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Chapter Forty Three

As I'm pulled into the police station, details are taken down and I was still firmly in handcuffs. Currently I felt numb, so not saying anything came easy to me. It almost felt like this wasn't real, this was a dream of some kind and I had made this up in my head.

Being stuck inside a cold and gloomy cell, staring straight at the wall in front of me. Feeling sick to my stomach with nerves, I punched him because he abused me and now I'm being punished for it.

My hands begin to itch with pins and needles as I think about the situation, how fucked the system is. Maybe if sexual abuse victims were believed I might have said something but I knew for a fact I would have been blamed for being out and having a drink. Why I put myself in that situation rather than asking why he abused me.

A couple of hours later I'm taken to a questioning room, given free legal advice as I currently didn't have a lawyer present. Not that I've ever needed a lawyer or imagined that I would be arrested in my life.

The police officers sit across from me at the table, a folder between them with information that I couldn't see. One presses his fingers down onto the tap and speaks to disclose who was in the room and who they were interviewing.

They state their police positions but I just catch their names, Emma and David.

"So Micah, what were you doing the night of Tuesday the 13th of November?"

My eyes flick between Emma who leans onto the table, her blazer riding up her wrists as she looks at me intently.

Licking my lips in attempt to speak, my throat feeling like sandpaper. "I went out with my boyfriend for a meal." I tell them quietly.

"Where was this?"

"At a Mexican restaurant in Soho, I can't remember the name. My boyfriend booked it."

David nods towards me and jots down my answers as I speak. "What time was this?"

"Urm..." I pause for a second to think. "Around six or so."

Emma clears her throat and leans back in her chair. "We have CCTV footage of you at around six fifty five leaving," she says as she removes a picture from the folder. An image of the CCTV screenshot, Weston leading me through a sea of people. "Could you confirm this is you?"

"Yes," I nod.

"And can you confirm," Emma swipes away the picture and shows me another picture of me talking to Ryan a few seconds later. "That this is also you."


"Can you confirm that this is you assaulting Ryan Phillips?"

The sound of his name almost made me want to vomit, pushing down the bile that began to rise in my throat.

"Yes," I whisper as she shows me another still picture of my fist swinging in his direction.

Emma and David share a quick glance as she puts away the pictures. "What were you guys talking about?" David questions.

"Because it seems like you guys were talking for a good thirty or forty seconds?" Emma says as she nods to David.

My eyes flick between theirs, watching their intense stares as I begin to panic in my mind. Feeling my eyes build with tears but refusing to let them fall.

"Why did you assault Ryan Phillips?" David says sternly, leaning forward across the table.

My lips open but my words become stuck in my throat, they look back at me with anticipation. Nothing but a pathetic whimper escapes my lips, wanting to scream out what he had done but my pride and shame took over.

"What happened?" Emma tries again.

This time I swallow harshly and slowly begin to nod, trying my hardest to let something out before I got locked up. "B-Because he sexually assaulted me." I eventually let out.


My eyes slowly flick between hers. "Saturday night." I manage to release from my lips

Emma blinks once. "Did you report it?"

My head shakes as I look down to the table. "No."

"Why didn't you report it?" David asked.

"Because no one ever believes sexual abuse victims, it's always blamed on them." I let out angrily, instantly regretting my outburst of emotion.

"Can you tell us some more details?" Emma questions as she interlinks her fingers and rests them on the table.

David's pen pressed against the paper, waiting for me to go on.

"I went out Saturday night with my friends, we went to loads of bars, did a little bar crawl. Then my friend was being sick in the toilet so I waited at the bar for them," I say with shaky hands.

"Which bar is this?" David asks.

"The King's King in Covent Garden," I tell them and watch as he scribbles it down. "It's known for being one of the best gay bars around that area."

"Then what happened?" Emma pushes.

"Ryan approached me and asked if I wanted a drink, I declined. I hadn't had a lot to drink, maybe four or five over the course of a couple hours. He wouldn't really leave my side but I just thought nothing of it, then all of a sudden I started feeling dizzy and spaced out." My brows begin to furrow. "It was confusing because there was no way I could have just got drunk that quick."

"He must have put something in my drink," I say as I flick my eyes between the pair of them.

Clearing my throat, attempting to carry on. "Then he asked if I was okay and I tried to push him off but I couldn't, he took me outside and got me in a taxi. At this point I was borderline unconscious but I was trying so hard to fight it," I explain, not realising my cheeks were covered with my tears.

"Next thing I knew I woke up in his bed naked, a condom on the floor, a note that said 'hope you had a good time'." My hands continue to wipe away my tears. "I didn't want to admit it at the time because I wanted to believe that nothing happened, but I was sore and my body felt bruised."

Emma listens patiently as David writes down as much as possible.

"What time were you at this bar for?"

My lips rumble out a breath as I try to gather my thoughts. "I think we got there for about ten, I think he started talking to me around five or ten minutes after we got there."

"What about his apartment?" David questions, his pen swinging slightly. "Do you remember where this was?"

"It was South, Bermondsey." I tell them.

"Would we be able to take a urine and hair sample to test for any drugs that might be found in your system?" David asks as he presses the pen to his paper.

"Yeah," I nod instantly.

Emma leans over to whisper something into David's ear and I suddenly felt anxious, unsure what they could possibly be discussing. David reaches over to the tape. "Pausing this interview at twenty three minutes past two." He checks his wrist for his watch before stopping the tape.

"We'll be right back," Emma tells me as she pushes her chair out from underneath herself.

"Okay," I nod as I watch them leave, the door shutting loudly on the way out.

Sitting in silence and looking up at the ceiling, feeling somewhat calmer that I had told someone about what happened. If they could do something was another matter.

About twenty minutes they enter and restart the tape, resuming the conversation.

"Could you please describe what Ryan looks like to the best of your ability?"

I nod instantly. "He's about five foot ten, light brown hair, white but slightly tan. Maybe more orange. I can't exactly remember the colour of his eyes but I don't think they were dark. He had this Birmingham accent, noticeable from anywhere. He also had this sparrow tattoo on his hand, I remember seeing that."

Emma gives David a quick glance and she nods before turning back to me. "Someone actually came in around a month or so ago, giving similar details to a crime perpetrated by someone who looks like the person you've described."

My heart beats heavily in my chest at her words. "Really?" I breathe out.

"Yes," she nods. "We didn't have enough evidence to charge him but we can definitely look into this, find CCTV from the bar and build up a case against him. With the information you've given us, we might have enough to prove that he is a regular offender of this type of crime."

"That's if you want to press charges against him," David pitches in.

The thought of going to court was terrifying but if that meant he was punished for his unspeakable crimes, then maybe I needed to force myself to be strong for once and not let him win.

"What about me being arrested?" I question, my voice cracking slightly.

"Charges can still be pressed against you," she says as I take a shaky breath. "But if a case is made against him, the likelihood of the charges against you being dropped are quite high."

"Okay," I nod as I clasp my hands together in my lap. "Is there anything else I need to do?"

Emma shakes her head as David shuts his notebook, sliding it back towards himself. "We will be in touch, we'll spend the next few weeks gathering evidence from the information you've given us and hopefully we can go from there."

I watch as David stops the tape, declaring the time as he checks his wrist for a second.

My head nods once. "What happens now?" I ask curiously as I watch her stand up.

"Lucky for you, you've been bailed out. You'll be informed about the conditions of your bail." Emma says with a smile. "A officer will be in to escort you out of the building but you will hear from us soon."

My mouth parts at her words. "O-Okay, thank you." I say quickly as I watch them leave, listening to the door shut behind them.

Soon someone comes in to collect me, guiding me through the halls of cells and towards the front desk. Undoing my handcuffs and asking for me to sign out, this whole experience shaking me to the core.

Never again do I want to step foot in this place, praying to the Gods that the charges against me are dropped. I wouldn't last a second in prison, fuck, the thought making me feel nauseous.

By the time I am shown to the entrance of the police station, Weston pushes himself up from the waiting room chairs. His eyes instantly meeting mine from across the room, feeling relieved as soon as I saw him.

He looked concerned, his eyebrows pulled down into a strained frown but as soon as we become a few metres from each other, his face relaxes into relief. Before I even get a chance to say anything he wraps his arms around me and pulls me tightly into my chest. Pressing my head against his bicep, feeling Weston bury his head into my neck.

"Are you okay?" He mumbles into me as he rubs his hand up and down my back soothingly.

I nod against his chest. "Yeah," I say.

Eventually he pulls away but holds onto my shoulders, moving his hand to cup the side of my face. "You bailed me out?" I say as I look up at him through my dusty glasses.

"Yeah, I couldn't bear the thought of you being in here." He tells me as he lets out a strained sigh. "Let's get out of here."

I nod and follow him out of the station, noticing Darryl was parked right outside already waiting for us. The journey home was silent, I didn't really want to talk about what happened in front of Darryl, I needed some time to sit and think.

Soon Weston takes us up to his apartment, instantly taking care of me. Asking if I wanted to eat, to get changed, to shower. But right now all I wanted was him, to be surrounded by him and no one else.

Eventually I explain what happened at the station, what happened on Saturday night, that there is another person that is likely to have been victimised by Ryan as well. That the charges might still be pressed against me but we could try and build up a case against Ryan and get him done for his vile crimes.

"I'm so proud of you," Weston cups the side of my cheek as I lean onto the sofa, watching as he forces me to look at him. "I'm so proud of you for telling them what happened, for being strong and wanting to build a case against him."

"I did what I had to do," I say quietly.

"By doing this you could be protecting so many more people from him, God knows how many victims he has. But if this manages to stop him from doing this to anyone else then you should be so proud of yourself." He tells me gently, leaning forward to press a kiss to my forehead.

"I couldn't even imagine how hard it must have been to explain what happened," he breathes out as he rests his head close to mine.

"It was hard," I admit. "But because I don't remember it I guess it's easier to talk about. As strange as that sounds. It's like if I forget about that night it's like nothing ever happened but I know that something did and that's harder to grasp."

"Time will heal things." Weston tells me confidently.

"I know," I agree. "Just right now it's raw and having to do a court case and trial is going to be exhausting."

"If anyone can do it, I know you can." He shares a supportive smile with me, a look on his face that told me he was being completely genuine. "He's not going to win, not when I get you the best lawyer I can."

"What?" I say in shock as I raise my head from the back of the sofa.

Weston's brow dips like this wasn't up for question. "I am going to get you the best lawyer, not some average lawyer or one appointed by the police. The best, to help you win this case."

"B-But I--"

"Shh," he shakes his head towards me and I instantly close my lips. "Please just let me do this for you."

My eyes flick between his, letting his words sink in. "West, that's a lot."

"And I love you, there is literally nothing else to say about this. I want to help, just please let me do this." He says as he interlinks our fingers, holding me tightly.

Feeling my eyes raise with tears, I've only ever dreamt of a relationship like this. Pure and real love, nothing is artificial or sugar-coated. It's real and everything.

"You are too good to me." I say with a soft smile, catching Weston's lips as he presses them to the corner of my mouth.

"I just want to be there for you as much as I can," he says as he pushes back the hair on my head, feeling the strands brush through his fingers.

"You are, you always have been and you have no idea how grateful I am for it." I exhale, admiring Weston's face as he keeps his eyes on me.

"I know you are Micah," he nods back and kisses my forehead, feeling my body melt into his touch.

He wraps his arms around me, pulling my body into his warmth, feeling safe and secure. Hoping that things work themselves out in the end, that myself and other victims get justice.

And those who inflict misery and abuse on others are punished.

. . .

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