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Chapter Thirty Five

After spending such a lovely weekend with my mum, by the time Sunday morning came around I didn’t want to leave. Seeing my mum brought back so many memories and I hated leaving her, especially knowing that the house wasn’t in the best condition. She deserved so much better but I knew the council wouldn’t care, all they’d care about was the fact she had a roof over her head.

We say goodbye to my mum and I watch as she latches onto Weston, whispering something into his ear that I don’t catch. Weston laughs towards her before kissing her cheek and saying goodbye.

Watching as she shuts the door behind her and we get into Weston’s car, neither of us uttering a word to each other.

I study him for a moment as he stares out of the windscreen in front of him, a hand running through his hair as he sighs. “What?” I say as I look at him with concern.

Eventually he turns to me, a strained look on his face. “Your mum can’t live like this Micah,” he tells me as his face falls slightly.

“I know,” I shake my head. “I’ve been trying my hardest to get improvements on the house so it’s liveable but the council will do nothing about it. I send her money but I’m not even sure if she uses it.”

Weston chews on his lip before exhaling sharply. “The heating is broken, there are damp patches all around the house, it’s not even accessible for her wheelchair.”

“I know West, I wish I could do more but I can’t. I do as much as I can.” My voice struggles slightly, hating that we had to discuss this.

“I want to help her.” Weston states instantly, resting his wrist on the edge of his steering wheel.

My mouth opens to speak but nothing comes out, feeling completely confused. “How?”

“Moving her to an accessible flat, somewhere that she can feel comfortable in.” He tells me as he turns to me. “Not having to go up the stairs every time she needs to use the bathroom.”

“Y-You want to buy her a flat?” I say in disbelief, my eyebrow arching towards him like he was talking crazy. “West are you hearing yourself?”

“I want to help,” he turns to me, a look of determination in his eyes.

My chest heaves out a silent sigh. “She won’t accept it, no way. She would die of embarrassment and shame before she even let you do that.” Shaking my head towards him.

My mum is prideful, pretending that everything is fine and under control when it clearly isn’t. She hates people thinking she’s struggling, so she acts like nothing is wrong.

“Micah,” Weston pinches the bridge of his nose. “I don’t want this to sound morbid but if her living conditions don’t improve she’s going to get sicker by the day. She doesn’t deserve to be trapped in that house, she deserves so much more. What she did for us these last couple days, for me, someone she doesn’t even know. She cares about everyone else far more than she cares about herself and it shows.”

“She does,” I agree. “She always puts others first, if she didn’t have her condition she would be out doing things to help others. Making us dinner and desserts and god knows what else.”

“Then let me help her,” Weston exhales, his eyes remaining on mine, making me realise how serious he was.

“A flat is like a hundred grand West, do you really want to be spending that much money on her?” I question, still shocked by this whole conversation.

“She’s your mother, of course I’m going to care.”

“If something happened between us and we no longer were together, that house would technically be yours and not hers. She could lose that house a lot easier than you think.” I say, slowing down my words so that Weston understands that it’s a big deal.

His eyebrows narrow towards me. “I wouldn’t ever do that to you, or to her.”

I shake my head. “I’m not saying you would but imagine how that would look to her. Knowing you had ownership over her whole house.”

Weston ponders for a second and he runs his finger along his bottom lip. “Well I’ll get my lawyers and accountant involved, make sure we have deeds that say I couldn’t touch the property as I’ve given permission for her to have it. I know we can do that. Or gift the money to her so she can purchase her own.”

“This is a big commitment,” I say with certainty. “I really hope you’re thinking about what you’re saying West.”

“I’m not doing this to flash my money around.” He says instantly, holding a hand up as if he was surrendering. “I want to do this because she deserves so much better, I know the council are going to do fuck all.”

“This isn’t going to be something that is decided over night, we will need to sit down and talk about it. Talk to my mum because I don’t want to be making plans behind her back.” I exhale as I lean back into the car seat.

“Obviously it’s not going to happen over night but I stand by my word,” he tells me with a side smile. “I love doing things for people who deserve it, that’s what I live for, giving back to those who deserve it. I just want to do something nice, that’s all.”

“Okay well let’s discuss this another time,” I nod towards him. “Thank you for being so selfless and generous, I’m just a bit in shock.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Weston shakes his head as he starts the engine. “I just needed to say it now before I exploded. It was extremely forward of me.”

My lips curve as he pulls away from the curve and drive home. “It’s sweet you care so much,” I tell him honestly. “No ones really given a shit about us, it’s always just been me and her. My heart broke when we had to give up my childhood home.”

Weston’s face frowns to me. “Really?” He turns to me slightly. “That’s sad.”

I hum to him and look out the window. “Is what it is I guess,” I sigh.

The rest of the journey was smooth, talking about music and concerts and shows we had been to. It was nice to feel so relaxed after such a nice weekend, even better that Weston came.

“Can I come in?” Weston asks as we drive through the main town in West Kensington.

“Are you joking?” I say with a light laugh. “Of course you can come in, you don’t need to ask me that.”

“Is there anywhere we can park?”

“Yeah, there’s a small car park at the back of our flats. You need a permit but I don’t think anyone ever checks them.” I explain as we approach a set of traffic lights.

The car stops and Weston turns to me, one hand rested on the wheel and the curve of his bicep resting perfectly against his black T-shirt. “Ah fuck the permit,” he flashes me a smile before driving off again.

By the time we are parked up and halfway up to my apartment, I felt relieved I was home. Travelling is exhausting even if you’re not the one driving.

Valentina was sat at the dining table with paper spread across the wood, a pink highlighter in hand. She instantly looks up to us a beams at us with a full smile. “Hi guys!” She says enthusiastically.

“Hey Valentina,” Weston says as he closes the door behind me.

“Hey,” I smile as I dump my stuff down onto the floor and glance over the pieces of paper she was working on. “What you up to?”

“Oh just been doing some planning, nothing special. How was your weekend?”

I nod towards her. “Yeah it was nice thanks, seeing my mum was so lovely.”

“How is she?” Vee sits up in her seat and presses her palms to the table.

“Good, think we’ve made her month.” I laugh as I peek over to Weston who was stood by our mantle piece.

“Aw,” she raises her shoulders to her ears. “That’s so sweet, glad she’s doing well.”

My eyes switch back to Weston who was leaning against my wall, a passport in hand, watching as he reads over it. Then his eyes glance up to mine and he has a suspicious look on his face. “It’s your birthday next week?”

Parting my lips, consisting lying but then remembering he’s looking directly at my passport. “Yeah.” I nod before pursing my lips.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” He shakes his head towards me.

“It’s not important,” I shrug. “We never celebrate, do we Vee?”

Vee groans and slumps her head against her hand. “Only because you don’t want to, no matter how hard I try. Nothing comes of it.”

“That’s because no one cares.” I say with a forward sigh.

“I do,” Valentina pouts towards me. “I always want to do something for your birthday but you always convince me other wise. Not even out for some food or to the bar, you’re always adamant that it’s pointless.”

My eyes roll partially. “That’s because it is,” my arms fold over my chest, watching as Weston puts down my passport and strolls over to me causally.

“You know you’re not getting out of this one this time, right?” Weston quirks an eyebrow at me.

“Yes Weston!” Valentina shouts far too loudly for a Sunday afternoon.

“Guys, I’m honestly happy with ordering in a pizza and watching some shit movie.” I say as I look between them both. “Birthday’s aren’t all that, I don’t need much to keep me happy.”

“That’s not happening,” Weston says as he copies my actions and crosses his arms.

“You guys have to plan something fun,” Vee nods as she stands from the table and makes her way over to the fridge. “It’s not everyday that you turn twenty three.”

My eyes bulge out of my head at her. “Twenty three is such a boring age, it’s not like I’m twenty five or thirty. Just boring old twenty three, which calls for a very simple and calm day.”

Weston laughs softly from beside me, shaking his head. “You can say what you want but this birthday is going to be your best birthday yet.”

“Well I haven’t got much to compare it to,” I say back, my voice dropping slightly.

He steps forward and runs a hand down the back of my hair. “Well I’m going to make this one special,” he breathes out, remaining eye contact.

My heart flutters, my knees shaking with nerves. Gulping because I needed to somehow clear my throat. “Whatever you’re planning, you better not show me up.” I say seriously. “I hate surprises, I hate the attention being on me. So please whatever you’re planning, please go easy on me.”

Weston’s lips break into a smile before he lowers his head to kiss me gently, catching me by surprise instantly. “Calm,” he tells me. “It’ll be perfect, I promise.”

“Okay,” I murmur back, knowing that no matter what I said, they wouldn’t listen. My stomach building with butterflies at what he could be planning. “Are you staying for a bit or do you need to go?”

I watch as Weston checks his wrist for the time, he hums towards me. “I can stay for a bit but need to make some calls later, drop off my car and arrange with Darryl to pick me up.”

Nodding back towards him. “Okay, well are you hungry? I can whip you something up.” I suggest and his eyes instantly light up at my offer.

“You going to cook for me now?” He smirks towards me, a look that showed me he was somewhat impressed.

“I can’t guarantee the quality of the food but it will be made from the heart?” I say enthusiastically as I take a few steps backwards into the kitchen.

Weston chuckles quietly and perches on the end of out kitchen counter. “I’ll take whatever,” he beams at me before plucking his phone out from his trouser pocket and scrolls through his notifications.

“If I give you food poisoning please don’t sue me,” I joke lightly and Weston peeks up at me to breathe out a short breath through his nose.

“Oh, he’s not joking.” Valentina pipes up as she walks towards the table, catching Weston’s attention as he looks over his shoulder to her. “Last year he cooked me this—”


“—prawn linguini and boy, I was in and out of that toilet for forty two hours straight. It was not good, christ he almost killed me.”

Weston’s wide eyes eventually turn back to me. “Please don’t give me food poisoning,” he cracks a smile.

I force out an unsure smile. “I’ll try my hardest, I promise.”

Valentina snorts from behind him and Weston shares a worried glance at me. “I’ll do no meat, just veg.” I clarify before attempting to put something together, trying to ignore Weston’s unsure expressions.

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