Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Saturday came around a lot quicker than expected, considering I didn't have any shifts to pick up so I spent my time in the garden. Making flower pots out of the spare bits of wood that Caleb had chopped from a broken tree.

I was excited for a night in without drinking or smoking, a time to chill and just enjoy each others company. Although I had barely seen Jake this week, unsure where he was or what he was up to. Wanting to speak to him and get over whatever he was annoyed at me about a few days ago, but at the moment he seemed to be avoiding all social interactions completely.

As I approach Remy's front door, she opens before I get the chance to knock. "Fantastic you're here!" She yells before bringing me into a hug, she looked refreshed and well-rested.

"What do you need help with?" I question as she drags me into the house and out the back door.

"Do you know how to get illegal movies online? Because I am the worst with technology and I don't want to spend loads on renting movies or whatever."

"Don't you have Netflix?" I ask sounding confused as we enter her shed. My eyes instantly darting to the bean bags and blankets on the floor, in front of a large TV. Popcorn bowls and sweets covering the floor. "Aw this is cute."

"Well I want to watch this really scary movie I've found but it isn't on Netflix or Amazon and I need help trying to find it online. You know those free movie sites." She waffles on as she drags up her laptop and connects it to the TV.

"Scary movies?" I repeat and she turns her head to me instantly.

"What?" She says bluntly. "Do you not like scary movies?"

"I love them," I admit. "You best get yourself an adblocker, you'll get so many adverts pop up for local hookups in this area."

"Ugh," she groans aloud and slams her hand down onto the laptop. "What the fuck is an adblocker?"

I have to laugh as I sink down to the floor beside her and take the laptop from her hands. "Here let me do it," I say as I shake my head. "What movie is it?"

"The Descent," she taps the screen that has the search history up. "Have you seen it?"

I shake my head. "No, but it looks good." I say as my eyes glance over the pictures and description.

After fifteen minutes I successfully managed to download a decent adblocker and find a third party website to watch this movie on, Remy sitting next to me as she chews at her finger. "There," I state simply. "It's done."

"Oh Myla, you're a genius!" She yells as she moves to cast the laptop on the big screen.

The shed door opens and Emily, Zack and Carter flood in, my eyes annoyingly looking for Jake. Having a feeling that he wouldn't turn up but what else would he be doing when all his friends are here?

Remy stands up excitedly and hugs everyone, I follow her lead and we quickly get settled onto the beanbags and comfy. I plonk myself on the end as the Emily and Carter purposely sit next to each other.

"Where's Jake?" Emily asks as she realises that he's not already here.

Remy shrugs as she grabs her phone from the side. "I don't know. He's either late as usual or ditching us." She says as she scrolls through her phone. "He hasn't text me so let's just start."

She leans forward to press play and quickly turns off the lights so the room emerges into darkness. I sigh out and look towards the door, a part of me feeling disappointed that Jake might not be coming.

My eyes roll in annoyance of my own thoughts before I settle back onto the TV, trying my hardest to become engrossed into the movie so I don't think about where else he could be.

Snuggling myself under the blanket as Remy's shed became cold from sitting close to the floor, the sound of people munching away at popcorn. Zack talking about how the main character was sexy, Remy then telling him to shut up before she misses something.

I smile to myself and sink further down into the beanbag, preparing myself for the scary parts. Hating the idea of caves because I had severe claustrophobia, the movie already giving me goosebumps to think about being trapped.

Twenty minutes into the movie the shed door comes bounding open, slamming it into the wall behind. Remy's head whips up angrily and she huffs out. "Shut up and sit down," she grumbles over to Jake who stands in the doorway. "We aren't rewinding this."

Jake doesn't seem phased for one second, not even looking for a place to sit before he plonks himself down right beside me. Taking off his backpack and jacket and trying to get comfortable in his beanbag, his knees incredibly high in front of him, his long legs doing him no favours.

My head turns to him and I smile. "Hey," I whisper. "You okay?"

His dark eyes turn to me, his lips parting ever so slightly. "Yeah I'm good," he pauses. "You?"

Well this is improvement on our last conversation. I nod my head a few times. "Yeah I'm great," I say quietly.

"Good," he says as his eyes fixate onto the movie. "Is this a scary movie?"


"Great," he groans as he buries himself lower.

"Do you not like scary movies?" I whisper.

Jake shakes his head and runs a hand over his face. "Remy knows I hate them," he says, clear irritation in his voice.

"I'm sure it's not that scary," I shake my head in attempt to reassure him but I had no idea how bad this movie would really be.

"Oi!" Remy shouts from across the room. "If you wanna chat, go outside. Not in here. Got it?"

My eyes turn to Jake and he rises his eyebrows at me, inhaling deeply. Knowing how frustrating it is to try and watch a movie when everyone is talking. We focus back onto the movie, trying my hardest not to seem scared or jump. Someone needed to be strong out of Jake and I.

The movie begins to build with suspension and soon I'm almost completely under the covers, Jake slumped back with his fingers over his eyes. Wide enough to see through them but enough to cover the screen.

His leg slips ever so slightly and ends up resting against mine, my eyes rotating to the action but not enough for him to know I was looking at him. Noticing that he had a lot of room next to him, there was no reason for his knee to be touching my leg. Absolutely no reason.

My lips flick up into a smile as I glance down at the action once more before back at the screen. Jake's leg doesn't fidget or move an inch, it rests perfectly against mine. His warmth giving me some form of comfort, nothing I've ever felt when I've been with him before. Having to take a deep breath because I had no idea what was going on inside my head.

The rest of the movie was terrifying to say the least and I wasn't the only one screaming which made me feel better about the situation. Jake practically hid most of the movie, forcing himself not to be scared which was a genius idea.

"Hey Rem, I think I'm gonna head home." I say as I pick myself up from the floor. "I've got an early shift tomorrow and I don't want to get back too late."

"That's fine," she shakes her head at me. "Get home safe, text me when you're there?"

"Course," I nod towards her and wave to everyone else.

Jake stands and stuff his hands into his pockets and blocks the exit. "I'll come with you." He mumbles.

"You sure?" I ask, not convinced he wanted to leave. "I'm fine with going by myself."

"I don't want you to walk by yourself," he tells me and I stare back at him, blinking a couple of times.

"Okay, sure."

We say our final goodbyes and walk out into the dark night. Glad that Jake had offered to come home with me as I didn't realise how creepy it would have been to walk alone, especially knowing there was an alley coming up.

On the journey home we discussed Jake's hatred for horror movies and he tells me that I was no better watching it. I couldn't disagree, I was probably the worst in the room. But Jake gives me his reasonings as to why he doesn't like them, I mostly agreed. If you wanted to be up all night worrying that someone was standing in your room, you'd watch them all the time.

But realistically as people, we are naturally scared by things such as the dark and the unknown.

"I thought as you being a werewolf you wouldn't be scared of horror movies," I shrug as we walk through the front door.

"Just because I'm a werewolf doesn't mean that I'm always going to be brave, I'm still human too. We all have our weaknesses." He says before grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

"What's is like being a wolf?" I question as I stretch my arms out on the counter.

Jake ponders for a second, tossing the bottle between his hands. "Well what is it like being a human?" He responds like my question was impossible.

My eyes float in front of me for a moment, trying to imagine an answer. But I guess he was right, what was it like being a human? He has no idea what it's like being any different so to him it's just normal.

"That was a stupid question," I say instantly, realising my own naivety. "I just find it hard when I'm in a house of werewolves and I have no idea what your lives are like. How they are different from any other person on the planet."

Jake shrugs as he cracks the neck of the bottle and presses it to his lips. "Honestly, I couldn't even tell you. Like I said before, I don't even feel like a werewolf sometimes. It's like—it's like," he stops to think whether or not he should carry on.

"Like what?"

His eyes find mine before he sighs. "It's like I don't have a wolf inside of me," he says quietly.

"Can you not shift?" I question as I drag out one of the island stools and perch.

He nods, too quickly. "Yeah I can but that's not what I mean."

I didn't want to ask more questions as to why because I realised I wouldn't really ever understand. Desperately wanting to know more about him and how he feels with his wolf, just not knowing how to go about it.

So instead I change the conversation slightly and ask, "can you show me your wolf?"

His head turns to me like I was teasing but when he realises my straight face, I was being serious. "Really?" He scratches the back of his head.

I nod enthusiastically. "Yeah, I want to see. I've seen my dads but that was ages ago, haven't seen an actual wolf in years."

"O-Kay," he says like he was unsure of what he was doing.

He leads us outside and we stand under the light, my handss tingled with excitement. I had no idea why this was bringing me so much joy but in a way I knew something like this was personal to him . The fact that he was willing to share with me made me feel beyond happy our friendship could reach this level.

"Just so you know," Jake says as he grabs the neck of his t-shirt and pulls it over his head with one swift movement. His muscles contracting underneath, I had to force my jaw not to fall open when his exposed body came into contact with my eyes. "We have to get naked otherwise we rip our clothes and I'm not ripping these."

All I can do is nod, my eyes naturally moving down to his toned stomach. Somehow at eighteen he looked like Dwayne Johnson. Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but Jesus, my whole body went into shock. I guess werewolves naturally have bigger and stronger bodies, it would make sense. Maturing quicker than the average person.

"And I won't be able to talk to you when I've shifted," he clarifies as he undoes the belt on his jeans.

"I know," I say shortly. "You guys can only mindlink or whatever."

"Yeah, so when we're done. Turn around so I can shift back."

"How noble of you to inform me," I say with a slight smile.

Jake holds his hands up in defence. "Hey, I'm just pre-warning you."

"I'm excited," I find myself saying, it was more of a thought but I couldn't contain myself.

"Don't get too excited," he says bluntly as he pulls off his jeans and stands in front of me with just his boxers on.

We both turn silent as I wait patiently, realising he's waiting for me to turn around so I don't see him in the nude. Facing the house, keeping my eyes firmly between the bricks as I hear a slight rustle before the sound of bones cracking, severely snapping like branches. The sound was awful, I had no clue what was going on behind me. A deep groan like Jake was in pain as the noise gets louder and louder, huffing out panting breaths.

Almost too scared to turn around now but realising this was the time. Rotating my feet inch by inch, my eyes wide at the sight and my heart thumping heavily.

"Holy shit," I breathe out.
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