Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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When I arrived at work the next day, I was relieved to see Remy working behind the tills, working with a friend made shifts go so much quicker. Dumping my stuff in the staff room and joining Remy by the front desk, she smiles instantly when she sees me.

"Hey," she says sounding slightly surprised.

"Hey to you too,"

"I didn't know you were working?" She shakes her head at me.

"Kirsty rung me this morning," I tell her as I pull out a clip board from underneath the front desk.

"Thank god for Kirsty," Remy exhales before running up the till, her eyes scanning across all the numbers. "Did you get home alright when Jake walked you the other night?"

I hum as I scribble a pen down onto the paper. "Yeah somewhat,"

"What happened?" She asks suddenly, stepping closer to me.

My eyes widen at her current stance and I sigh before placing the board back down on the side, folding my arms across my chest. "Well the walk was fine but when we got home Aria was there crying telling Jake's parents that we didn't walk her home from the party and she got attacked because of us."

Remy gasps almost instantly. "I totally fucking forgot!" She yells before she thinks quickly, her eyes building up with anger.

"Forgot what?"

"Aria kicked off saying that we let her go out with that guy and it's our fault that she almost got assaulted," Remy's nose turns up in disgust at what she just said. "How dare she go around accusing everyone of this?"

My lip quirks slightly. "I don't know, she's you guy's friend,"

Remy gives me one long hard stare but I don't regret saying it because I was right, who would want a friend who was blinded by their own choices? I'm not saying what happened is her fault because that's blaming the victim. It's his fault for trying to take advantage of her. She should have at least let her friends know where she was for extra caution and then not lied to her parents to get Jake in trouble.

"I've never seen her like this," she says eventually before rubbing the top of her forehead.

"Is she okay?" I ask genuinely.

Remy shrugs before pursing her lips. "I never know, she hates talking about her feelings to me or to anyone. But it's not fair for her to say that to her parents and try and blame Jake, that's so wrong."

"So how have you guys left it?"

"It's not great," she says. "She's the one who has stopped talking to us, completely blocking us out. I know that it's annoying Zack because he's like head over heels for her."

"I think Jake is livid," I comment.

"Oh for sure," she nods vigorously. "He never really wanted her to be in our friendship group because of this exact reason. You don't shit where you eat."

"I think that's the wrong saying for this current situation," I narrow one eye at her and watch as she dismisses my comment.

"Oh whatever," she flutters her hand in my direction. "You know what I mean."

"I guess,"

"Wait," she says suddenly, stopping and looking up at the ceiling. "How were you there when Jake was arguing with his parents?"

I don't recall blinking at her question, instead standing there feeling stumped. I didn't even want to tell this stupid lie, maybe Jake was just embarrassed to be living in the same space as me.

"We actually live together," I eventually admit.

Remy's eyes shoot wide, her neck cranking slightly forward towards me. "You live together?" She repeats.

I nod once. "Yeah, my parents owned a lot of land when they were younger and had this big house. When they adopted me and we moved they gave the house to Jake's parents, then when we moved back we just moved in."

"Shit," she curses. "Your house must be fucking massive, why have we never been round there for parties?"

Because they're werewolves and very territorial. I think in my head.

"My dads are very house proud, they don't trust us teenagers. They think everything we touch will break." I say as I finally pick up the clipboard again.

"I can agree with that," Remy laughs. "That's why we built that shed in the backyard."

"You're lucky to have that," I tell her.

She beams at me. "I know."

. . .

When I get home after my abnormally long shift, I wasn't expecting Zara and Felix to be stood around the dining table looking down at Jake and Aria.

Oh man, not again.

They all turn their attention to me as I slam the door, not knowing where to look so I just look at all of them. Sometimes I think our family dynamic is dysfunctional but then I look at these guys and remember, it's not so bad.

They might be having a family meeting but I was hungry, and they were not going to stop me from getting my snack. Waltzing over to the fridge slowly and looking inside, trying my hardest to find something that looked tasty and not healthy or organic.

Felix continues to talk to them, I didn't want to listen but it was like I was forced to.

"I'm not talking whilst she's in the room," I hear Aria who sounded like a stuck up spoilt child.

I don't say anything but continue to take my time, deciding what to make myself.

"Aria," Felix says sharply.

Taking out the butter and cheese whilst finding the loaf of bread.

"No Aria, we said no mindlink. We are going to sit and talk about this like a normal family." Felix shouts, causing me to jump slightly.

"So she comes here and we run circles around her?!" Aria screams loudly as she pushes her chair out from underneath her, screeching against the floor.

"I live here too," I say as I turn around, no longer being able to hold my tongue.

"Well I wish you didn't!"

"What the fuck have I done to you?" I curse out and watch as Zara winces at my language.

"You think you can come here and take my friends, you think that you can take my place in my own friendship group?" She starts to storm over to me, she looked angry. Her teeth now grinding against each other at the sight of me.

"Aria," Felix shouts now following her, pulling at her wrist slightly. "Stop this."

"I haven't done anything, I spent one night with your friends and now I'm the enemy?" I sound feeling completely dumbfounded by this whole conversation.

"Maybe you should have just stayed away,"

"Last week you said that I would love your friends? Now I'm being hated for it. Make up your mind because you sound crazy."

"Don't fucking call me crazy," she lunges forward but Felix snatches her back in less than a second.

"That is enough!" Felix bellows.

"What is going on?" Caleb comes charging down the stairs, his eyes scanning the room. They eventually land on me and I already knew what was coming. "Of course you would be in the middle of it."

My eyes roll and I let out a sigh of annoyance. "I haven't done anything dad,"

"Then what's this?" He demands as he takes long strides over to the kitchen, he turns to Felix for consolidation.

Felix moves Aria so she is no longer near me, just incase she takes one big lunge at me and tackles me to the floor. "I'm sorry Caleb," he apologises. "Myla hasn't done anything. We were just in the middle of a family meeting."

"Thanks Felix," I say as I take my sandwich and walk past Caleb. "Why can't you just believe me rather than thinking the worst?"

Hurt was clear in his voice, I hated when Caleb does this. Always makes me feel bad when I haven't done anything, like I'm the worst daughter in the world. He always jumps to conclusions, assuming that I'm the one who takes the first punch.

Caleb sighs deeply as I reach the stairs. "Myla," he calls out for me but I ignore him. I didn't want to deal with this right now, I just wanted to eat and watch something shit on Netflix.

Why did this house have to contain so much drama? We moved back here because it was meant to be easy, New York was easier than this. Werewolves live a full on life and in a way I'm glad that I'm not one of them. Their emotions are probably heightened due to their family 'bond' that Evan and Caleb have told me about.

Maybe that's why Caleb and I don't get along, because we don't have that bond. Or the bond that both my parents share, instead I'm left as the outsider. If I was Caleb's we might actually understand each other, rather than being at each others throats.

Sitting down on my bed and chomping down on an extremely poorly made sandwich, my stomach was growling so I didn't care. Pulling the lid up on my laptop and typing in Netflix, not having a clue what to watch.

A soft knock at my door alerts me and I internally groan. "Come in," I mumble, my mouth full of bread.

Caleb slips his head around the door before scooting his large body inside. "Hi,"

"I didn't know you were capable of such a quiet knock," I tell him and I watch as he cracks a smile.

"I just tapped my finger on the door,"

"Of course you did," I breathe sharply out of my nose, pushing my plate further up my bed and away from my legs.

"Felix explained what happened," he comments.

"And why wasn't my word good enough?" I ask as I click away at my laptop, wanting to look anywhere but him.

Caleb digs his fingers into his eyes and edges closer to my bed. "You always assume the worst and it makes me feel crappy," I tell him.

"I don't mean to,"

"Then why do you?"

Caleb perches on the end of my bed. "Because you remind me so much of myself when I was younger. Rebellious and carefree, has a mouth like a sailor."

The corners of my lips twitch up slightly. "I think that's the first time you have ever said that we are similar,"

He nods at me. "We are similar in someways, the troublesome and rebellious side. I know I shouldn't always assume you're the one who has got themselves in trouble. This is tough love, I just don't want you to end up as cold-hearted as I was."

"Don't worry dad, I'm already there," I laugh shortly.

"No you're not," he shakes his head at me. "You're not cold-hearted, you're my lovely daughter."

I smile at him, a full blown smile. "Your lovely daughter?" I repeat.

"Shut up you, I won't repeat myself," he places his hand on top of my head and pushes me slightly.

"Just next time give me the benefit of the doubt," I sigh. "You know that I am incredibly honest, even when I'm in the wrong."

"I know kiddo," Caleb nods towards me. "I promise I'll try and be better."


"Alright, I'm going to bed." He declares. "I love you, goodnight." Leaning forward to leave a kiss on the top of my head.

My heart warms at his words, rarely would he tell me that he loves me. I could count how many times he's said that on one hand. "I love you too dad,"

He stands from the bed and stops for a moment. "Get some sleep," he comments before shutting my bedroom door extremely quietly.

"Goodnight," I say, feeling content with our growing relationship. Knowing that we are never going to work perfectly with each other but I guess we could try.
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