Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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I didn't even realise that it was currently two in the morning until Carter decided to be the first to call it a night, completely forgetting that I had to go home and for one, how I was going to get there safely.

"Yeah me too," Jake agrees as he shuffles off the couch awkwardly. He was extremely stoned, all three of them but no one wanted to admit it.

"Woah, woah, woah," Remy holds her hands up to touch Jake's shoulders, stopping him in his tracks. "You guys need to walk Myla home, there is no way I'm letting her do it alone."

Remy meant business as she folds her arms over her chest and raises her eyebrows, waiting for one of them to say anything. "Sure," Carter nods as he lingers by the door.

"We'll walk," Jake says eventually and I quickly turn my head towards him. "We live the same way."

I wasn't quite sure why he was lying about the fact we lived together, maybe it was too complicated to explain. Or maybe they're not werewolves and have no idea about his background.

"Great," Remy nods, her eyes looked tired and I'm almost sure my eyes looked the same. Completely forgetting that we had work earlier. "Now please leave, I need to sleep. I'm back at the alley tomorrow and I need some kind of rest."

Stepping forward to Remy as I give her a soft hug. "Thanks for inviting me," I tell her.

"Oh don't be silly, it's been nice having you here. A lot more braincells, that's for sure." She mumbles into my ear and I let out a quiet laugh.

She opens the door for us and we leave, waving goodbye to Carter, Zack and Emily as they turn the opposite direction down the street. Jake and I fall into a slow paced walk side by side, the night wasn't cold but the wind was slightly chilly.

Jake's hands stuffed into his hoodie pockets, head low. "Your friends are nice," I comment in attempt to create some form of conversation.

"Yeah, they're alright when they aren't being idiots," he says, tilting his head towards me slightly.

"How far is the walk?" I question as we turn down a dark alley, dimly lit. My arms raise in goosebumps at how concerning this walk would be alone.

"Not far," he says. "About twenty minutes."

His voice sounded sharp like he wanted the conversation to end there and then so I turn away from him and nod once. The sound of our shoes hitting the floor was the only thing we could hear.

Jake lets out a sigh, almost like this was the most boring thing he had ever done in his life. "Do you really not drink because of what you said?" He says which completely catches me by surprise.

I hum. "Yeah," I say quietly. "It's one of the main reasons."

"What's the other reasons?"

"The consequences,"

"Huh?" Jake's head turns to me, his brows dipped down slightly.

"It's not just becoming an addict or whatever," I quickly clear my throat. "It's the things you can do whilst you're off your head. The people you can hurt."

Jake's eyes linger on me for a few moments, they flick down my attire before focusing on the road in front of us. "So did she hurt you?"


"Your mother," he pauses. "Did she hurt you?"

"Blunt much," I bite back.

He shrugs, a gesture to show that he doesn't care if he's being rash. Maybe he's just nosy or has no filter. "That's what I got from reading you,"

"Then don't read me," my mouth snaps.


Out of the corner of my eye I notice he glances down before rolling his eyes. I wanted nothing more than this walk to hurry up. Jake picks up his speed and so do I, almost out walking him with my long legs.

As we walk through the gates, spotting Oakley sleeping in the cathouse Evan helped me build. Fast asleep and cosy, feeling glad that he wanted to be near the house.

By the time we reach the door Jake lets himself in first, barely leaving it open for myself. "Dick,"

I slam the door a little too loud for the morning but that didn't matter, Felix and Zara were sat with Aria in the kitchen.

Aria was crying her eyes out, bawling more like. Zara watches us before she storms right over. "When I tell you to not block your mindlink when you go out, I mean don't block your mindlink!" She whisper shouts, anger radiating through her face.

Jake shrugs off his jacket. "What's happened this time?" He rolls his eyes again and looks towards Aria, making me think that this was a reoccurring situation.

"Don't you dare act dumb with me," Zara points her finger towards him.

"I have no clue what you're talking about," Jake shouts back, he drops his jacket to the floor.

"You let Aria walk home by herself after whatever party you were at and she was almost assaulted," Zara stops herself from ripping his face off. "You have no idea how furious I am with you!"

The room falls silent for a few moments before Jake starts laughing. "Don't you laugh Jake Holt," Zara's eyes looked like they were about to bulge out of her head.

"I see what's happening here," Jake says coldly as he loops around his mom and stalks towards Aria in the kitchen.

Aria turns to face us, her mascara now smeared down her face. Her body slightly shaken up from whatever happened. I felt bad but I felt angry that she was lying, knowing I hadn't seen her all night.

Jake leans on the kitchen counter. "Why don't you tell them the truth Aria?"

"Shut up Jake," she grunts through gritted teeth.

"Jake you better stop," Felix warns.

"Or what?"

"Jake I said shut up," she widens her eyes.

"No, I'm not fucking having this. I'm not going to get in trouble for something that didn't happen. It's not my fault if you wanted to fuck that guy from Starbucks who is probably a paedophile or married with four kids."

"I fucking hate you!" Aria screams at him before jumping down from the counter. She walks towards him but looks about four feet shorter than him. "You're the one who's lying!"

"I'm not lying," Jake folds his arms across his chest before laughing, he wasn't amused by the situation in the slightest.

Aria desperately turns towards her dad. "Dad, he's trying to manipulate you. He's a liar."

Felix glances down at his daughter before looking to his son. "Oh my God guys, I don't have time for these childish games."

"You know what, I'll end it all for you," Jake holds his hands up in defence. He turns to me and takes a deep breath. "I never thought I'd say this but thank fuck you were there tonight so you can back me up. Tell my parents that Aria wasn't with us all night."

My eyes narrow at his words. "She wasn't with us tonight," I say to Zara then I glance back at Jake. "Don't worry, your company isn't what I strive for. Not sure how your friends put up with your bland personality anyway."

Without giving him a chance to respond, not that he cared about what I had to say when his sister comes out with accusations like she did. I take myself up stairs and away from their family drama.

The second I reach the top step, they begin arguing loudly. My hand raises to rub my head, I needed a long fucking sleep and my bed.

. . .

The light wakes me up at stupid o'clock yet again, I don't even think twice before jumping out of bed. The house was quiet as ever, I liked this time because I knew most people are still in bed.

Considering I only got five hours sleep I felt good, which was a first. Then suddenly I remember what happened last night, I hope Aria doesn't smother me in the night for telling the truth.

Whatever happened to her must have been awful but pinning the blame on Jake and making him seem like the bad guy. In a way I felt guilty for him but at the same time what he said sucked so I hope they both end up miserable today.

Greeting Oakley who was sunbathing on the top step of the patio, he looked so incredibly cute, I wanted to eat him. Replacing his bowl full of cat food and giving him and quick stoke behind his ears. He looks up to me and meows before laying back down.

"Good morning," I hear Evan's voice as I step back through the front door.

"Morning dad," I say as I approach the kitchen. "You're up early."

"When am I ever not up early?" He questions before opening the fridge and taking out the carton of milk.


"How was your night?" He muses. "Heard you've made a few friends, that's great."

I inhale through my mouth as I raise both my eyebrows. "Not sure I'd call them friends,"

"I'm sure they will be in time to come," he offers me a smile. "Do you want some breakfast?"

"Please," I nod towards him. "So did you not hear anything from last night?"

Evan hums in my direction sounding confused. "What do you mean?"

"My friend from work is also friends with Jake, so I spent the night with them,"

His eyes light up. "Oh that's nice!"

"No dad, it's not," I mumble. "When I got home Aria told her parents that Jake didn't walk her home from the party and whilst she did, she got attacked."

He gasps instantly and drops a spoon onto the counter. "Oh my God, that's awful,"

"But she wasn't with us, she lied and tried to pin the blame on Jake. So it all kicked off and everyone started shouting, it was carnage."

"Oh my," Evan's hand runs through his hair. "That sounds awful."

"How did you not hear this?" I question knowing they have super sensitive hearing.

"You know your father and I have those earplugs at night," he taps his ear slightly. "How is Aria, is she okay?"

I shrug feeling slightly bad that I never questioned this last night. "I don't know, she seemed pretty shaken up but I was annoyed that she was trying to tell Felix that Jake was manipulating him. That's just out of order."

Evan hums as he listens to me speak. "Yeah that's really not okay," he sighs.

"I think Felix and Zara are going to be absolutely mortified this morning,"

"Well let's just keep out of their way today and not cause a scene,"

"Ironic," I snort.

Caleb comes up behind me causing me to jump slightly, placing his hands on my shoulder and pressing a kiss to the top of my head. "Good morning,"

My head turns in his direction almost surprised at his gesture. "You're in a good mood," I comment as I narrow my eyes at him suspiciously.

"Can I not say good morning to my family?" He asks before making his way over to Evan.

Evan smiles at the interaction between us, I know this meant a lot to him. Seeing us get along for the first time since we've really been here.

"You can, I was just expecting some insult first,"

Caleb turns and smiles at me. "Not today kiddo," he tells me.

"Oh my, you haven't heard about what happened last night!" Evan yells towards Caleb and he blinks back at him confused.

"What happened?"

Evan rushes to speak with what I just told him. I'm sure he was secretly a teenager at heart or a middle aged mother who lunches. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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