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Chapter Thirty Seven

Things between Weston and I were better than ever, we had been working on a lot of different projects together at work. Just an extra excuse to spend time with each other, knowing that Weston’s work load was increasing and our time to go out on dates was cut to a minimum. But I didn’t mind, I spent a lot of evenings at his apartment even if he was working.

I cooked him a few meals from his trusty cook book and attempted to not kill us both with food poisoning, Weston was grateful that I was so understanding but when you want to be with someone, you adapt to their lifestyle.

We were never affectionate at work in front of others, we kept it strictly professional and that made me want him more when we did get time alone. No one really asked what was going on between us and I was pleased people could respect our boundaries, it wasn’t anyone else’s business.

It was the first Sunday in weeks that we had a quiet afternoon to ourselves, getting hot and heavy on his bed. Weston’s hand was wrapped around my cheek as he pulls me into him, kissing my lips slowly but possessively.

My toes curling at his touch against my skin, this was well overdue. Not having time this week to be intimate with each other, we were desperate to feel close. And this was everything.

Weston’s lips pull from mine and he takes off my top, then yanking off my bottoms. He pecks my lips once before leaning up and removing his own t-shirt, my eyes glazing over his toned stomach and arms. Biting down onto my lip before I screamed loudly at the sight of him.

He smirks towards me, dropping his head to my neck, pressing kisses down my throat and over my collarbones. My breathing increasing with every peck, his head slipping down my sternum and towards my boxers.

Feeling my face begin to heat up rapidly as he links his fingers inside my boxers and pulls them off, his face incredibly close to my member.

I instantly sit up and Weston raises his eyes to mine. “Are you going down on me?” I ask suddenly.

Weston’s eyes look to the side for a brief moment. “...yeah.” He trails off as he stares back at me.

My cheeks hurt from how much blood rushed to them, the heat from my body feeling like I was about to explode. “What’s wrong?” Weston questions. “Do you want me to stop?”

Flicking my eyes between his concerned stare. “I just didn’t know that’s a thing tops would do,” I say honestly. “Going down on a bottom.”

Weston narrows his eyes at me. “I mean there are no limits to what a couple can do during sex,” he says gently.

“I’ve never had head before,” I admit as I swallow harshly.

“Really?” Weston’s head tilts, he knew I had been with other guys before.

“The guys I’ve been with before have said that it’s my duty to give head, it’s the bottoms job never the top.”

Weston shakes his head towards me. “Well you’ve been with some shitty guys Micah, I want to do this. It feels so fucking good when you do it to me, I want to return the favour. Although I’ve never done this before so please bear with me.” He cracks a grin that tells me he’s confident.

My lips curve up into a smile. “I know you’ll be great,” I tell him. “I’ve imagined it a few times.”

“Then lay back and relax,” Weston leans over my body to press a kiss to my lips, my stomach dancing with butterflies.

I nod back at him and land into his fluffy pillows, staring up at his apartment ceiling. Feeling as his lips continue to kiss around the base of my cock, feeling it jolt as blood rushes through my body and making me hard too quickly.

My fingers dig into the duvet and I clench, feeling Weston’s hand clutch my cock between his hand. Peeking my eyes up to him as he spits down onto my dick, smothering his saliva with his thumb over my head. My throat closes and my lips quiver at his touch, nothing has ever looked so sexy.

Slowly he opens his mouth and glides his tongue down my shaft, already having my eyes roll into the back of my head. He clasps my cock at the base as he lowers his head further and further down my length, swirling his tongue around me.

My legs begin to shake and Weston clutches onto the side of my thigh, his touch sending a shiver down my spine. Watching as he bobs his head, pushing my length all the way down into the back of his throat. “Fuck,” I curse out as he tightens his lips, his mouth feeling warm and wet.

Weston’s dark eyes meet mine for a brief second, my chest heaving as I watch him take his sweet time on my cock. My fingers grazing through his hair, little moans escaping my lips every few moments.

He pulls away and begins to lick my sweet spot, sucking solely on my tip as his other hand begins to pump me. Gripping my fingers tightly into his hair as my mouth parts, buckling my hips. “West,” I moan out, feeling him increase his speed. “Holy shit.”

His lips remove themselves from me. “Feel good?” He mumbles against my length, sending vibrations up through my body.

“Too good,” I sigh out as his hand continues to move up and down me.

Weston smirks in my direction, he knew exactly what he was doing even if he’s never done it. “I’m glad,” he tells me deeply before pushing my member to the back of his throat again, moving his mouth faster than before.

“Shit,” I curse out as he tongue glides along me, hitting my sweet spot every time he pulls back. Pressure begins to build in my abdomen and I didn’t want to come so quick because I wanted to enjoy it but I physically couldn’t fight it.

“West,” I warn him as his mouth slams down onto my cock, tightening his lips causing me to shake with pleasure. “Fuck, holy fuck. You’re gonna make me come.”

Weston smirks and removes his mouth from me, pumping me with his other hand whilst his tongue laid flat underneath my cock. Mouth wide open as he sent me over the edge, my cum shooting into his mouth as he stroked me hard, making my body jolt in every direction. Shaking against his bedsheets as I moan his name over and over.

Feeling his mouth clench around my tip, licking up all of my juices before he swallows. My heart continues to beat out of time as he slowly brings down his pace, my dick feeling incredibly sensitive but my body was feeling overly happy.

“Oh my God,” I breathe out as I melt into his pillows and look up at the ceiling, my eyesight turning blurry from my orgasm.

Slowly Weston pulls himself from me and drops my dick in his hand, leaning over my body and levelling our noses together. He simpers, looking incredibly proud of himself. “Guess I’m pretty good then, huh?” He tells me before kissing the corner of my mouth gently.

My head nods, pursing my lips as I hum up to him. “Guess you could say that,” I agree, my finger sliding down the edge of his jaw. “Let me do you.”

Weston instantly shakes his head. “No, I wanted to make this about you.” He smiles down towards me. “I wanted you to have a good time.”

My head pulls back slightly and I can’t help but grin. “You’re cute,” I comment.

His eyebrow flexes towards me. “If you say so.” He tells me, nudging his forehead against mine.

“You are,” I say back. “You’re sweet, even if you don’t want to admit it.”

Weston exhales a breath through his nose with a small laugh. “Okay, I’ll take your word for it.”

“Do you want to go for a walk?” I suggest as I glance out his large windows, the weather seemed okay considering we were fast approaching winter. Quickly sliding on my boxers so I wasn’t laying here completely naked.

He nods and pulls away from me. “Yeah sure,” he nods. “Maybe we could go pick up some food from Five Guys on the way back.”

My hands find my t-shirt that was currently on the floor. “Five Guys, really?”

“Yeah,” he nods confidently. “They do the best burgers, fuck McDonald’s.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” I say with a smile.

“So what’s been going on between Vee and Theo?” He questions towards me.

“Well I know that Theo really likes her since the party, I think they’ve been texting here and there but she’s just being cautious.” I tell him. “She just got out of a pretty bad relationship and I don’t think she wants to run into anything too quickly. He’s been asking about going on a date but Vee says it’s not the right time.”

Weston nods. “Yeah I get that,” he breathes out. “If there is anything between them, it’s best to wait for the right time than force it when Valentina isn’t in the right head space.”

“Exactly,” I exclaim. “She keeps telling me that she feels guilty for not going but I said that if he really likes her then he’ll understand and wait until she’s comfortable.”

“Theo is a really nice guy as well, I reckon he understands. He’s just eager isn’t he?”

“So eager,” I say with a laugh as I pull myself off the bed, Weston draws me into his arms unexpectedly. My head resting against his shoulder, my nose touching the edge of his neck. Weston’s hands begin to rub up and down my bare back, holding me tightly.

He breathes in a deep breath before exhaling dramatically. “You have no idea what you’ve done to me Micah,” he mumbles before kissing the side of my head.

My heart warms instantly at his words, squeezing him somewhat tighter. “Likewise,” I whisper into his neck causing him to chuckle slightly.

“Your breath tickles,” he says as he pulls away.

“You need to brush your teeth for that matter,” I prod him in the shoulder, a smile never leaving my face.

“I quite like the taste,” he flashes me a smile that convinced me he was crazy.

“Ew,” I shake my head and push him in the direction of his bathroom. “Go brush your teeth because quite frankly that’s just disgusting.”

“If you insist,” he sighs before stepping away from me and towards his bathroom.

My eyes watch him as he walks, stood there in just my boxers. Asking how the hell was this my life?

. . .

It whizzed round to Wednesday at work, Weston had important clients in the boardroom which I didn’t know the ins and outs of but I’m sure he would give me the lowdown at some point. Even if it didn’t involve me, I was just nosey and Weston liked me being a part of his company decisions.

The main reception downstairs rung to let me know that an important parcel had been delivered for Weston, unsure why I was now his personal assistant but I guess he trusted me. Pulling away from my desk and walking through our office foyer, my eyes meeting a woman stood with a long black fur coat and Louboutin heels, she glances between people as I notice no one was at the front desk.

I walk up to her, her blue eyes finding mine. “Hi, are you looking for someone?” I question, watching as her eyes light up, flicking her caramel coloured hair over her shoulder.

“Oh hi,” she smiles, her sweet American accent ringing in my ears. “Yes I’m looking for Alexander?”

My eyes narrow towards her. “Who, sorry?”

She flashes me another drop dead gorgeous smile, showing off her perfectly white veneers. Her lips painted in the richest red I’d ever seen, not one smudge or smear. “I’m sorry,” she shakes her head towards me. “I meant Weston. Weston Locke? I was unsure what name he uses here.”

Noticing how my heart beats in my chest erratically, watching as she waits for my response. “He’s in a meeting at the moment, do you have an appointment with him?” I say as confidently as I can.

Her mouth opens and she laughs loudly, glancing down at her phone that was clutched between her hand. Pressing down onto the on button by accident, a picture of Weston and her together. Both beaming at the camera like the happiest people on Earth. My eyes wandering over her left hand, the biggest diamond ring sitting on her wedding ring finger.

“No silly,” she shakes her head like I’ve told the funniest joke. “I’m Estella, his fiancé.”

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