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Chapter Forty Four

Four days later the police station called to talk further about the case against Ryan, informing me that they had new information they wanted to discuss. Weston was there for me every step of the way, his optimism really helped and I was glad that he was trying his hardest to be positive for me, no matter what.

Going back to work was strange considering everyone watched me get arrested but Weston was strict on anything being discussed in the workplace, thankfully everyone listened.

I was pleased that I was allowed to keep working even though I was still technically on bail, knowing that if I was stuck in my apartment for this time I would have definitely ripped my eyeballs out.

Weston takes me to the police station and waits in the waiting room, pressing a kiss to my lips as his hands remain on my arms. "You got this," he tells me with a light squeeze.

"I know," I nod once with a sharp breath.

"I'll be here," he whispers before stealing another kiss from my lips.

"Love you." I say as I glance up into his eyes.

Weston's lips twitch up into a smile. "I love you too."

Turning from his hold, signing in and being taken into an interview room. Emma and David soon enter, noticing how Emma was clutching a thick folder to her chest and a coffee in the other.

"Good morning Micah," Emma says as she places her cup down onto the table and sits across from me.

"Hi," I say towards them both.

"So, we have lots to discuss." She says as she claps her hands together in front of her. "There is some new information we wish to share with you."

My head nods towards them as she flicks open the folder, David whips out his pen and pad to jot things down. "We received an anonymous call last night," she says as she leans onto her elbows.

"Okay," I say, patiently waiting for her to continue.

"We believe it was a friend of Ryan's, possibly from the bar that night of the 13th." Emma tells me slowly. "They called to say that they heard Ryan had pressed charges against you for assault and he wanted to share what he had heard Ryan say previous to this."

David clears his throat and I turn my attention to him. "He mentioned that he had boasted about 'R's' and how he can get anyone he wants without fail. He thinks that he is unstoppable because all the people he's managed to abuse are 'insecure' and 'embarrassed' and nothing to stop him."

My eyes blink back at him, feeling sick to my stomach with frustration. Concerned with how many other people he has done this to and that he thinks he's going to get away with this forever.

"We've asked if they could make a formal statement against Ryan but we are unsure if they want to remain anonymous," Emma says. "We also requested physical evidence of him saying these things, whether that would be in a group chat, voicemails. Anything to help build up this case."

My head slowly begins to nod, hopeful that at least one of his friends were calling him out for his vile actions.

"Micah, do you have a lawyer for the case?"

I hum and lean forward in my seat. "Yes, his name is Franklin Barker."

David instantly jots down the information along with his contact details and when we would plan a meeting for all of us to sit and discuss the defence.

"So we've been in touch with the other victim and they are still wanting to sent this to court but we need you on board." David entwines his fingers on the table.

"I want to do this," I say instantly. "I want to see him get sent down. He could have done this to loads of other people and I don't want anyone else to suffer what we went through."

Emma shares a supportive smile with me. "I'm really grateful for your cooperation Micah," she tells me. "We gathered a lot of evidence when you left the other day, this will really help in court."

My eyes watch as she pulls out an iPad from the folder and begins to tap away at the screen before turning it towards me, looking down at a video from the night of The King's King. It was in the corner of the bar but you could see me standing at the bar alone, then approached by Ryan.

"Did you see?" Emma asks as she presses her finger to the screen and zooms in.

I shake my head towards her and squint my eyes to the video. "There," she says again, noticing how Ryan slips his arm behind my back and something drops into my drink without me realising.

"Oh my God," I mumble out as I watch the rest of the video unfold.

Twenty seconds or so he approaches me from the other side and I ignore him, Emma then skips it to seven minutes later where my actions become sloppy. Stumbling over a stool as Ryan attempts to hold me, ushering me out of the bar.

Then Emma swipes to the next video, CCTV from outside of the bar. My whole body slumped up against Ryan as he waves for a taxi and he walks us away from the eye of the camera. Emma then stops the video and I sink back into my seat, noticing how my throat struggles to swallow.

"I know it's not comfortable to watch again," David tells me but I don't meet his eyes. "But this is going to help you tremendously to win over the jury. We also have your results back from the lab." He says as his finger presses down to the folder in front of Emma.

He pulls out a letter and slides it across the table, my eyes looking down to the paper.

Substances detected in urine sample:



"What is that?" I ask as I point to the second substance.

"Flunitrazepam is also known as rohypnol or roofies." Emma clarifies to me.

My mouth becomes dry as I nod. "So we can prove that he drugged you but the hardest part is providing evidence that he sexually abused you."

"I know," I nod. "It's really my word against his."

"But it is still possible," David nods towards me. "With this evidence, the evidence we have from Ryan's other victim. Hopefully the anonymous source can provide some messages or voicemails that can add to our case, there is still a strong possibility that we can win this."

"I-I know there was a condom on the floor," my voice shakes as I speak up. "It was empty but I went and got myself checked at the clinic, they said I was clean for everything."

"Let's schedule in a time for you and your lawyer to come in so we can discuss all of this," David tells me. "We have enough evidence to arrest Ryan but we are just waiting on the anonymous caller to provide us with some more information that could help us."

"Okay," I say. "I don't want to jeopardise anything."

"So leave everything with us, something might come up in the next few days. Invite Franklin down and we can have a proper conversation about the case and where to go from here." Emma explains.

"Did victim support contact you after our last talk?" David questions as he flicks through his notepad.

I hum towards them. "Yes they did."

"If you have any questions or anything, don't hesitate to contact us." Emma swipes a card from inside blazer as she hands it over to me.

"Thank you," I nod towards her, pushing my chair out from underneath me.

Emma and David guide me back through to the front desk, signing out before Weston was directly by my side. He presses his hand to my back and hands me my jacket. "Hey," he says gently.

"Hey," I smile as he walks us out of the front door.

"Everything okay?" He asks as we take the steps down towards Darryl's car.

I nod. "They were just talking about evidence, they're going to arrest him but they're relying on an anonymous source to provide us information that could help the case."

Weston nods and opens the door for me and I thank him, slipping into the leather seats and saying hello to Darryl. Weston instantly climbs in beside me and presses his hand to my leg, clutching just above my knee.

"Well that's good," he nods to me and I turn to him.

His dark eyes glisten as he looks down to me, I instantly rest my head down onto his shoulder. "Let's not talk about it anymore today," I mumble. "I'm sick of it taking over my life, he doesn't deserve to be talked about like he's some hero. He's a fucking cunt and I don't want his negativity in my life."

Weston presses a kiss to the top of my head. "Agreed," he mumbles into me. "Don't waste your energy on him, let's think forward."

"Can we go to mine?" I ask.

"Of course."

"I just feel like I haven't been home in a little while and I want to see Vee," I say as I shift my head up from his shoulder.

Weston smiles towards me and takes my hand in his lap. "We'll do whatever you want to do."

"You didn't have to leave work early today to take me to the station," I sigh out as I squeeze onto his fingers.

"I didn't have to," he agrees. "But I wanted to. I'm not going to let you go through this alone."

My lips curve ever so slightly. "You are the best boyfriend." I tell him, watching as he cracks his mouth into a gorgeous smile.

Weston pulls our heads together, nudging them against each other for a few moments. My eyes close and I laugh quietly, his fingers keeping a hold on the edge of my neck. "I'm going to have to work a bit later though," he tells me.

My head shakes. "That's okay," I say. "I know you're probably super busy."

"I'm going to go into the office early tomorrow," he says as he swipes a hand through his hair. "But you need the rest, so please just come in on time."

My eyebrow raises at him, he knew that was almost impossible for me. I'm never on time for work, I'm always super early. "Are you forbidding me to step into the office before 9AM?" I say with hooded eyes.

Weston shrugs but a small smile plays on his lips. "Maybe," he says gently.

"And who's going to stop me?" I tease.

He looks back at me for a moment, not being able to come up with some form of witty response.

"Someone," he says as he looks up at the car ceiling, his eyes rolling slightly.

"Someone," I repeat with a smile as I push his shoulder. "Good one."

"Please just sleep in," he tells me seriously.

My lips purse for a moment as I take in his concerned expression so I agree, to much of my dismay. I knew Weston worried about me but I guess I didn't need to be burning the candle at both ends with work and the case.

Darryl pulls up outside my block of flats and we both thank him, making our way up the steps and to my apartment door.

Valentina was sat at the kitchen table with a book and pen in her hand, her eyes instantly dart to the sound of the door opening. Our eyes meet and she jumps off the chair faster than lightning. "Micah!" She shouts as she runs towards me, throwing her arms around me instantly. "Oh my gosh, I've missed you so much."

My arms pull her into a tight embrace. "I missed you too Vee," I mumble into her shoulder.

She pulls back for a moment smiles towards Weston. "How are you?" She asks and I nod.

"I'm okay," I say quietly. "How are you?"

"Same old," she shrugs. "This remote working is so shit."

Weston shuffles in beside us. "Hi Valentina," he says.

"Good to see you Weston," she nods towards him. "You guys want some food?" She suggests. "Was thinking of ordering from that new panini place down the road."

"I could eat," I nod, Weston rubs my back. Knowing how pleased he was that I was keeping up my appetite.


His eyes snap to hers and he nods. "Yeah sounds good to me."

"I'm gonna take a shower first," I tell them both. "Feeling kind of icky."

Valentina drops her hand and extends it out to the bathroom. "Go for it," she smiles. "I'll keep Weston company."

My lips crack into a smile as I grip onto his elbow. "Good luck," I whisper quietly but enough for Valentina to hear.

"Hey!" She sulks but we all laugh before I take off towards my room.

Before I even manage to shut my door Valentina had trapped Weston into a conversation and I couldn't help but smile to myself.

I didn't want to take long, knowing that Weston needed saving before Valentina literally chewed his ears off. Drying myself off in my room and getting dressed into loungewear, my door was slightly ajar and as I dropped my towel onto the floor I could just about hear their conversation.

"I'm so pleased Micah has someone like you Weston," Vee's murmured voice echoes through the wooden door. "Like I really don't know what he would have done without you, you've really been a rock to him."

"He just needs all the support he can get right now," Weston responds quietly. "I don't want him to think for once that he's alone in this."

"Ohhh," Valentina sighs dreamily. "I never thought I'd see the day that you guys were together, you're here in our flat."

Weston laughs. "Why?"

"Erm because Micah and I used to talk about you a lot," she says and my eyes instantly widen at her words, that traitor.

"Did you now?" Weston says instantly, his voice full of curiosity.

"Yeah I pretty much knew everything about you from day one," she responds. "Even before he started working for you, at the restaurant. We spoke about you from the start."

Weston's deep chuckle snaps me out of my nosey trace. I needed to break up this conversation before Valentina embarrassed me severely.

Pressing down on the door handle and emerging from my bedroom, Valentina and Weston's eyes gravitate to mine as they sit on the sofa.

"I ordered the food," Vee tells me with a wide smile.

"Good I'm fucking starving," I comment as I approach them.

Weston reaches out for my hand as I stand in front of him. "I'm gonna go after the food, need to catch up on work. Is that okay?"

I nod towards him. "Yeah sure."

"Don't worry," Valentina chimes in. "I'll keep you company."

"Can't wait." I tell her with a smile before plonking myself down next to Weston.

His hand slides up my body and holds me into his side, pressing a delicate kiss to the side of my head. Valentina turns away from us and reaches for the TV remote, switching it on.

"Ooooh, Weston do you like horror movies?"

Weston's dark eyes turn to me and they raise for a moment but I release a small laugh, feeling his hold on me tighten.

There was no way he was getting out of this one.

. . .

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