Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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It was the middle of the week and I tried to pick up as many shifts at the alley as possible, there wasn't much going on at home. But because I wasn't a manager and they had a bunch of other kids working due to cramming in last shifts before they leave forever, I was left with a few hours here and there.

So instead of working I decided to pamper myself, not that I ever did anything like this normally. It felt strange to care for yourself in the form of face masks and hair treatments. But maybe this would be my new interest, self care.

I almost laugh to myself as I walk from the shower back to my room, like I'd ever be someone like that. Barely caring what I thought of myself, let alone others.

My hand pushes open my white painted door and almost scream when I watch as Aria rummages through my drawers. She turns back to me, startled I was even here. "What the fuck are you doing?" I yell out angrily as I clench my towel closer to my chest. Hating the fact I was pretty much naked in front of her.

Aria's dark eyes roll in my direction. "You know," she shrugs innocently as she slams one of my draws shut. "Just having a look around my house."

"Those are my things, this is my room!" My voice raises loudly. "Don't fucking touch my stuff."

Her eyes narrow at me slightly. "Well this is my house after all. So all of it is technically mine."

"Do you want me to fucking punch you?" My fists begin to tighten even further, losing circulation in my hands.

I watch as her eyes flick down to my body, my arms were on display and I know she had an undeserved glance at my skin. My chest and shoulders, everything on show to her. She stops and smirks at me. "You wouldn't even dare."

"Try me," I seethe out. "Now get the fuck out of my room before I rip your hair out."

Aria doesn't seem phased by my words, in fact she looked like this was a challenge and she smiles at me. A sickly sweet smile that screamed, lets go.

After a few moments she waltzes out of my room like nothing had happened. Once she shuts my door, I rush to get changed into anything I can find around my room. Pulling my hair towel out and letting my long hair slap the back of my jumper.

I find myself mumbling curse words to myself as I shove on a pair of socks and storm out of my room. How dare she think she can touch my stuff? Has she been snooping around before whilst I'm at work?

My blood boils as I think about her grotty hands digging around my belongings. Not wanting her to know a single thing about me or my life.

Carrying myself downstairs where I hear her voice in the kitchen, she's talking to Zara acting all innocent. My eyes collide with Jake who is sat at the kitchen table in front of Zara and Aria.

"Please can you tell your daughter not to go into my room and rummage around my things?" I question loudly, Zara pauses and turns towards me.

Jake's eyes turn to me as well but I couldn't understand the look in them, cold as usual.

"I wasn't in your room," she rolls her eyes at me again. "Not sure why you're making up these lies."

"That's ironic, considering you're the one who lies all the time. Don't go into my room." I force out as I fold my arms across my chest.

"Aria, did you go into her room?" Zara asks as she raises an eyebrow in her direction, one hand now moving to her hip.

"No," she bops her head slightly.

Zara watches her, analysing her strange behaviour. "Why don't I believe you?"

"Because you hate me,"

I wanted to laugh. She's pulling the reverse card, making it about herself and attempting to make Zara feel bad. "Don't ever say that," she gasps.

"You never believe me, so you must hate me."

"She's lying," I ground out.

Zara glances back at me, I can sense that she was feeling conflicted.

"Why are you so bothered about someone being in your room anyway?" Aria asks, her voice sounding bitchy.

"Because I said so,"

"Probably because you're hiding something,"

"Or maybe because I want my privacy," I say through gritted teeth. I didn't want her to know that she was getting under my skin but it was already showing.

"Oh," Aria says loudly which causes Jake to turn to her. "Is this because of your deformed arms?"

My eye almost twitches at her comment, my stomach twisting painfully as the room settles in silence.

"Your retard arms or whatever the fuck they are,"

Noticing how my breathing becomes harsh, my feet carrying me across the kitchen and towards her. She smirks at me, standing her ground, waiting for me to back down as she squares up to me. But I don't, instead I raise my fist and swing, crunching her nose in the process.

She's shocked at my strength considering that she's a werewolf and I'm a human, self defence with Caleb paid off.

Aria stumbles back slightly, her nose now dribbling with blood. Zara gasps and Jake stands up from the table so quickly that the chair scrapes across the floor.

"Say that again," I grit out, my eyes shaking between hers with anger. "I fucking dare you."

"Your fucking deformed a—"

I lunge forward again, my fingers gripping onto her hair and pulling as hard as I can. She punches me directly into the ribs but I don't budge, my elbow raises to bash her directly in the eye.

Zara rushes over to Aria and we are pulled apart, my body now being removed from hers. Noticing Jake loop his arms around mine and pulling me away from her. My legs begin to kick in her direction, any attempt to give her what she so rightfully deserves.

Not settling in Jake's hold, he throws me up and over his shoulder. My body now rattling with frustration, despising being manhandled. "Let me down, right now!" I shout but Jake doesn't move, his hard shoulder digging right into my stomach.

Jake carries me outside and sets me down on the patio steps. My legs almost slipping from underneath me as I stumble backwards from the force. "Don't ever do that again," I say, my hands shaking as I point a finger towards him.

He shuts the front door behind him and holds up his hands to me. "I'm doing you a favour," he says lowly. "It would have turned ugly, trust me I've been there a million times. It's best to walk away."

I swipe my damp hair out of my face and begin to pace up and down the patio. "Well I wish it did," I huff out. "She deserves all that is coming to her."

"Myla," Jake digs his fingers into his eyes. "She's a werewolf, she will heal in about three minutes. No bruising, no scars. Nothing. It's not worth it, especially when she's in a spiteful mood like this."

My fingers lace through my knotted hair, a deafening scream escaping my lips as I tilt my head up at the sky. Letting my lungs exhale every bit of breath I had in them.

Jake steps closer to me and rests a hand on my shoulder, a weird feeling but it calmed me slightly. I knew Jake could understand how I felt because he's lived with her his whole life, he knows how evil she can be.

"Just breathe," he says after a few moments. "Don't listen to what she says, she chats shit all the time. Attention seeking is her way of life, don't let it get to you. She's severely insecure deep down somewhere and being nasty gives her joy."

I open my mouth to take in as much air as possible, not realising I was holding my breath occasionally. "How can she just get away with being a dick?" I spit out.

"She just does, it's the Aria way," he sighs before removing his hands from my shoulder.

"How do you live with her?"

"I bite my tongue and avoid her like the plague now," he says before laughing shortly to himself. "But maybe you should get a lock on your door, something to stop her being annoying and nosy."

My feet begin to stomp, my anger not out of my system completely. "You punch good," Jake says in return.

"That punch was average," I say as I spin around to him.

"You need to be honest with yourself, you made her bleed,"

My eyes scowl at him slightly. "Why are you acting nice to me?" I say harshly. "The other night you literally said we weren't friends."

"Do we have to be friends to help each other out?" He questions as he leans on the patio pillar.

"Not sure," I ponder. "Next time we come home from Remy's you might slam the door in my face. I have zero idea if I'm coming or going with you Jake. All I want to do is settle in with no drama, cause no riffs and get along with people. Is that so hard to understand?"

Jake stares back at me, not moving one inch.

"If you don't want me to hang out with your friends then tell me because I'll back away. If it's making you that unhappy, I'll take a step back." My voice lowers suddenly, feeling somewhat calmer than earlier.

Jake exhales a deep breath. "I'm not going to tell you to stop hanging out with us,"

"I don't want to hang around if I'm not wanted,"

"I know for a fact Remy and Emily are really fond of you, they talk about you a lot."

My eyebrows rise slightly at his words before I take a sharp breath. "Well that's a first,"

"I don't hate your company Myla, you keep to yourself mostly. Just shit is going on between the family, as you can tell," Jake pauses to throw his thumb over his shoulder. "I'm just moody sometimes and I can't help it."

"Doesn't mean you need to take it out on others," I tell him. "I was only trying to be nice to you. Maybe you need to accept when people are trying to help you. It's easy to push people away but in reality, it's not healthy."

"I know," he says before lowering his head slowly. "I just struggle with shit."

"Then talk about it!" My arms wail through the air. "I've been through enough therapy to realise that letting things eat away at your mind does no favours. I'm the least optimistic person but I know keeping it zipped is the worst thing for your mental health."

Jake avoids my eye contact at all costs, chewing the insides of his mouth like he wants to listen but doesn't. "Even if it's Zack or Carter, or your dad. It takes time to accept that you need to talk about things, I get that. But don't leave it too late that you're bed bound and losing your sanity."

"It's hard to talk about your feelings," he admits after a few moments.

My feet shift from side to side as I watch him. "Life is hard in general, shit happens. Just like what happened with Aria ten minutes ago. I'm not gonna go cry about it, instead I'm gonna think better and tell myself her words don't mean shit. All I care about is the validation I have for myself."

"You're strong minded," he comments before pushing off the pillar and rubbing his hands together.

"I learnt the hard way," I sigh as I raise a hand to my ribs, the bone starting to hurt from Aria's punch.

Jake doesn't say anything as a minute passes, we both just stand there. The heat beginning to get the better of me, my neck sweating like no tomorrow.

"You wanna hang out with us tonight?" He says out of nowhere.

I look up at him through my light eye lashes. "Us?" I repeat.

"The gang,"

"What you guys doing?" I question.

"Might go see a movie, Remy's working so might go there after and get some freebies."

I tilt my head in his direction, unsure if this was a joke or he was just feeling sorry for me. Probably the latter.

"Take your mind off shit, get you away from this crazy house,"

I cup my elbows to my chest and eventually nod. "Okay," I pause realising that I need a break too. "I guess I could get out of the house for a bit."

"Think I'm leaving around six, so meet me here then if you still wanna come." Jake nods once before pushing on the front door and leaving it slightly open for myself.

I didn't want to step foot in the house again, not knowing Aria was inside. My fist couldn't take another hit, my knuckles slightly turning purple. I must have punched her hard and in a way that made me proud. No one was going to talk shit about me and not expect a consequence.

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