Eat The Rich (bxb)

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Exclusive Chapters - Patreon

Hello my loves!

Thank you for reading Eat The Rich. There are a bunch of extra chapters over on my Patreon which include:

- Weston’s POV from seeing Micah for the first time
- Weston’s POV from tipping Micah at the restaurant
- Weston’s POV from Chapter 16&17 (you know that handjob lolll)
- Weston and Micah get high
- Weston’s POV from the first time he and Micah have sex
- Weston and Micah’s trip to New York

- A look into Weston’s past

- Celebrating Weston’s birthday
- Micah proposes topping to Weston
- Micah tops Weston and they try exhibitionism
- Weston gets jealous

If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to drop them below! I’m up for writing anything!

Link to my Patreon -

Link is also accessed through the support me button on my page!

Love Sav x

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