Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Chapter Thirty Four

Work went quicker than usual this week knowing that things between Weston and I were mutual, my mood was instantly increased and I could tell that everyone had noticed. Friday came around like a flash of light, today was the day that Weston would drive us down to my mums in Basingstoke.

Quite honestly I was so excited to see her, it had been far too long and the fact that Weston also wanted to come along just boosted everything. I hated time watching but I was desperate for it to be the end of the day so we could get out of here and get on the road.

“So guys,” Abi announces catching the attention of Theo, Lauren and I. Placing down the pen that was in my hand and leaning back in my chair to look at her. “I’ve got some news to share.”

“You’re pregnant?” Theo gasps sarcastically and Abi rolls her eyes towards him.

“Shut up and listen,” she mumbles, placing her hands onto the desk and pushing herself further up in her seat. “I wanted you guys to know that I have a boyfriend!”

I don’t miss the way Lauren and Theo hang their mouths open in shock, I felt the same way but I didn’t show it like they did. “Are you joking?” Lauren says loudly.

Abi shakes her head and smiles, a genuine smile. “I really have a boyfriend.”

“Holy fucking shit,” Theo shakes his head in disbelief. “Where did you meet him?”

“Well,” she trails off. “I listened to what you guys said about dating apps, I stayed well away from Tinder but I did have a cheeky look at Hinge. You match on your interests and it seemed a lot more safer than Tinder.”

“What’s his name?” Lauren asks curiously.

“His name is Cameron and he is an electrician from Stratford.” She explains like she was a contestant on Take Me Out.

Theo continues to shake his head. “I still can’t believe it,” he mumbles out. “But I’m happy for you Abi.”

“Me too,” Lauren agrees. “Hopefully he can calm you the fuck down.”

Abi grins and nods back. “Same, I needed someone to put me in my place that’s for sure.”

“Congrats Abi,” I tell her as she turns to me. “Is he as crazy as you?”

“No way,” she laughs softly. “He’s really calm and collected, he likes a good night out but he doesn’t take it over the edge every time like I do.”

Theo begins to laugh at her words. “Wow, I really never thought I’d see the day.”

“We’ll have to meet him now,” Lauren claps her hands together excitedly.

“Sure,” Abi nods. “I’ll invite him to our next outing, think he’ll love to meet you guys.”

The rest of the afternoon goes quickly, and we all wish each other a happy weekend. Once everyone had filtered out of the office Weston approaches my desk. “Ready to make a move?” He questions and I instantly stand from my desk and nod.

Grabbing my travel bag that was sat by my feet, tucking in my chair and following his lead. “How was your day?” He asks as we walk through the office, his hand moving to take my bag and hold it for me.

I nod up to him. “Good,” I say. “This week has gone so quickly, that’s when you know it’s been good.”

Weston grins back at me. “I’m glad.”

“How was yours?”

He hums towards me. “Yeah good, a little stressful. I might need to make a call later but hopefully won’t need to do much this weekend.”

“I’ll understand if you do, neither my mum or me will think anything of it. Work is work you know.” I say as we reach the ground floor and walk through the reception.

Darryl was waiting for us outside the building, holding a door open for me to climb in. He takes us to a nearby private carpark where Weston’s car lived whilst he was in London. I was already anticipating what his car would look like considering the carpark looked like a showroom for untouched cars.

We thanks Darryl and get out, Weston removes his keys from his pocket and the lights on his car flash in our direction. A black sleek and beautiful Range Rover sits perfectly in one of the bays.

“Wow,” I say as we approach his car. “It’s so nice.”

“Thanks,” Weston side smiles as he cracks open the drivers door. “I barely get to drive it but when I do, I miss it.”

My hand runs along the shiny material as my fingers grip onto the door handle and pulls it open. It smelt brand new, fresh leather and a strawberry air freshener over the rear mirror. Having to take a big step up to get into the vehicle before shutting the door behind me.

Weston presses the start button and it begins to vibrate, watching as he rests his right hand onto the steering wheel and moves the car into drive before pressing down on the accelerator and we stroll out of the car park.

Watching as Weston casually holds onto the wheel with one hand, his forearm on show from where his shirt was rolled up to his elbows. I couldn’t look anywhere else, the sight of someone driving was unbelievably sexy, even if he was driving an automatic.

“Could you put your mum’s address in the satnav?” He asks as he raises his left hand to tap the screen in between us.

I hum and press my finger against the touch screen and punch in her postcode with ease. Flashing up instantly that it would take an hour and a half to get there on the quickest route, the radio was playing quietly but on a station I had never heard of before.

“Are you hungry?” Weston asks as he peaks over to me.

“A little,” I say. “Maybe we should get snacks, later we’ll have dinner with mum.”

“Sounds good to me,” he smiles as he reaches over to squeeze my knee.

Turning to mush there and then as his thumb flicks over the material on my trousers. “Also,” I say as I clear my throat. “I forgot to say, the spare room only has a single bed in it.”

Weston shrugs like this should have bothered him. “Sorry,” I mumble, cringing at the thought of him being stuck to me in some tiny bed.

“Don’t be sorry,” he cracks a smile and turns to me briefly as we stop at a red light. “I don’t care as long as I’m with you.”

My heart pulsates irregularly as I stare back at him, who knew a human could be so perfect in every bloody way.

. . .

By the time we reach my mums house I was so desperate to get out of the car and see her, Weston parks directly outside and we collect our belongings before walking up to the front door.

Ringing on the doorbell as Weston rests his hand against my lower back. For a few moments no one comes to the door but I knew my mum wasn’t Lightning McQueen, she was in a wheelchair and took a while to get around.

Eventually the door swings open and my mum scoots her chair backwards so the door can open in front of her. Her eyes almost exploding at the sight of me, a bright grin spread across her face like she had won the lottery. “My sweet boy!” She shouts as I grin back and lower down to her level.

Wrapping my arms around her and listening to her as she mumbles inaudible words. “So good to see you mum,” I mumble towards her as she continues to squeeze me tightly.

“Oh I’ve missed you so much,” she cries before pulling me away so I was at arms length.

Her eyes then darting to Weston who was stood beside me. “Now who is this lovely gentleman?” She smiles between us both.

“Hi, I’m Weston. Micah’s boyfriend.”

My eyes bulge out of my head at his words, my mother gushing in happiness. “Oh my love, so pleased to meet you! I’m Nicola.”

Weston levels down to give my mum a soft kiss on the cheek. “Thank you for having us Nicola.” He says politely.

She recoils like this was an insult. “Don’t be silly!” She exclaims as she uses her hands to wheel herself backwards. “You guys are always welcome at any time, I love visitors. Come in, come in!”

Taking a quick peak up at Weston as he smiles down to me and allows me to take a step into the house first. Shutting the door behind me and guiding us into the living room. “Has the carer been round today?” I ask as she turns her chair around to us.

“Yes, she came this morning. She changed the bedsheets in the spare room for me. What a lovely woman.” She smiles back at us. “Sit down, sit down.”

Weston walks to the furthest sofa and we sit down opposite my mother. “Mum,” I say as I clutch my jacket closer to me. “It’s absolutely freezing in here, has it been like this all day?”

My mum shrugs. “I’ve tried to fix it but I have no idea what’s going on with it. It gets stuck on the same temperature.”

“Mum, the house is so cold,” I say, my voice dipping in concern. “You need to get that fixed.”

“I can have a look at it later,” Weston suggests as I turn to him. “See if I can try figure it out.”

“Thanks,” I smile to him gratefully. “How about I make everyone a cuppa to warm us up?”

“Oh don’t be silly I can do that,” my mum says dismissively, pressing her hands against the wheels on her chair.

My eyes find hers and I shake my head. “No you relax and you chill out. I can do this.” I tell her.

My mums eyes light up and she nods towards me. “You’re too sweet my boy,” she says softly. “Thank you Micah.”

Turning to Weston. “Yeah, if you have coffee. Thank you.” He smiles to me and I nod.

The second I leave the living room my mum begins talking, I knew she was desperate to be around other people that aren’t her carer. Approaching her kitchen and looking up at the discoloured damp wall that was coming from the side of the house. “Oh God,” I mumble to myself as I look at the ruined wallpaper.

Opening the fridge and realising there was no milk and nothing to eat for dinner, I’m not sure what I was expecting but this was definitely a possibility. The thought of my mum not feeding herself properly made me sick with worry. Popping my head back into the living room, Weston now sitting closer to my mum. “I’m just going to pop to the shops and get some milk and something to make for dinner.”

“Oh my love, are you sure?” My mum stops to turn to me. “Here take some money.”

I shake my head at her instantly. “It’s okay mum, I’ve got it. I’ll be back in a second, the shop is only down the road.” I say as I dismiss her, she barely had money for the bills let alone for us all to have dinner. And that hurt more than anything.

By the time I get back with some milk and a few things to throw together to make a dinner, I was desperate for a cup of tea myself. Standing in the kitchen as I stir through all of the mugs, picking up mums and Weston’s before waltzing into the living room. Noticing how my mum had a picture book out and across her lap. Weston’s eyes looking over each photograph as my mum continues to talk.

They both thank me before I retreat back to the kitchen for my own, standing in the doorway as I listen to their conversation. My heart swelling at the sight of Weston sitting to patiently listening to my mums nonsense. “This was when Micah won the Chess Championships when he was twelve and then he joined the academic maths club at thirteen. They went to finals and I was so proud.” My mum sighs as she presses a hand to her chest, Weston’s lips curving up as she talks.

“Mum,” I say as I catch both their attention. Raising my mug to my lips. “Weston doesn’t care about when I joined the maths and chess club.”

“I care,” Weston states back simply.

“Exactly,” my mums voice comes out strong. “We all care.”

My eyes narrow towards Weston and he smiles back at me. “Yes I was a massive nerd, okay, can we move on?”

“No you were the smartest kid in school,” my mum shakes her head at me. “And look where that’s got you. A first class degree and an amazing job.”

“Intelligence is attractive,” Weston says straight, his dark eyes sending me off into a frenzy.

“If you say so,” I say with a slight awkward laugh. “I got some bits for dinner, was thinking pasta because it’s quick and easy.”

“Let me cook,” Weston says instantly as he places down his cup of coffee. “Let you two catch up and I’ll get it all sorted.”

“Aw you really don’t have to do that,” my mum leans over to touch his arm adoringly. “You really are the sweetest. Thank you Weston, that’s so kind of you.”

Weston smiles back to her as he pulls up from the sofa. “I’ll show you where everything is.” I say as we walk out of the living room and into the kitchen.

The first thing he notices is the damp patch on the wall. “What’s that from?” He asks and I shrug.

“God knows, will have to talk to mum later. I’m worried about her.” I sigh as I rest my hand down onto the table.

Weston’s lips fall at my sudden change, be wraps his arms around me and kisses my forehead. “She seems happy to see you,” he mumbles into me.

“She’s even happier you’re here,” I laugh into his chest. “Don’t think she thought she’d ever see the day were I brought a guy home.”

“That’s not true, surely.” he half smiles as he pulls away from me. “Right show me where the utensils are and I whip something up.”

. . .

“Oh my goodness Weston, that was delicious.” My mum sighs in satisfaction as she places her knife and fork together on her plate, hands shaking slightly.

“I told you Weston was a good cook,” I say with a light smile.

“It’s nothing special,” he dismisses himself.

“Well I thought it was lovely, thank you.” My mum beams at him.

“You are more than welcome Nicola,” he breathes out softly.

“I really hate to be the one to go to bed so early but I’m so tired,” she yawns, her eyes looking heavy.

“Don’t be silly,” I shake me head towards her. “I know you need your rest, don’t burn yourself out. Go and sleep, we’ll see you tomorrow.”

My mums eyes close for a moment before she nods towards us. “Okay,” she says as she wheels herself around to outside of the table. “Goodnight.” She reaches her cheek to mine.

“Goodnight Nicola,” Weston smiles as he stands and begins to collect our plates.

I watch as she wheels herself down the hall and positions herself into her stair chair, strapping herself in and taking herself up to the top floor.

“Don’t worry about that,” I say to Weston as he scrubs the plates. “We can do it tomorrow.”

But Weston has none of it. “I’m almost done,” he says in response but we both knew he wasn’t.

My feet take slow and steady steps towards him as I wrap my arms around his torso, pressing my cheek to his back. “Thank you for coming,” I say quietly. “I’m so glad you’re here.”

“I’m pleased I could come,” he responds, his hands swirling around in the sink.

We move upstairs to the spare room about five minutes later, the white bedsheets softly laying against the single bed. “Sorry it’s not much,” I sigh as I turn to Weston.

He continues to shake his head. “Honestly I don’t care,” he smiles at me as he shuts the door.

Both of us shifting out of our clothes and I pull back the sheets. Weston climbs in first and I fall down on top of his firm body, our bare chests touching and I relax into him. His arm wrapping around my back and pulling me into him tightly. “This is cosy,” I comment with a quiet laugh, burying my face into his neck. Weston brushes his fingers across my arm soothingly.

“Wouldn’t want it any other way,” he mumbles before kissing the side of my head gently.

“Goodnight West.”

“Goodnight Micah.”

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