Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Taking Remy to the abortion clinic was something I never thought I would experience, luckily she was only a few weeks gone so she could take the pill to get rid of the embryo instead of a full operation. Her legs shook in the waiting room and I tried my best to comfort her without suffocating her, I couldn't imagine how terrifying this situation would be.

Considering I've never had sex, I really couldn't.

But even though I knew Remy was scared, she tried her best not to show it, taking big deep breaths and clutching onto her legs tightly. I just hoped that she was strong enough mentally for this and she wouldn't feel guilty or let it affect her day to day life.

The doctor calls her into a room and she smiles at me, I return the gesture with a firm nod. Telling her that she's got this and it will all be okay. She squeezes onto my hand before taking slow steps towards the doctor standing by a consultation door.

Patiently waiting for her return, watching the TV screen with Housewives on, not paying attention to the situation but having something to watch. My brain rushed with different thoughts but I wanted to remain positive for her, she needed someone to help pick up the air, not bring it down.

Once she's done she signs some papers at the front desk and she's ready to go. On the way home she explains the situation and what will happen to her body but I didn't really know what any of it meant or how she would be feeling. She still had another pill to take tomorrow and that would end the pregnancy.

She thanks me a million times for coming with her but I kept telling her that I didn't mind, I wanted to be there for her. I could tell that she felt bad for dragging me out here but the thought of her going through this alone haunted me and I was glad she could rely on me to be a good friend.

We grab some food on the way home, attempting to take her mind off the events that just occurred. I didn't realise how late it was until I got home, noticing that it was dark and the air had turned cold.

Just as I walk towards our gateway, a car shines its lights from behind me, startling me slightly. Turning my head and instantly relaxing when I realise its Jake's car, slowly driving towards the house. By the time I reach the door he had already killed the engine and popped the car door open.

Twisting my body towards him and offering a smile. "Hey," I say as I push open the front door.

He lifts up his eyebrows and forces an unwelcome smile at me. "Hey," he returns but it was blunt.

My face falls instantly, knowing that he was probably annoyed at my unneeded coldness from earlier, but I had my reasons. "You okay?" I question as I hold the door open, watching as he places his large hand against it.

"Yeah," he nods once before removing his jacket from his body and throwing it over one of the dining room chairs. "You?"

"Yeah," I say as I turn towards him. "Look about earlier, I didn't mean to be rude. Remy just called about something she was upset with and I didn't want to go around telling her business when she put her trust in me." I explain as I slowly trail to the kitchen island.

"It's alright," he shrugs once but I could tell he wasn't really listening.

"I've struggled to make friends in the past, okay?" I state loudly, catching his attention. "I don't want to be passed off as a bitch for not keeping a secret. I feel honoured that Remy trusts me, I know you guys are friends but I don't want her to think I'm a snitch or can't keep to my word."

"Myla," he says lowly. "It's fine, honestly."

I open my mouth to speak before shutting it sharply, without saying something unnecessarily rude. "Okay," I say in return. "How was your night? Or day or whatever."

Shaking my head for rambling on for no reason, Jake stops by the stairs to look at me. "Was whatever," he agrees and takes himself up the stairs.

"Great talk," I call out sarcastically. "Dick." My eyes roll as I mutter the word under my breath.

Pulling myself away from the kitchen island and rummaging through the kitchen for a late snack, anything to keep me company whilst I binged a series on Netflix. Anything to distract my thoughts from the day that I've had.

. . .

In the middle of the week I managed to grab myself a late night shift at the alley, Remy was also working and I was excited to catch up with her and find out how she has been doing. She was already busy when I got to the front desk, covering someone who didn't turn up for work.

For the first couple of hours we didn't see each other, only on the other side of the room. Her eyes looked tired and her shoulders slightly sunken forwards, I knew that she wouldn't be all rainbows and smiles like she usually is. She's just been through something traumatic and that will stay with her for the rest of her life.

An hour before close, most of the customers had gone home and only a few families on the alleys. I managed to make my way over to the front desk where Remy was counting up the money in the till and writing down the numbers onto a clipboard.

"Hey," I smile brightly at her, catching her by surprise.

"Hey," she returns. "Ugh it's been so busy today, I haven't had a second to think or even speak to anyone. I hate it when people don't turn up without calling in. It's so inconsiderate."

"Yeah," I breathe out as I meet her behind the desk. "That must be so annoying for you. How are you?"

Remy's eyes continue to look over the lines on the paper in front of her, she shrugs and then turns to me, forcing a smile that I know she didn't want to. "Yeah I've been okay," she says quietly.

My mouth slants slightly at her clear cover up. "You don't have to lie to me Rem, I know it's been hard for you."

She nods eventually and sighs. "I am okay," she nods towards me. "Honestly, I've just not been sleeping very well. I'm better than I was."

"Okay," I say as I give her a supportive smile. "But you can drop me a text or give me a ring whenever. I don't want you to be going through this alone."

"Thanks Myla," her lips curve up into the smallest smile. "You're such a good friend."

"Have you told Liam or whatever his name was?" I question towards her.

She shakes her head instantly. "No," she says before biting down on her lip. "Was that a bad thing to do?"

I ponder for a moment, in a way I guess he did have a right to know but it wasn't my call to make. "I mean maybe he should know. It's too late now for him to say anything about it and considering you guys aren't really an item, surely it wouldn't be a big issue between you and him."

"I'm just scared he's not going to speak to me again," her eyes fall sad.

"Do you actually like him, like him?" I ask as I lean onto the counter in front of me.

"I like the sex," she blurts out before quickly looking around to make sure no one could hear. "I'm not sure if he's the man of my dreams."

"Maybe next time you see him you could mention it," I suggest, feeling like it was morally the right thing to do.

"Okay," she says as she drops the clipboard down onto the counter. "Maybe I'll bring it up."

"And be extra safe next time," I say as I narrow my eye at her and she quickly nods in return.

"Oh definitely, will be wearing a condom now to be sure. I don't want this to ruin my sexual experiences." Remy exhales and throws her arms over her chest.

"I wish I could relate," I mumble, Remy whips her head to me in shock.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yeah," my voice doesn't stutter. "I am."

Remy doesn't stare me down like what I said was embarrassing or I should be ashamed of it. Instead she nods and smiles. "Good for you," she tells me. "There was always so much pressure in high school to lose your v-card. Pretty sure people did it just to say they've done it even if they didn't want to or were uncomfortable."

"Guess I'm just waiting until I have someone I know that I can trust," I say with a quiet laugh.

"I could imagine a lot of boys would want to be with you Myla, you're absolutely stunning." She grins as she steps forward to clutch onto my red hair. "You're just so refreshing to look at."

My face scrunches up at her words before I exhale a laugh. "I mean I'd love to know which guys would even want to talk to me." I say before turning and rearranging some children's shoes behind the counter.

"I dunno," she trails off, her lips swishing from side to side. "You and Jake seem pretty close. I know you guys left the party together."

My eyes almost bulge out of my head at the idea of me and Jake. "We left to get food because I was about to eat my hand." I say instantly.

"I know," Remy shrugs. "But I've seen you two."

"What about that girl from the party, Roxi wasn't it?" I question curiously.

"I don't think Jake is that interested in her. He hasn't really taken an interest in girls at all really which is strange considering how good looking he is. He's always had girls throw themselves at him but he just doesn't seem to be interested. Even at school." Remy explains as she tugs at her ponytail, her blonde hair dropping down to her shoulders. "But each to their own I guess."

My eyes float between all the items on the counter as I process her words. Understanding that Jake is most likely waiting for his mate, Zara and Felix are always drilling this into his head. Explaining how important this is to him and how his life will change forever.

It makes sense why he wouldn't want to get romantically involved with other girls, especially if his soulmate was out there somewhere. But I've always thought, what if he never meets her? Do they just live alone and unhappy forever?

I guess I would never grasp the idea as I had no clue what it felt like to have a wolf inside you or the need to mate with someone. But deep down, I had a feeling that Jake didn't care about being a werewolf, it's not something he liked talking about. Every time I brought it up, he just seemed to get defensive and I had no idea why.

"Maybe he's just not interested in dating," I say eventually, catching Remy's attention again.

"I don't know..." she mumbles. "He seems pretty comfortable and different around you."

I couldn't help but roll my eyes towards her. "Oh please," I shake my head. "Bore me later with the cringy shit."

"I'm telling the truth!" She exclaims, her mouth opening wide.

"Maybe it's because we live together, we have to be more than civil I guess." I shrug off casually.

Remy sighs and eventually agrees. "Maybe," she nods towards me. "Man I can't wait to go home."

"Same, today has been so long." I groan out, a dull aching pain in my back beginning to grow.

"So I was thinking," Remy slaps her hand down onto the side. "This weekend we should have a gang meet up. No drinking or smoking or anything, just watch some movies at mine in the shed. Get some snacks and chill together."

"Yeah sounds good," I say enthusiastically. That sounded like something I really wanted to be apart of, especially after the weekend just gone. I definitely didn't want to be drinking again, for a while. My mind now slightly turned to the idea that I could drink and be socially acceptable, I just had to be careful with how much I drunk and not overdo it.

"Great," she claps her hands together excitedly. "I think it's just what I need to pick me up."

"Of course," I nod towards her, reaching out to grip onto her shoulder. "I'm already looking forward to it."
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