Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Something wet and textured is pressed to my face, not once but multiple times. I groan and shake my head but the feeling persists, cracking one of my eyes open looking down to Oakley licking my cheek.

Almost jumping out of my skin at the sight of him, he meows in my direction as I sit up against my headboard. "Oh shit," I curse to myself as I run my hands through his white fur. "I did not think this through."

There was a dull ache inside my head, my mouth gasping for something to drink. I guess this was the hangover, it was bearable but I didn't want this feeling to last all day. Oakley snuggles up beside me and tucks himself into my fluffy blanket.

Continuing to stroke him as I sigh. "If only dad thought you were as cute as I do," I say quietly to him.

My head replays last nights antics from the party and drinking the punch. I laugh to myself, how could I think that the punch would be non-alcoholic? Even I'm shocked at my own naivety.

Then getting food with Jake, pretty much stripping in front of him to show him my scars. It didn't phase me now that he knows, it isn't a secret and I'm not ashamed of them. It's just easier to keep them hidden.

I was more concerned how this would affect our friendship now, would he pretend like last night didn't happen?

In the back of my mind I really hoped not, I enjoyed Jake's company more than I'd like to admit. Maybe this would be the start of something, a solid friendship rather than being blunt to each other for no reason.

"Right," I mumble, scooping Oakley up into my arms. "Best get you outside before my head is on a stick... or your head is on a stick."

Oakley meows again and nuzzles his head into my chin, my lips begin to frown at his affectionate gestures. "I know you don't want to go but it's only fair, you stayed in here all night."

Taking the covers off my body and walking down the stairs, placing him outside with his little cat house and water. Grabbing his box of cat biscuits from just inside the door and filling up his bowl, Oakley running to eat instantly.

As I turn to walk back into the house and over to the kitchen. "Can I smell cat?" Caleb arches an eyebrow at me as he cracks an egg into a dish.

I stand straight to the spot and purse my lips. "No," I say with a sweet smile.

"You my girl are the worst liar in the world," he says before shaking his head in my direction.

Hmm, he doesn't seem mad. What a revelation.

"I may have brought him in last night when I was a bit drunk," I admit as I take a few steps closer to the kitchen island.

"Drunk?" He questions in disbelief. Not sounding disappointed but surprised.

"It was an accident," I hold my hands up in defence. "I didn't actively try and take part in anti-social behaviour."

Caleb cracks a smile as he begins to whisk the eggs together. "Did you have a good time?" He asks.

I move to sit on one of the island stools and lean forward on my elbows. "Yeah was okay," I tell him. "Nothing special."

"Fair enough," he says. "So I spoke to Felix and Zara about Aria."

Caleb stops what he's doing and takes a quick glance at me. "Right?" I say with my eyes narrowed slightly.

"And they know what she said and did wasn't acceptable, they're going to sit her down and put her in her place." He says, resting his palms down onto the edge of the counter. "They're going to really settle down on her and take back control."

"Okay," I nod once. "But I want to be able to stand up for myself."

"You know, you can curse and swear and punch as much as you want at a party or if someone tries to attack you but in the house, we need to keep it calm. We live with them, I don't want to be pulling you guys apart from daily fights." Caleb's voice is stern but not angry, he's just trying to get me to see things from his point of view.

"If she says anything like that again, I can't guarantee that I won't do what I did before." My lips spit out as I cross my arms over my chest.

"I get that Myla," Caleb sighs. "But for the sake of your dad, for Felix and Zara. We don't need any more drama, we just want to live life calmly. And besides, Aria is a werewolf. I don't want you getting in a scrap with her when we both know she is a lot stronger than you."

"I still made her bleed though," I shrug casually.

Caleb smiles at my words. "And you know between you and me, good for you." He breathes out.

"I'll try control myself next time," I mumble as my eyes roll slightly.

"Thank you Myla," he says gratefully, the first time I've ever heard him use that soft tone with me. "Anyway, I've noticed you've been sending a lot of time with Jake."

"Yeah, and?"

Caleb shakes his head. "I've just noticed it, that's all."

"I work with Jake's friend, Remy at the alley and that's why I've been hanging out with them. For Remy, not for Jake." I explain, knowing its best to give the full story before I get an unlimited amount of questions directed at me.

"Okay," he nods before getting back to his partially whisked eggs. "We're going to go for a run later, with your dad and Felix."

"That's fine,"

"You sure?" Caleb's green eyes find mine and I nod towards him.

"Course, I get you guys need time with your wolves or whatever. Go do your thing, I'll go do mine." I say before pushing the stool out from underneath me.

"What's your thing?" He questions, himself trying to find out the answer.

"Watching Netflix,"

A laugh passes his lips as he smiles at me. "Fair enough, go do your thing kiddo."

"Have fun with your run," I say as I grab an apple from the fruit bowl.

"Do you want some breakfast?"

My feet press shift from side to side, I couldn't decide if I was hungry or not. Not after our feast last night, I'm pretty sure I could still taste that burger, making my stomach gargle slightly. In a bad way.

"Maybe later," I say as I shake the apple in his direction. "Feeling a bit hungover."

"Alright, well I'll leave some out for you then."

"Thanks dad," I smile at him before taking myself back upstairs. In desperate need for a day in bed with Netflix and snacks, but a shower was definitely needed first.

. . .

I couldn't pick up as many shifts at the alley as I wanted this week , so instead my boredom resulted in sanding down a piece of wood in the back yard. Desperately wanting to get back into crafts and wood working, it was something I excelled at during school.

It took me away to another planet, distracting me completely from the ways of life. Therapeutic is what I called it, even my therapist said it's good to exercise the mind. You think about what you're doing in-dept, concentrating so much that you don't have time to think about other things. And before you know it, it's six hours later and you have no idea how time travelled that fast.

The back door cracks open slightly, Jake's hand resting on the handle. "Hey," he says as he presses his arm up on the window.

"Hey," I smile before dusting off my hands, then onto my denim shorts. "What's up?"

"I'm just bored," he shrugs, his eyes roaming over the blocks of wood in front of me. "What are you doing?"

Looking back to the mess of resources and tools in front of me, wiping my forehead with my wrist. "Oh just some wood stuff," I shake off.

"You craft?" He questions as he takes the step down from the house to get a better look.

"Yeah," I breathe out. "Has been a little hobby of mine."

"That's cool," he comments, throwing his hands over his chest. "What you making?"

I hum for a moment, stretching out my fingers. "You know, I'm not sure yet. Maybe a baby table, maybe some plant pots."

"Interesting," his lip quirks at me.

"Yeah it's ha—" my phone vibrates in my pocket, cutting my sentence short. Reaching into my denim pocket and looking at Remy's name across the screen. "—one second, it's Remy."

Accepting the call and holding up to my ear. "Hello?"

A deep, strained cry comes from the other end of the line. My body moves stiff for a second as she sobs down the phone to me. "Remy?" I say suddenly. "What's the matter?"

Jake's eyes narrow towards me as I bite down on my bottom lip harshly, panic taking over my body. "Can-can you come to mine?" She mumbles out.

I stand up in a second. "Of course, what's the matter?" I ask quickly. "You're scaring me."

"Are you with anyone?"

My eyes float to Jake who is still staring at me with a curious look. "Yeah, I'm with Jake,"

"Don't bring Jake!" She demands. "Do not bring him, don't tell him anything. Please Myla." She begs before letting out another cry.

"Okay, okay," I rush. "I won't, I'm on my way."

Pulling my phone away and cutting off the call. "What's wrong with Remy?" Jake asks loudly.

I shake my head in his direction. "Nothing," I lie. "Girly things, I think. I'm just going to head over to her house."

"Do you need a ride?"

"No," I say shortly and Jake's head moves back from my bluntness. "I mean no, thank you. I can walk."

I knew Jake couldn't see past my lies, I was the worst liar in the world. Being honest is my only way of life but if it wasn't my secret then I would lie no doubt. Remy clearly trusted me and I didn't want to show myself up now, I wanted to be known as trustworthy.

"Okay then," he shrugs before making his way back into the house.

Quickly clearing up the mess I had created on the floor and pushing it all to one side, my feet speed walk out of the house and down the street. Trying to remember the way to Remy's instead I would be doing it in reverse and it was sending my head sideways.

Using my eyes to take in little details I had remembered of the walk before and storming down the pavements, Remy's house coming into view on the right side of the road. Raising my knuckles to knock on her door loudly, I wasn't sure if her parents were in or if she wanted me to go to their shed.

Eventually the door swings open, Remy stood with mascara down her face, her skin red and puffy. "Hi," I say as I reach forward to give her a hug.

She rumbles out a harsh sigh before sniffling as she hugs me back. "Thank you for coming," she tells me.

"Of course,"

Remy takes me upstairs to her room, a place I had never been before. It was your typical girly bedroom, especially if you knew Remy. She loved pink and marble and fluffy pillows.

She paces up and down her bedroom, wiping her eyes viciously from her tears. "What's going on?" I ask softly.

Her feet stop pacing and she slowly turns to me, taking deep breaths through her mouth. "I'm pregnant Myla," she says as more tears drip from her eyes. "Fuck, I'm pregnant."

My mouth opens slightly, I didn't know what to say. Congratulations? Obviously not.

"Remy," I breathe out as I shake my head, words not managing to form in my mouth. "With who?"

She extends her neck to look up at the ceiling. "This college guy," she says before running a hand through her hair. "I've known him for two years and whenever he comes back from college, we you know. Have a little mess around."

"Were you guys being safe?"

Remy hums instantly and shakes her head. "Yes," she chokes out. "That's what is annoying, I'm on the pill. I always remember to take it at the same time, every day and this still happened."

My eyes flick over the clothes on her floor. "Are you disappointed in me?" She asks, her lips falling with sadness.

"What?" I shoot up from her bed. "Of course not, things like this happen."

"But you don't think I'm a slut?" Remy's eyes plead with me to not be mad at her.

I grab her shoulders and give her a light squeeze. "Of course I don't," my head shakes. "Have you told anyone?"

She pulls away from me to wipe her nose. "No, I haven't."

"Not even Emily?"

"Especially not Emily," she points her finger at me, her voice shaking slightly. "She's told me so many times to stop going back to Liam because shit has happened in the past. She'll be so disappointed if she knows this has happened."

"But she's your friend Remy," I tell her. "If she's a real friend, she will understand and be there for you. We all make mistakes, even mistakes that we wanted to make at the time."

"I'm scared," she admits and I can't help but lean forward to give her another hug.

"I know," I mumble into her. "What are you going to do?"

"Have an abortion," she says confidently but I could tell the words were hard to say. "My mom will be so angry at me if she found out, hell I can't even raise a baby."

"Then that's your choice," I say sincerely. "Don't let no one tell you different."

"I'm so glad you weren't raised by the Lord," Remy cracks a smile as she looks up at me with glassy eyes.

"I'm pro-choice," I nod to her. "Women should always have a say over their own bodies."

"I've already made an emergency appointment," she says before grabbing her phone, scrolling down the screen. "Will you come with me?"

"Of course," I smile at her supportively.

"Thank you Myla," she returns the smile. "You've been such a good friend to me."

"Don't thank me for being a good friend," my voice drops quietly. "We should all be there for reach other regardless."

Remy smiles back at me but she looked like she was holding it together, of course she was. She was putting on a facade, to try and cover her real emotions. I wanted to squeeze her until all her pain went away, I just wish I could somehow make this situation better.
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