Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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"Hmmm," Emily stands back from my bland wardrobe and inspects. "What about this?" She questions as she yanks on an old denim boiler suit.

"Yeah!" Remy shouts from my bed. "That's cute, I like that a lot."

She had said that about everything Emily had pulled from my wardrobe but I knew none of my clothes were their style, I could tell by the pile of clothes at Emily's feet. "You don't have to say you like every single thing you know," I say as I turn to Remy.

She offers me a sweet smile and I could tell she didn't want to upset me with her opinions but at the end of the day, they were her opinions. She was dressed in a white summer dress, strapped and short but flowy. Matched with some cute little boots and a leather jacket.

Definitely not my style but she looked good in it.

"I say the boiler suit," Emily nods as she chucks it at me.

"You sure?" I ask as I catch it between my hands.

Remy hums. "Yeah, with your converse. That will look good for sure."

"Okay," I say as I take both of their advice.

"When are the boys getting here?" Remy directs at Emily.

She shrugs as she attempts to pick up my clothes from the floor. "Not sure," she says. "Maybe I'll text Carter."

"What did your parents say about having us over?" Remy questions as she stands from the bed and looks at herself in the mirror.

"Jake spoke to his dad, I have no idea about mine," I say hesitantly. "I told them that you girls were coming over but nothing about pre-drinking or whatever."

Remy and Emily share a quick glance and they smile. "What?" I say, my eyes widening slightly.

"You're just so cute," Emily laughs. "'Pre-drinking or whatever'."

A knock at my bedroom turns everyone silent, the door wasn't quite shut but Jake still manages to poke his head around. "They're here," he tells us, the girls both shooting up with excitement.

"You guys go," I tilt my head towards Jake. "I'll get changed,"

"Sure, see you down there," Remy says as she grips my shoulder as she walks past me.

Slipping into the black boiler suit, then brushing through my hair. Scolding myself in my head for not doing something with it before, instead it just looked like a flat mess. Rubbing some cream into my hands and running it through my red hair, attempting any kind of volume.

Diving onto my hands and knees to grab my converse from under my bed and throwing them onto my feet, double knotting the laces. Taking one quick glance at myself in the mirror, no more than a second because there would be a million things I'd want to change but have zero time.

The sound of Remy laughing loudly was the first thing I heard as I shut my bedroom door behind me, and taking the stairs down to the kitchen.

"Myla!" Zack shouts as he comes bounding over, giving me a big unneeded hug.

I awkwardly pat him on the back, Carter coming over to do the same. "How much have you guys already drunk?" I laugh at their actions.

Carter holds his hand up to me, showing me between his thumb and index finger how 'much' they had to drink. "This much," he comments before shrugging it off.

"Oh yeah," I nod. "I believe you."

They crowd round the kitchen island, my feet taking steady steps to join them. Jake catches my eye as I fill in the space between him and Zack, he smiles at me but it's gone in a flash. Typical.

"Right let's play a game," Remy declares.

"Yes games master," Zack bows his head sarcastically which results in Remy throwing an apple at him.

"Shut up," she says as she grabs her bottle of wine. "I need to be drunk before we get to this party because I don't want to actually live down how bad it is."

So we end up playing ring of fire because Emily didn't know how to play any other games and the boys couldn't be bothered to explain.

Half way through the game, loud heels clink against the floor of the stairs. Each of us stopping with the game and turning to the sound. Aria emerges from the last step, wearing the sparkliest gold dress I've ever seen and heels bigger than my forearms. They were huge and how she was walking in them, I had no idea.

No one says anything because I don't think anyone knew what to say. She stares back at us before charging past in her deathly shoes and opening the fridge, taking a bottle of something or the other. She smiles sarcastically at us, the quietness making me cringe internally.

"Hey," Remy says eventually in which Aria returns a scowl. "How have you been?"

Aria rolls her eyes so hard, I wouldn't have been surprised if her eyeballs detached from her body. "Like any of you guys give a shit about me." She spits.

"We do care about you Aria," Remy says softly and I hated how much of a good person she was. Always caring about others even if they did you wrong. "We've always cared about you."

My eyes are drawn to Jake who lifts up his eyebrows like this does not apply to him, sipping from his cup slyly and turning away.

"Oh fuck off," she roars before charging through the kitchen and out the front door. Slamming it loudly, her strength proving to be in her favour as the paintings on the walls begin to shake.

Remy looked hurt, her kindness not always paying off. I glance at her from across the island and her eyes fall sad for a brief moment. "Don't let her get to you," I say and Jake nods instantly.

Emily reaches out to her and rubs her arm. "We've tried our hardest with her Rem, what else can we do?" She tells her gently.

"She doesn't deserve you being nice to her, not after everything she's done," I say honestly.

"Yeah," Jake pipes in. "And besides, Myla punched her the other day so it's all good."

"What?!" Remy shouts along with curse words and screaming from everyone else.

I stand there, my eyes wide at how casually Jake just announced that. "She was being a bitch and she deserved it," I say as I hold my hands up in defence.

"She did deserve it," Jake confirms and I can't help but glance up at him in shock, he was defending me now? Talk about turning the page, just buy me a whole new book.

"Jesus Myla," Emily shakes her head at me in disbelief. "What the fuck happened?"

Not wanting to go over the details of the conversation before I punched her in the face, I clear my throat and shake my head. "Let's not dwell on it tonight, we should just enjoy our night. I'll explain all later." I tell them as I take a sip of water.

"I agree," Jake says and eventually we focus back on the game.

. . .

Parties were strange but I kind of liked it. There was an astounding amount of people in this girls house but it was huge, so there was a bit of space between people. Worried that we might have been packed like sardines in a tin.

"Are we gonna say hi to the host?" I shout over the music.

They all turn to look at me, Zack and Carter laughing. "Absolutely not," Carter tells me straight. "We are only here to get drunk, maybe kiss a girl."

I don't miss the way Emily takes a quick glance in his direction, his words slightly wounding her. "Let's go get a drink," Remy says as she grabs onto Emily's arm and guides her to the kitchen.

They find cups for their wine and they cheers. I find refuge in drinking some punch instead and attempt to settle in. The music was pumping through the house, causing the walls to shake. Some people were dancing, some were smoking and others making out. The stereotypical American house party in almost every teenage film.

I wanted to laugh at how typical it was but instead I forced myself to try and enjoy it. The boys trail behind us as they chug their beers. Remy and Emily are stopped every couple of minutes, saying hello to people from their high school.

Standing awkwardly as they talk away and I'm occasionally introduced. Maybe this would be better if I actually knew these people but in a way, I'm glad I don't know them.

The night goes on and nothing about tonight was special, we got split up at some point and the boys were off smoking and chatting to girls from their old school. Standing in the living room, swaying to the music booming from the speakers. "Oh shit look," Emily says as she tilts her head towards the kitchen.

Jake was stood talking to a girl with long brunette hair, dark tanned skin. She was leaning against the arch way and Jake was slightly towering over her as they spoke innocently. "I had no idea Roxi was back," Remy says as she takes a big sip from her cup.

"Me either," Emily says in shock.

"Who's Roxi?" I question, attempting to be involved in the conversation somehow.

Their attention is quickly diverted back to me. "Oh this girl who used to be so obsessed with Jake but then the last semester of the year she just disappeared. Apparently her parents took her away or something."

My eyes settle back on her, to say I was jealous would be ridiculous. Jake and I aren't even 'friends' for me to be jealous of them talking. If anything I was intrigued into what they were talking about because everything seems to bother Jake, and my curiosity was getting the better of me.

"She looks cute," I compliment her truthfully.

Remy hums as she continues to look in their direction. "Yeah she's stupidly good looking."

"Right," Emily grabs onto us both. "I need another drink and maybe some shots."

We follow Emily's lead and walk past Jake and Roxi, she smiles at the girls and I awkwardly catch eyes with Jake. Not even bothering to try and smile because it would have either looked fake or severely forced.

"Yeah shots for sure," Remy shouts which causes Emily to laugh.

I watch as they fumble around with their bottles and cups and take a sip of my own.

"George, where did you put the vodka for the punch?" A girl behind me yells across the kitchen.

My eyes look at her and stare down at the empty punch bowl. "Wait," I say suddenly, catching her attention. "There's alcohol in this?"

The girl stares back at me like I've just insulted her. "Yeah," she exhales her eyebrows furrow towards me.

"Oh fuck,"

"What's the problem?" Remy asks as she moves to my side.

"The punch," I state, my eyes wide. "Has alcohol in it."

Remy and Emily give each other a side glance before laughing. "Yeah Myla, that's the point. Alcoholic punch at a party? Come on."

"Oh shit," I panic as I rake my hands through my hair. "That shit tastes like juice!"

Emily agrees with me as she does her shot of whatever was in her cup. "That's why it's dangerous."

"How many have you had?" Remy questions seriously.

"I dunno, like three," I say, noticing how my actions have slightly slowed down. "Maybe four."

"Just have some water," she tells me as she turns to the sink. "You'll be alright."

"Are you sure?" I say, my body starting to shake slightly in shock.

"Yes," Emily says with a soft laugh. "It's not like weed or anything, you'll be fine. Trust me."

And just like the flick of a switch my mind begins to slow down and things feel more enhanced, I wanted to laugh like I had the giggles. Never have I felt giddy like this, even my words started to slur slightly.

"Let's go dance or something," Emily suggests as she takes us back through the house. "We'll dance it out of you."

Remy and Emily dance around me, twirling and busting some outrageous dad moves. My chest rumbles from a genuine laugh, not feeling this laidback in a while. A party definitely not being my scene but I felt relaxed and I liked it more than I ever thought I would.

Is this why people love alcohol so much?

I get it now.

They tell me to wait for the hangover but I didn't care about it at this point. Just wanting to have fun and hangout with my newly made friends, maybe Michigan wasn't such a bad idea after all.

A bright smile raising on my lips, I knew I could fit in.
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