Weston’s lips grab the edge of my jaw as he hums. “Inside you?” He whispers seductively.

“Yes, just fuck me.” I cry out as my hands side up his arms and resting on the back of his neck.

His eyes watch me closely as he pushes his fingers into me completely, my mouth gapes open at the sensations and I moan aloud. Louder than I expected but Weston liked it because he smiles against me, his fingers moving in and out at a gently pace. His other hand continuing to pump my swollen dick, managing to work them both at the perfect time.

“Oh God,” I grunt as he speeds up, clutching onto him tightly.

He peppers kisses down the edge of my jaw, his stubble lightly grazing me. I whine out as Weston stops with his fingers deep inside me, my hole pulsating painfully around him, itching for something bigger.

“West,” I mumble out as he rests our noses against each others. He bites down on his lip as he studies me carefully, feeling completely vulnerable in his hands but it felt thrilling. My hands reach up to press against his shoulders in attempt to slow him down.

He removes his hands from me instantly and I push him back to the bed and climb on top of him quickly, taking down his boxers. Kneeling on top of him and lining his cock up with my ass, sliding onto him with ease. Weston’s lips part as I come down on him, his hand running through his hair at the pleasure.

Settling myself down onto him completely, my ass touching the base of his dick. Humming in satisfaction, the feeling of him filling me whole. Leaning over Weston, one hand resting beside his head and the other pressed down against his chest.

My hips begin to move slowly, clenching around his thick cock. His hands instantly find underneath my thighs and grips onto my skin, pinching against me. Our eyes never leaving each others, the sexual tension was killing me.

Leaning down onto my elbows, enough so that I could kiss him sensually. Weston takes this opportunity to pull up my ass and slam it down on his cock causing me to cry out in pleasure. Raising his knees behind my legs, giving him better access to pound me.

He grips the back of my head aggressively as his cock rapidly slams inside of me, the feeling of his veins brushing against my insides. “Ugh,” I moan out clenching my eyes shut as Weston pushes my ear down to his lips. “Harder.”

Weston grunts loudly as he clenches the back of my neck. “You want it harder?” He asks deeply, his husky voice sending shivers down my spine.

My lips part and I moan, his hips not once stopping. The tip of his cock hitting my prostate, this position giving him the perfect access. “Huh?” He grunts in my ear, slamming me down onto him.

“Yes,” I pant out, my eyes beginning to rim with tears. My legs shaking violently as Weston removes his hand from my neck and grips onto my thighs, his cock smashing into me quicker than before. “Oh fuck.”

Weston’s breathing becomes harsher as he pounds me harder, my dick aching from the need for a release. “West,” I moan. “I’m not gonna last long.”

He smirks towards me and kisses me briefly, my lips brushing against each others. “Fucking come for me then,” he demands as our skin slaps together aggressively.

His bed beginning to squeak against the floor at the force and his breathless pants sent me over the edge, shutting my eyes as my cock squirts out laces and laces of cum all over Weston’s body.

My throat lets out a godly scream, my body rattling against his as my climax takes over me. Weston hums as he clutches onto my body. “That’s it,” he growls out as I come apart in his arms.

Every part of my body was vibrating in pleasure, Weston wrapping his arms around my back and pulling me against him. The feeling of his bare arms against my skin was raising me in goosebumps, feeling this close to him was like no other and I never wanted it to stop.

A deep groan escapes his lips as he throws his head back to the bed and looks up at me, his dark eyes full of desire and it plummeted my stomach. “Fuck,” he mumbles as he pulls me down onto his cock completely, his motions becoming jittery as he comes inside of me, his fingers digging into my back as he grunts out.

Everything downstairs was pulsating rapidly, our chests pressing against each other as we pants out desperately. His cock slides out of me and I fall down to the bed beside him, our sweaty bodies entwined. He turns to me and smiles, pushing my brown hair away from my face.

“We didn’t use a condom,” I breathe out realising that we got far too carried away to remember.

Weston shrugs simply. “I’m not sleeping with anyone else,” he tells me quietly and I smile back to him.

“Me either,” I say as I look at him. “I really, really like you West.”

My bottom lip is sucked into my mouth the second these words leave my lips. Weston watches his hand as he pushes it through my hair gently. His eyes slowly drag their way to mine as he moves closer, our noses almost touching. “I really like you too.” He whispers against me before pressing his lips to mine.

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