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Chapter Thirty Eight

Everything came crumbling down onto me as she says those words, shocking me to the core. My eyes blink a million times, forcing myself not to cry in front of her. Feeling sick to my stomach. She watches me as I don't say anything for a few moments.

Taking this time to have a once over of her look, not one speck out of place, covered in designer clothes and her makeup looked flawless. Her American accent continuing to buzz around my head, remembering that Weston spent three years out in America.

"Yes," I rasp out. "Of course. I'll go let him know." The words struggle to form in my mouth.

She smiles back to me. "Thank you," she says gratefully.

My feet drag me towards the boardroom, shocked I could even function right now. My heart feeling like a thousand needles had been stuck through it and was currently bleeding out into my stomach.

With too much confidence that I wished I didn't have, raising my knuckles to slam against the boardroom aggressively. Talking inside stops and I hear Weston's voice ask me to come in, swinging the door wide open and watching as five people turn to look at me.

Weston stares back at me, confused as to why I had interrupted something that I knew was important. My eyes begin to build with tears but I force them not to fall, not now. He didn't deserve them.

"Just to let you know your fiancé is here and she's at the front desk." I state harshly, Weston blinks back at me in horror, his mouth opening but nothing to say.

No one says anything and I swiftly exit, shutting the door on the way out. My feet point over to my desk and I begin to collect all my belongings, Theo peeks over our desks as I shove everything into my bag. "Are you okay?" He asks in concern.

I ignore him and continue to pack my bags, throwing on my jacket. "Micah?" Lauren says from beside Theo.

"What's going on?" Theo asks. Shaking my head, stupidly letting a tear fall down my cheek. Pushing it away before anyone saw but they were all staring directly at me. "Hey, just slow down and we can talk about whatever happening."

He stands from his desk and attempts to calm me but I shake my head, needing to get out of here before I exploded or started shouting. "I-I can't talk right now," I mumble out.

All I could think in my head was the saying 'If it's too good to be true, it probably is'. How I could be so stupid, I'll never know.

"Okay, well text me later?" Theo asks but I don't respond, I grab my bag and escape down the backstairs. Hoping for no one else to see me or ask questions, feeling like I was seconds away from a breakdown.

Feeling like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and trampled on, leaving absolutely no help left in my body. Never have I experienced heartbreak but it's a million times worse than it's made out to be, every part of me ached in an uncomfortable pain. Wanting to crawl up into a ball and cry for the rest of my life, not understanding how I could ever recover from this.

Just as I reach the ground floor and pace up to the rotating doors to the street outside, Weston calls my name. His voice hurt to hear, tearing every inch of me apart. Releasing more tears but pushing them away so that he didn't have to see.

"Micah," he calls out for me again as he grabs onto my shoulder.

I instantly shrug him off and turn to him, my eyes feeling heavy and sore. "Don't you have a fiancé to attend to?" I say sourly.

"Micah, lets just talk about this." He tries to calm me but I continue to shake my head.

"What is there to talk about?!" I shout at him. "She's your fiancé and you never thought to tell me? You told me you've never been in a relationship before! Why the fuck would you lie to me?"

"Micah," Weston's throat struggles to say my name. "I need time to explain." His hands are spread in front of him as he inches closer to me.

"No," I shake my head. "Fuck this, fuck this shit."

Turning my back on him and pushing my way through the doors, feeling his presence behind me. "Where are you going?" He yells back at me.

"I'm done," I hold my hands up in defeat, my words sounding harsh. "I quit."

Weston's face recoils instantly. "You can't quit," he tells me. "You still have to work your notice."

My face widens in disbelief, I've just found out he was planning on getting married and he wants me to work my notice. "Oh go fuck yourself," I spit towards him, my anger getting the better of me.

His jaw clenches at my words and I tear my eyes away from his, attempting to get home as soon possible before I started bawling my eyes out on the tube. Hating the idea of strangers watching me be upset whilst they're just trying to get around London peacefully.

By the time I fall into my apartment door, my body physically couldn't hold it in anymore. A silenced shriek leaves my lips, Valentina instantly becoming alert as she leaves the kitchen table and runs over to me. My back hitting the door and slowly sliding down to the ground, wanting to lie here forever and cry into a pit of misery.

"Micah," she says sounding alarmed. "What's happened?"

I shake my head towards her and bury my head into my hands, letting my tears fall into my palms as I sob pathetically. "Hey," she says soothingly as she grips onto my wrists.

My burning eyes peek up at her as she stares back with concern. "I'm such a fucking fool Vee," I cry, my nose sniffling in the process.

"No you're not," she tells me with a small frown. "Why would you think that?"

I sigh and rest my head against the door, looking up at the ceiling. Only now realising how damp my face was from my tears. "Weston has a fiancé," I say as my eyes meet Vee's.

Watching her face fall instantly, her mouth hanging open. "He what?!" She says harshly.

My head nods and I attempt to wipe my tears, already feeling them build again. "She came into work today asking for him," I say as I clamp my eyes shut, wishing that this all would be a sick dream. "Then her phone lit up in my direction, a picture of them together as her background. She had this massive fuck off engagement ring too."

Valentina's lips continue to fall as she brings me into a hug. "Oh Micah," she mumbles into me. "I honestly couldn't even imagine what you're feeling right now."

"I feel like shit," I tell her. "Why would he lie to me like that and not expect me to find out?"

Her head shakes. "I don't know," she says. "He's a stupid immature guy."

"He told me that he's never been in a relationship and here he is with a whole ass fiancé, they were planning on getting married Vee. Fuck, why is this happening to me?" I cry out again, looking anywhere but her eyes.

"Hey," she cups the side of my head. "This isn't your fault, you had no idea that this was going on in his life."

"I feel sick," I declare, feeling bile rise up in my throat unexpectedly.

"Are you going to throw up?"

I swallow and shake my head. "I don't think so, I just feel nauseous."

"Of course you're going to, you've just found something out that has rocked your relationship." She tells me gently, her eyes open and genuine.

"Relationship?" I laugh to myself pettily. "I'm not sure we will have anything left after this."

"I guess things will become clearer when you eventually get round to talking, you deserve answers Micah. You guys were together, he doesn't just get to do this to you." She expresses genuinely, her eyes remaining on mine.

"Do you think I should have heard him out?" I croak. "He said that he needed to explain."

"You have the right to be upset now Micah, she turned up at your work." She explains, making me feel better that I didn't allow him to tell me. "Taking yourself away from the situation and giving yourself some time to digest the information isn't a crime, he's the one in the wrong. Not you. Despite what is actually going on."

I nod towards her, letting her words sink in. Convincing myself that I wasn't the bad guy in this situation and wanting space is completely normal and accepted.

"He still lied to you regardless Micah because if there was no fiancé he would have just said," she tells me. "Don't beat yourself up about it, he's the one who needs to put this right. Speak to him when you feel like you've got the strength to, don't force it because you feel bad for him. He's the one who should be grovelling, not you."

"Okay," I tell her with a shaky breath. "I think I'm going to go to my mums for a few days, I just can't be here. I know he's probably going to show up here later and I just can't face him right now."

"And that's completely understandable," Vee swipes her hand across my shoulder softly. "You do what you need to do and come back when you're ready."

My eyes felt sore like someone had punched me multiple times, flicking between hers as I wipe my nose again. "Okay," I breathe out. "Thanks Vee, I don't know what I would do without you."

"Well good thing you don't have to find out," she smiles towards me supportively.

Pushing myself up from my bed and attempting to throw some clothes into a bag, not even thinking about what I was putting in there. My mind kept wandering and I couldn't keep focused for more than two seconds, hating that I couldn't just switch off my mind for some peace.

Once I was packed Vee hugs me at the door. "Can you let me know when you get there?" She asks as she pulls away from me, keeping her arms on my shoulders.

I nod towards her. "Of course," I say as I sling my bag over my shoulder. "Love you."

"Love you more," she raises up on her tip toes to press a kiss to my cheek. "Get there safe."

"Bye," I nod once as I open our flat door and shut it behind me.

Forcing myself to take a deep breath and prepare myself for the long journey home, telling myself that I didn't need to cry. I had already cried too much today, not wanting to look like a tomato in public. Stepping away from our front door and down the stairs, desperate for a change of scenery and to see my mum.

She always knew how to make me feel better.
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