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Chapter Thirty Six

On Thursday it was my birthday and secretly I was praying that everyone forgot, but really I knew that wasn’t an option. Weston seemed adamant that my birthday would be celebrated and I doubt Vee would let that slide.

At work my desk is covered with confetti and balloons, realising that the news of my birthday had spread to the office. It was nice to feel important, that people wanted to do nice things for you but the attention made me feel nauseous.

Weston told me he was taking me out tonight and we were going straight there after work. He refused to tell me where we were going and that I would love it.

We take a lift up to the thirty-ninth floor in the centre of London, feeling completely amazed that a restaurant would even be on that floor. We are sat right by the window, looking out across the whole of London, watching the world go by below us. To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

The restaurant was beautiful, an indoor tree with red flowers and patterned flooring. Vibrant lights and soothing music.

Weston sits opposite and orders us a bottle of wine, trusting his taste because he literally dines for a living. “Happy birthday,” he smiles towards me as he holds up his wine glass and I clink mine against his.

“Thank you,” I breathe out before taking a sip of my drink.

“I hope you love sushi,” he leans forward onto the table, the cuff of his blazer riding so his silver watch as on show.

I nod back at him. “I love sushi but I’ve only ever been to markets where they sell it,” I admit as my eyes begin to wander over the menu. “I have no idea what to order.”

Weston hums and opens his own menu. “What kind of fish do you like?” He questions.

“Lobster, prawns, salmon.” I list.

“Can I order for us?” He raises an eyebrow in my direction.

My hand folds over the menu in my hands as I nod. “Yeah, you know better than I do.” I say with a smile.

Once our order had been taken, Weston reaches over the table to grab my hand, his thumb running over my skin. “No one has cared this much for me for my birthday,” I say as I clear my throat.

“That’s not true,” Weston instantly shakes his head. “I know Valentina would have gone out with you in a heartbeat.”

“She’s just not as persuasive as you are,” my lips part to exhale a small laugh.

“Do you hate your birthday?”

My eyes blink back at him. “No I don’t hate it,” I tell him as I squeeze onto his fingers. “I just hate being the focus of attention. I prefer to go under the radar you know.”

Weston’s eyes sparkle as he watches me. “You’re never going to be able to go under the radar when I’m around,” he flashes me a beautiful smile.

My stomach erupting into a million heartbeats, my hands beginning to feel clammy in his hold. “I think I’ve realised that,” I say playfully. “Is it too late to back out now?”

Weston’s smile remains as he reaches for his glass of wine, raising it to his lips and remaining eye contact with me the whole time. “You can’t back out now,” he says seriously, his dark eyes capturing me in an intense stare.

My hand begins to shake in his, Weston noticed and clutches onto me tighter. “I just still can’t believe this is happening,” I breathe out quietly.

His head tilts slightly, confused by my question. “What do you mean?”

“Us,” I say simply. “I’m just still in shock that we are a thing. Blows my mind some days.”


I take a moment to breathe deeply, swallowing so my throat doesn’t close up. “Crushing on your boss is dangerous.” I say. “When I liked you, I had no idea what to do with my feelings because I knew it was unprofessional and I knew deep down I’m severely out of your league.”

His eyes narrow towards me. “No you’re not,” he tells me.

“I felt like I was, you’re successful and unbelievably good looking, the kindest and noblest person. Weston you are literally the perfect person,” my lips part so I can force myself to breathe. “I don’t know if you know this but I’m pretty sure everyone at work fancies you. Even the straight guys.”

Weston cracks a smile towards me, a soft laugh rumbling from his chest. “Well that’s news to me,” he says gently.

“You’re just such a nice all round person that I think everyone falls for you,” I admit.

“Well I don’t give a crap about anyone else,” his head begins to shake as he raises our hands up to his lips, pressing a small kiss to my knuckles. Leaving my breathless and completely in awe. “I like you Micah because nothing with you is sugarcoated, what you see is what you get and I love that.”

I cannot stop the smile that forms on my face at his words, feeling completely in awe. “Well you’re not too shabby yourself,” I say in response, already feeling my cheeks begin to heat up.

Weston closes his eyes briefly and smiles. Just as he opens his mouth to speak the waiter comes over and places our plates down onto the table, not realising how much Weston had actually ordered. My stomach growls loudly from the smell and I was too eager to dig in.

. . .

“Tonight was amazing,” I gush to Weston as we approach my apartment door. “Thank you, you have really made it special for me.”

Weston smiles down to me as we stop outside my door, leaning up on my toes slightly to press a delicate kiss onto his lips. “This was the perfect amount of birthday antics,” I breathe out.

Jamming my keys into the lock and twisting it, pushing the door open and flicking on the lights.


My eyes blink back at Valentina, Theo, Lauren, Abi, Abel and a few friends from university, all stood around my flat with party poppers and party hats. Confetti blasting in all different directions, along with loud cheering and clapping.

Weston moves behind me and presses a hand to the centre of my back, ushering me inside. Not being able to say anything, my stomach erupting into butterflies at how everyone was here because of me.

Valentina walks directly towards me and wraps her arms around my neck. “Happy birthday bestie!” She yells in my ear.

“I’m going to kill you,” I mumble back causing her to laugh.

“Don’t blame me, this was Weston’s idea. I just helped him with it.” She pulls away from me and holds me at arms length, grinning back at me.

I sigh and turn to Weston who shrugs at me like he has no idea, but he does, he has every idea.

Whizzing round everyone and thanking them for their birthday wishes, drinks were flowing and an array of party snacks distributed out. Valentina was making cocktails and handing them out to everyone, asking for feedback on how she can make them better.

Weston finds me an hour later and he presses a kiss to the side of my head, shocked that he was doing this in front of his employees. “Are you ready to let them know?” I whisper up to him as my eyes take one quick glance over at Lauren and Abi who were looking in our direction.

“I don’t care,” he shakes his head towards me. “People can think what they want but I know you make me happy, this makes me happy so I’m not going to hide it from anyone.”

A big grin stretches out onto my face as I look up at him. “You have such a way with words West,” I sigh out in adoration. “You really are the best, even if I’m annoyed you did this for me.”

He leaves a gentle kiss against my lips quickly before he smiles. “So,” he says as he looks behind me. “Theo and Valentina are looking a little close.”

My eyes widen towards him as I instantly whip my head around, watching as Theo is deep into telling a story and Vee was laughing hysterically. “Oh wow,” I mumble out as Weston’s hand moves to rest on my shoulder.

“Not going to lie, when I first met Valentina I really thought her and Theo would get along. They seem very much alike.” He says from behind me and I find myself agreeing.

“Yeah they’re both a bit mental aren’t they,” I laugh before turning back around to Weston. “I never really thought they would get along this well, but here we are.”

“Hey guys,” Abi’s voice cuts off our conversation as she approaches us with Lauren. “Hope you’ve had a nice birthday Micah.”

“I have thanks Abi,” I smile towards her.

“Can I just say I’m really happy for you guys,” she says, her voice sounding completely genuine. “I slyly saw it coming.”

“Really?” Weston raises an eyebrow and her and I resist the urge to laugh.

She rolls her eyes at him. “I just knew you guys were spending loads of time together and I know how ridiculously smart Micah is, hard working and that. I know how much you like it when people put in a lot of effort into their work.” She explains herself.

Lauren gives Abi an unsure look before turning to both of us. “I’m happy for you guys,” she says. “It’s nice to see you together.”

“Thanks Lauren.” I clear my throat. “So Abi, how’s your new boyfriend?” I ask, attempting to change the subject as I raise my cup to my lips.

“I didn’t know you had a boyfriend,” Weston says with a shocked expression.

She flicks her blonde hair over her shoulder and nods. “Yeah, we’ve been dating for a couple weeks now. Things are going well.” She flashes her perfectly white teeth.

“Well I’m pleased for you,” I nod towards her.

“Thanks, it was about time I finally got some male action.” She says before taking a big sip of her drink.

“Too right,” Lauren agrees.

The rest of the night I spent catching up with everyone, Abel and I had a lovely chat and he meet Weston properly. No one got ridiculously drunk knowing that we had to go into work tomorrow, it was just nice to have a couple drinks and talk.

It was the fact that everyone wanted to come here to celebrate, that made my heart pulsate harshly.

Once everyone had left, purposely not leaving it too late. Valentina took herself off to bed and Weston sits me down on the sofas. “I’ve wanted to give you these,” he says as he slides over a black bag. “Waiting this late to give presents should be illegal.”

I laugh and shake my head at him. “You didn’t have to get me anything,” I say as I rest onto my hand, pressed against the edge of the sofa.

His dark eyes find mine and he looks at me like I’m stupid. “Of course I did,” he says as he pulls out a present wrapped in brown paper. The box was massive and my eyebrows instantly raise. “Here.”

My hands take the present as I set it between us, not expecting it to be so heavy. Ripping the paper off the box and looking down at my present. “A coffee machine?” I say with a big grin. “Is this so I don’t make you shitty coffee in the mornings anymore?”

Weston laughs and pushes my shoulder slightly. “No, but it would be great to be able to use it here.”

“Thank you,” I say gratefully. “You have no idea how much Vee and I will abuse this.”

“You’re welcome,” he flicks his finger over the inside of my wrist gently. “But that’s not all.”

“West,” I shake my head towards him, watching as he reaches into the bag and pulls out an envelope. “Honestly, I really didn’t want any presents.”

“Tough,” he says as he hands me over the envelope.

I look at him through my lashes and reluctantly take the present between my hands. Sighing in defeat as I crack open the paper side and pull out the contents, my eyes instantly reading over the tickets in front of me.

“New York?” I breathe out in disbelief. Weston looks back at me with a confident smile. “Fuck West, New York. Really?”

“Yeah,” he grins back at me. “Over New Year for five days.”

My hand moves to smack my open mouth before I launch myself at him, wrapping my arms around his neck and pushing him back to the sofa. “Holy fuck, thank you so much. Oh my God.”

Weston chuckles in my ear and holds me tightly to him. “You are more than welcome.” He says quietly, sending shivers down my spine.

Pulling away for a moment to look at him. “I’ve only ever left the country once and that was to go to France,” I admit as I place the envelope down onto the side. “So this is a big deal to me, God thank you. I can’t say it enough.”

He shakes his head towards me and cups the side of my head. “You deserve it,” he mumbles against my lips before pecking me over and over.

“You’re just amazing,” I say as my eyes begin to raise with happy tears. “You’ve made this a birthday to remember.”

Weston stares back at me and runs his hand down the back of my head, my hair flicking between his fingers. “I’m glad Micah, I wanted to make it special for you.”

“You have,” I nod towards him, moving closer to kiss him softly. “I’m completely falling for you Weston, like I’m completely fucked.”

He looks directly in my eyes and parts his lips, grinning wildly at me. “Don’t worry,” he whispers against me. “I feel the same.”

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