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Chapter Seven


Starting anywhere for the first time is extremely daunting, I remember my first day at Café Cosmo. I'm pretty sure I almost fainted.

But today was a new start, dressed in a navy suit with a white shirt and brown dress shoes. The outfit barely costing £100, it was cheap but that's because I could only afford cheap. In the back of my mind I was worried others would know, the material was shit or my shoes weren't designer.

Just praying that I don't come across any arrogant capitalists, shunning me for what I wear. In my opinion I looked good and I wasn't going to let anyone tell me different. All I needed today was confidence and assurance, I was giving myself that.

As I push through double panelled swinging doors, into a sleek and plush reception. The light sound of chatter and the odd heel clock against the floor. Approaching the receptionist slowly, she beams up at me.

"Hi," she grins. "Can I help you?"

"Hi, I'm here to see Theo at Neptune & Co,"

"Yep," she nods as she taps away at her MacBook laptop. "That will be on the second floor."

I watch as her hands raise and she points to the lift and a door to the stairs. "Thanks," I nod once before taking off towards the lift.

Quickly straightening out my tie and flattening my collar as best as I could. My nerves creeping up in my veins but I push them down and hold my stance. Knowing that I already had the job was calming me but I wanted everything to go well.

By the time the lift dings and I'm on the second floor everything heats up, my feet barely being able to carry me. My eyes glance at the Neptune & Co sign in bright white lights on the wall. A man standing with and iPad in hand greets me, his posture tall and his shoulders back. "Hi, may I help you today?"

"Yeah, I'm here for Theo,"

"Amazing," he nods, his hand tapping down on the pad with a stylus. "He will be right out, would you like some water?"

I shake my head. "No thank you, I'm okay,"

"No worries," he hugs the iPad to his chest. "You can take a seat over there."

"Thanks," I say before taking a seat on the purple puffy chairs. My eyes wander over the room, team photos and plants and a strong smell of coffee wafts through the air.


My head whips to the sound and I look up at Theo, he was tall man with short black hair, a blue shirt rolled up to his sleeves tucked into a pair of black jeans. "Hi," I say before shooting up out of my seat.

"Nice to see you again Micah," he holds out his hand and I gently take it, his shake firmer than I remembered from my interview.

"You too," I smile at him.

"We're just going to be getting stuck in today," he says as he turns his back and begins to walk. I follow as I listen to him. "No better way than just throwing you in at the deep end."

"Best way to learn," I agree.

Theo turns and grins. "I like your take,"

We talk through the glass doors and out onto the office floor. The room was buzzing with people tapping away at their computers, others on the phone. "We'll get your thumb print and fob a little bit later but first I'll show you your desk,"

Whizzing through the office, my eyes noticing how everything felt relaxed. An atmosphere that appealed to me.

"So you will sit here," Theo taps the empty white desk. "I sit just in front."

"This is Abi," he greets me to the girl sat next to me.

"Hey," she waves before clicking on her mouse and focusing on her screen.

"And Lauren normally sits here," he explains as he points to the desk opposite Abi. "But she's on annual leave today."

"I've got your log ins and password on the post-it note on your screen, change your password to something unique. Otherwise you might get hacked." Theo says as he crosses his arms over his chest.

"Hacked?" I quirk an eyebrow.

"It's an ongoing joke here," he shakes his head and Abi hums in his direction. "Just make sure it's complex or you'll have dicks for a home screen."

"Well okay then," I say with a subtle laugh, pulling out my desk chair and taking a seat.

I watch as Theo loops round our set of desks and sits in front of me at his own. "I'll let you get settled in," he lifts himself off the arms of his chair slightly to look at me. "And then in an hour we've got a little meeting with all the other new starters today."

"Sounds good," I give him a quick nod.

"Great," he grins back. "Let me know once you're set up and I'll send you over some bits to start."

The next hour flies by, setting up my computer and my emails. Theo and Abi chat to me like we've all been long lost friends, it takes me less than a few minutes to settle in. They made me feel at easy and explain how they both only started at this office a few months ago, so they know exactly how I am feeling.

Theo takes us to the main boardroom, where a few others are already sat down, you could tell who had started today and who hasn't. "What's this about?" I ask quietly to Theo.

He gestures towards two seats near the back and we sit. "Just to meet the boss and his expectations,"

I nod back at him and wait patiently as people flood in, crowding the boardroom. A low murmur rings in my ears before the door opens and suddenly everyone turns silent, some clearing their throats.

My eyes glance over at the door momentarily. "Welcome guys," his voice makes me do a double take. Struggling to see, even in my glasses. "Welcome to Neptune & Co, I'm Weston Locke the CEO and owner."


His dark hair unruly messy and out of place but his suit divine and steam pressed. Beard stubble shaped perfectly around his strong jawline. I gulped, loudly. My hands begin to vibrate in a sense of fight instead of flight. How has this happened?

How in the actual world has this happened?

Weston continues to talk but I barely take in his words because the thought of him seeing me was giving me the fear. He was the boss. Weston was the boss.

I slagged off not wanting to know about his company and here I am. Jesus, how am I going to live this down?

"I'll keep this short and sweet because I know your managers will want you to start as soon as possible but this is to say hello and I hope you all settle in," he smiles as he swipes his hands against his blazer and shoves them into his trouser pockets.

His eyes begin to glance over the room as he speaks and I want nothing more than to sink in my chair, but my pride says otherwise, keeping my shoulders straight and my eyes set forward. "You're all here because we've seen potential in each of you and we only hire the best, those who we know will be determined within their roles."

"And we expect hard work and professionalism here," Weston stops for a moment and flicks his eyes to the back of the room, once to Theo and then to me. The split look he gives me wasn't a reassuring one. It was like he was shocked I was even here. "Lateness isn't tolerated. The last Friday of every month we go for drinks to celebrate our hardworking month. Give your all and reap the benefits."

I push my glasses further up my nose and quickly look away, knowing my cheeks had already begun to heat up. "If you haven't already, someone will be round to set up your access to the building and working from home equipment."

"Any questions?"

Yes, how do I eject myself out of this building?

. . .

Never has a day of work ever gone so quickly as it has done today, I learnt a lot but knew I had so much more to learn. Theo was impressed with how quickly I completed his tasks and it filled me with genuine joy, I've wanted to do something I was good at for the longest time.

It was twenty minutes until the end of the day, an email pops up from Weston. Requesting that I and two others join him in his office to talk about an 'opportunity'. I had avoided him all day until now and this is not what I needed nor wanted.

"Where is Weston's office?" I ask to Theo.

"You go to the other end of the office, near the main boardroom. It's directly opposite, you won't miss it." He throws his thumb over his left shoulder and I quickly nod.

"Weston's requested a meeting in his office,"

"Oh yes!" Theo's eyes light up. "He's going to discuss something he's been planning for the company, do let me know what you think about it."

"Okay," I say as I push my chair out from underneath me and walk across the office, towards his

I compose myself before I knock, my eyes level with his name plaque on the door. "Come in," his voice booms through the tinted glass door.

Pushing on the handle and glancing up at Weston who is standing in front of his desk, two other people already in the room. "Hi," I mumble quietly before shutting the door behind me.

"Great, now that we are all here we can start," Weston's eyes look at me as I hover by one of the seats that is already occupied. "I've brought you here to discuss a new development I want to pitch."

The two guys sat down nod enthusiastically towards Weston. "We are looking for someone to help with the statistics and analyse them in correlation with the new development, confident with public speaking and pays fine attention to detail with visual research display." He pauses briefly. "You've all been brought to my attention because of your managers, they believe you'll be a great fit for these pitches."

I blink a few times and let everyone else in the room speak before I do. They're both gushing with the idea and want to jump straight into it, me on the other hand staying silent in the corner. "Great," Weston nods. "I'm glad you're interested."

He then flicks his eyes to me and leans back on his desk, his fingers clutching onto the wood. "Micah?"

My lips part slightly before pursing them tightly. "I'll think about it,"

I feel like I'm the worst public speaker in the world, put me in front of a couple of people and I'm already a blubbering mess. Let alone trying to pronounce complicated numbers and statistics.

"Okay," he nods. "I'll be emailing out a detailed document and you can let me know your thoughts."

"Amazing, thanks Weston," the guy in the chair beside me stands up and reaches his hand forward to shake his hand like a suck up.

I bite my tongue so I don't come across as a complete psycho. "Thanks for all your work today guys," Weston says as he flicks his eyes over all three of us. "See you all early tomorrow."

By the time I even turn to the door the other two are out by a mile, probably rushing home after spending their first day at work. "I'm surprised to see you," Weston comments and I don't move.

"Likewise," I breathe out and watch as he cracks a small smile out of the corner of my eye.

"I really didn't think that you were interested in my business, or any of my vacancies for that matter," he says before folding his hands over his chest. Was he challenging me?

"Well first of all, I didn't know you owned this company," I shoot back, wincing mentally for being blunt. He's not a customer anymore, he's my bloody employer.

"Would that have changed anything?" His head tilts sidewards, his eyes glistening ever so slightly in amusement.

I ignore his comment and take a slow step backwards. "Guess we've got to make a living somehow," I say hollowly before leaving his office without looking back.
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