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Chapter Five


My eyes are forced not to look in Weston's direction because I had no idea how to act, anger bubbling up inside me like I've never felt before. Standing by the front door and saying goodbye to our last few remaining customers.

Weston and his guests are the last out of the building, smiling politely as they stare me down from tonights antics. Probably ruining their experience and their business deal with Weston but I didn't care for him, not after the little stunt he just pulled.

He follows his clients, his gaze clocking on to me. "Goodnight," he smiles before nodding politely in my direction.

"I'm not a charity you know," I blurt out as he steps one foot out of the door.

He stops in his tracks and slowly turns back to me, one hand keeping the door open. My skin feeling a slight breeze from the draft. "I never said you were," he comments as he straightens out the sleeve of his navy blazer.

Forcing myself not to look at his actions and lay firmly on his eyes that looked so incredibly intimidating. "You had no right to do that," I shake my head at him.

Weston shoots me an odd look. "All you had to do was say thank you," he says as his lip slightly curves at the side.

"I don't want your money," I say bluntly before folding my arms over my chest like a spoilt child not getting his way. There was no way that I was backing down from this.

"Sounds like you might need it," his voice is soft. Even though his words sound like he's trying to out smart me, he sounded genuine. Nothing sarcastic or patronising in his tone.

Blinking back at him in attempt to gather my thoughts as quickly as possible. "Maybe you shouldn't be listening to others private conversations," I shoot back, my tongue feeling tied.

A sigh escapes Weston's lips a hand finding its way through his tousled hair. "Private conversation in a public toilet?"

I wanted to punch him, no exaggeration. My stomach twists in knots and I hated the way it made me feel. "I'll give it to a homeless charity if you don't let me give it back," I say eventually, a clear aggression in my tone.

Weston shakes his head at me like this was meant to effect him. "Do what you want with it, it's yours now," he breathes out quickly. "Goodnight Micah."

He pushes the door and steps out letting it shut slowly behind him, my eyes still watching him through the glass. I stand routed to the spot for a few moments, my head trying to wrap around what just happened.

Wiping my hand across my forehead and beginning to walk back to the till, Abel stands waiting for me. "So?" He catches my attention. "What happened?"

"He just proved everything I thought he was," I grumble out loudly.

Abel's eyes narrow at me confused. "What do you mean?"


. . .

Swinging the front door open of my flat, not expecting Valentina to be sitting at the kitchen table with multiple books spread out across the wood. I notice a monster can sitting beside her as her eyes run over the words of a book.

She doesn't even glance my way until I shut the door firmly behind me, her dark eyes then find mine and she beams. They looked bloodshot and heavy, making me feel better about how I currently looked.

"Hey," she says as she closes the book in front of her.

"Hey," I reply. "What you doing?"

Valentina takes a quick glance at the mess on the table and nods. "I've decided that I need to do an all nighter,"

"Why?" I furrow my eyebrows at her before taking a few steps towards the fridge. "I thought your first exam isn't until next week?"

"Yeah exactly, that's why I need to study as much as possible," she hums before taking a swig of her energy drink.

I grab the carton of orange juice and place it to my lips. "Vee don't burn the candle at both ends, you don't need to be doing an all nighter now."

"I just want to work as hard as possible, a few miserable weeks for an amazing grade and change to get an amazing job," she says before rubbing her eyes harshly.

"If you say so," I say before placing the orange juice back into the holder.

"How was work?" She asks before twisting around in her seat and facing her work once again.

I shrug as I kick the fridge door shut with the heel of my shoe. "Something weird happened today,"

"What happened?" Valentina asks suddenly.

My feet carry me to the chair opposite Vee and I sit down, pushing some of the paper out of the way to place my elbows down. "Some guy tipped me a thousand pounds,"

I watch as her eyes widen at my words. "What?!" She yells loudly.

Nodding towards her. "I was talking to Abel in the toilet about our rent and this guy who is a regular at the restaurant overheard, then decided to tip me that much."

"Oh my god Micah, that's amazing!" Her eyes light up.

I shake my head at her suddenly. "No it's not Vee, I'm annoyed that he did that. You have no idea how embarrassed I felt, how does one tip someone a fucking grand?"

Valentina shrugs from across the table. "So you're going to not accept it?" Her voice coming across harshly.

"I don't know," I say eventually. "I don't want to accept it, it's pity money."

"But it will help you tremendously Micah, you won't have to worry about finding the extra money over exams." She nods her head vigorously towards me.

"I don't want him to know that I've accepted it and used it on myself though Vee, I can't,"

"Who says he has to know?" She raises an eyebrow at me. "If he ever asks which I know he wouldn't, say you gave it away or something. You'd be stupid not to accept it Micah, we are struggling as it is."

A deep sigh escapes my lips, inside I knew she was right. I'd be out of my mind if I turned down that kind of money when we needed it. I'd just have to tell myself it wasn't from Weston and instead I won it on a scratch card so I wouldn't feel so bad.

"Fine," I say as I push myself up from the table, the chair scraping against the floor harshly. "I'll keep it but only because it's going to help us and no other reason."

A small smile stretches out onto Valentina's lips, glad that I am thinking reasonably now. "So are you gonna see him again?"

"Who?" I ask as I grab my bag from the door.

"Your sugar daddy,"

My head turns to her sharply and I watch as she snorts at my actions. "Do not ever say that again,"

"Why? Because it's true?" Valentina folds her feet into her seat, sitting crossed legged.

"Vee, please stop,"

"Is he fit?"


"Do you think he's attractive?"


"Is he?"

"Yes," I hiss through my teeth. "Okay, he's fit. But that's it, he seems like an egotistical asshole and I don't care for his looks."

Valentina shrugs effortlessly, her shoulders bumping her short hair. "Nothing a quick shag with a millionaire won't solve," she says before dropping her eye into a causal wink.

"Oh my God Vee, you are delusional," I exhale a breath as I look up to the ceiling, wanting to be anywhere but this conversation. "If you think I would sleep with him just because he's rich then wow."

"So you'd sleep with him if he wasn't rich?" She gasps jokingly.

I wanted to hang my head, hating being wound up. "Please spare me the shit, I can't deal with it tonight,"

"I reckon it would be pretty good," she says enthusiastically before staring up at the ceiling.

"Right," I say suddenly before walking towards my bedroom door. "I'm going to blame those energy drinks for your ludicrous thoughts. Goodnight."

Valentina laughs softly from behind me. "Goodnight," she says.

When I reach my room I want to scream at myself for leaving it in a god awful state, why do I always do this to myself?

Shuffling my feet through the endless amount of dirty clothes on my floor, knowing that I desperately needed to do a wash tomorrow. Paper, books and pens everywhere. Surely I could at least make my bed when I wake up but no, I neglect everything to study.

Knowing that the next few weeks are going to be extremely stressful, this was going to be my lively hood. I couldn't wait until exams were officially over and I was free from university. I wanted to be earning a decent living and in something that I enjoyed, I was passionate about.

Knuckling down and not getting much sleep didn't appeal to me but getting a first and being proud of it was pushing me through. My mind wonders as I lower myself onto the bed and yet again I fall asleep before my head hits the pillow.
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