Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Remy invited me on a road trip, making sure that we both had the Saturday off. Carter drove in his mini van and we all packed in, it was deceiving from the outside. Inside, the five of us were crammed together, Carter happily spaced out.

"I'm so glad it's so hot!" Remy smiles as she glances out the window, the sun was beaming down and honestly, I did not agree.

There was nothing I hated more than the weather when it was scorching, I never felt comfortable enough to take off my long sleeved jumpers. My skin flammable as it is, not like I wanted to damage my scar tissue.

Carter drives us to an awesome view point, right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Michigan lakes. Everything looked so bright and vibrant, never have I seen something so pleasing to the eye.

Climbing out of the van, almost wincing when the sun hits my face. I needed factor fifty all over my body just to be extra safe. Having convinced Remy to bring an umbrella before I burn, Jake and Carter lift it out of the back and stub it on the floor beside me.

My eyes peak up at them, Jake's lingering on mine for a moment too long. "Thanks," I nod as I quickly take shield under.

"You ever been sunburnt so bad you were hospitalised Myla?" Zack jokes but when I begin to nod his eyes shoot open.

"Oh shit," he says. "Really?"

"Yep," I nod as everyone sits down around me. "When my dads first adopted me they obviously were aware of my fair skin, so they took me out for a play date but forgot to put sunscreen on the back of my neck. I came up in blisters, it wasn't great."

"Oh my god," Emily says instantly.

"Your dads must have felt so bad," Remy pitches in.

"Yeah so bad but now they know, layered up with as much shade as possible." I laugh as I continue to pull down the sleeves on my jumper.

"Surely the long sleeved top makes it worse?" Carter comments as he watched my actions. "You must be boiling."

I don't miss the way everyone continues to stay silent and look directly at me, like they were all confused as to why I was wearing it in this kind of heat.

My shoulders shrug. "I think it helps so I wear it,"

Remy smiles at me and look at how her golden tanned skin looked so good against her light denim shorts and little cami top. I wish I could wear things like that but instead I prefer answering questions I feel comfortable answering.

"Well as long as you don't pass out on us," Emily points a finger at me before grabbing her backpack from her side.

"Right, where is the food at?" Carter questions as he rubs his hands together, his eyes looking over at Emily.

Emily gasps and yanks away her bag. "Hey!" She yells. "You didn't wanna get any food so get your own, loser."

Carter's face falls at the retaliation. "Come on Em, you know you love me."

"Barely," she rolls her eyes dramatically.

"Anyway," Remy declares loudly to divert our attention back to the group. "A girl we know from high school is having a party next weekend. I mean it's meant to be a leaving party, she's going to Australia. Made a whole facebook event and anything, but we're only going because she has this sick house. You wanna come?"

My eyes stop on hers when I realise that she is talking to me. "Oh," I pause. "I mean, will she let me in? I don't even know her."

"Honestly I wouldn't sweat it," Emily laughs. "She's a proper attention seeker, she wants everyone to be there."

"I'm sure she actually applied for MTV's sweet sixteen show," Zack adds in and the girls continue to laugh.

"Oh my god, she did," Remy says as she covers her mouth. "That girl man,"

"Everyone is allowed, she even made the facebook group so that people could add others. She wants loads of people to come." Emily reassures me as she cracks a can of Coke.

"Is it gonna get messy?" I ask.

"Messy is an understatement, you know how parties get," Remy nudges my knee slightly.

"I've never really been to a party," I admit.

Emily almost chokes on her drink. "Shut the fuck up,"

Carter gapes at me from across the blanket. "How have you never been to a party?" He asks in disbelief.

I shrug not really caring if this made me lame. "I was never really interested to be honest, girls at my old school were so up their own asses. Didn't want to be anywhere near them at school, let alone on the weekend."

This earns a soft laugh from Jake. Almost like he understood completely what I meant. I force myself not to look at him and pretend I didn't hear.

"You can say that again," Emily's eyes widen as she tilts her head towards me.

"Here," Zack holds out a pack of sour sweets. "Anyone want any?"

The thought of something tangy in my mouth was what I needed right now, knowing I had way too much of a sweet tooth. "Yeah please," I say as I lean forward and reach into the pack.

The sleeve of my top slightly raising up, my eyes watching as my skin becomes on show. I retreat back, knocking the bag out of Zack's hands. The sweets falling to the blanket. "Shit," I curse. "Sorry."

"You okay?" He questions as he attempts to scoop the sweets back up into the bag.

"Yeah sorry," I fidget and look to the right of me, Jake was eyeing me up curiously. He looks back down to my wrist that is now covered and back up to my eyes.

My stomach twists thinking that he saw but it was bright out and decided to convince myself he couldn't have possibly seen.

"Here," Zack says as he throws the bag over to me and I catch it perfectly between my hands.

"Thanks," I say gratefully as I dig in.

"Right, who is up for a game?" Remy suddenly shouts which startles me.

"What kind of game?" Carter raises a suspicious eyebrow at her.

"Volleyball or something,"

"Did you bring the ball?" Emily questions and Remy hums instantly.

"Sweet, lets play," Zack jumps to his feet in a second and runs over to the mini van, sliding the door open and finding the ball in the back seat.

Remy stands up and brushes dry mud from her legs before shielding her eyes with her hand. "Myla, you gonna play?" She asks.

"I wish I could,"

"Oh come on," Carter whines out. "Just one game."

Zack drops his bucket hat printed with weed leaves onto my head and pulls down aggressively. "There," he says before tapping my head once. "All protected."

"Fine," I huff out. "One game."

They all cheer in unison, a part from Jake who barely looks amused.

"You playing?" I question. "If I am, you shoul—"

Zack throws the ball and directly hits me on the nose, causing me to take a step backwards. It didn't hurt but it caught me by surprise. "Don't be a dick," I say before picking up the ball and hurling it back in his direction, slamming it straight into the side of his leg.

"Jesus Myla, easy," he shouts as he leans down to rub the patch on his leg that has now turned red.

"For that shot, I'll play," Jake says with a slight smile on his face, he walks past me and out onto the grass.

"Stay away from her, she's mean," Zack says dramatically to Jake but he just pushes him playfully.

"Oh act your age," Jake teases him back and I laugh.

I didn't want to feel settled yet because they have years of friendship between them, but I couldn't help but feel like I got along with them. And I'd like to think they didn't hate my company.

. . .

Carter drops Jake and I off at home, having known that we live together from being picked up this morning. We manage to escape in peace but not before I thank them for an amazing day. Remy hugs me and then does Emily, and I wave goodbye to Carter and Zack.

It was approaching eleven at night, surprised that we stayed out all day. But I knew one thing, and that was I needed to get into the shower desperately. Jake holds the door open for me as he watches me give Oakley a warm welcome. "You really like cats then?" He questions as he leans his back on the door, arms now folded across his chest.

I shrug as I stand up and walk through beside him. "I've never had a cat but you have to admit he's so damn cute," my lips twitch up into a smile as I think about how small and innocent he is. How could someone not love animals?

"Cats can be controversial," he says as he shuts the door behind me.

My eyes scan the house and realise everyone was in bed and I was glad. I was exhausted from the day and talking about what we got up to was not on my agenda. Not before I scoffed my face with sponge cake that I watched Zara make last night.

Jake prowls over to the fridge quicker than I can get there, his eyes wandering over the shelves. He pulls out a plate with a cover and reveals one slither of cake, one tiny piece.

"Don't you dare," I call out as I march over to him by the island.

His eyes peak up to me as he takes off the transparent lid. "You can't call dibs on a piece of cake,"

"Well I did," I say as I slap away his hands.

"You can't,"

"You've lived with Zara your whole life, I haven't had a chance to taste any of her baking!" I exclaim like a spoilt child, my rumbling stomach speaking for me.

"Fine, we will halve it," he grumbles.

Jake pulls out a knife from the draw and slices it down the middle, the size merely a couple of centimetres. "Bon appetite," he says as he slaps the plate and scoffs his half.

I follow his lead and do the same, almost fainting at the taste of buttercream and jam. The sponge was light and fluffy, almost lightweight. Everything about it was divine and I wanted more.

"Wow," I breathe out as I draw my thumb into my mouth and lick of a speckle of jam. "Your mom is amazing."

"I'll give you that," he nods before taking the plate and the knife and placing it in the sink.

"How are you not fat?"

"Excuse me?" Jake's head flashes around to me in a second.

"With your moms cooking, how are you not severely overweight?" I ask, my feelings genuinely curious. "I mean I'm not that big into food but her cooking is phenomenal, I'd be the size of a whale if I grew up with that food."

Jake then laughs at my awkwardness, the first time today I really saw him smile. "Because we exercise a lot and as werewolves we have fast metabolisms. Means we can eat junk but we need to work out to burn it all off. Having to keep our stamina up and all."

"I almost forget you're a werewolf sometimes," I admit as my finger slides across the island. "It's weird when I have to remind myself. You all seem pretty normal."

He doesn't say anything for a few moments before he shrugs and loops around the island. "Sometimes I feel like I'm not," he says quietly.


"It's complicated." He says bluntly, like he threw a wall up between us.

"How complicated?"

"Honestly, I don't wanna talk about it," he says before shaking his head. "Especially not to you."

"Ouch," I mumble under my breath. "And I thought we were over the rude phase."

"We aren't over anything," he grumbles, I watch as his eyes roll. "We aren't even friends."

A sarcastic laugh slips past my lips. "You're exhausting," I say before walking towards the stairs before he can.

I can hear Jake exhale a deep, needing sigh from behind me. For me, trying to be his friend or even civil was hard and I found it difficult to make friends.

Deep in my heart I knew that he was going through stuff with his parents and his sister, pushing anyone away that tries to help him. But I'm not going to chase if he wants to be blunt. Maybe I shouldn't try at all.

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